Friday, March 30, 2007

A Query

Note:- This post is based on true incident. No prizes for guessing who the logical dame was.

She – Are you a girl or a lady ?

The logical damsel (thinking, pulling her hair)- Ufffff.. Once again she has asked a silly question.

The logical damsel – Hmmm What do you want to ask ? Even a ten year old girl is called a lady, young lady that is.

She – No, no. When a female is married, she is called a lady and when unmarried, she is a girl.

The logical damsel – Ohhh, so you mean Britney Spears has become a lady years back and Lata Mangeshkar is still a girl ?

Bon Weekend !!

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

What do you call it ??

I have a cousin who for quite sometime was asking me to check how much worth my blog is. He is quite excited about existence of my blog & its ‘popularity’. But since it is an absolutely personal blog and I don’t have any intentions to commercialize it, I was avoiding even to know the worth.

Today he checked my blog’s worth in front of me. Curiosity is the biggest worm in a human brain, I can say.

So, just out of curiosity I was tempted to check some of the blogs’s worth. I checked 3-4 blogs and checked this one as well. The reason why I checked this particular blog was, I remembered its worth in million dollars.

A few months back during my initial blogging days, I was told that this is quite a popular blog & when I went there once or twice in the beginning I had seen the blog’s worth that had quite amazed me.

Well, I remembered that (come on, I have a great memory) and checked it now. I got a great surprise !!! The actual worth of the blog is just $23,710.68 whereas the blogger is coolly claiming it to be whopping $1,348,121.52 !!!!!
It is a shock because much more famous Gaurav’s blog is worth only $123,069.72. That means this blog is almost 11 times more worth Gaurav’s where in actuality it is not even 1/5th of it !

I know I know, the supporters can always question the authenticity of that site or my interest to say anything or the blogger herself can say “Oh it was just a prank, I was kidding”.

Kidding ? With whom ? And for how long ?

It is not a question of authenticity of any site or anything but authenticity of our own selves. Let me be clear, I am very new compared to all these veterans in blogosphere and I don’t have anything against any of the bloggers but sometimes I am forced to think.

Whom are we trying to fool ? Others or ourselves ?

I am fully aware that by linking that blog here in my post, I am actually doing a favour to the owner. But at the same time I wanted to voice my thoughts.

Note:- BTW, My blog is worth $14,113.50 and for sometime, to keep my beloved cousin happy I am displaying it in bottom most right sidebar. You can click on the link provided there to find your blog’s worth.

One biggest flaw in the html code is that though the site tells you the result immediately, it doesn’t force you to keep the same code. You can always tweak it to make the number look gigantic. But then ... I remember one quote and smile. :))

Growing Older Is Mandatory, Growing Up is Optional.

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Kissa Cup Ka

This time I have not written anything about cricket on my blog. That doesn’t mean I am not following it. Cricket, the most beloved and hated game of this nation is being religiously followed by me and millions of others (Ah, not sure though) so much so that I should call it stalking.
And the poor Indian team got so worried by this stalking that they thought it better to come in the safe hands of home sweet home rather than to stay there in an unknown country of islands facing wrath of seven other teams.

I think the Indians believed in the saying “Love thy Neighbour”. They loved Sri Lanka & Bangla Desh and could not see them losing. Good that we didn’t have Pakistan in that group. It would have been an enormous love affair.

But heyyy,, WAIT !!! Where have you gone now ? I am still here in West Indies following the game. There are other teams to get my attention till this most coveted cup is given to one of them. I love the game more than any one team but yes, I had hopes. Hopes from my Indian team to get into at least Super 8. I never expected them to win the cup though.

Australia was always my favourite and the way they are playing, there is no doubt the cup is theirs. Off late, the game has become quite boring, not because Indians aren’t there but because we are getting the expected results. It is no more unpredictable. Australians are just too perfect in all the departments. It is amazing to see their professionalism, their killer instinct and never say die attitude. No wonder I have more Australian players as my favourites than Indians.

And yesterday’s match ?? What a match it was ! SA vs Sri Lanka. Surely Lankans are determined to show the world they are not "bheegi billi" (?? wet cats ? no it gives a wrong meaning) but Asian tigers hungry for the Cup. And that Malinga ?? Four wickets in four balls ! An all time record for ODI cricket ?? Oh man, I always wonder how he bowls with that throwing action.

