Thursday, May 03, 2007

India Shining - I

NO !!!

YES !!!

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Alok said...

did not understand !!
please explain.

david mcmahon said...

Hi Cuckoo,

Nice work. By the way, let me know if any of your Bombay friends have blogged about the Boeing 737 in Chembur!


Fleiger said...

Remember the behaviour in second phot does not "have a tendency to corrupt the society" ;)

SM said...

Nice pictures.I do not understand all the going about Richard Gere and Shetty.What is so strange in that!

bachodi said...

Did you mean to say " kissing is not our culture ... pissing is ??"

Cuckoo said...

Glad to see your comments here after quite a long time. :)
Hmmm… there is nothing to explain. Tasveeren bolti hain. Think think. :)

Welcome. Thanks. No I don’t think so.

After a looooong time ? How are you doing ?

Remember the behaviour in second phot does not "have a tendency to corrupt the society".. Ha Ha.. Yes. That’s what my point was. That act is harmless… so please carry on.

Thank you. Seeing you after a long time. Were you vacationing ?

What do you think ?

Aditi said...

hmm interestng idea...

Sigma said...


And I think Bach's comment would form a very apt title for it :-D

Bendtherulz said...


Cuckoo said...

Thank you.


What ??? Don’t you know in some cases India reacts in exactly opposite manner ??

Ranjeet said...

Good One, Cuckoo!

Cuckoo said...

Thank you. :)

Maverick said...

good one ;)

Sugarlips said...


Stay Beautiful...!

Jeseem said...

nicely put cuckoo..
ohh we are a strange race :)

kanhe to dholak peetna hai na.

hey people will generally oppose new things. so public display of affection is new, the second photo is not.

Cuckoo said...

Thank you. :)

Thanks. *Fluttering my eyes*

Oh yeah, in a way I agree with you but come on, do we really have time to waste on such things ? Can't we invest our time on other constructive work ?

Anonymous said...

why YES!!!

more than half of our population do that in public

why NO!!!

whn most of us do not approve it in public.

changes in both is proposed,desired and needed!!!!

Rauf said...

Holy Holy cows do it in public, i mean both, dogs do it in public, little more than kissing vissing pissing.

You can piss but not kiss.

We indians are very good in giving free publicity to such jokers.
i never heard of this girl, now i know.

This guy Geer will not visit Dalai Lama queitly. He'll make a big noise before coming to india
and will make sure that there are many protests and demosntrations against him. thats what he wants.
We would gladly comply. Free gift.

owee wait a minute ! there is money in it for indian movie stars.
'pay me one million, kiss me in public get free publicity'
good idea !
Hey Clooney are you listening ?

Cuckoo said...

Heyy why are you hiding your face ?

half of our population do/do not approve that in public.. Oh so, you want to be a part of the crowd ?

Welcome again.
Yes, agree with you. Nice twist of thoughts.

Come again.