Thursday, January 18, 2007


बालों में उलझती, खुद को उलझाती
तेरे चेहरे पे सरसराती
मेरी उंगलिया होठों पर रुक जातीं
कान मॆ धीमे से गुनगुनातीं

अधखुली अधजगी आखॊ में
अनगिनत सपने लिए
तेरे बदन की खुशबू को
अपनी रूह में बसाती

कुछ सिमट-सिकुड कर
तेरी बाहॊ में टूट जाती
काश ऐसा हो पाता
तू मेरा और मैं तेरी हो पाती

How I wish

Tangled in your hair, weaving themselves,
On your face, my fingers could linger
Stop by the lips, and
Hum softly in the ear

With myriad dreams
In half-open, half-awake eyes
I could breathe in my soul,
The fragrance of your presence

Demurely, shyly
I could melt in your arms
How I wish it could happen
You could be mine, and I, yours.

Current song- Chupke Chupke Raat Din – Ghulam Ali


Aditi said...

did u write it?
its beautiful

Keshi said...

I dun u'stand Hindi unfortunately but the pic is truly beautiful and it says alot abt the lyrics...


Cuckoo said...

Of course I wrote it !! My scribbled attempt. Sometimes somethings come instantly. BTW, I am terribly horrible in writing department. Just put my raw thoughts always. lolll

Ohh Sorry. It is about a dream a girl has. I had thought about people who don't understand Hindi but it was so immediate last night that I wanted to post it first. :)

Now, I don't think I can do justice to it. Request someone else to translate it for me please.

Pyare Mohan said...

cuckoo ki yeh pyaar ki kavitha
dil ko aise chu liya
jaise ek hawaa ka jokha
waqt ko kuch der ke liye roka!*

translation of the above pathetic vocab in hindi that i have - beautiful one!!! (thumbs up)

Cuckoo said...

beautiful one!!! (thumbs up)...For which Kavita ? Mine or yours ? Ha Ha..
So, No thank you till you clarify. :P And of course, you wrote beautiful lines. :)

Mine is first attempt in Hindi (y'day night it just happened in a few moments). And going by your Hindi I wonder how much you would have understood this. ;)

Pyare Mohan said...

well, i took the help of Google translation services

Obviously, your kavitha... mine is non-existent...

Sunil Parmar said...

Hello Cuckoo!
KYA Kehna!~ aapka andaaz-e-bayaan bahut achcha hai...:)

Abhijeet said...

good stuff!!n wat was the other common trait u were talkin abt?

Cuckoo said...

Google ?? That is no good as far as translation is concerned, it literally translates word by word. Humans are better, they can try putting emotions as well ;) And yours is beautiful too, I am wondering why couldn't I think of such words !!

BTW, I would like to know what translation Google uncle gave you. Maybe I’ll work on that to add emotions to it. :)))

Shukriya Janaab. Nacheez khush hui.

Welcome to my blog. Thank you for liking it.

wat was the other common trait u were talkin abt?... No, not telling you. :) Roam around my blog, you’ll come to know. Go through the archives ( I am just six months old here, so not much material).. but wherever, whatever you like /dislike something.. don’t hesitate to write a comment there. I'll appreciate that.

Hope you’ll enjoy it. BTW, after your comment on my travel blog, one more post has come up. Check it.

Thanks for your visit. Keep coming.

Pyare Mohan said...

hey i thought i can improve it a bit more...

cuckoo ki yeh pyaar ki kavitha
dil ko aise chu liya
jaise ek hawaa ka jokha
waqt ko kuch der rok liya!*

not telling you what Google uncle said. Classified Information! :-P

Cuckoo said...

Yes, you have done a good job !! Make it

cuckoo ki yeh pyaar ki kavitha ne
dil ko aise choo liya
jaise ek hawaa ke jokhe ne
waqt ko kuch der rok liya!*


cuckoo ki yeh pyaar ki kavitha
dil ko aise choo gayi
jaise ek hawaa ka jokha aaya
waqt ki ghadiyan kuch der ruk gayi!*

Deepak said...

