Friday, May 18, 2007

India Shining - II

When Abhi replied to a query of Confused Sam on my other blog, it reminded me of a small town called Ghoti. This picture was taken at the same place last year on Diwali day. As we were stuck in a traffic jam, I had nothing to do except click click click..
It was nice to see the vibrantly coloured Indian deities on a hand-cart getting sold for as less as Rs 25.00.

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Biby Cletus said...

Cool blog, i just randomly surfed in, but it sure was worth my time, will be back

Deep Regards from the other side of the Moon

Biby Cletus

Cuckoo said...

Biby Cletus,
That was quite fast !! You just won the early bird prize. ;)

I welcome you here on my blog and thanks for liking it.

Keep coming.

Peter said...

I'm now looking every day (even though you take a few days off now and then). I really appreciate to look on these for me quite exotic matters. Part of my dreams!

Aditi said...

ooh nice picture

desh said...

we used to get at about rs 10 at a haat at my place :)
mitti figures with tht ruff painting do look good

Sam said...

hey!! wot was my qustion?? was it abt bhandardara?? Anywyz, i finally cudn't make it der!! Had to come to work!! :(
I guess, I have seen this pic of yours too...... may be on the other blog!!

tulipspeaks said...



Fleiger said...

Hey, that reminds me of the shops near Ganapati Chaturthi when they have rows upon rows of Ganapati idols, and near Divali when the fort figurines go on sale :D

Pankaj Gupta said...

thats a nice pic..keep the good work on tray.good blog.

Cuckoo said...

Thank you for your daily visits. Oh, pls let us know more about your dreams.

Yes, I don't blog daily as
1) Blogging is not my first priority
2) I have 3 blogs to cater to.

And thanks for the appreciation. Keep coming.

Thank you.

Cuckoo said...

mitti figures with tht ruff painting do look good.. Yes, you are absolutely right. I love them & love shopping for them. :)

Haat.. Heyy, That's a typical Hindi word which no one uses these days. Can I know where are you from ?

Yes, you must have seen on the other blog. And your question was about Bhandhardhaara.

Cuckoo said...

Thank you.

Along with fort figurines these deities too. :)

Welcome again and thank you again.

Keep coming.

Ranjeet said...

Ah, Diwali - why is there only one each year? Btw, if you cared to look at the bottom / back of those deities, you might have found a 'Made In China' mark! :-)

Peter said...

To answer your question: My dreams are to travel to those places I have not yet had the opportunity to visit. (I have also other dreams, but they are not related to today's subject.)

Cuckoo said...

you might have found a 'Made In China' mark.. Ranjeet, The deities are home made stuff.. made of clay & then hand painted.
I don't think China can ever make such beautiful deities with personal touch. Yes, for toys and other stuff I agree.

Oh, come to India ! Be our guest. We Indians are known hospitable. Till then enjoy my blog. ;)

Ranjeet said...

Cuckoo - I agree that most of such idols are made in Indian villages, but believe me - China makes many such such idols and other ethnic Indian stuff and at 1/3rd price of Indian stuff made in India!

Cuckoo said...

Good that those stuff have not yet reached Indian villages. I wish India learns something from China. :)

bachodi said...

Gods for sale ??

Peter said...


I will seriously consider your suggestion!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cuckoo, lovely picture...

Anonymous said...

wooow please please buy one of these dieties when u come to japan :)
i cant believe how beautiful they are!!

Shrink wrapped scream said...

I still have not managed to visit India, despite having wanted to for most of my life. One day, eh?

Anonymous said...

I love this pic...its so Indian in its essence. The colors and yeah God on sale !!Good to see this pic again !!


SM said...

looking at the picture reminds me of old memories back in home.Nice post.

Alok said...


david mcmahon said...

Hi Cuckoo,

Nice work all round. I do like the fact that you took that shot while you were in a traffic jam.

As you know, I carry my camera with me wherever I go - and it's got me some really unexpected shots.

