Friday, November 10, 2006

Tears of Joy

She hurriedly entered the ladies first-class compartment. It was a slow train from Churchgate, would take around an hour’s time to reach her place but today she did not bother. On other days she would have worried and grumbled a bit for getting a slow train. But today was different, today was special. She was smiling all the time. She sat near the window in front of a middle aged lady and made herself comfortable. Inside the compartment there were hardly any ladies at that hour. It was almost empty.

She seemed in a hurry today. She was visibly happy and smiling. There was something going on her mind. Yesterday night was very special for her. Why only night? It was well over 3:30 am when she could finally take a nap and she was up again at 5:30 am!! She glanced outside the window and took charge of her mobile phone. Forty seven messages from a single person !! Once again she started reading them one by one. They were all sent between 11 pm last night till 2:15 this morning, within a span of 3 hours. She smiled again. They were from a person who is very close to her heart...her BEST friend, ever.

She was never so close to any person in her life. They both have too many things in common.. their likings, their taste, their thoughts. They live eight kms away from each other and their office is just 1.5 kms apart. Both of them are very emotional, lonely, reserved. They have shared many secrets and thoughts of life with each other. Both have plenty of pictures of each other on their computers. Both of them have cried many times for each other. Probably they can’t see each other in pain. Every time he has hurt her because of some reason, within a minute she has received a sms from him saying sorry. They both love each other in a strange way. There is a special comfort zone between them and the trust ? Trust between them has no limits.

Their friendship is not even a year old, it is just ten months! If she has something to share with, the first person comes to her mind is him and she always misses him. Time spent with him is never enough. Not a single day passes when she doesn’t think of him with a smile. And in somewhat similar way, she is the only person he has shared his some of the most inner thoughts with. They savor each other’s company.

She had helped him in her own little way when he was looking for a change of job and she was the first person to know about his interview calls, appointment and so on. She was away from the city when she had received his message of new job. All the dates are still etched in her mind. Those were the days when he was very much tensed and so was she.

On his birthday, she sent a book to him, her favourite one and she knew he would equally like it. Now, the next birthday is approaching fast, she has started wondering what to present him this year. Probably a book again ? Books are never going to be a problem between them.

On other days they normally exchange a few sms’s, only when one of them wants to share some info or ask for help. Yesterday also, it had started on the same note. But after 3-4 sms’s, she could guess his happiness. He seemed extremely happy. :)))

Now, it was around 11 at night. All family members at her place had gone off to sleep and she was trying to concentrate on some pending work she had. She asked him if he doesn’t want to sleep tonight or again he is reading his unfinished novel. He replied “Nothing of that sort today”. He was just too happy and listening to songs on his i-pod. She knew the songs were her favourite as well.

Then came a message: he was listening to “Katra-katra milti hai, Katra Katra Jeene Do” of their favourites. She immediately messaged back, “I want to listen it too!”. Not even ten seconds later there she was, sitting, smiling, listening to the song on her cell phone. He was playing the songs at his end... she was listening to them. And thus started three most beautiful, wonderful hours of romantic melodious songs.

“Aapki ki aankhon mein kuch mehke hue se Raaz hain”, “Mere Dil Mein Aaj Kya Hai Tu Kahe to Main bata Doon”, “RimZhim gire sawan, sulag-sulag jaaye man”, “Humein Tumse pyar kitna, ye hum nahi jaante”, “Phir wohi raat hai”, “Aie kaash ki ab hosh mein” and so on.. none of the songs was repeated.

They were both extremely happy - alone and yet together. Their joy had no boundaries. Neither of the two was sleepy at all. In between they kept sending messages to each other. He wanted to share his happiness with her. Initially he started humming the songs at his end, she could listen to it. She knew he wanted to sing aloud. She asked him to do so. As he lives alone in his flat, it was not difficult. So, he started to sing ... The voice was coming right from his heart.. Dil se. He was dreaming about his future... getting married and settling down soon. He was in full romantic mood. She could “see” that. How well she understands him.

