Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Fabio Cannavaro

So Italian defender Fabio Cannavaro has won the prestigious Ballon d'Or (also known as Golden Ball) award for being Europe's top player. Well, in my opinion there were many other players like Henry, Ronaldinho, Totti, Buffon and my favourite Zizou alias Zinedine Zidane who deserved this award more than him.

Without going into why’s and how’s here, I come to the point... my area of curiosity, what actually caught my attention. ;)

Do you know why this guy is all smiles?

Look at the pictures below.

Cannavaro receives award from Italian actress Monica Belluci.
Bravo !! Claps ! So far so good.

But heyy what is she doing? Pulling that guy to award him something more? I know baldies are hotties these days but... and look at him, he has both yes and no on his face.

Oh la la !! I never knew getting top award is so much fun! He’s pleasantly surprised to get this one. Watch out!! Don't drop your trophy !

I know what you are expecting next, but sorry, this picture has been censored.

Look at him now. Shyly kissing the Golden Ball but dreaming of the evening ahead.

Question dancing in my innocent top floor:- Are all Mona / Monica’s alike? From Mona darling to Monica .. Go figure…

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SiD said...

u missed the all important foto!!!

gincoleaves said...

Oh Cuckoo this is such a cheeky post, and you're a sharp observer, LOL!!!

Mayank said...

OMG.. You are fantastic!! You witty funny girl !!!
I am in splits....lollllll ..holding my stomach!! hahahaaaaaaaaaaa

ROFL... can't stop now. I agree, you are very sharp. Ha ha ha ha

niki yokota said...

yeah Cucoo-chan is sooo brilliant and talented!!
i want to see that pic tooo!!!!totti is nice... hehe ^^

Keshi said...

Belluci is HOT. She is one of the very few beautiful women I've ever seen.


Priyam said...

Simply Hilarious !!! Nice observation. You are good at reading expressions ;) ha ha lolllzzz

Once again asking you, how do you keep balance between so funny posts and so serious posts? Both kinds are equally good...competing with each other.

Thanks tons. Show us the censored photo now.

Sigma said...

Ha ha. Great story you have woven here ;-)

Fleiger said...

Ahem, adult content on the blog?

And if you had to write the story, where is The Photo?

Gangadhar said...

haha..very funny..but nice story too..

Pyare Mohan said...

Nice one!
How about adding thought bubbles to the images... that would be fun!!

Imagine what must have happened to Fabio! Even his black shirt turned pale(white) in anticipation!!!

Cuckoo said...

Hi All,
Sorry, was away & still away so won’t be able reply individually. Thanks for all your support and comments.

Oh everybody wants to see that censored photo !! Well well well, shhhhh it’s not for kids. Adult material you know ;) Only I can see it :P LOLLLLLL
Fleiger, I am an adult now, I can see it !!

When I saw the pic. no.4 in newspapers, the funny thoughts struck in my wicked top floor and it was just a matter of two minutes, my post was ready. Though the uploading of pictures took another 11:37 minutes. :((

PM, the bubbles would have taken time and I was short of that. Ok, you think of those dialogues, I’ll publish it here, of course with due credit to you.
Even his black shirt turned pale(white) in anticipation!!! So, you noticed it? Must say you too have good observation like me ;)

P.S.- For all off topic comments, pls use my other blog where I have a chat box specially for this purpose. Thanks.

Pyare Mohan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pyare Mohan said...

Here are the dialogues
Snap 1:
Fabio: Hmm... that one is mine...

Snap 2:
Monica: (blinking eyes) Here is the ball you had kept your eyes on for so loong...
Fabio: Hey, you noticed!

Snap 3:
Fabio: I have been dying to play for so long!
Monica: Not before you play with me!

Snap 4:
No dialogues

Snap 5:

Snap 6:
Fabio: Oops! I did it again...
Monica (Off Screen): Croak Croak!!

Fleiger said...

You are an adult now? Does this mean what I think it means? Good, so waiting for your next post now :)

There is an approved way of "not" putting adult content on your blog: provide links...

Hazel Dream said...

seems that u are smitten with the smile .. well monica is my favorate . if u can get an Italian Movie Malena , dont miss it and then u will realise how pretty she is .

by the way where are you now days

Ecstacy said...

belluci . ah her vanity

Cuckoo said...

Oh I didn't know you are so quick !!

Of course I am ! And think whatever you want to, but no post is coming on that. :)
Oh Thanks for telling me that. Must learn a few things from you. I am still a kid in this webworld.

Hazel Dream,
by the way where are you now days.. Can I ask the same question to you? Not to be seen?

