Monday, October 16, 2006

Mulgi Shikli Pragati Zhali – III

Before I narrate this final part, my humble request to all dear readers to actively comment and discuss on this 3 part series. I would like to know about my understanding & interpretation of the local vocab in particular and also about the post in general. The second part will help me in improving the quality of posts. What you liked or disliked about these posts. Feel free to voice your opinions as many times as you wish. I value your opinion. Please spend some time, do it at leisure, and DO it. Thanks.

First, let us have a free ride of Part – I and Part – II. FREEEEEEE?? Me comingggggg..

Ah! That was quite a ride ;)) Isn’t it?

So this boring dull story comes to an end with this equally boring post and even more boring Lady Jasoos. So sad na? Ok, before we get emotional, let me continue and finish it fast. So, me, the Lady Jasoos had full doubts about this ‘Udi’ man’s intentions.

Nevertheless, my one eyebrow went up and my CPU?? Huh, never mind. It was spinning at 1000000 RPM (excuse me non-IT people).. hmm hmm

Udi, Udi, Udi..

Did that mean he knew flying?? But this hefty guy was nowhere near any superman category. But who knows? NO, NO, NO.. I am NOT opening my mouth this time. Come what may.

Anyways, I was happy to have one more addition to my vocabulary.

Two good looking ;) guys were chatting with me (Ahem! For a change Lady Jasoos was happy) and suddenly one of them looking in one direction said, “Oh, my PL (Project Leader (for non-IT people)) is coming this way. Aaj to meri Vaat hai”.

Vaat ??? What?? Vaat = What??..

Some people’s pronunciation is sooo bad, let alone the grammar part. Don’t know from which remote place they do their studies. And who tells them to join this industry when they can’t even make a proper sentence? Now, what sense does his sentence make “Today is my what?”. Stoooopid guys.

My big grin had turned into an even bigger grrrrrr and while I was still trying to make sense out of that Vaat thing, and then.. .. then as in series of bomb blasts, the other guy dropped another one. “Chal beta kalti mar le”.

Kalti??? Oh no, not again!!! Was about to scream “Mommyyyyyyyyyy”. My gray cells had started turning black and my face red. The chilled Lady Jasoos was turning into a grilled one.

By now, I had started cursing myself for deciding to shift to Mumbai. I could manage in some languages but these stupid silly things were driving me crazy. Oh la la..

During lunch hour one day all of us wanted to have ice-cream. I looked at the menu. Ahaa !! There it is something new, “Sitaphal” ice-cream. Always ready to try out new things, I ordered the same wondering how it would be. First bite – Ummm delicious but didn’t have the taste what I was expecting. Second bite- I tried hard again to have the flavour of “Sitaphal” but no, it tasted altogether different to me.

Not wanting to make a fool of myself, summoned the waiter asking him what had he brought for me. “Sitaphal icecream, Madam” prompt came the reply. Girl sitting next to me tasted one bite of it and confirmed. I was not ready to believe that my taste buddies had divorced me in the prime of my youth. I’ve had green-peas ki barfi, cauliflower kheer, gajar halwa in the past and they had not given any strain to my taste-buddies, then why this stupid Sitaphal ice-cream? NOW, I said to myself, is the time to break the promise. Tried asking in a different way “How big a Sitaphal have you seen?”, “How do you normally eat a Sitaphal?” etc etc. I could see question marks on their faces but I had to find it out for the sake of my sanity.
According to them, Sitaphal was a fruit, but for me it was a vegetable. Uh uh, these guys were making mistake, didn’t know the difference between a fruit & a veggie- calling pumpkin a fruit !! PUMPKIN ??? They all jumped & shouted in unison “It’s Custard Apple”. It was my turn now to fall off the chair. :((

Many rhyming words like jhakaas, Bindaas are making me Khallaas (ohhhhh that one rhymed;)).. while loads of other words like raapchik, bhangar, yeda are still meaningless to me. I dare not to open my mouth lest..

I know one of ‘Parvarna’ & ‘waaparna’ means unaffordable but which one is that, I am at a loss. Similarly difference between ‘koodi’ & ‘udi’.. aaj tak samajh nahi aaya. If one is jump then what’s the other? And in what context do we use them?

It took me some months to understand that Aai shapath = Maa kasam (I still think so, someone please correct me if I am wrong) and Haaila, which I thought is an acronym of Haye Allah is NOT always used only by our Muslim brothers.

Anyways, I am an optimist, a keen observer, and a fast learner with ‘Never Say Die’ attitude. Looking at my alacrity, I am sure very soon I’ll master them all. :))

P.S. My Marathi is even better. ;) pan tikde ek problem aahe..

I request my fellow Marathi speaking friends to correct me if I go wrong somewhere. Mee tumchi aabhaari rehnaar.

Glossary of words used in this series: Some of them I picked up in office, others from day-to-day life.