Once he coughed, she got tensed.. asked him why? Since he smokes occasionally, she was worried about his health.

The night was beautiful, awesome, and quiet. The songs kept coming ... one by one.. all romantic ones that they both love... him, singing along and her listening and smiling. They didn’t feel like speaking to each other. There was no need. The words were not needed there, only emotions were flowing and they could feel it. They could feel the presence of each other, they were together in that special moment. Just the songs through cell phone, him singing and series of sms’s without a single spoken word of communication.. it was all so wonderful.

This was the best night she had ever experienced, thanks to her friend. Then at 12:41 AM, he told her why he was so happy that day, “I am in love” a sms conveyed it all. Now, sitting in the train she checked the sms again. Yes, it had come at 12:41 AM. And then in next four sms's he told her about a girl. Once again she was the first and till now his only friend to know about his feelings. Probably she is also his best female friend?? Probably not ? She doesn’t know. She tried to brush aside this thought.

She was happy for him. She felt like holding his hands and telling him how happy she was.

Their beautiful and amazing friendship is unique in many ways. They both know they can reach each other at any hour of the day. What if till now they have not been able to meet even once in real life? What if they have not spoken to each other even once except for 2-3 minutes on one occasion? They share each other's joys and sorrows, they share each other's problems and seek advice and they feel each other's presence in their life.

She hopes to meet him one day and it is going to be a wonderful day... the happiest day. That very thought of meeting him brought tears in her eyes. The lady sitting in front of her was watching her smile all this while and now suddenly tears??

Without wiping those tears off she said “They are tears of joy” and she let them flow.

Do you think there can exist such friendship in this world ?
Could it be true or could they be just faux-amies?
Could it become the most beautiful friendship one can ever think of or could it be termed as most unrealistic, unheard kind of imagination ?

Current song- Aapki Aankhon Mein Kuch Mehke Hue Se Khwab Hain – Kishore & Lata


Fleiger said...

So, Cuckoo can cry in public ;)

Anyways, nice article. And yes, friendships like that exist :)

Mayank said...

I am touched. Such an emotional story. Cuckoo, you write so well.
First humour then serious thought provoking stuff and now this emotional and you say you don’t want to become a writer? You are master of all.

Heyy this is not fair. Why you ended it in a sad note? Definitely, they both are in love. it is not just friendship, more than that. It is very obvious. He also loves her very much but can not speak about it as he is shy person. he is checking about her feelings by telling about a non-existing girl. When they are so close to each other, they both should be together forever.

Excellent work once again. keep it up.

desi mom said...

oh girl, u make me cry.. what touchy post it is

They r in love for sure, look at the songs he is playing. If it is only friendship, then this is of limitless, utmost level. God bless them...lolz..

Pyare Mohan said...

a little too surreal... probably during my younger days would have loved to believe that such friendships exist, but in the end, things get complicated... finally 'love' comes in the way... (remember in Hum Tum Jimmy says... aakhir pyaar beech mein aa hi jaatha hai) and friendship flies out of the window... but its a nice concept.... somehow rung a bell of a film of Sanjay Kapoor and Priya Gill, where they write letters to each other... ;-)

the listenng to the songs and the loud singing on the phone was very filmy...

P.S. you have a nice style of writing... work on it... all the best and sorry if i am being too critical :)

SiD said...

wow!!! that was cool... i thought that was coming from your 'Dil se'..

and i have no reason to believe that such kind of friendships dont exist... but as pyaare mohan said.. that after some time matters do get complex...feelings more than friendships do come in between...

is the story going to continue.. ????

Hazel Dream said...

naaaaa, its not friendship

Bendtherulz said...

You must have heard of this song...." Kuch to log kahenge....! Very apt isn't it??

