Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My First Logic

I think I am quite a logical dame and to my memory this was the first time my pea-sized brains applied any logic to anything. I have always been a bright student, ever ready to learn new things, first one to raise my hand for any questions-answers session, always giving tough competition to fellow boys.

This recounting goes back to when I had just entered the fourth standard, very enthusiastic to venture into my new books and learn new things as fast as possible.
But summer time, scorching heat of north India, lack of interest in food, me delicate little angel, couldn’t bear it all. The result? I fell sick. Could not go to school for four days.

During my absence, my science teacher taught something of which I was completely unaware of as what was taught. For your understanding, it was something on types of trees with ample of examples – difference between a normal tree (mango, apple) and a creeper (pumpkin, bitter gourd).

On fifth day when I went to school, apparently there was a test on what was taught in last four days with teacher (read dictator) scaring us she’d deduct marks and make us redo the whole thing whoever gave a wrong answer. My heart plummeted. For a change, I knew this time I was fated to write answers 10 times in my notebook and how much I detested that.

The teacher (she was a nice lovely teacher) wrote the question on board asking us to write answer in one sentence. Fortunately or unfortunately (for me) she didn’t use the words like creeper or normal. Had she written that, I would have answered differently for I knew what they were.

The question was “What is the difference between a mango tree and a pumpkin tree? Write in only one sentence.”

Now, what type of a silly question it was? What was she trying to ask, I thought. Both are trees, both bear fruits. Maybe some hidden answer. I cursed myself, this time she finally got me.
Nevertheless, me an intelligent introvert thinker with a never say die attitude,
have a habit of solving things on my own. I always try to quench my thirst of queries on my own.

After thinking for a while & giving my first ever logic to someone outside my family, I wrote a one-line answer which teacher had to mark . She could not mark and thus I was saved from writing answer 10 times. Smart me. :))

That day after looking at my teacher’s face, I had decided one thing – I would NEVER become a teacher. It is indeed a tough job.

My answer was “Mangoes grow on mango tree and pumpkins grow on pumpkin tree.”.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Where lies the problem ?

Sometime back I had read a news about a man (is he ??) and since then it’s been bugging me like a scab on my knee. Many ‘remarkable’ happenings infuriate me all the time. How many times more will I write about these crap things around me, which were never on my mind when I had initially thought of starting this blog.

Ok, now the news. Sixty-four-year old Ziona is married to 50 wives, is a father of over 129 children (Has he not created a world record yet ?) and known to his people as the head of the ‘largest joint family on earth’ with over 180 members at a village in Mizoram. Yes !! That fanatic is from India !!

Ziona is responsible for carrying forward the family tradition (legacy of spiritual, social life, love and co-operation) with all his family members, his latest wife being a 26-year old, married last year and is a mother of six-month-old baby (Has she not heard of John Wayne Bobbitt ?).

I was appalled at this fanatic’s audacity when he mentioned ‘To expand my sect, I don’t mind even going to America to marry a woman’. Beware America !!
He got married to at least 10 women during 2006 alone. Despite his busy schedule (Oh yeah, I can understand it very well), he is also said to be a very hard working person.

Whatttttttt ???????????

Hard working ?? Hard working at what ? Fathering a village full of children ? B*****D !!! Sorry this is the first time I am using such word but then what do I call him ?? Normally I am quite a quiet chilled person but right now I am hot grilled, my blood boiling, teeth gritting and if someone sees me while I am typing this post, he’s definitely going to get a shock to see a totally different person.

Heyy, someone please go and tell V|agra people not to waste millions on R&D/manufacturing/ marketing, they have a readymade source for everything.

The family has their own school, piggery and poultry farm, paddy fields and a vegetable garden big enough to feed the entire family.
‘We have not received any help from the government’, he said. You fanatic moron! How can you even imagine the govt. to help you in your adventures ?

Guinness officials’ bid, to put Ziona into the books for getting married to the maximum number of women went in vain because the cult leader refused to pose for a photograph. (Good for him, otherwise I would have definitely killed him GRRRRRR..). Don’t laugh, I am serious.

However, the purpose of this post was NOT to highlight or praise that maniac’s achievements but a different issue altogether that lies somewhere else.

When we say Muslims, Sikhs or Christians are minorities in our country, we are very wrong. I won’t call them minorities. They are very much like us, a part of us.. only a little less in number... just like fingers of a hand..some long, some short but each one of them has a different and important role to play. We can’t label any one to be inferior to the other. We can’t separate them from us. It hurts. It pains.

