Saturday, May 26, 2007

कल रात - Translated

I somehow managed to translate the poem, for non-Hindi readers. I know I am late, not getting enough time. The translation is just below this poem but as I always say, translations are never the same; they don’t convey the same emotions. So, Hindi readers please don’t even look at it. You will be disappointed. It does not have the same magic.

कल रात थी बहुत हसीन
समां था कुछ ज़्यादा ही रंगीन।
अचानक वो मिले कुछ ऐसे मोड़ पर
जा बैठी पहलू में, सब कुछ छोड़कर।

मुद्दतों बाद हुई थी मुलाक़ात
कुछ कहने सुनने की नहीं थी बात
बस आंखों से जाम पिए जाते थे
और उनका नाम लिए जाते थे।

वक़्त से कुछ लम्हे चुराए मैंने
और समेटकर दिल में बसाये मैंने।
फ़िर न जाने कब हो मुलाक़ात
वक़्त का तकाज़ा भी तो था साथ।

कितने अमावसों के बाद
कल आयी थी पूनम की रात।
हसीन पल और अनकही हसरतों से
भरा नहीं मन छोटी मुलाकातों से।

वादा लिया है अगली मुलाक़ात का
पर यकीन नहीं उनकी किसी बात का।
नाउम्मीद हो चली थी मैं,
लेकिन कल कैसी खिली थी मैं । :)

Last Night

Very beautiful was last night,
even more enchanting was the aura.
I met him in an unexpected way
Ran into his arms leaving all aside.

No words to say or listen to..
the meeting was after an eternity.
Whispering the names and
intoxicated thru each other’s eyes

I stole some moments from time
and treasured them in my heart.
for, time stood there knocking..
who knows when we’d meet again.

This moonlit night had come after
countless dark nights.
Beautiful moments & unsaid desires..
hearts are not yet filled with small meetings

I have taken promise for next meeting
but not assured of his words.
Despaired I had become..
but, how had I blossomed yesterday. :)

Current song- In Dino, Dil Mera Mujhse Hai Keh Raha – Soham

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Sigma said...

This time you must give me the early bird prize :-D

Sigma said...

And now coming to the post :-)
Lovely poem ... very beautiful ...
And something to add ...
Aarzoo bhi nahin mulaaqaat ki, zaraa si baat ki
Dil mei.n tere naam ki hasrat si aaj bhi hai!

Aditi said...

hmm thought it ended a bit abrubtly but i could almost feel the emotions...
almost like the prelude dialogs to the song tere bina zindagi se..

Fleiger said...

Hmm... now I get it...

Bendtherulz said...

very simple words and said a lot about finding a surprise....! I would echo Aditi'S words here , it seemed you wanted to put the poem to rest.....and then read your ending lines - and yeah it seemed very appropriate.....!
Tk care ~

Cuckoo said...

Oh yeah, the prize is all yours.

Thank you. :) It took me not more than 5 minutes to pen it down [and 13 minutes to post :(].
In fact, I wanted to post something and I didn't have time ! So, wrote jaldi-jaldi.

And your lines are beautiful !

Thank you if this makes you feel the emotions. :)

Yeah, as I said I didn't have time to write further, so finished abruptly but it doesn't look so bad. Does it ? :)

Cuckoo said...

Hmm... now I get it... What do you get ? Remember, you always get ulta :P

My writings always have very simple words. Simple life, simple words & simplest Cuckoo :P

And thank you. :)

Ash said...


Fleiger said...

Well, I know that I always get whatever you say as ulta. That's why I now put a NOT gate in front of whatever I get on your blog ;)

That said, what I meant was that now I get why you were in such a hurry to log-off yesterday:
कल रात थी बहुत हसीन ;)

Cuckoo said...

Thank you.

Hmmm.. ok. And you don't have to explain that to me. I understood completely why you wrote that comment. I knew it'd come from you & I have to say that once again you are wrong. :) Aisa kuch nahi hai/hua.
It is just a poem. Don't try to get a meaning out of it. :)

Pankaj Gupta said...

वक़्त से कुछ लम्हे चुराए मैंने
और समेटकर दिल में बसाये मैंने।
फ़िर न जाने कब हो मुलाक़ात
वक़्त का तकाज़ा भी तो था साथ।..

hmmm thats a good one..

Kalyan said...

A wonderfully written poem...Is it from your own life experience or just a poem, if from own life experience, I would say a nice beautiful beginning & wish you can fulfill your dreams b'coz real love is something, which very few can experience. I say this b'coz from your lines somehow, I was once again revisiting my own life experiences.

bachodi said...

Translation please ... very difficult to catch urdu words.

Fleiger said...

Hey, if I cannot get any meaning out of poem, how am I going to enjoy it?

And if it is like you say, this is an interesting coincidence... Verrry Interesting...

deepti said...

A nice poem madame...
very nice...
Kal maine bhi kuch lamhe churaye the...
Nostalgic i am...
Good one.

Peter said...

A bit lost without the translation. Altavista / Babel Fish handles Chinese but not Hindi!

Cuckoo said...

Welcome here again. And thanks for liking it.

Glad to see your regular visits here on this blog as well. And thanks for liking the poem.

Well, I like to write about things that are close to my real life… about happenings around my world but not necessarily with me. I know, both the people mentioned in this poem can relate to it very well. :)

I was once again revisiting my own life experiences.. I am glad that I could write well enough to make people feel the emotions. :))

Cuckoo said...