If the girl in ? is my frnd then only one thing to say....I am so HAPPY that you have such friends who are so close to you. Why look into motives...?? or what might future -
a) if it remains where it took off...great....
b)if it blossoms into something beautiful and personal...gr8 ( pls invite me lol)
c) If my frnd gets hurt ( S****- he gets his face smashed and frnd gets a warm hug & Box of Lindt Choclate)

Cuckoo said...

Fleiger, Mayank, Desi mom, Pyare mohan, SiD, Hazel Dream, Bendtherulz,
This time I am replying to you all together, thanks to my busy schedule. I have thrown open this question to all. Please feel free to have an open discussion here. I’ll try to come as often as possible to participate. :))))) I’ll greatly appreciate your participation /contribution. Also, if time permits, read all my replies even if they are for someone else. Expecting too much, isn’t it??? But then you all are my dear dear blogger friends, right? ;)

I wish I was that girl. :))

Mayank, & Desi mom (nice name, now I am waiting for a pardesi pop ;)),
Yes, I also feel that it has gone on emotional side. And this is not a sad end, remember they were tears of joy ?? Happiness for her friend?
Oh you have made it a love story? Love or not, is not a question here but the songs were of their choice. They were not doing anything to please each other, instead to give each other company.

lol@non-existing girl

Pyare mohan ji,
You are too much into films haan? And that is why it looks so filmy to you ? :D Oh my bad, I should have added that letter part also..err I mean e-mails :P

all the best and sorry if i am being too critical As I said I intend to grow with all the comments I get from my blogger friends, critics are welcome. Thanks.

Thanks buddy if you feel it was coming from my Dil ;) I like to write with my dil. Remember, my purpose of starting this blog.. my heart wanted to talk aloud??

is the story going to continue.. ???? You liked the story ? Well, it was just an episode, a scene. Have not thought of any continuation but would love to see if anyone picks up the threads from here and continues or even the boy’s side of story. Or if nothing of that sort happens then off & on I’ll write about them just like in Hum-Tum ?? Inspired by Payre mohan :P LOLL

Hazel Dream,
naaaaa, its not friendship Then what it is, I am curious to know ? ;)

Aww thanks for writing such nice words for those two. I agree with you. Yes, very apt. “kuch to log kahenge, logo ka kaam hai kehna”.

if it blossoms into something beautiful and personal...gr8 ( pls invite me lol) lol, sure, if they happen to invite me, I’ll request for ur invitation too !!

he gets his face smashed and frnd gets a warm hug Well, it’s not physical abuse, sometimes friends do fight on trivial issues, right? And men are always short tempered than their counterpart. Awww, I can see you are going to be a good nice friend :P

Box of Lindt Chocolate LOLLL ;)

Sigma said...

hmmm ... nice story ...
i would have thought that the stary was just writtend in a third person, had you not just clarified it ;-)
But well, i have to agree, in this kind of context, it is difficult for this relationship to remain just friendship ... more often than not, close friendship, and all the care and consideration, does develop into love (and let me tell you, this is not mere observation; it is a first-hand experience ;-) )

Cuckoo said...

I think people are getting it all wrong. Here, the question is not about their love. They surely love each other as good friends. And what she did that night was what friends normally do with their friends.. to be with them in their sorrows and joys without being asked for it. Right? Now, let us put a full stop at that. Full stop, Period, Shubh Viraam.

The question here is whether this kind of friendship exists or not, if yes then whether it will survive or not since they have still not met each other in real life.
Could it be true or could it be just a short term dream?
According to Pyare mohan it doesn’t exist while Fleiger & Sid are of different opinion.

Pyare Mohan said...

yes... i am in love with films, but that is not why the filmy comment... i think the singing on the phone and listening to music on the phone was kind of kiddish (my thoughts)...
probably as the story develops, people grow, and things change... they get matured... when you look back at the days when you sing on the phone later on... suppose if they get married, ten years later will he sing on the phone for her... it would be great to keep the romance alive like that, but it rarely does...

chk this out... my version of a relation from a collection of stories

Cuckoo said...