One of the best results as the shot I posted about six weeks ago of the Incredible India tram here in Melbourne.

It's definitely a shot you might like.



Maverick said...

jus had a question, so did u decide u'd write a second part when u wrote india shining - I?

KUNTAL said...

This is really a very nice and vibrant picture!! really beautiful... but one suggestion... why not you edit it in photoshop... except the cart change rest all in monochrome... it will take out the vibrancy...

but yes there are few pictures where the original picture is just too perfect to edit it!!

Nabeel said...

ahh the theley walas .. they have so much stuff for sale .. sometimes very unique.

desh said...

haat i thnk most of india still uses it cuckoo
i am frm many places...cant point a single place in india :)

Pijush said...

This post is not upto the Cuckoo's mark. Expecting to see much better one from you.
BTW, Can I ask you a personal Q. If not blogging, what is your number 1 priority :-)

Pyare Mohan said...

Didnt know what to comment initially, but when i saw the china coment today, it made me feel like commenting. I could write a whole post on this but i will try to be short. China and India are very different economies, which work on different principles. China mass-produces stuff. Its in numbers. Now if we decide to buy idols or items from China instead of Indian material, as a buyer we would be happy to save a few rupees, but with this choice, imagine the amount of poor people who earn their bread get affected? As an organisation, it is cost effectiveness that we all seek, but unfortunately at the cost of what, is the question we should make. Morover, China is booming because of the work they do in sweatshops which are located in the villages, far from the eyes of international labor laws. Yes China will be ahead of us and is ahead in many terms, and probably we are responsible for it too, since Indian markets are flooded with China material and are way cheaper than Indian material. Finally should we be promoting India Shining, or China Shining?

ashish soni said...

nice pic

Catmoves said...

So colorful and vibrant. I just hope the weren't "made in China."

Pijush said...

Pyare Mohan,
I do not agree with you. We can not leave the market on the basis of customer conscience. We also have the resources and potentialities; but we fail to shape the villages into small industrial towns. That’s the problem of each of us including me, who talk so much and deliver little.

Chaina, indeed shaped the small scale industry in every villages to employ the low skilled people. Now the argument about the labor law and human right violation can be a different story, but no pain no gain. Do we really put 8 hours of time in effective work? One has to put additional effort to get into the next level. The whole world is flooded with “Made in China” materials (be it a pin or pen; toy or television). How can we condemn them?

Well, now Cuckoo’s post has a literal meaning of India Shining!! Do we really consider we are shining? Its not that we should not buy materials from China, rather have to think for long term solution so that we can compete. But end of the day “Are Yarr chaltahay chalne do” attitude is killing every possibilities of potential India.

Pyare Mohan said...

My point is exactly what you have mentioned. What i have said is that, We as Indians have to understand that it is 'We' who need to make a decision to make India self sufficient. We have to make an effort to bring up the country. No matter what any other country does, we have to cultivate and grow the country by feeding it ourselves. If we continue buying Chinese products, in the next three to four years the small scale manufacturers will die out and we will be completely dependant on other countries for anything and everything. India is shining only in the cities. In the villages, the bulb is yet to see the light.

We dont need to ape the Chinese. Everybody has a different strategy. We as Indians have none. We are engrossed into a power struggle, where slowly every part of the country is going into a conflict zone. Gujrat, Nandigram, Maoists, Andhra and Karnataka's naxalites, Kashmir... We are fighting over water, religion, electricity, land. Do check out my post at and you will know my exact viewpoint on this issue.

I feel, we have to make a difference. And that begins from the consumer, 'we'.

Pijush said...

Pyare Mohan, Thanks for your comment. I agree some of it, except the point that we should not buy Chinese goods :-) . We have to take this challenge and have to be competitive. That’s the only way we can survive, like the US IT employees are struggling hard to keep their jobs by facing the offshore menace. But they can not stop outsourcing strategy.
I will definitely see your blog and put comment there.

Anil P said...

Where the gods gather, colour abounds.

Lovely pictue.