Nice poem :)

Pyare Mohan said...

hai hai, maare jaava! :-P

Cuckoo said...

Thank you very much. I am glad that my first scribbles of poetry is liked by so many. :))

Keep coming.

LOLLLL.. Now you don't try to speak punjabi. :P Meri vi phula doge tussi.

A said...


Abhijeet said...

i think i got it :) nice story that...tears of joy...u're good!!!

SiD said...

WOW!!! that was reallly coool...
good use of some fascinating hindi words... i liked Tere chehre pe sarsaraati
Meri ungliyan.. ....

Tu mera aur main teri ho paati
refreshing to read this...
nahi to its always.. kaash tu meri ho paaati ;)
goood one.. keep going

Cuckoo said...

That’s the shortest name I have ever heard !! And so is your comment !!

How I wonder who you are. You always come and comment here but I can’t even see your profile. :(( Do you want to be one more silent admirer? ;)
Anyways, Glad that you came again and liked my first scribbles in Hindi.

Thanks for your visit and keep coming.

i think i got it… I told you, it was not difficult !!

nice story that...tears of joy...u're good!!!.. See, now you know why I asked you to roam around ? Thanks for liking the story. It is very close to my heart and one of my favourite creations. You must have seen how many comments I received for that.

Thanks again. Keep coming and exploring. ;)

Cuckoo said...

Now that is the kind of comment I wanted !! Glad that you could understand my Hindi and liked it. I am really very happy. It was mere a thought that came to me last night and immediately found its way here on my blog. And I published as it is.. RAW. :))

Tere chehre pe sarsaraati… First I thought very few people would correctly understand the feeling that goes with that word but then thought "what the heck !" . Its my blog and I don’t give a damn to this world. Ha Ha…

Tu mera aur main teri ho paati.. refreshing to read this... First, I am a female and definitely will think from a girl’s point of view. Waise, these two lines depict the emotions of both boy and girl as if they understand the pain.

adi said...

ek baat bataun main aapko,
this first para reminds me of the last sunday i was with her, with my eyes streaming with tears, unable to express anything i wanted to say, and all i did was to run my fingers over her face, her hair, her lips, her ear ring, her eye lashes...
m gone
phir milenge

Pratik said...

वाह क्या बात है!!! वाक़ई दिलकश कविता है। रूमानियत से भरी हुई...
आपकी और कविताओं का इन्तज़ार रहेगा

Hazel Dream said...

like a fragile fragrance of your slender nape .
.. like that lingering taste in my mouth
like the warm embrace of your whisper
like a seductive touch of ur naughty waist

hmm finaly cuckoo bought the Pink spring from the clutches of cold winter

Cuckoo said...

Oh yes, I can understand it. Love makes you do all and it can be expressed in any form.
She is very lucky to have you in her life. But don’t be so insecure, she loves you and that is what matters to you. Right ? Moreover, Sunday is not too far.

Shukriya, aapko pasand aayi meri pehli kavita. Mere dil se nikli thi ye. Meri aur Kavita? Har roz nahi banti koi kavita. Pehle aap mujhe Hindi mein likhna sikhayen. :)

Hazel Dream,
Welcome again. Glad that you liked it.
Hmmm.. Nice lines. :))
finaly cuckoo bought the Pink spring from the clutches of cold winter.. Is it Pink ? I thought it was gray and blue. Yours is pink I agree. :))

Sugarlips said...

Very nice :)

I love Urdu poetry & sometimes
when u translate lafzon ki mithas khatum hojati hai :)

Ghulam Ali rocks...I love Chupke
Chupke raat din...

Have u heard "Anwar's" music? its really nice.

P.S: Is that you watching beautiful sunet inthe pic?

Stay Beautiful...!!

Tarun said...

cuckoo, happy new year. Now a days quite busy with other things. Later I will explain how to write in hindi but for time being just try

BTW, nice poem you wrote, so you can begin with this. In the beginning it will take some time to familiar with keyboard but later you will used to of it. Now-a-days when get chance I only write in my hindi blog.

Thanks for mentioning me on Jan 1 post :) so nice of you.

