Saturday, March 17, 2007


Suhani didn’t cry. She didn’t feel the pain. Lying on operation table she was in deep sleep. Prior to this situation Suhani was a happy woman, content with her life. A good job, a nice caring husband, an understanding friend and now herself carrying a seven month foetus. Life could not have been better.

Suddenly things overturned overnight. Everything went topsy-turvy leaving her in a lurch. She was shattered on unexpected turns. Her husband was away on tour. She paced and paced, thinking and crying. She couldn’t sit for a moment. There was no end to that long dark night. She felt extremely lonely and almost had a nervous breakdown.

Her mental anguish had its effect on her physically. She felt like having convulsions. She knew something was terribly wrong.. looked like her time had come.. she wanted to be with her mother at this moment.
Suhani impatiently waited for the dawn and waited for her doctor’s home call. Told her about her wish to travel to her mother. The doctor was reluctant as she could be admitted anytime. Strong-willed as she was, Suhani assured the doctor of her well being and that she would contact her if need arises. It was a matter of just two hours.

Then she called her mother. “I am coming by next flight” was the simple message passed on. Mom didn’t have faintest of idea of what her daughter was going through. She herself was a heart patient and wasn’t keeping well. And now this ? She got worried. What happened suddenly ? Suhani was not supposed to come here for at least one more month for her delivery. Was there any complications ? She contacted the doctor here who was supposed to deliver Suhani’s child and apprised her.

Heart patient as she was, she started feeling sunken. In another four hours time Suhani would reach here but by the time Suhani came, neighbours had already taken the old lady to hospital.

Suhani’s condition started deteriorating but she was about to reach her destination. She kept her cool. Her eyes were red and swollen. She knew she had to become mentally tough, but somewhere deep inside she was extremely weak. However hard she was trying, she could not help thinking about the things that happened last night.

Plane landed, she rushed to her mom’s place only to find out she was in hospital. And it was time for her to rush to hospital as well. Her husband was informed and he too would reach here by tomorrow evening.

Suhani was in terrible pain. There were other complications also. It was her first delivery, that too before time. It had come when she least expected, all because of last days developments. She cursed herself for being so sensitive and stressing herself. Writhing in pain, she called out to mom again. Both of them were in same hospital but on different floors, different departments and both alone.

Next day afternoon Suhani delivered a premature child whose lungs were not developed fully. The child was immediately transferred to an incubator even before she left the operation table.

For next few days though Suhani recovered a bit, her child was still in danger. She remained in hospital but enquired about her mother all the time. Mother was at home, resting but can not come to the hospital, Suhani’s husband told.

Suhani was experiencing strange emotions. She was happy, angry and upset.. all at the same time. She looked at her husband… He could not have understood the emotions, he was lost somewhere, perhaps in the office work which he had to leave in the middle of everything. Not all guys are that sensitive and emotion filled, she thought. She wanted to share her feelings with her friend but that too was not possible now. It is matter of some more days, with a dismayed heart she assured herself. Everything would be all right.

On eleventh day, the doctors declared that her child was out of danger. She wanted to rush home to show her mother her next generation, her grandchild, her fulfillment. She wanted to ask her mother how she looks in her new role.

Mother would be extremely happy to see that little bundle wrapped up in blanket and would immediately take the child in her lap.

First time in many days Suhani smiled.

Little did she know that six days back, in the same hospital, two floors up, her mother had closed her eyes forever.

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Alok said...

got what you have written, still there is so much more to it i guess ? so what is it ?

Cuckoo said...

Nothing more. It is just a story based on some incidents. Yes, it has deeper meanings.

You'll see many more of them.. all based on facts.
Arrey, you don't take tension. Enjoy the song. :))

Alok said...

yup, if u insist !!

Aditi said...

Heart wrenching..

Sigma said...

Oh cuckoo!! This is such a sad story ......

SM said...

Hey Cuckoo ,where have you been for a long time.
I need to catch up with all your latest post.Will do soon and then comment!

tulipspeaks said...

i do read ur bloggie on n off. but guess this is the post which made me to scribble sumthing.

at times, we r so ignorant of our surrounding isnt it? obvious to what may hv happened at the other end, handling our stress n issues at hand. sad, but a good post.