Then what are we fighting for ? These caste system, backward/forward, Dalits, Brahmins, reservations, renaming of cities, burning trains over statues.. where are we heading for ? Why are we wasting our precious time, energy, resources, intellectuals and peace over these petty issues ?

The real issue is somewhere else. The real issue is in that village of Mizoram, the real issue is in tribes of Bihar (Santhal), the naxalites of AP and the tribes of Andaman & Nicobar. My concern is about these minorities.

To me these are the minorities who are obscured somewhere in their own secluded world of age old traditions, blind faiths and not able to see the outside world let alone competing with it. In reality, I am not angry with Ziona. I sympathize with him.

It is not their fault but somewhere we, the people and the government have neglected them, omitted them from our list of priorities. I don’t say we should divert our whole 100% attention to them but yes, they should also be included in our ‘to do’ list.
Most of our effort of primary & health education, vaccinations, upliftment, basic facilities and all blahs blahs should be targeted towards these minorities.

Instead of burning trains if we could educate people of Rajasthan on child marriage and sati system, our job is done.
Instead of indulging in inter-caste violence if we could spread the knowledge on AIDS, sex education, family planning to those isolated people, our job is done.
Instead of making issues of caste based reservations if we could provide basic schools, computers, books to people in remote villages, our job is done.
Debating and renaming the cities / roads will not solve our problems, taking the roads to remote places where these minorities are leading miserable lives will.

Instead of political parties pointing fingers at each other, if we could point fingers to cancerous corrupt system, our job is done.

Living in cities we are quite capable of taking care of ourselves if the government and the corrupt system leave us alone to grow in a healthy and free environment.

And I am sure we can build a better world, a better India.

Current song- Chhodo Kal Ki Baaten, Kal Ki Baat Purani – Mukesh

Monday, January 22, 2007

It's Cricket Again !

When I said I was happy to see Virender Sehwag out of the team, I was not wrong. Today I enjoyed the 1st ODI between West-Indies and India and not even once I missed Sehwag.

All of them … Ganguly, Gautam Gambhir, Sachin, Dhoni and Dravid kept the score card moving by playing brilliant shots (Sachin’s strike rate of 81.57% being the lowest of the lot) and as per the commentator, today’s score 338 for 3 was India’s highest against West-Indies.

It was a great comeback for Ganguly (unfortunate run out at 98) but here, I would like to mention Gambhir’s effort. He made excellent 69 runs at a strike rate of 92%. If he continues like this then there is very little chance of Sehwag making a re-entry. Gambhir has talent and any day a better fielder than Sehwag. He confidently played shots and it was a delight to watch two left-handers in action. The first over itself produced 16 runs. Only one thing disappointed me about Gambhir ... his ‘laddu’ catch to Samuels on the bowling of Chris Gayle.

Something about Dhoni. Today also, his number of sixes overshot his fours. Like Sehwag he is a powerful player and likes to send the ball across the boundary. But one added advantage to Dhoni is his defensive shots. Yes, at times when the team needs to retain wickets, this young lad from Jharkhand has shown his capabilities as a defensive player very unlike Sehwag who would have touched a ball outside the off stump in a suicidal manner.
Dravid again played good shots (strike rate 154%) including a four off a yorker, which to me is a very difficult task. Dwayne Smith tried a similar shot off Agrakar’s bowling but was clean bowled. Both Dhoni and Dravid made 30 runs in 2 overs and in the last 5 overs they collected as many as 70 runs.

So, today both the umpires Suresh Shastri and Billy Bowden (I like watching him signaling for a six) :)) had to do a lot of hands up (total 16 sixes). Also, poor Suresh Shastri kept falling down ‘Dhammm’ on the ground.
Today was not Sreesanth’s day though he took a wicket and ran Bradshaw out on his own bowling. Sreesanth is a bowler with aggression, confidence, passion and a different attitude. At least 25 times I must have seen his on the field dance after hitting Nel for a six. When other bowlers cut their shoes at the front, he has different sized shoes for both his feet and for a very valid reason.

