Monday, May 14, 2007

बस और नहीं

The translated version for non-Hindi readers is just below this poem but as I always say, translations are never the same; they don’t convey the same emotions. However, I also feel that something is better than nothing. :))

नहीं, बस और नहीं बुलाऊंगी मैं
कहूँ, तुम याद नहीं आते तो झूठी कहलाऊंगी मैं।
हर बार बह जाते हैं गुस्सैल लहरों में
अब रेत घर नहीं बनाऊँगी मैं।

तुम भी तो कभी बढ़ाओ पहला कदम
अब न पहल कर पाऊँगी मैं।
कह दो तुम्हें नहीं है इंतज़ार मेरा
ये झूठ तो न कह पाऊँगी मैं।

कतरा भर ज़िन्दगी जीभर जी लूँ ज़रा
गर और मिली तो ख़ुशी से मर ही जाऊंगी मैं।
क्यों हो तुम खामोश खड़े
आ जाओ, आ भी जाओ, अब न चल पाऊँगी मैं।

No More

No, no more shall I call you.
If I say I don’t think of you, I shall be lying
No more shall I build sand-castles of my dreams
For, your anger always washes them away.

You must also step forward sometime,
I can not do it anymore.
Say that you don’t wait for me
Oh ! I can’t utter this lie on any score.

Let me live this slice of life to the fullest
For, I'll anyway die of joy if I get some more.
Why are you standing away in silence
Come, come to me, I can walk no more.

Current song- Katra Katra Milti Hai, Katra Katra Jeene Do – Asha Bhosale

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Aditi said...

somewhere something touches me.. beautiful though

Peter said...

Wonderful combination of photo, text ... and music!!!

What's the origin of the text?

Cuckoo said...

Thank you. :) I can understand.

Thank you very much.

The text is written by me !! Just two months back I started scribbling my thoughts in this form of expression. And the song is one of my favourites. :))
Anyway, I am going to change the settings of music player. You'll have to click the 'Play' to listen to the music.

In last three months, I have written some more poems if you want to have a look. Let me know your opinions about them.

Thanks once again.

Prashanth M said...

lovely!! beautiful words!! thanks for sharing :)

Bendtherulz said...

May be last call to the intended will reach the ears....!
Bless you and tk care ~

ps - very nice of my fav.

Vibhanshu said...

Hey nice poem... Kuch suni si kahani lagi :)

Iceman said...

nice lines...

**क्यों हो तुम खामोश खड़े

Guess that part hurts the most... kills you the most!

Alok said...

absolutely fantastic !!

the poem itself is very beautiful, so why the picture ?? some things are better left to imagination.

but hats off,bahut acha likha hundred percent pasand aayi.

Ranjeet said...

Very nice, well written!

SiD said...

aa jao.. aa bhi jao..ab na chal paungi main

One hell of a Senti ending.... simply Awesome!!

Cuckoo said...

Thank you.

Heyyy BTR, Why do you always think that it relates to someone ? It is just a poem.. heartfelt though. BTW, I am taking it as a compliment that it portrays so well that you had to think like that. Ha Ha…”apne muh mian mithu”. ;)

Song ?? Well, well… ab kya batau aapko ki this is one of my favourites.

Cuckoo said...

Thank you.

Kuch suni si kahani lagi.. Kahan suni si hai ? Kahin aapka ishaara mere kisi aur post ki taraf to nahi ?

Thank you.

Guess that part hurts the most... kills you the most.. Yes, you are absolutely correct. Conveys so many emotions topped by a single one. :)

Cuckoo said...

Thank you.

why the picture ?? some things are better left to imagination… Well, not all can understand it like you. It is my feeble attempt to make them understand. ;)

bahut acha likha hundred percent pasand aayi… Mujhe kuch khaas nahi lagi.. I don’t think the intense emotions I wanted to convey have come out well except for the last two lines. :(

Thank you. :)

Thank you. I know you have the gift of understanding the emotions. :)

Fleiger said...