Keshi said...

touching story.

Cuckoo I'll take up ur tag some time soon ok. I promise. I have been so busy with a personal matter....


Cuckoo said...

Good boy. :)

Yes, it is.

Yes, it is.

I am here, seems you were missing. Ok, catch up fast. :)

First I welcome you to my blog. Glad to see that this post forced you to write something.

Yes, sometimes we are so much involved or become so much selfish in our own affairs that we can’t see beyond a certain boundary as what would have happened at the other end.
Thanks for your visit. Keep coming.

Yes, it is a touching story. Take your time to do the tag. No hurries. I understand.

Pyare Mohan said...

Very nice story, and a nice writing style. Many of the stories that touch the heart are always inspired from reality. Reality lends soul to the written words.

Waiting for more such scribbles from you. Keep it up :-)

Mayank said...

Very emotional and beautifully written. I am speechless.

Hope the reality was not related to you by any chance.

SiD said...

hmm.. sahi hai.. it is a belief in many places that the life taken is given to the other.. may be something similar here.
and I thought (and expected) that we were moving towards a happy ending.. but.....

vaise I like sad endings.. the emotion lingers on for more time.. and you think more of the story rather than in a happy ending..

Priyam said...

You are expert in giving us jolts ! Very nicely written, it shook me up.

As somebody commented we don't see what is happening at the other hand. so busy we are with our own lives.

Excellent post ! Keep it up. Waiting for more.

Take care.

Cuckoo said...

Very nice story, and a nice writing style.. Thanks for liking it. I am not trying to achieve any feat or standard in writing. It is just simple narration of facts. The emotions flow out on their own accord. One has to live close to those realities to feel them.

Waiting for more such scribbles from you.. Well, if I write, they’ll all come right from the heart without any masala or style.

Thank you once again. Yes, I too was speechless for quite sometime. :)

Thanks once again. Even the main character was moving towards a happy ending. :)) Life is like that !

Welcome after a long time. Thanks for liking it. It came right from the heart.

Yes, many times we become so self oriented that we can’t see things happening outside our sphere.

Ranjeet Adkar said...


I got goose-pimples after reading the story, very sad, intense and touching!

Jeseem said...

nicely written. reminded me of sm past incidents. well thats life, so smile while u can :))

cuckoo, hey doesn't this cuckoo sing.

Prashanth M said...

touchy!! somehow felt while reading that its based on real life incident...

Cuckoo said...

I got goose-pimples after reading the story, very sad, intense and touching! Yes, it is based on real life incident. So got to be.

Thanks for coming.

Oh yes, Smile. Read my quote at the footer of home page. :)

hey doesn't this cuckoo sing… Hmmm.. What do you think when you see my Current song at the end of each post ?

somehow felt while reading that its based on real life incident... Of course, it is ! See my reply to other commenters above.

M O H A N said...

A touching story. Hope she and kid are doing fine.


Cuckoo said...

Yes, they are doing fine. Thanks.

Sugarlips said...

A sad story Cuckoo but very nicely written :)

I'm outta town these days so will do your tag asap ok? and its Nabeel not Nadeem :p

Stay Beautiful..!

Cuckoo said...

Ohh I am so sorry. I know it is Nabeel & not Nadeem. Don't know where I am lost these days. Will update it.

Where all are you traveling ? Tags ? Take your time. No hurries.

Bendtherulz said...

Very poignant story and from some of the comments above can make out based on true incidents...!
Somtime it happens...we somtime come under so much " Imagined pressure" ( not sure if thats what or not) that we pass on that fear to other person.
Very mixed feeling for the girl who got the baby but lost her mom...very sad.
I am glad though that you know the young mother and will help her sorting out her feelings on this issue.
Peace always -

Cuckoo said...

It was a phase in her life which she can't ever forget. Though now physically she is okay but it will take time to recover from that shock.
She feels she is responsible for all that happened.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I thought such ! Just tell her..guilt is a encompassing emotion - she should be careful as sometime emotions gets spilled over to innocent parties...if a person can't live the guilt on their own !!
I hope you are taking care of yourself...I am sure being near to same circle would not be easy on you as well. It can be very emotionally draining.

- Bendtherulz