Lara had started playing a big game but intelligent bowling by Sachin saw Brian Lara stumped out. Lara had come out of the crease to hit the ball, seeing this Sachin bowled at a wider angle which Lara couldn’t even touch and so was stumped.
Man of the match was Chandrapaul for his excellent 149 runs. Have you ever noticed the stickers below his eyes ? Oh he earns through those eye catching stickers. They have become so much a part of his personality that I think I’ll have difficulty in recognizing him if he comes without them. :))

Current song- Chandni re jhoom – Kishore

Thursday, January 18, 2007


बालों में उलझती, खुद को उलझाती
तेरे चेहरे पे सरसराती
मेरी उंगलिया होठों पर रुक जातीं
कान मॆ धीमे से गुनगुनातीं

अधखुली अधजगी आखॊ में
अनगिनत सपने लिए
तेरे बदन की खुशबू को
अपनी रूह में बसाती

कुछ सिमट-सिकुड कर
तेरी बाहॊ में टूट जाती
काश ऐसा हो पाता
तू मेरा और मैं तेरी हो पाती

How I wish

Tangled in your hair, weaving themselves,
On your face, my fingers could linger
Stop by the lips, and
Hum softly in the ear

With myriad dreams
In half-open, half-awake eyes
I could breathe in my soul,
The fragrance of your presence

Demurely, shyly
I could melt in your arms
How I wish it could happen
You could be mine, and I, yours.

Current song- Chupke Chupke Raat Din – Ghulam Ali

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sehwag is out !!

So the Indian cricket team is announced with Sachin as deputy to Dravid. Some expected & unexpected moves. While some big names are left out, unexpected ones have joined the team.

For one thing I am happy that Virender Sehwag is out of the team. In spite of his non-performance for quite long, he was sitting prettily (yeah, that’s a word) in the team. According to me he should have been shown the door even before the start of South Africa series. We repeated the same mistake as we did in the past with Laxman & Ganguly, we had kept them for too long just because they were seniors/captain of the team.
Sehwag has to realize that he was not with the team just to fill up a vacant place. Being one of the seniors he should try to become ideal for youngsters and instead he led the youngsters in ransacking the dressing room after
India’s win over South Africa for which board has to foot the bill now.

Kaif is always the most unfortunate one in spite of being one of the best fielders. I sympathize with him. When he is out of form, he is out anyways & when in form, some other seniors are also in form making him sit out of the team.His flying catch (almost snatching from the hands of Hemang Badani) is still fresh in my mind. Everyone including Badani had wondered where the ball, his sunglasses & cap had gone. :))
Though currently Jaffer is in form (better than Veeru), he had to make way for Robin Uthappa/ Gambhir, probably selectors thought he would not be good in ODIs. Laxman had to go out, not made for ODIs (It’s another thing that I think he’s not even made for test matches. ;) )
Spin department is not at its best with Kumble taking rest. Romesh Powar is the new ‘passenger’ accompanying the team and Harbhajan is not as brilliant and assertive as Kumble. The board has to find out a replacement for Kumble for long run.

Also, it is good if young bright ones like Ishant Sharma are not in final 15 players. In team India they have very little to do other than carrying water & bats to the field where in U-19 they at least have a chance to play and perform.

All in all, a good selection. Let us wish Indian team a very Good Luck.

Current song- Duggi pe Duggi ho ya Satte pe Satta

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Google, I am coming

Today I read in newspaper about Google topping the Fortune list as being the best employer. Since then I have been dreaming to join this company. I feel that me and Google are made for each other and it would be fun working with them. While coming home I even envisaged myself what all I am going to enjoy. Of course, I have some queries and suggestions that I am going to put forward to Sergey Brin and Larry Page (owners of Google, if you don't know them).

Some examples:-

In addition to its cafés, Google has snack rooms which contain various cereals, candy, nuts, yogurt, carrots, fresh fruit and other snacks and dozens of different drinks including soda and make-your-own cappuccino.
What about some fresh green vegetables ? My fridge is empty for last ten days. Since I am here most of the time, not been able to visit any market. And I don’t like frozen food. Home Delivery please. Errr.. take some nice non-veg items as well, my pet loves it.

The amenities offered to employees are such as laundry, dry cleaning and on-site massage.
Do you do full body massage as well ? Sitting here in front of computer makes my body ache like hell.

If you have a baby, the company gives $500 to buy baby stuff.
No, thanks. I won’t go for it. Not a good bargain.

Google ranks No.1 largely due to amenities offered to employees, such as a swimming spa, etc...
Do you have a race course ? It was my childhood dream to learn horse riding. I am sure you would consider this suggestion to fulfill my dream. After all, employee satisfaction is also important.