Well, at home front there is a lot to think and analyze to come to conclusion of what and how. But I don’t expect a drastic changeover in Indian scenario. Probably the coach will head for his home and one or two players will get a mild warning. Preparing new pitches, picking & training young ones, improving infrastructure, bringing more professionalism into the game.. all this will take a back seat.

The saddest thing of this world cup was Bob Woolmer’s tragic death. A huge loss to world of Cricket.

Anyway, the World Cup is on and my spirits are still high. Two finalists are South Africa & Australia. So boring !! Nothing is unpredictable. But I am ready to be proved wrong. :))

Good Luck Australia !!

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Monday, March 26, 2007


Aaaaah ! I am tagged again !! Sigmaaaaaaaaaa I hate you. (just killing, ok?) Oooops typing error.. that was just kidding. Ok ?
Well, Sigma has asked me to display here on my blog 5th paragraph of page 123 of the book I am currently reading. Hmmm… pretty simple. Isn’t it ?

Again first the rules of this game.

1. Name the person (of course with the link) who tagged you.
2. Describe what you are asked to do, in this case publish 5th paragraph of page 123 of the book you are currently reading.
3. Tag five people

Now this tag has some FAQs as well. Let me put them down also.

1. What if the page does not have 5th paragraph
Ans. In that case take the last paragraph

2. What if the book is very small & doesn’t have page no. 123
Ans. Take the last page.

Well, to put it honestly my “Currently reading” list has three books. (Most of the time I am busy reading Archies & Asterix’s).

First one is Shantaram. But I won’t put 5th paragraph of that book. Want to know the reason ? Well, I am on page no. 121 for the last eight months and am in no mood to touch that fatso again in near future. But yes, the book will remain in my list of "currently reading" till I finish it. More so, Maverick has already published the page.

The second book is The Bermuda Triangle. No, no. It has NOTHING to do with World Cup group B matches.

The third book is The day of the Jackal by Frederick Forsyth started yesterday.

Here is the 5th paragraph of page 123 from the book The day of the Jackal.

Now the best part of the tag.. Sigmaaaaaaa I love you for tagging me !! ;)

Ok, so who all are my victims this time…All new ones whom I have not tagged till now. They should be interested in reading also na. Ok, this time I’ll pass the baton to the following people. Heyy Don’t panic, this one is extremely easy.


BTR – I know you read. Show us what you are reading these days. Now you have two tags to do. :)
SiD – I have never tagged you. Let me grab this opportunity. :))
Mohan – There is always a next time, right ?
Ranjeet – Let us see what book you are reading currently.
Sharda – I am sure you must be reading a lovely book. What is it about ?

Note :- No more tags for me please. I have some pending tags which I would like to do first. So, tag me at your own risk.. I am not going to tag (Ooops take) it !

Now be happy, listen to my current song. :))

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Friday, March 23, 2007

Au Contraire

India has advanced in educating its population of more than a billion people. It has been realized now that education is both essential and instrumental for economic well-being of individuals and entire nations. But are we going in right direction ?

Education starts at childhood, from primary education.
Primary education in
India is subject to two extreme conflicting conditions.

On one hand, millions of young children in lower income groups, especially rural and girl children, comprising nearly 35-40% of entrants never complete primary school. Even among those who do, are left with little or no real learning.

The main reasons being poorly qualified teachers, very high student-teacher ratios, inadequate teaching materials, inadequate infrastructure and sometimes obsolete teaching methods. It is not uncommon for students completing five years of primary schooling in village schools to lack even basic reading and writing skills.

And on the other hand, children vying to get admission in urban premium schools are subjected to extreme competitive pressures from parents and teachers to acquire basic academic skills and memorize huge amounts of information in order to get into these schools. Huge amount of money is spent on each individual.

On one hand we have stars who are raring to shine academically, can take the country to new heights, new horizons but the conditions rein their quest of knowledge and zeal to do something.
And on the other hand we have children from urban background, not all of them bright, their interests lie somewhere else but being pushed to the system.

In both the cases, the children are being pressed against their wishes. Not only small kids at their starting age but the young ones & the teenagers are also pushed against their wishes.

Their interests have no importance, they are asked to study, choose a field which has very little value to them & then get some nice lucrative job.

In my opinion, the ultimate loser is the nation.

In every walk of our life we can find children of both categories. It is pain to see someone very bright working at a dhaba, petrol pump or even as a servant in one of the affluent houses where the son of the house is more interested in playing x-box 360, reading playboy or acting in front of the mirror.