Pyare Mohan ji,
I am sorry if I hurt you, it was not my intention. I highly appreciate your views here, its just that it differs from other people’s pt of view. I do agree with you that it looks filmy but then such films are blockbusters also!! Don't you think people do such “kiddish” things at times, specially when they are too happy? Have you not done anything like that?

ten years later will he sing on the phone for her? Why not?? They are characters of my story and let me tell you, they both are extremely romantic persons, I don't see any reasons why that guy can not sing for his love ten years from now & it was for his love, not for 'her' ;))

BTW, it is NOT a story of their love, it is about their lovely friendship which according to all of you will eventually develop into love.

Do you want the story to develop further ?? ;) LOLL.. I wrote it just as a scene.

ganga said...

nice story,Cuckoo..
But if i was in that girl's position,i couldn't act like that,i the same way if i was in the boy's postion i couldn't act like that..don't think i'm mean..cos me soo susceptible to those delicate things..may be me morelike love stories rather than friendship stories..hehe


Fleiger said...

I think every girl is going to wish she was that girl. Why are girls such die-hard romantics?

SiD said...

fleiger: i dont think only ONly girls are die hard romantic.. ;)
wait for my 1st novel. if it ever comes..hehehehehe...

Priyam said...

So emotional touchy story.. looks so real.. as it’s happening in front of us. Well written, Cuckoo.

Well, if I go by your comments then this is excellently written fiction on friendship but I want to believe that they both are very much in love. Ok, the middle path. It is platonic love. Oh boy I am getting romantic now ;) Both individuals are so romantic.

If I were to have a female friend, I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE ONLY ONE FRIEND LIKE HER. GOD, are you listening?

Maverick said...

hhmmmmmmmm seems like im missing so be frank, there will be (i surely can't generalise, but from my view) a spark of attraction.

u said And what she did that night was what friends normally do with their friends.., but does one girl do that with another girl, or one boy with another boy. i feel not, all this stuff has to go between only friendship of opposite sexes.

This kindof friendship could be possible, but somehow i feel sometimes u want a REAL friend, a friend who can offer u a REAL shoulder to cry on and a REAL company to go out. so the friendships which start like this might have a strong foundation, but over time they wither off if they dont meet REALLY.

i dont knw why but somehow i get the feeling, u r tht gal.

Prashanth said...

What a friendship if it so! I am sure now all want to have her as their friend and that guy is DAMN LUCKY to have her as his friend or his love or both.

Who wouldn't want to have such wonderful female friend ? I would leave the world for her...lollz

Fleiger said...

@Sid: Oh well, don't think this as negative, but you are romantic too? Oh my god...

Keshi said...

such wonderful and genuine friendships CAN exist. We just have to trust.


Bendtherulz said...

....& here you got all our protective insctincts out ( feeling like "kaddu as in
BTW - good storyline - it would be fun to get more episodes.

Oh to get back to your ? - yes I firmly believe in this kind of friendship & its existence.

Abhi said...

Excellent story.Of course such friends can exist.Its not about HE and SHE being in love. I suppose theirs is a clean friendship, where HE is in love with some other girl, which HE has already told SHE and SHE is happy to hear the songs which HE is playing for the other girl.Btw, is SHE single or engaged/married??

Prashanth said...

She has to be single. If she's engaged/married then it doesnt make sense why she is spending those 3 hrs with him. Is she a whore or something? it makes her character very mean...

also that degrades 'he' also. he was passing his time because he didnt have anything else to do..very very cheap..

Prashanth said...

Also I can see sadness in her tears. she loves him very much. This cant be true if she's married. engagement can be broken. also, she is doubtful abt his love for her. as I said he's just passing the time with her & utilizing her. I feel like kicking him.
you dont demean her. her love is sacred. as I said all of us would love her to be our friend.