One more new member here. Welcome to my blog. Everybody is talking about Belluci, Poor Fabio, No one remembers him :P

Ecstacy said...

we leave him for you , hope u are bold enough

adi said...

oye, where's my comment???

Cuckoo said...

LOlll... Good one ! I think you have read my post on boldness !! ;) But no comments there??

Aap comment likhenge tabhi to dikhega na? Kisi aur ke blog par likh aaye kya? :P Now write it here again.

Fleiger said...

I was thinking about the tag you wanted to pick up when you were an "adult". What did you think I was writing about?

Cuckoo said...

Ha Ha..ok... I misunderstood it. Damn.. My wicked top floor. ;)

Are you talking about your latest tag?? Lolll I know you had my name in your mind and would want me to do it. But I already have one tag pending against me.. courtsey you. If there is no time limit, I am ready to accept the challenge one more time. :)

Fleiger said...

Now I am even more curious what you thought I was saying ;)
No time limits on tags, but you can take some tips from Sid regarding this.

jac said...

Not all monicas are alike.
I have two monicas as wonderful blog frinds, who are fantastic people.

You censored it ?? why ??



Tarun said...

Hey cuckoo, you have nice knowledge of soccer (better than me) but some of the name I heard and know then Zinedine Zidane could be the one.

mathew said...

Lol..many miss on monica being a good actress as well..Some of her perfomances are spectacular..esp if u can get old of a italian movie..'Malena'..

Nice naughty entry..hehehe!!

Arz000n said...

Oh my god!!
She is Monica Belluci..

There are 2 models on this planet I really is monica...other is latetia casta....



hehhee...I think I shud stop dremaing now :)

Cuckoo said...

No ways, not telling ya anything. :D
Ok, if there is no limit then I'll do it one fine day. :))) I don't think I need any tips for this.

Welcome again. Yes, I censored it, the reason being off late too many kids coming to my blog. :P

How have you been? It's long time since you did that tag. Hope now you are free a bit more.

Well, knowledge of sports is any day better than those "saas-Bahu" serials. :)

Hmmm not seen any of her movie. But it is interesting to know that everybody is talking about her. Nobody spoke about Fabio.

Welcome once again. You too dreaming about Monica?? Well, well, well...

SiD said...

not related to the post.. but just out of Curiosity, I was looking at your impressive Cluster Map - the locations from where u are visited.. there is red spot in the middle of the indian ocean!!!

Cuckoo said...


LOLLLL.. Even I was surprised for a moment! Who could be interested in my blog from the waters!! But apparently I came to know that it is Maldives.

And impressive?? Well, I added this Cluster Map only last month, should have done in the begining itself. If you see many of the visits are not counted because they are shown as unknown country. Even Fleiger's visits are one of them.

Sunil Parmar said...

Hello Cuckoo!!!
How r u dear???
Have been missing you ...
Done with my leaving for home...i'll be back in Jan..

Till then Happy Blogging.

I'm not n Football fan but your post was humorous..:)

Fleiger said...

Now I seriously wonder what that was about ;)
And as for my visits not getting counted, it is very difficult to track an eagle. Normally they don't know what hit them :D

**Alyssa** said...

cooool blogg! (sorry this is an "other" I dont feel like signing in.)

Cuckoo said...

After a long time!! How were the exams? Enjoy your vacations and come back soon.

Ha Ha... Keep wondering. I knew I knew, Eagles are a very dangerous species. :D

Welcome to my blog and thank you very much for your comment. I hope other anonymous readers are also listening who come, read and go without commenting ;)

Ohh, now how do I see your blog?? Never mind, you read and commented here..that's more important. Keep visiting. :))

SiD said...

ohh.. i used to think that maldives is somewhere along with singapore and all...

just came back from your city - mumbai... the traffic sense is zero out there...I was surprised i didn't see an accident.. but the way people were driving... I was shocked!!!

Cuckoo said...

Ohh you were here in Mumbai ?? Yes, the road sense is zero here. Adding to it, is the conditions of road and lack of pavements, zebra crossings. I was also shocked for quite a long time ;) when I came here. Now it has become a habit. *sigh*
Expecting a post on Mumbai then. ;)

Btw, now I came to know that Clustermap is all screwed up. Three days back I just happen to see my map and was shocked to see that some places which were marked as visited earlier have been removed or and the no. of visitors are also reduced !! They should increase by the day not decrease!

SiD said...

post on mumbai?? - well difficult job.. for 4 days it was hotel(khar) to office(bandra) in morning and back to hotel late in the nyt... didnt even see the juhu beach which was close by!!