The parents ask (read force) their children to take the subjects of their own choice where THEY think lies the future of the child. Every year lakhs of students sit for competitive exams such as IIT, medical when half of them know in their heart that they won’t be making it. They together spend lakhs in coaching classes whose businesses flourish. And for the lucky ones who make it to one of the institutes, the govt. invests innumerable amount of money on their studies.

Not all of these professionals are interested in their this forced careers then why spend so much effort, time & money ? Why doesn’t the society, the parents leave them to chose what they want to.

I’ll take example of IT sector. Almost all the big companies hire only engineers as their employees. It starts from campus recruitments. But do you think all these engineers are really interested in coding or bug fixing ? NO. Some of them, yes. They come from different branches of engineering and definitely have other aspirations about their careers.
The result ? After working for initial 2-3 years or even less they leave the job to satisfy their own urge. Though now that they have completed their studies, they can not change their field drastically but within the field they try to live their interests. All the investments goes down the drain.

On the other hand, there are some brilliant non engineers who are made for these jobs, who love to be in this sector and will stick to the company also, if taken care of. They are either not taken, or paid very less compared to engineer graduates by these companies.

What do you call this ?

Now, some of the companies have realized this grave mistake and trying to correct it in a small fashion but it’ll also take time.

Just like before investing in stocks we (be it the govt. or the parents) check whether it’ll fetch us fortune or not, why can’t the investments (time, effort, money, resources etc.) be done more wisely in a manner where it will bear the maximum fruit and benefit the future ?

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Saturday, March 17, 2007


Suhani didn’t cry. She didn’t feel the pain. Lying on operation table she was in deep sleep. Prior to this situation Suhani was a happy woman, content with her life. A good job, a nice caring husband, an understanding friend and now herself carrying a seven month foetus. Life could not have been better.

Suddenly things overturned overnight. Everything went topsy-turvy leaving her in a lurch. She was shattered on unexpected turns. Her husband was away on tour. She paced and paced, thinking and crying. She couldn’t sit for a moment. There was no end to that long dark night. She felt extremely lonely and almost had a nervous breakdown.

Her mental anguish had its effect on her physically. She felt like having convulsions. She knew something was terribly wrong.. looked like her time had come.. she wanted to be with her mother at this moment.
Suhani impatiently waited for the dawn and waited for her doctor’s home call. Told her about her wish to travel to her mother. The doctor was reluctant as she could be admitted anytime. Strong-willed as she was, Suhani assured the doctor of her well being and that she would contact her if need arises. It was a matter of just two hours.

Then she called her mother. “I am coming by next flight” was the simple message passed on. Mom didn’t have faintest of idea of what her daughter was going through. She herself was a heart patient and wasn’t keeping well. And now this ? She got worried. What happened suddenly ? Suhani was not supposed to come here for at least one more month for her delivery. Was there any complications ? She contacted the doctor here who was supposed to deliver Suhani’s child and apprised her.

Heart patient as she was, she started feeling sunken. In another four hours time Suhani would reach here but by the time Suhani came, neighbours had already taken the old lady to hospital.

Suhani’s condition started deteriorating but she was about to reach her destination. She kept her cool. Her eyes were red and swollen. She knew she had to become mentally tough, but somewhere deep inside she was extremely weak. However hard she was trying, she could not help thinking about the things that happened last night.

Plane landed, she rushed to her mom’s place only to find out she was in hospital. And it was time for her to rush to hospital as well. Her husband was informed and he too would reach here by tomorrow evening.

Suhani was in terrible pain. There were other complications also. It was her first delivery, that too before time. It had come when she least expected, all because of last days developments. She cursed herself for being so sensitive and stressing herself. Writhing in pain, she called out to mom again. Both of them were in same hospital but on different floors, different departments and both alone.

Next day afternoon Suhani delivered a premature child whose lungs were not developed fully. The child was immediately transferred to an incubator even before she left the operation table.

For next few days though Suhani recovered a bit, her child was still in danger. She remained in hospital but enquired about her mother all the time. Mother was at home, resting but can not come to the hospital, Suhani’s husband told.

Suhani was experiencing strange emotions. She was happy, angry and upset.. all at the same time. She looked at her husband… He could not have understood the emotions, he was lost somewhere, perhaps in the office work which he had to leave in the middle of everything. Not all guys are that sensitive and emotion filled, she thought. She wanted to share her feelings with her friend but that too was not possible now. It is matter of some more days, with a dismayed heart she assured herself. Everything would be all right.