Aditi said...

wah it is beautiful though.. because of the raw emotion.. that is what makes it so much more

Cuckoo said...

Thank you.
when u translate lafzon ki mithas khatum hojati hai.. Exactly. The correct feelings/ emotions won’t be the same.

No, I have not heard “Anwar’s”. Could you please send me one of his number ?

P.S: Is that you watching beautiful sunet in the pic? Ha Ha.. What a lovely question. ;) Thanks.

Thanks for liking the raw material and encouraging words.. :)) I’ll try to check that link. Thanks.

Thanks for mentioning me on Jan 1 post :) so nice of you… You are welcome. :)

because of the raw emotion.. that is what makes it so much more.. Thanks dear. :))

So You Wanna Be An MBA said...

This is awesome! I also write some stuff myself and this is really good. A lot of alliteration and very subtly onomatopoeic.

niki yokota said...

awesome photo!! muahhh
ru getting romantic with someone?
i need translation too.. :(

Cuckoo said...

Ohh, I really didn't know so many people will like my first scribbles. The poem took shape within 2 minutes, and I like its rawness. :))

A lot of alliteration and very subtly onomatopoeic... I didn't try, it happened on its own. :))

ru getting romantic with someone?.. Ha Ha.. I am always romantic. ;)

Hmmm let me see whom I can ask for a translation but it won't be conveying the same feelings. :(

Arz000n said...

Ah haaa....someone is dreaming sweet sweet dreams ;)

Nice song by Ghulam!!

mur said...

Thanks for droppin' by!
I think all those photo's are photoshopped a little, and I'm not sure where that car crash was but its a striking photo.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm ... so your first poetic expression here .....
Kya baat hai .... I like the expressions you have put in words ... though I do wonder ki yes kisne cuckoo ko shayara bana diya ?
(Esp as the song of the day .. chupke chupke raat din ..) hmmmmm .. whats up my dear Cuckoo ? ;-)
I check my reader in a day, find Cuckoo has a new post. And when I come here, hoping this time I'll catch an early bird prize, what do I see ... everybody has already been here :-))

Alok said...

yup !!!

Cuckoo said...

Welcome again. Where do you vanish in between ?
Thank you. :)

Thanks for dropping by. Thanks for the info.
but its a striking photo…It is indeed a striking one.

Thank you for liking it.

Esp as the song of the day .. chupke chupke raat din ..Oh, the whole day I was listening to Ghulam Ali.

everybody has already been here.. Google reader is too slow. By the time it displays I already get 2/3 comments. Many ppl come directly to my blog, not thru reader.

yup … Matlab?

Alok said...

oh nothing,
just somethings made sense,
so, a yup.

sharda_mishra said...

Hey cuckoo,I had no Idea you are such a good poet.You should persue this talent.Good job!

Cuckoo said...

just somethings made sense,,,, Hmmm.. Now your comment made sense. :)) Also, I'll appreciate if you elaborate, why you think so, What you liked about it.

Thank you very much. Glad that my first scribbles are liked by so many.

Sigma said...

Hey dear cuckoo, I can almost hear a scolding there :-)
Reader is slow, but good way to keep oneself updated, what with all the busy schdeules and all ....
Ghulam Ali is wonderful, isn't he ? Have you heard his 'Ham tere shahar mein musafir ki tarah' ... I love the lyrics as well as music of that one a lot ....

Sigma said...

You asked me to translate it ... I'll try to, give me a day or two .... I just hope I'll be able to do justice .... it is not easy to capture other person's emotions in translation

Cuckoo said...

Awwwww... How can I ever scold you ? Even I have started using Reader for the last one week. It is not your fault.. Google is the culprit. Even I am late many times b'coz of my dependency on it.
In fact I was trying to justify the reason for your being late. The ppl who keep checking my blog directly are the first ones to comment. Also, some have stopped coming to my blog now. They read it on reader itself !! I think I must write a post cursing Google, giving badi-2 gaali's for reducing my readership. ;) What do you say ?

Have you heard his 'Ham tere shahar mein musafir ki tarah' ... No, I don't have it. :(((( If you have it on your computer, can I ask you for another favour ? Send me pls. Thanks in advance.