Cuckoo said...

Hi Dear All,
I am extremely busy these days. Promise, will reply individually later though will keep checking here. But you don't go away pls! And bring some more readers :P Also, some of the regulars are yet to come :((

I can see the story has taken a twist. Oh la la ! Why don't you guys develop it further? For a change let me be the viewer. Then we all will see to it that it comes out well (if at all it comes out). :))

Sorry for the inconvenience. Rukaawat Ke Liye Khed Hai.

sharda said...

Great ,touching story.Writing style is impressive!

Cuckoo said...

Hi All,
Forgot to tell you!! For all your off topic comments (if you have any) please use my other blog where I have a chat-box especially for this purpose.
The link to the blog is available on my main page. Thanks. Till then have fun & enjoy!!

Hmmm... I can see scores of comments here. :)))))

Pyare Mohan said...

no i am not at all hurt? why should i be? *thinking thinking...
no reason for that... :)
anyways, each of us has our own opinions and perception of friendhip, love, detest, hatred etc... so it is perfectly fine... do develop this story, it will be nice to see where it culminates.. I hope the friendship continues. I guess in a way we can live without love, but we cannot live without friends....
I rest my case :-)

kamal said...

Hmmm... now I am sad that I chipped in late... well your blogs have a flavour I've begun to admire endlessly...

AFA your question.... well they do love each other as good friends and they are just those kind of ppl who make gr8 frnds with opposite sex (nothing abnormal in that)... but I don't think this platonic friendship can exist forever.

It can survive if the intentions are clear from both the people i.e. one is very clear of other's and one's own intentions (favourably having discussed it and not assumed it)

Your story is a little melodramatic but I think it fits the right spot for asking this question....

Cuckoo said...

Thank you very much for appreciation. So you think they are acting? You mean they both are in love and pretending not to be? Well, they love each other but not as in a couple. That's what I wanted to portray.

And yes, I am also too susceptible to those delicate things… very much. :)) But never read any romantic novels till date…think they are way below my standards. ;) lollll

I think every girl is going to wish she was that girl. Oh I thought every boy would want to be that boy. ;)

Why are girls such die-hard romantics? SiD has given an answer to that. BTW, Ain’t you? Be for once, then see the diffrence. :P

Agree with you though the number would be less compared to girls…my thinking.. Don't you think so?

Cuckoo said...

Thanks for liking it. Looks real ?? Kudos to me then, I wrote it from my heart without any polish. Thanks for liking “SHE” so much. May your wish come true.
Ok, as you say, it might be a platonic love but can’t say for sure.

There will be a spark of attraction.. Well, most of the people who have commented here are of the same view as yours and there IS some kind of attraction (read similarity), that’s why they are close friends.
all this stuff has to go between only friendship of opposite sexes… The story IS about friendship of opposite sexes.

this might have a strong foundation, but over time they wither off if they dont meet REALLY… Oh, so you think they have meet to keep the friendship alive?

i dont knw why but somehow i get the feeling, u r tht gal.. Credit goes to me !!! I wrote it from my heart. Well, “SHE” is character of my story and she ought to have my traits somewhere.

Cuckoo said...

Welcome to my blog. It seems you liked it very much and hugely impressed by its contents. I am glad. :))
So you also think that the guy “HE” a.k.a. “HUM” is lucky to have “SHE” as a friend?

Prashanth, I request you not to become emotional here on my blog... neither one should use any demeaning language. Let us all be decent. I don’t want to force myself to disable anonymous comments and enable comment moderation. It was just a view point of Abhi...just a thought, not to be taken to your heart. I think you are falling in love with “SHE”. lollll

However, I appreciate your gesture very much.

How’re you doing? Make your visits more frequent.

such wonderful and genuine friendships CAN exist. We just have to trust.. I agree with you.

Cuckoo said...