On eleventh day, the doctors declared that her child was out of danger. She wanted to rush home to show her mother her next generation, her grandchild, her fulfillment. She wanted to ask her mother how she looks in her new role.

Mother would be extremely happy to see that little bundle wrapped up in blanket and would immediately take the child in her lap.

First time in many days Suhani smiled.

Little did she know that six days back, in the same hospital, two floors up, her mother had closed her eyes forever.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Dreams or Nightmares ??

As I said earlier, in last one and a half months directly or indirectly a lot has happened around me. Tagging was one of them. But this time it was not through proper channel (you know what I mean). Yes, for a change it was not Fleiger but Sigma who tagged me.
Hmm.. one has to respect the tags and do it. You can evade them only on very genuine reasons. That’s called Tag Etiquette. First, to make it more systematic let me put down the rules of this game.

  1. Name the person who tagged you
  2. Describe what you are asked to do, in this case describe your three dreams / desires / nightmares or a combination of them .. whatever you want to tell.
  3. Tag three or five people

Rule no.1 – As I said, Sigma is the culprit this time. ;)
Rule no.2 - Well, I have already posted about five of my dreams which are actually desires so this tag has been taken care of ! ;) Bye bye Tata. :))

Ok, Ok. Chill. Now that the desires are covered in that post, it is turn of dreams/nightmares. I’ll describe only two because I have only two. Coincidentally both of them are related to travel, so with slight modification they become part of my other blog as well. Here they go..

ONE - This was also my first dream that I remember and I still remember the exact details. :))

I was six years old then. My father was transferred to Bharatpur (Rajasthan) and we had already moved to that tiny quiet city. But within 15 days of shifting I dreamt that we had just got down at Bharatpur railway station.

It was a wintry late night and there was no conveyance to go to our place. Fortunately my father got two rickshawallahs from somewhere and we were ready to go to our place. He made me sit in one rickshaw with all the luggage saying I was a big girl now and could take care of luggage and travel alone ! And he, my mother and younger sister sat in another with some more luggage. Being a quiet child, I didn’t say anything but was extremely scared. On top of that my rickshawala didn’t know the route so was told to follow theirs.

I was feeling very cold in a pink lacy frock (Hey, my memory is good even in dreams). I had kept an eye to their rickshaw which was racing ahead of us in those narrow lanes. Suddenly as the luck would have it, the chain of my rickshaw got stuck and he had to stop.

According to me he took ages to correct it and by that time the other rickshaw was nowhere in sight. We went left and right in some lanes but couldn’t find them. Street lights were not proper and at a distance some dogs were barking.
I started crying very hard.. so hard that I was actually crying in my sleep ! And then my mother rushed to me and asked whether I had a bad dream. I must have been crying for long .. my pillow was all wet. I was relieved to see her and after telling her about my nightmare I clung to her for the rest of the night.

It was very strange to have such a nightmare because of several reasons. First, we had already moved into the city. There was no need to see going there again. Second, we never had to use a rickshaw for transferring our it was always big trucks with many helping hands to do the needful. Third and most important, at that age my parents would have never left me alone in that rickshaw.

TWO - The next dream is quite contrast to the above one. That was of my childhood and this is just two years old. While the first one made me cry this second one left me laughing out loudly. It is about air travel and is bizarrely funny. Here also I remember everything including my seat no. but I’ll keep it short.

I was flying high when suddenly our airplane exploded in pieces up there in the sky. Fortunately or unfortunately at that time I was sitting intact reading a
magazine with my seat belt on.

When I felt a little cold, I
looked around and found myself in the clouds. I could touch them. So, I tucked my magazine securely to read later, checked my seat belts... they were jammed.

It was a scene to watch.. me sitting comfortably on my seat, all alone plummeting down but feeling and admiring the white clouds.

I had a big grin on my face and I wanted to be there forever.
I never bothered about other people’s fate though I could see some burning pieces of aeroplane going down.
Then a few moments later I came below the clouds and within no time I could see the sea below with no sign of land anywhere.

Instead of worrying about my life, do you know what thoughts came to my mind ?

“Oh my God ! How am I going to swim to the shore in a sitting position with this seat stuck to me ? And the article I was reading is still incomplete !”

Rule no.3 - Now the best part of doing tags. Hmmm.. Let me think, Sigma has already tagged some. Ok, this time I won’t tag anyone who is in India and whom I have tagged before. All new victims. So my list goes like this..