Before I forget, one more thing I would like to suggest. Gym and swimming spa are all good but I was wondering if you could start music classes for Piano. Being the top company is no joke and we must take care of employees’ cultural tastes also. I am confident that once again you would help me in achieving my childhood dream of playing a Piano.

No, I won't take much time to learn. Till now, I have been practicing it on my computer keyboard.

The company says you can get your pet dog to work provided it adheres to the company’s pet policy.
Are Tigers allowed ?? I assure you, my tiger will stick to me without disturbing others. Please don’t refuse. He becomes lonely without me.

P.S. - Right now, staring at my phone for a confirmation from them sending me the air tickets and appointment letter.

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Monday, January 08, 2007

Let's Hug ??

What a way to start the new year !! Well, I was away from my blog for almost three days just after posting my previous post. No, wasn’t holidaying and some of you got worried, wrote me mails. Some thought I was traveling. Oh la la ! So much concern ? I am flattered. I thank all of you once again for your concern and affection. That makes me more humble and proud & at the same time that makes our bond a lot more stronger.

Oh my my, so much of sweetness here on my blog. Hope no one is diabetic. Ahaa ! Lots of hugs also ;) While some gave me hugs, a few got from me; there were some hopefuls who were of the opinion that since this is New Year, everybody should get hugs from me. Hmmm nice reasoning I must say. :))) Well, I am a bit miser in this matter, can’t give a hug unless I “feel” like giving it.

Now, that brings up a long forgotten sleeping question again. Question ?? I am slowly getting into this bad habit of asking questions, thanks to one of you.

I know the importance of a real life hug. It is self-explanatory, "I include you in my circle of caring." Arms go out to another in a warm embrace. A hug is a spontaneous signal of acceptance. A hug holds a universe of silent meaning. In all of humanity, embracing is a symbol of togetherness and belonging.
Moreover, hugs are loaded with benefits. It is healthy, keeps us healthier. It cures depression, it reduces stress, it's stimulating, rejuvenating and it has no unpleasant side effects !! In short, hugging is nothing less than a miracle drug.

But what about the virtual hug ? It doesn’t matter where it pops up.. on your computer screen or on your cell. Does it have the same effect ? Does one feel that close to a person as in real or is it just a formal way of conveying something informal ? When people say hugzzz, what do they actually want to convey ?

Are you going to hug a person in real to whom till now, you are showing your affection through various virtual means ? And why ?

Ok, more simple - Who all of you are going to hug me if you happen to meet me in real ? Hmmm... I can see countless hands going up ;) Heyy you !! please don’t raise both your hands, ok ?


Don’t expect the same from me. As I said earlier, I don’t even give a virtual hug till I “feel” like hugging that person. And right now, I am not for any gorilla / bear hug. Instead, I have developed a fetish for tigers these days. So a tiger hug for me. ;)

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Monday, January 01, 2007


Today on January 1st 2007, I am going to tell you about some of my dear friends who have given me immense love and confidence and have made me feel blessed. I have shared some of my thoughts with them. I find it pretty amazing. I don’t know much about them but feel very much connected with them. I don’t know these people by their faces but I know these people. I may never meet them in my life but somehow I have met them all.

They are from all over the world. They all are my blogger friends. Yes, I mean YOU !!! You all !!

Before I tell you something more, let me begin with the beginning. As you all might know, I started blogging in July this year. Why ?? Don’t ask me now.

And it was in August when I was blogrolled for the first time. Fleiger, was the first person to blogroll me (I still wonder why). Thanks Fleiger. After that SiD, Sunil, Sigma, Maverick, Pyare Mohan,.. phew !! And also the new ones.. Aditi, Alok and Prashanth !! It was more surprising because I don’t do blog-hopping, go to new blogs only on recommendations or when someone visits my blog.

No, don’t check in Technorati – it is showing a very wrong figure in my case.

Some of you blogrolled me on your first visit to my blog !! Some even dedicated their posts to me !! I was amazed, overwhelmed and dumbfounded and while I am writing this post, my eyes are moist again. I knew none of you here and except for one, no one knew me, yet the bond continues to strengthen, the circle continues to grow... slowly but steadily. A sher (couplet) written by Majrooh Sultanpuri for this moment..

Main akela hi chala tha, janib-e-manzil magar, Log saath aate gaye aur caravan banta gaya.