Thanks once again for appreciating the effort and believing in this kind of friendship.
BTW - good storyline - it would be fun to get more episodes.. Well, I didn’t write this as a ‘story’ to continue. This was just an episode, coming right from my heart. I know all of you want this story to develop further. Let us see, can’t promise anything at this stage.

Welcome again. Will appreciate your more frequent comments. That will help me in growing. And thanks for understanding my point of view. :)
Btw, is SHE single or engaged/married?? What ?? Kahani mein naya twist? :P

Welcome once again and thanks for appreciating it. Yeah, it has come out as an emotional one and every single time I read this post, tears start flowing. Somehow, it is close to my heart.
Keep visiting. :))

Cuckoo said...

Pyare Mohan,
Once again, nice name..Dharmendra ji :P. You have named my characters as “Hum-Tum”. I liked it very much. :)) SHE is TUM?? Yipeeeee.. If at all I write something about these Hum-Tum, I’ll always remember you. Thanks.

You are absolutely right.

Kamal a.k.a. KT.. Right?? SiD’s friend…if I am not mistaken. Btw, Can’t see your blog.. you have to enable some settings.

I welcome you to my blog once again.. Well, if you don’t want to be late then better option would be to blogroll me !! Also, you won’t be sad then. :)

well your blogs have a flavour I've begun to admire endlessly... Oh I am flattered !!

(favourably having discussed it and not assumed it) I agree with you. But still off and on, there could be some sparks of attraction between them as mentioned by other commenters which I think, is normal unless the sparks start affecting people around them..

In my opinion, Anyone can be attracted to anyone at anytime.. irrespective of their social and marital status.

And yes, don’t forget to blogroll me !! ;)

Pyare Mohan said...

O.K. Here is the clue... Hum and Tum are very close to me and no, it is not because they are cute...

Cuckoo said...

Pyare mohan,
Don't tell me now that you are in film industry.. Are you?
Anyways, once again nice to meet you. :)) *shakes hands*

Pyare Mohan said...

Yes, Cuckoo.. people call me Dharam-paji!!
lol :-D

niki yokota said...

i simply loooove this post!!!
this is the real kind of love...

Cuckoo said...

Pyare mohan,
Oh paaji, tussi chaa gaye ho !!

this is the real kind of love...Yes, it is definitely love but what kind????????

So You Wanna Be An MBA said...

First off - amazing songs. Love all those lyrics and the singers.
Second, great story a tad filmi, but what's life without a bit of Bollywood in it? As far as the question stands - I'll say what Shah Rukh said in KKHH (talk about Bollywood eh?) something on the lines ki "Ek ladke aur ladki ki gahri dosti ke peeche bahut gahra pyar hota hai". Unlike Amitabh's, I don't particularly care about committing Shah Rukh's dialogues to memory - but I hope you get the picture. If it were a girl who was in love with someone else, this story would've been closer to real life, the other way round - well - I've not seen happening.
BTW, thanks for visiting my old blog (


Cuckoo said...

Welcome to my blog & hope you keep visiting it regularly.

Yeah, wonderful songs... they are all my favourites...can listen to them again & again & again .. :D

Thanks for liking the story as well. Though not seen the movie, got what you wanted to convey.
The other way round? Well, you can see this happening now.. :) Thanks again for your visit.

niki yokota said...

thanks cuckoo-chan!!
i think there is no kind/categories of love.
love is only one feeling for me ;)

Cuckoo said...

Thanks for coming here again. Yes, you are right. Love knows no boundaries. It is above all these man-made categories.

Ketan said...

thats too long story. sorry, wont read that.

Cuckoo said...

Ohh I see. Never mind , it's your take. :))

Deepak Menon said...