Keshi – You are tagged dear. Tell us something about your dreams.
Sugarlips – I would love to know about your dreams. You and Nadeem both can participate in this. Made easy for you, eh ?
Jeseem – Jeseem the dream boy, you asked me if I give chocos & candies to my visitors. No, I give them Tags. :P
Mathew –Tell us about your dreams before going to Switz. Were they about Switz ?

That makes my list. Arrey, hang on ! One more from me.

Fleiger – How can I forget the Tagger on this so auspicious day of tagging ? This is the time when one can actually take badla (revenge), you know. :P

Wanted to tag some more people like MBA, Alok, PM, Arzoon, Niki, SiD, Sharda, Sameer (you are damn lucky), BTR (Aap bach gaye is baar), Adi & Aditi (Won’t tag you for obvious reasons) but then there is always a next time.

Note:- This is my 50th post as well.

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

You !!

This is one of my few scribbles and was written around a month back. When I read it now, I think I could have written it more beautifully but I have decided not to change a single word of any of my poems. Let them be the way they are. A little raw, a little immature...

You loved me then, didn’t you ?
You love me now, don’t you ?
Don’t you miss me ?
Won’t you kiss me ?

You found me through a mate
and lost me in love and hate.
I lived bliss in your wordily embrace
You killed me with lasciviously trace.

It is not fair, not just
Don’t weigh me with temporal lust

I am hurt, I am pained
Tell me, what have you gained ?

I shudder, I fright
Of what you told me that night.
Don’t rack both of us
Take, take back your words.

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Sunday, March 04, 2007


Few more moments for the day to get over. It is 11:45 at night. Today was Holi. The festival of colours, sweets and legends. No, this post is not about Holi in particular but something I remember of last year. Inadvertently it’ll be connected to the topic of my previous post.

Though I have not been playing Holi for last 4 years, it happens to be one of my favourite festivals. I particularly enjoy the colours. The excitement, the hubbub is unmatched when everybody loves playing it as much as you do. I also love special delicacies that come with it like Gujhiyas (I think the local name is something like Karanji), Maal puas, Alu ka achaar, Dahi vadas, Mutter ki burfi and some non-veg items. No, no Bhaang sherbet for me.

I am not going to talk about the legends like ‘Holika Dahan’ and ‘Radha /Krishna’ attached to it but another significance of Holi which has more (instead I should use ‘only’) meaning to me.

The tradition of the Holi is that even the enemies turn friends on Holi and forget any feeling of hardship that may be present. They celebrate with a spirit of bonhomie and brotherhood.
In the evening people visit friends and relatives and greet them with Abeer/Gulal. This helps in revitalizing relationships and strengthening emotional bonds between people.

Last year this time I was in Brussels. The flight from Mumbai was on Sunday night 12th March (My memory chip is excellent; I don’t forget things which have impacted me in someway). As there was sometime left to leave for airport, I was on messenger saying last minute bye to everybody.

Topic shifted slightly among three of us (A, S and me) and then suddenly without my fault one of them hurt me by saying something very rude (I still remember the exact words used). I was terribly shocked by that unexpected turn and immediately switched off everything. I was completely shattered and thought that the friendship was now beyond repairs.. not because of that one incident but a series of incidents in the last 10-12 days, all with the same person.

Anyways, the person instantly realized the mistake and wanted to say sorry to me. But how ? Crying, I had left for the airport. Before leaving I had posted a mail to that person telling how hurt I was. I generally scribble my feelings when I am extremely uneasy.

Though I had gone to Brussels for just a week, this one week was very heavy on both of us. That person felt miserably bad and there was no way to contact me (most of our clients don’t allow any private mails etc).

On Thursday, I saw something on that person’s blog. Those lines were written for me. I was touched at the bottom of my heart by the gesture of that person. That was the most genuine, simplest and cutest way of asking for forgiveness I had ever come across. I forgave :))

In the last post I have written that it is difficult to forget. Yes, it is. Till date I have not forgotten the incident and the words used for me (those things are kept locked in a back chamber of my heart to be visited only on some ‘special’ days).


That is the meaning of Holi for me.

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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Say it today

Back from hiatus. I can see, so many people had wondered what happened to me and kept checking/messaging on both my blogs. Thanks for all your concerns and wishes. Well, I am back, that’s more important. Suddenly I had to rush out of Mumbai for personal reasons. Give me sometime, I’ll cover up all your blogs and try to be my own self again ....