(I started off alone towards my destination, people kept joining and a caravan thus formed)

A big thanks to all of you, you all are wonderful. This post is dedicated to you.

Here on my blog, I’ll introduce you all to each other. Excuse me if by mistake I miss out your names and correct me if I go wrong somewhere. You can continue telling me about you !! Not providing the links as I’ll go mad doing that.

First Fleiger.. my fellow birdie blogger. I call him Tagger.. Tagger of the Century. The moment he is tagged by someone, more than looking into the tag as what he is supposed to do, he is interested in continuation of tagging business and I think I top the list of his victims. Me and SiD are two of his permanent preys.

SiD is Punjab da puttar and a quiet person. He, like Fleiger, wants to become a writer one day. Wish you both Luck ! His comments are always very sincere. And if you don’t already know, it was SiD who had rechristened me as “Lady Jasoos” a.k.a. LJ.

These two bloggers are coming to my blog since almost the beginning. Lovingly I call them ‘brats’. :)

Abhi has been visiting my blog since its naissance and his was the first blog I visited, hence an emotional attachment with him. *Hugs* Abhi. Although he does not comment often, he reads all my posts. Pyar se I call him ;) He is simple hearted, emotional and sometimes extremely lazy also. ;) Errrr.. I mean in feeding his blog.

Pyare Mohan. Pyar se I call him PM. He has four blogs and I am amazed at how he maintains them!! Ok, one secret about him.. He is one of those persons who blogrolled me on their first visits to my blog. Am I right PM? And beware ! He rides a Tiger !

BendTheRulz. I have given him the name BTR and now Sigma has also started calling PM & BTR by same names. :) Initially BTR was a non blogger for quite sometime, liked my humour posts very much and I think I forced him to become a blogger !! Heyy BTR, What do you say ?

These two have been coming here since almost the same time and I believe, like Abhi, both of them have gone through ALL my posts including comments innumerable no. of times. Thanks buddies.

Ketan bhai, khem cho ? Maza ma ? He is another very regular here and never forgets to leave a comment. Thanks Ketan. I liked your besan pakodas very much, tasted awesome. He has five blogs full of blah-blahs and first time when I saw so many blahs, I had fainted. ;) One more thing. He too is a Libran.

Sigma is yet another regular on my blog. Kabhi kabhi zara late ho jati hain. :P Don’t know how she stumbled here but she liked it. We two have many common traits. When she read ‘Tears of Joy’, she told about her first hand experience of such friendship which got converted into marriage. Sigma, I would like to know more about it.

Mridula has a popular travel blog and is a busy woman. I know her because of the common interest - travel. Right now she is holidaying with her husband in Sikkim.

Maverick is studying in US like many others. Sweet and humble by nature, I like his simplicity very much. We have many common likes and links.. chocolates only in the form of chocolates, colors and Mridula, Alka, Sigma, Sharda.. errrr wait a minute !! All women ?? Hey Maverick, what are you upto ?? :P

Gaurav ?? Do I need to say anything about him ? NO.

Sunil is one more regular here. An engg student and a simple guy who takes life seriously. His serious posts force you sometimes to think beyond this normal, easygoing life. We both have some common traits. All the Best Sunil for all your future ventures.

Sameer is another regular from US to my blog, just like me, to his. His blog is different from our blogs. It is nothing but a collection of his wonderful sketches. Sameer, your blog also needs an update.

Deepak’s blog is also different like Sameer’s. Normally each of his post would contain just one picture and a quote but worth millions. Only complaint – we have to wait for ages to see his next post. Deepak, are you getting the hint ?

Tarun is a consultant in US. He has two blogs.. Zero Hour and Nithalla Chintan. Tarun you got to teach me how to write in Hindi (Btw, Hindi is my mother-tongue) and then I’ll think of giving you a hug, calling you ‘Saale’ as you had asked for. ;)

Prashanth M’s fascinating pictures bowl me over. He has a powerful Nikon as his prized possession and his pictures speak, he doesn’t have to say anything. Though he is a newcomer here, he’s become quite regular.

Aditi is again a newcomer but a regular here. Aditi, I would like to know more about you. If you have some posts to guide me, please leave links here or in my Chit Chat Box.

Alok, like Prashanth M and Aditi is a regular newcomer. :) One fine day he came from nowhere to my blog and linked me ! Alok, do you care to tell me why? Don’t get me wrong, just for curiosity. Coming from Delhi, my city, he caught my attention. Right now he is pursuing business management from Narsee Monjee, Mumbai. Am I right Alok ?

