Friday, March 30, 2007

A Query

Note:- This post is based on true incident. No prizes for guessing who the logical dame was.

She – Are you a girl or a lady ?

The logical damsel (thinking, pulling her hair)- Ufffff.. Once again she has asked a silly question.

The logical damsel – Hmmm What do you want to ask ? Even a ten year old girl is called a lady, young lady that is.

She – No, no. When a female is married, she is called a lady and when unmarried, she is a girl.

The logical damsel – Ohhh, so you mean Britney Spears has become a lady years back and Lata Mangeshkar is still a girl ?

Bon Weekend !!

Current song- Ek Chidiya Anek chidiyan, Daana Chugne aayi Chidiyan


mathew said...


er madam how should I address u!! ;-P

Bendtherulz said...


Did you made someone Jaw that would be so unlady like....!

Cuckoo said...

You have just addressed me by saying madam !! ;)

Shhhhhh... Don't drag me into all these silly things. ;)

Anonymous said...

errr Lata Mangeshkar? lololol
this is an interesting topic.
in other words, old maiden, aunty, granma. haha..

Sugarlips said...

Hahahahhaa...Lata LOL...!
You cracked me up in the middle of the night Cuckoo and you deserve a HUG :)

Stay Beautiful...!

SiD said...

hehehe... Interesting Query...
Tried to parse it in my Brain SQL..
Runtime Exception!!!!

So You Wanna Be An MBA said...

We have young ladies and also old girls - so yeah works both ways. One of the definitions of 'lady' is someone who's romantically attached to a man - maybe that's why this confusion.
Hope you're having fun. btw, I'll be doing my internship in Mumbai this summer! Yohooo!!

Fleiger said...

Oxford Dictionary says:
• noun (pl. ladies) 1 (in polite or formal use) a woman. 2 a woman of superior social position. 3 (Lady) a title used by peeresses, female relatives of peers, the wives and widows of knights, etc. 4 a courteous or genteel woman.

Woman, not girl ;)

Fleiger said...

BTW, your blog "hangs" while loading. Can you check what is the prob? (I think it is music player, not sure)

Tarun said...

ultimate.....ka dimaag paya hai, BTW by that definition Briteny again became girl ;)

Did you see this video on Indian Team

Mumbai Guy said...

Britney is a lady?

SM said...

Not a definite definition I guess for being a lady or a girl!What ever your eyes want to believe at that time just think that.

Prashanth M said...


Maverick said...

on a funny note..... u could 've asked her "then which restroom do a girl use, if all of them have 'ladies' on them? " :)

Maverick said...

btw ur blog doesn't allow anonymous comments? my latest post is on tht

Keshi said...



mur said...

Hey, Thanks Cuckoo for helping with my hosting problem, that site looks like just the ticket!
mur x

Sigma said...

Another logical question from our logical dame !!

Cuckoo said...

Thank you.

Thank you. Ouch !! Not so tight dear. ;)

HeHe He He… Thank you.

Yeah, but the logical dame was going by the definition given to her. :)

Cuckoo said...

But the logical dame was going by the definition given to her. ;)

your blog "hangs" while loading… Hmmm. No one else has complained about it. Let me see. Are you sure it is not at your end ?

Thank you. Ha Ha.. yes, you re right !! ;)

Did you see this video on Indian Team.. Not yet. Was away. Will definitely see it.

Mumbai Guy,
Welcome to my blog.

Britney is a lady? What else is she if you go by that definition ?

Thanks for dropping by. Keep dropping. Ooops keep coming. :P

Yes, you are absolutely right.

Cuckoo said...


Yes, I could have. :(( I missed the chance.

I checked your post & commented as well.

Wink wink. ;)

You are most welcome !

Thank you. Thank you. *Blushing profusely*

Maverick said...

hhmmmmm nast anon comments? now tht's the price for being popular :)

Fleiger said...

But the logical dame was going by the definition given to her. ;)
You have your own english definitions? :o

Are you sure it is not at your end ?
Sure... no other blog does that on my end ;)

Tarun said...

cuckoo, ofcourse you can post.
I will send you email on address you posted along with comment,

Cuckoo said...

now tht's the price for being popular.. Being popular or being truthful ??

You have your own english definitions? Not me, not the logical dame's definition. It was the other dame who wanted to know as per her definition. :)

no other blog does that on my end.. Hmmm.. let me see.

Ok, Thanks.

Keshi said...

OMG I do have a tag to fulfil dun I!


Aditi said...

I know its such a silly thing when people state that u cannot be addressed as a girl or u're still a girl..
nice song pick

Iceman said...

Love the current song a lot!

Cuckoo said...

Yes yes, you DO have one !

Yup, you are right.
Thanks. Oh that's a lovely song that I like very much. :)

Welcome to my blog.

Love the current song a lot!. That's one of my favourite children songs.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope to see more of you here. Keep coming.

--Sunrise-- said...

"I'm not a girl, not yet a woman.." lol... :)

Nabeel said...

well "Lady" is taken more in a sense of .. aaa .. an articulate and well mannered/behaved woman .. the question should be are you a girl or a woman ..

Cuckoo said...

Welcome here.

I'm not a girl, not yet a woman.. Then what are you ?

Thanks for dropping by. Keep coming.

It was in the context of the definition set by that girl. Thanks for coming.

Pegasus said...

hats off....

Jeseem said...

no no
when u want to praise a female, you call her a young girl and when u want to see the end of her sandel, u call her a lady
so thumhe kya bulavo ( translates to is ur sandle sharp and painted :) )