Phir usi bewafaa pe marte hain,
Phir wahi zindagi hamaari hai

This month long break has taught me many things. Not that I didn’t know about them, but it reiterated and reaffirmed my belief in them.

First, it taught me to take life more seriously, its not a joke.
It taught me to move on in life with a smile on your face after you lose someone very dear to you, however painful it is to do that.

It taught me not to expect anything from any relation, for, expectations lead to frustrations and in the process we end up losing the person and his/her beautiful closeness.

It also taught me that it is in our hands to make life beautiful... for us and for the ones who love us.
It taught me how important and fragile relationships in our lives are. By relationships I mean any... relations with your parents, siblings, colleagues, friends and so on and you should not let them break for whatever reasons.

Ohh it taught me much more than all this crap. I tried hard.. very hard. I tried to read, tried to scribble my sane/insane thoughts, tried to eat and sleep. Yes, I tried all. I even tried to post something nice but messed up and now my thoughts are refusing to come out of me..... they don’t want to be exposed... at least some of them... at least for the time being... I know not all, but some of them will see the light through my posts and you’ll definitely relate those posts to this one.

Well, what do you do when you hurt someone ? Or if someone hurts you very badly, how do you forgive that person? It is hard... very hard. Is not it ? Even if you want to, you are in a dilemma.

Well, however difficult it is, if I feel I have done something wrong even remotely to hurt someone, I become extremely restless and don’t sit quietly till I make up for that. People who know me will agree to it. I go all out to clear the air. And somehow, I find my way. Be it through a call, sms, mail, letter, face-to-face (at times this being the most difficult) or even a simple card... I somehow manage to say ‘SORRY’ and I mean it.

Yes, this simple one word has tremendous healing power. It wonderfully revives the deteriorating relations. I have been on both sides of this since my childhood and have done both.. saying sorry and forgiving. And I don’t believe in breaking any relations, any friendship for silly reasons. Of course, the other person should not close ALL the doors for reconciliations.

Life is short... very short for these petty reasons to take charge of your life, to take charge of the way you live your life or treat others. Don’t ever let these reasons rule you.

Never ever let your ego/anger/embarrassment/ misunderstanding come between any relations, it kills everything.. sometimes on the spot and sometimes in a crawling slow death which is even more painful.

Don’t hesitate, it’s perfectly okay if you go to that someone.. and believe me, you are not letting yourself down by doing so, you are rising in that person’s eyes and most importantly in your own eyes. And your bond is going to be even more stronger than before.

Think of the person whom you have hurt, how is he/she coping or trying to cope with it ? That person may be waiting to hear from you. Even if you think that the other person was wrong, there is absolutely no harm in approaching him with a fresh attitude. Chances are, the other person is as much hurt as you are.

I have noticed, many times you need not even utter that word ‘Sorry’. The moment you approach them with clean heart, they understand the genuine effort made by you. Many times we fight over trivial baseless issues, later realize our mistakes and then we are stuck. Stuck because even though we want to rectify our mistake, our ego shamelessly stops us from doing so.
Also, if the other person comes and says sorry, please for God’s sake,
have a heart and forgive him/her. Remember, just like you how difficult it would have been for that person to gather courage and come to you.

Agreed, many times it is very difficult to forgive people but think of it. If the person is feeling guilty and approaches you, half the battle is already won.
The main hurdle in all this sorry-forgive affair is to initiate. If you are really concerned about reconciliation then it doesn’t matter who initiates. I have done it even when the fault was not mine simply because I knew the person concerned was extremely sorry but not able to gather courage to face me.

Being humans, we all hurt each other but it is always better to get over with it instead of having self-inflicting pains forever. They say it's easier to forgive than to forget. That's true. But if you genuinely try then I think it's easier to forget too. And if you want to take revenge.. remember, Forgiveness is the sweetest revenge.

So, if you have done anything wrong to any person and if you ever cared for him/her even for a moment, act before it is too late. Ring that person up even if she/he may be the one whoshould be doing it. Send a 'I'm sorry' card to the person you hurt last week/last month/last year. Give a hug. Take that person out if you can. Do whatever you can, but DO.

And if you didn't get a chance to say sorry /to forgive that someone who's not alive anymore, say a little prayer and do something special in her/his memory today.

People are irreplaceable so cherish them and let them know that you care for them, while they're alive. Don’t carry that guilt/anger/hurt to your grave.

Remember, Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.

Don’t delay.. say it today.

Note:- Since I don’t want anyone to comment on this post, I have disabled it. Bear with me.

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