Nice poem... That was senti ;)

KUNTAL said...

so nice.... so beautiful...

I have nothing to say... :-D sorry but I have lost my words...

Pijush said...

Excellent choice of words Cuckoo. Vety good Poem.

tulipspeaks said...

nice one! love the pic too.


Cuckoo said...

Nice to see your comments for a poem. I am aware of your ‘love’ for them. So, if you have come to comment here, it must be a good poem. :))
Thank you. Yes it was a little senti.

Oh oh… don’t be so lost !! And thank you for liking it. :D

Thank you.

Cuckoo said...

Thank you. :)

Keshi said...

seems like my love-story. the past one.


Dust Unsettled said...

Very well written...
As sweet as your name cuckoo... :)

Merisi said...

Very, very beautiful, and I am impressed, you wrote it. Very mature. Read it once more, and allow me to say to send that guy his way. He's not worthy of you.
Too much pain.
I wouldn't trust him anymore.
Hug from Vienna,

KT said...

gr8 one yaar... I am not much fond of reading poems .. but this one is certainly too good....

[sob] [sob] wish I cud write something as good as this ...

anyways....its a nice poem... I liked the hindi one more than the english translation

ashish soni said...

hmm very nice and touchy

Cuckoo said...

Hmmm.. Happens.

Dust Unsettled,
Thank you. Oh oh..

Cuckoo said...

Thank you very much for liking the poem.

Ha Ha Merisi dear, it is just a poem. I am glad that you could feel real emotions & feelings in it.

BTW, I have written some more poems which you would like to read. Let me know your opinions.

Thanks once again & take care.

david mcmahon said...

Hi Cuckoo,

I was just logging on to give you the advice you asked for. In essence, I was going to say that I'd like to see an occasional change of pace on your blog - and you've already done exactly that.

You've absolutely nailed it with this one. Just when we thought we could predict your style and angle, you come around the corner and take us completely by surprise.

Here's the crux of it. Straight talk, ok? (Just like you'd expect from me!)

Good bloggers find a formula and stick with it.

But great bloggers, bless their cotton socks, will keep experimenting. They'll always take your breath away, just when you think you've got 'em figured out.

The best bloggers think outside the square and hit you with something unexpected - and they do it with verve.

That's exactly what you've just done. Good work, well done, brave experiment - and you presented it with panache and, most of all - class.

Keep it up - and post more often.

Cheers, and congratulations again


Vibhanshu said...

Arre nahi, I meant about the theme not the post :p

Cuckoo said...

Where have you been all this time ? Glad to see you here after a long time. Thank you for liking the poem.

If you want to go thru my poems, the link is provided in my reply to Merisi just above this.

Keep visiting more often. And your blog needs an update.

Welcome here on my blog and thank you.

Thanks for your visit. Keep coming.

Cuckoo said...

Welcome again. Thanks for your valuable advice. Coming from you it has a special meaning.

Regarding pace on my blog. Well, most of the time I try to post once in a week. I don't think as of now I can increase the pace as

1) blogging is not my first priority
2) I have three blogs to cater to.

Also, I don't like to write about anything just to attract readers. However, I'll keep your advice in mind.

Thank you very much for all the appreciations and good work.

Keep coming.

Cuckoo said...

Ok. Yeah, this kahani is the same old one. :)

Ajith said...

I'm not good in appreciating poems, but that picture is very good..perhaps one of the best I've seen in recent times :)

Cuckoo said...

Oh thank you. I liked your honesty. Instead of saying "nice lines", you said abt the picture. :)

Leziblogger said...

"Har Baar Beh jaate hain Gussail lehron main,
aab ret ghar nahin banaungi main"!

Kya baat hai, Cuckoo! Wah Wah!elevating lines!

Cuckoo said...

Thank you. :)

Shrink wrapped scream said...

Oh! You are a poet - and a good one, too! (Why am I not surprised?) Powerful words, perfectly placed. Thank you.

More, please.

Fleiger said...

Well, I can normally tell if the poem is good or bad, though I cannot say more than that :D

Cuckoo said...