Gangadhar is a genuinely simple person and more famous because of his three year old son. Right Ganga ? I enjoy small things of life through his posts. He also blogrolled me immediately after coming here.

Mayank is a non blogger but likes my each & every post. Never he says anything against my writing and always full of praise. Thanks Mayank but I think you exaggerate. :) Can’t say anything else since I don’t know anything else about him.

Priyam is very much like Mayank, a non blogger and likes my blog. I request both of you to have your blogs. Believe me, you are going to enjoy it.

Nikichan is a sweet girl from Tokyo, a common link on Fleiger’s blog. She has a cute pet and I guess she likes Sushi very much. She too likes my posts and keeps sending links to her friends. Thanks Nikichan for coming and boosting my morals up.

Keshi is a Sri-lankan from Sydney, one of my favourite places. Has a lively blog, full of life. Two complaints about her – writes too frequently to catch up with the posts and enabling of comment moderations. :))

Sharda is one more reader from US, has started coming to my blog more frequently than before. She is a common link between me and Maverick. My interest in her blog is for her sincere and simple writing. Yet to go through her blog in details so can’t say much about her. Sharda, I would like to know more about you. If you have some posts to guide me, please give me the links.

Kamal T is SiD’s friend and so you know how he reached my blog. Like many others he is also an occasional commenter and his comments come right from his heart. Thanks KT. More than polished, I like raw opinions. Once it had happened that I was reading his blog and he was sitting on mine !! Both were commenting as if chatting. Do you remember it KT ?

Bharat Mukkati is a friend of SiD and Fleiger.. a simple sincere guy. Earlier he was quite regular on my blog but these days I don’t see him. I liked his background music of Malgudi days and his sexy babe. :))

MBA is from Chicago, lives on 33rd floor :P and as the name suggests, pursuing his MBA. Again, I have renamed him by this short and sweet name. He doesn’t want to be a consultant or an investment banker. As far as I know he also blogrolled me on his first visit to my blog. MBA, where are you these days ? Exam time is over.

Alka is Mridula’s sister and always forgets the link to my blog !! But when she comes after getting the link again, she goes through even all the comments. Her visit to my blog peps me up.

Adi is the most lost (or should I say most focused? ) person in this whole gang here. He is deeply in love and so is his blog. There is so much love floating around on his blog and whoever goes there, wants to fall in love. :)) Adi, May you see more of those blissful days and nights.

Hazel Dream is from Mumbai in the hotel industry, these days a busy man. Writes some of very serious stuff and envies me like hell !! In his own words “I envy you .. u are so bloody regular with ur blog. how do u manage time....”.

Lord Suicaine is a 15 year old kid, fully engrossed in computers and computer games. I am amazed to see how he makes those animations in a few minutes time. I guess he is busy these days, class X after all. Wish you Luck for your board exams !

Jac is from Sudan and is learning Hindi !! Common on Keshi and Adi’s blog. He writes about his day to day experiences. Nothing more I know about him though would like to do it. Jac, aapne suna kya ?

Jeevan is a sincere and gentle boy from Chennai with a simple but thoughtful blog. Jeevan, Where are you these days?

Deepak Menon is common link between Gangadhar and me. I believe he likes my humorous posts of both blogs very much and once he said he was sending the entire post along with comments to his son in US.

Prashant. Yes, there is one more Prashant. This simple person is from Pune and has a unique way of conveying his thoughts and poetries.

There are many others who are not very regular but keep dropping by sometime or the other. Starry nights, Eclipsed thoughts, sparkle, Raman Gupta, desi mom, misireni, ginco leaves, GuN, eternal heights to name a few.

Note:- For fear of it becoming a very long list, I have written about only the regulars. Though some of the 1-2 timers did impact me by their writing.

Here I’ll name only Rompy, SiD’s friend. His touchy post Adios made me cry that day and I still visit his blog to read that post. SiD, please convey my wishes to your friend.

Apart from all these who have shown me their faces some time or the other, there are innumerable silent faceless readers who come here regularly but NEVER comment.

A big THANKS to all of you. Wish you all a very Happy, Prosperous, Successful and full of Love Year 2007.


Announcement :- Blog on my travel experiences has emerged now. :) Next post on that blog will appear in a few days time. Still working on.

P.S.- Listen to the song now, specially for you. :)))

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