I read the story of the friends on SMS you posted twice! It is very emotional and is the story of love which began before the beginning of time and trancended the passage of the aeons with the tenuous thread of love stretched to the limits - yet it remained connecting the souls whose love began before the beginning of time - for ever. I shall post a poem I wrote with this thought and perhaps when their sojurn on this earth has ended - they shall meet at the gates of Eternity where all those whose love is eternal meet .. the address of Eternity is :- Registration - Eternity (Star) Name registered by me on 13th Mar 2006
Location: RA 21h34m45.67s - DEC +1D54M35S - MAG 12.58
And you like everyone will meet your soulmate there I am sure.
Nice story - leaves much unsaid ...

Prashanth Manikyarajaiah said...

Very touchy story.. but for me it looks too unrealistic - atleast those tears...

Cuckoo said...

Welcome to my blog. Glad that you liked the story and that you are posting a poem on this. Thanks. I couldn't quite understand the part though.

Thanks for your visit. Keep dropping.

Welcome to my blog. Thanks for liking the story. Unrealistic tears ?? But why oh why? I think they are the most beautiful realistic tears.

Thanks for your visit. Keep visiting. Just out of curiousity I would like to know how you tumbled upon this blog?

Sam said...

an absolute latecomer here!! :D
well lady, i'll tell you just one thing........ such friendships exist.... and i haev experienced them, one of my closest friend, i haven't met her till date... speak to her for hours (Hutch loves us for that!! :P), and know every damn thing about each other!! If u can imagine it, den we know dat abt the other person!!
and yet we have never met!! surprised..... well... she isn't teh only one.... i have a few more suhc friends.... though nowhere near to as close the above mentioned lady!!
btw, why do i feel teh protagonist has a touch of you... lyk its more you than a character bred of imagination??

Neeraja said...

Omg this is unbelievable! Its like u were speaking my mind..every damn line was from my mind!!

Guess that answers ure question..

KUNTAL said...

This reminds me of only one song:

Aerosmith › I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing

I could stay awake just to hear you breathing
Watch you smile while you are sleeping
While youre far away dreaming
I could spend my life in this sweet surrender
I could stay lost in this moment forever
Every moment spent with you is a moment I treasure

KUNTAL said...

lady... you spoke your heart out... :-D

Cuckoo said...

Welcome here on my archived post !
Great to know that this kind of friendship exists. I always had this kind of notion that this can exist only in dreams.

why do i feel teh protagonist has a touch of you... What made you feel like that ?

All the Best to you two !!

Its like u were speaking my mind..every damn line was from my mind.. Is it ? Then can we have some more details pls ?

That’s a lovely song Kuntal.
And I am thrilled to know that this kind of friendship exists after reading your post.

lady... you spoke your heart out... How do you say ? Keep guessing !! ;)

Tshhar Mangal said...

I am feeling too nostalgic....
i used to have a friend sumwht like this...or atleast tht was wat i thot
,,,until she deserted me...:)
u write really welll...
keep up this great work...
God bless you

Cuckoo said...

Thank you if you feel the emotions. It came right from the bottom of my heart.

desh said...

reality is certainly much more awesome than fiction

wht hppnd next, eager to know

anyway wish the best for u n ur best frmd

Cuckoo said...

Yes, I agree with you.

What happened next ? Will write sometime when something happens. :-)

Me & my best friend?? Where do I come in the picture ?

Raghu said...

aaaahhhhh..... dfficult to belive such kind of friendship exist.....may be i am seeing a lot of films these days where they keep on stressing "javaan ladka ladki kabhi dost nahi ban sakthee".... :)

Kudoos to ur style of wrirting

Cuckoo said...

Thanks for going thru my archived posts. I am delighted. :D

Contrary to your belief this story is based on real facts (almost 100% true). The two are still great friends. For your information, I don't & can not write full fictions. Each of my post is based on a real life incident/news.

Thank you for your appreciation. I am glad that I could write like this and the writing is liked by many. Even after one year, this post is still one of the three most popular ones on my blog. :-)

Thanks for your comments here. Keep visiting, keep commenting... anywhere.