I'll try to, give me a day or two .... I just hope I'll be able to do justice .... Ha Ha.. that's why I am not even trying. ;) I asked a couple of ppl to translate but they refused on the same reason. Tough job indeed. I know it won't convey the same feelings. But many ppl want the traslation so... Thanks in advance again.

Sigma said...

Oh ..don't give those badibadi gaalis to google ... not yet ... i remember sometime back you had expressed your wish to join them, in this very space :-D
I have the ghazal, but in office ... so I'll send it to you on Monday.
I have started to think about the translation ... lets see how it turns up :-)



Bendtherulz said...

Initially I thought I will be able to give meanings/translations....not any more.

Sigma said...

Ok ... so here is my attempt ... hope its not too far from your the origial ... change the words to convey the original meaning ..

Tangled in your hair, weaving themselves,
On your face, my fingers could linger
Stop by the lips, and
Hum softly in the ear

With countless dreams
In half-open, half-awake eyes
I could imbibe in my soul
The fragrance of your presence

Demurely, Shyly
I could fall in your arms
I wish it could happen
You could be mine, and I, yours.

Leziblogger said...

Very good for a first attempt!I am sure you will write many many more!

SiD said...

yaar..ab poet hi poet hi bhawnaon ko samajh sakta hai.. kyu.. hehehehe....
vaise the idea of putting a foto with the poem is truly excellent.. it enhances the effect of the poem so much...

Cuckoo said...

Awww, Such a nice nazm you were humming. :) Yes, you are right.. it is very difficult to give same feelings in another language. Sigma did a good job but still I feel I’ll change it to give it more meaning. Let me see when I get time & more importantly the right mood. ;)

Sorry, I was away from the computer for two days. Just saw the translation. A Big Thanks. You have done a very good job but as you said I’ll change somethings to give it more meaning.
This week is very hectic and translation has taken a back seat. I need to be in right mood to do that. Writing new post is easier for me. :) I am hoping by the end of this week, you should see something on Kaash. :) Thanks again.

Welcome to my blog. Thank you for encouraging me. :)
I am sure you will write many many more!... Ha Ha.. People are so sure about me. It’s giving me goosebumps. :P

Thanks for your visit. Keep coming.

the idea of putting a foto with the poem is truly excellent… Thank you. I liked the picture very much ;)

Mridula said...

Lovely words and a lovely picture Cuckoo and a fab translation by Sigma!

Cuckoo said...

Thank you. Yes, Sigma has done a good job, I was reluctant to even try but I think I'll change somethings to give it more meaning.

Bendtherulz said...

Hmmm hindi script....lovely , I think now the essence has changed even deeper.

I was ok with hindi version only. Though I am sure people will enjoy english version where hindi language is not very easy to understand.

niki yokota said...

i feel like paying million yen for this translation!!

Cuckoo said...

the essence has changed even deeper... I fully agree. :)

Well, the translation was demanded by non-Indians who come to my blog.

Thank you. Glad to know you could read the poem now.

Sigma said...

Cuckoo, I looked at the hindi fonts too, but they do not seem exactly the way we write (wherever you need to use 'matras' aur 'chandra-nidu'). Which fonts have you used? Do I need to install the fonts?
To write hindi script, have you ever tried Shusha fonts? Those are the best fonts I have come across.

Cuckoo said...

I used this site to write in Hindi.

No, I dont think you need to do anything. I have not installed anything and I can see it. :)

Shusha fonts ??? What are they and how can I have them ? Let me also try. :)

sigma said...

Here - try this link for shusha fonts:

The problem with unicode and similar fonts is that they do not allow you to write complex alphabets - like half-letters. For example, if you want to write "namaste" in unicode, you would write complete 'sa' with a 'halant' below it. But that is not the way you write hindi.

The beauty of shusha is that it allows you to write letters exactly they are - including things like 'ru' (ra with a 'u' ki matra) and 'kya' (aadha ka). The problem is the difficulty of use on web - you have to have a true type font server on your site. but if you write simple word document, it looks beautiful!