Ohh, I was in a hurry, will try to do it today. Anyway, translations are never the same specially in poetries. They don't and can't convey the same feelings /emotions.

Ok Ok. No point in arguing with you. And some people are always very good to make things interesting. ;) Isn’t it ?

Cuckoo said...

Heyy Deepti, I can see you have started commenting here very regularly. :)

And thanks for liking the poem once again. And well, what to say ? I can understand your reason for being nostalgic. ;)

Oh I am sorry. I know, many of my readers don’t understand Hindi but I was in a hurry. Today I’ll try to do it if I get time but as I always say, translations are never the same specially in case of poems. They don't and can't convey the same feelings /emotions.

Btw, the poem is in Urdu language written in Hindi script.

Keshi said...

dun u'stand this but Im sure it's lovely coming from u!


sam said...

extremely beautiful..... thoughts and emotions well captured.
will come up a more appropriate reply later....
till den adios...
oh yeah! do add teh translation, i'm sure many are feeling lost without it!!

Iceman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
david mcmahon said...

Hi Cuckoo,

Did you take the picture as well?



Iceman said...

***Updated comment... :P...
Nicely written!


Personally... I'd rather wish a night such as "कल रात" never comes! But at times fate...

Anyways... Pure Emotions!

SiD said...

well, seems like you really have written in a hurry...
Though I don't have the right to be a critic but honestly saying just what I felt on the first read...
Though I not at all doubt the emotions and the feelings behind the words but acc to me they didn't gel very well in a smooth flow unlike your previous poems..
May be you have set high expectations with your previous posts!!! ;)
"waqt se kuch.....tha saath saath" was too good!!

Niraj said...

Well if it took you just 5 mins to come up with such a wonderful post, i would love to see you put more time into this so that we get to read a lot more of these brilliant stuffs from you :)

Peter said...

Thanks for your answers and after all looking forward to the translation - if you find the time.

Sorry that I missed the Urdi / Hindi thing.

Princess Banter said...

Aww would've loved to read the English version -- but nonetheless, I'm sure it's one helluva poem like how you always write :) I wish I can write poems too...

Cuckoo said...

Hi All,

Sorry, don't have time to reply individually. The translated version is ready for you to read.

Thanks for your visits. Keep Coming.

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Ah, young love - beautiful.

sam said...

an honest opinion, somehow i feel the translated version requires a lil more care from you!!

Cuckoo said...

thank you.

Heyy, you do it puleeeease. I just don't have time to even look into.
Of course, I'll give you due credit.

Ash said...

Thanks for providing the translation. I can understand and appreciate it much better now :-)

Pyare Mohan said...

as usual, hindi is much better than the english version !!!

Peter said...

I confirm the good idea to include the English version. Excellent! You should make more of those!

Thanks also for "inviting" me to your other blog, which I had neglected (sorry) but now have gone through quite in detail. For me, esocially the Indian part was interesting. Appreciated very much your nice and charming comments around photos and clips!

When will you report something new there? Any trips planned?

backpakker said...

A vry nice poem... and yr blogs are very interesting ...original is always better than the translation

Sugarlips said...

Very beautiful was last night,
even more enchanting was the aura.

How lovely :)
Bohut khoob likhi hai Cuckoo.
simple yet nice :)

Stay Beautiful...!

Shruti said...

Hi Dear, Lovely poem..

just reminded me of few lines, my fren read in his poem..

"Woh shaam hum mile the kuch is tarah
Do kadam hum saath chale the kuch is tarah..
Mano saat janamo se hamara saath ho.
kabhi na bichade hum, hamare pyar ki yeh saugat ho.."

Take care

Ranjeet said...

This is very nice poem, Cuckoo, really liked it! Itni jaldi me bahot hi achhi poem likhi hai aapne! Liked the die-hard romanticism in it! Keep it up!

Crow said...

interesting entries

SM said...

you are lot into poems these days Cuckoo! Good hobby or interest.

deepti said...

Hmmm...these days m exams...hols for a few days b4 the grinding begins...n yes u of all people know perfectly well, my reason of nostalgia:-)
D most imp reason fot coming back to ur blog is dat i enjoy what u write...
Keep writing...
Take care...

Pijush said...

Excellent one Cuckoo, I liked it; but unfortunately can not compare the Hindi version and thats why I have not commented before.
I can feel how busy you are, as you havnt visited my blog for quite a long time:-)

desh said...

nice :)
angrezi main not tht good

sam said...

hey cuckoo........
as per thework that you assigned me, i have tried to come with something, just go thru it and lemme know bat dat....

The Night That Was

A beautiful night it was
with a gaiety around never seen afore,
wen I found him at a different corner
and left a world behind and moved on forth…

it was ages after dat we met
and little was left to be said and done
as I stared into his… oh so intoxicating eyes
as my lips mouthed his name…

stole a few moments from fate
and hid them in my little heart
for I never know when we shall meet again
but fate just gave me a present to hold on and dream again….

many a dark nights have gone by..
waiting for a moonlit sky like dat nite
for a few stolen moments and unspoken words
failed to pacify this heart full of love

a promise is made for the twain to meet
but faith is shaken for past is deep
losing hope I grow listless but then
I lived a moment of life again.... in the night that was!!

adi said...