Oh dear, you sure know how to praise a person. :) Thank you.

More, please... Please refer this link. My all poems are here.

Btw, I saw your picture in new clothes. ;) Congratulations !!

Pratik Chowdhury said...

Very few ppl have the guts to accept things even in the face of adversity as you do...

really appreciate that

Stay Happy and Keep Blogging !

Cuckoo said...

Welcome once again and thank you.

Keep coming.

Keshi said...

Cuckoo Cuckoo where is that tag? :)

Cud u leave me the link to it, thanks!


Aditi said...

sweet words and accepting the world as it is...
very few people are able to admit it.

sam said...

filhaal rehne do un mulakato ab,
ke dil ke zakhm aaj bhi na bhare hai,
roz aankhen band to hoti hai ab,
par neend ke kadam unme nahi bhatakte hai,
parchhai se kyu na jaane darte hai ab,
khauff to shaayad ab zindagi se bhi hai......
kuch waqt ke saaye mein rehne do....
rehne do un mulaqato ko ab.... filhaal!!

amazing poetry cuckoo!!! too good........ can we have more of them??

sam said...

oh!! btw, teh above one, i thgt might make for a sequel to yours.........

Vijay said...

Looks like a lot of people liked your poem Cuckoo!!
Though my knowledge of Hindi is very elementary, I liked what I read.
You're good at this.
And thanks for the very helpful translation, which as you say, doesn't do justice to the original.
I have a doubt. What is 'मिली ?' Did Blogger mix up your vowel combinations. It happens all the time on WordPress when I try to write something in Tamil script in my blog.

Cuckoo said...

I left the link on your blog. So, can we expect it soon ?

Thank you. Keep coming.

Oh now you don’t embarrass me by asking for more. You have written very beautiful lines and they are giving a scare to my lines.

Btw, if you don’t already know, I started writing poetry only 3 months back. You can read them here.

Thanks for coming and sharing those wonderful lines. Keep coming.

I welcome you on my blog. Thank you for liking my scribbles.

Yes, the translation is like a dubbed movie. :P
Here mili = get. No, I generally don’t allow blogger to play with my Hindi. :P

sam said...

hey chkd dem all, and dropped a comment for each.........
u r too good!!

Pankaj Gupta said...

oh thats nice--but what will happen if Man will move one step forward and she move away..

Cuckoo said...

Thank you.

Welcome to my blog and thank you for liking it.

what will happen if Man will move one step forward and she move away... Another poem from Cuckoo will emerge. :)

Keep coming.

deepti said...

the moment i read d first two lines,i thought of the same song..
Loved ur poem...loved it...
Transalation is equally good.
Take care. love.

desh said...

poems have never excited me
hindi ones have though
n i liked tht one :)

Anonymous said...

how romantic!!!!

Cuckoo said...

Thank you. Say my Hello to Alok.

Welcome on my blog. Thank you for liking the poem.

Thanks once again for your visit. Keep coming.

How's your comp doing now ? All set ?

Keshi said...

Cuckoo ty for leaving the link...the next tag I take up will be that one.

Today's post I have done was another overdue Tag :):)


Anonymous said...

im still going to net cafe. thank u very much, cuckoo-chan!!
no time to go to electronic shop during week days(>_<)

SM said...

wonderful poem.The line "For, your anger always washes them away" especially hit the nail on its head.

Sugarlips said...

Gorgeous poem Cuckoo :)
I love this song too :)

Here is my a similar version of this shot I have taken a little while ago :)

Stay Beautiful...!

priya said...

Why is always a big game in lives.
Nicely written.

Cuckoo said...


Awww :(

Thank you very much. How are you doing ?

Thank you very much. :)

Welcome abroad!!! Thank you very much for liking the poem.

Thanks for your visit. Keep coming.

Niraj said...

hi cuckoo...i have become a fan of your poems..could not catch up though as was not active for quite some time...keep it up!!

Manish Thakur said...

Damn, you sound too familiar!