Take a look at this site :
They have recently changed the main page to unicode (in fact i was dismayed to see it, today), but check out some of the poems posted earlier ... you'll love it.

Bendtherulz said...

Ghulam Ali performed in capital last week.....I heard it was roaring success....

Hope all well....its almost 13 days....since we heard from you....!

Charles Vaz said...

Thanks for a good hindi poem (and its english translation too).
There is a good underlying point about South Asian Languages still needing direct online web based translation for a wider audience. We need to have Hindi online translation of web sites too.

Check out my tech blog. I have a nice translation technique which works in IE (Win XP). Opera, Mozilla-Firefox and on Knoppix(LINUX) and PCLINUX OS(LINUX)too. Also, check out my radio blog (if you scroll down on my blog) and play my favourite music from my blog.

Have fun & Take Care & More Shayari's (Poems) Please,


Cuckoo said...

It's been a long time since I replied to comments here. Nonetheless, we are in touch thru other means so replying to your comment now has no meaning.

:)))) Thanks.

Welcome here on my blog. Thanks for liking the poetry.. my first scribble. I am not a poetess, just a few lines here & there. But was overwhelmed by the response.

Will try to write more often if you promise to come here even more often. :))

Thanks again.

sam said...

austerely beautiful... dats all i can say!! lost for words... u r too good!!

Cuckoo said...

Thank you. :) You are making me blush now.

उन्मुक्त said...

काश ऐसा हो पाता
तू पूरी तरह से हिन्दी की और हिन्दी में ही लिखतीी।
Hi You write very well. I also find difficult to write in Hindi but I do it as I love the language. I want Hindi to have greater presence on the Internet. See here, all of them are writing blogs in Hindi. They are also driven by the same force as I have mentioned. I am no one to suggest but you have two blogs, on one them, maybe this one, be bilingual :-)

Madhavi said...

Oh my gawd cuckoo this is actly so beautiful..yep i knw whn v tend to scribble thn only v get d flow of d real thng...way 2 go.luvd evry line of line n yesh kaash.......:)mez stil waitng:)

Tshhar Mangal said...

loved it...
cant say anyting more thn tht

Cuckoo said...

Welcome abroad !

First, accept my thanks. Yes, I know it is difficult to write in Hindi but please keep in mind that I have three blogs to cater to & blogging is NOT my first priority.

I too love Hindi aur isliye shayad is bhasha mein likhna shuru kiya hai maine. FYI, I am already contributing in a Hindi blog.

Thanks for coming & keep coming.

Cuckoo said...

Welcome to my blog. Oh thank you, thank you. I am honoured.

Keep coming.

Welcome abroad !!

Oh thank you. That's more than enough for me !!

Keep coming. :)

उन्मुक्त said...

आपकी ईमेल नहीं मालुम थी इसलिये टिप्पणी कर रहा हूं। आपकी कविता और यह चित्र मैंने यहां आपके लाईसेंस के साथ आपकी इस चिट्ठी को बताते हुऐ छापे हैं। यदि कोई आपत्ति हो तो बतायें।

Cuckoo said...

मुझे ख़ुशी है की आपको मेरी कविता पसंद आई और उसे अपने चिट्ठे पर छापने के लायक समझा। मेरी कोशिश रहेगी कि मैं हिंदी में लिखना जारी रख सकूं। समय की पाबंदी से ज़रा कठिन हो जाता है।
क्या आपने मेरी अन्य हिंदी कवितायेँ पढ़ी हैं ?

नहीं, अगर आप लाईसेंस के साथ छापते हैं तो मुझे कोई आपत्ति नहीं है।

फ़िर एक बार धन्यवाद। आते रहिए, लुत्फ़ उठाते रहिए और इसी तरह हौसला अफज़ाई करते रहिए।

bEAST said...

Why exactly did it go under the label DREAMS?? Did you write this poem in a dream?? Lolz

Cuckoo said...

Here dreams means desire or wish.

Viral Trivedi said...

Very Nice, indeed! I liked it...

... Peace!

Cuckoo said...

Welcome abroad !!

Thank you for liking it & dropping by. Keep coming.