Ghaai = Jaldi as in Jaldi hai kya? => Ghaai hai kya?
Gardi = Bheed (Hindi) = crowded
Ghadi = fold
Pakaana = bore karna
Udi = either jump or hop
Koodi = either jump or hop depending on Udi
Vaat = Shaamat (Hindi) as in aaj meri shaamat hai => aaj meri vaat hai
Kalti marna = something like (patli gali se nikalna) in Hindi
Sitaphal = custard apple = pumpkin (north India)
In Mumbai pumpkin is bhopla and that confuses me with zhopla (sleeping). Oh Oh too many rhymings. ;) I wonder what “bhopla zhopla” means? Pumpkin sleeping? ;) oh oh atta mee zhopli :P

Nakki = pakka (Hindi) = sure (English)
Kalingar = Tarbooz (hindi) = water melon.. this was a tough one for me. For months people were quoting kalingar in jokes and I was dumbfounded.
Parvarna’ & ‘waaparna’ = one of them is unaffordable, for other I am at a loss.

Haaila = Haye Allah (my guess)
Aai shapath = I swear = Maa kasam (My great logic.. since aai = mother, shapath=kasam/ swearword)
Mama = Thulla (north indian Hindi) = traffic policeman (English)

Current song- Lagi Tumse Man ki Lagan - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan


SiD said...

too bad(for you) that the good looking boys maaroed Kalti so quickly...

i also considered sitaphal to be a fruit only.. i had no image of it being a pumpkin..

and the thullas are more often know n as mamas only.. thulla is a tuff word to pronounce.. "mame khade hain" - much easier and quick to say..;)

still didnt understand ghadi - fold.. how is it pronounced???

Fleiger said...

:D... that should sum my reactions...

Anyways, your logic on "Aai shapath" is aai shapath very good ;). It is used in the same tone as my god, I swear and all, basically to give emphasis to something or to swear an oath...

parvarna = to afford, waparana = to use

Haaila is the either 'hai alla' pr 'aaila". Aaila is a swearword in marathi which has lost its offensive connotations by overuse, (won't tell you its meaning)

Koodi = jump??? I didn't know that... I always thought that koodi is a beautiful girl, the superlative version of which is raapchik (maal) ;)

Marathi madhe jast problem (gadbad?) nahiye, pan "abhari rehnar" che puneri version ahe "aajanm upkrut hoin"...

I guess that should be enough lessons for a day ;)

Fleiger said...

@Sid: ghadi is pronounced as ghadi(clock) in hindi

Cuckoo said...

No, the guys wanted to be there. It was because of the PL, one of them had to maarofy Kalti. The other one was still there ;)

Pumpkin-Have you ever bought vegetables? Try once from the vendors who come at your doorstep.

Thulla? Yeah, I agree but they are all after Munnabhai effect. In Mumbai there was no Munnabhai to guide me initially & looking at how bad I am at movie deptt( i saw Munnabhai movie just 15 days back!), you can guess my plight. When I go to Delhi, I stil prefer calling them thulla's.. mama is like a borrowed name. Also, I feel at home. :)

I knew I knew my logics are always correct!!!
Ohh, so you are also in the same boat for some of the words at least? Yeah, Koodi is a word used for either jumping or hopping, heard many times. In proper hindi it is 'koodna' and they DON'T fly.
LOL@your meaning of 'Koodi'. Yes, Raapchik I've heard of.

Aabhari? I prefer Aabhari. It has same meaning in Hindi as well :))

Fleiger said...

@Mama vs thulla: that seems a regional term. Mama is almost universally used in maharashtra (I said regional...)

Re: koodi, I read that as कुडी not कूदी. english is such a misrely language when it comes to alphabets... In this case, both are correct.

@aabhari: told you, mumbaikars can't speak marathi ;) Anyways, the usage "aabhari rahin" (I think that's what you meant) is I guess not correct. Will get to you on the correct usage, but I don't think there is any future tense to "aabhari", if you know what I mean...

SiD said...

yes i have - though not regularly...
pumpkin - i guess is known as Kaddu..(or is it something else??)
well, till now this is my thinking..

but about sitaphal - the fruit selller sells it by that name only... for this i am 100% sure..

mama - it was famous much before munna bhai(guess in class 9th - 10th also).. i dont know how but it was..
infact i came to knwo about 'thulla' in college

@fleiger: for a moment i had also thought it was Kuddi.. and not koodi..
but then realised this is a blog for marathi.. not punjabi..

Mayank said...

At Lasttttt the wait is over!
How do you think of such funny things? I can't stop laughing now.
That one from Chilled into Grilled one was superb! Tu kya jhakaas lagreli hai kya :)

So, you shouted Mommyyyy or not? lolz Now you know the meaning of vaat?? Yes, you are right. pumpkin is kaddu as well as sitaphal also.
Nice glossary at the end. Makes many things clear. Do write from time to time for a refresher course! Good post.

Sigma said...

Your triology on this topic (though the topic is beyond my comprehension as I do not understand Marathi at all) is hilarious! The nuances of language are hard to pick up indeed. But the best part is the way you have related your experiences.

Cuckoo said...

Fleiger & SiD,
Oh yeah, 'mama' is universally known in maharashtra and now in other parts as well. But to me 'thulla' sounds sooo cute just like "roshogulla" that I don't want to part with it. Ha Ha.. Rather when with family, I try to use my north indian Hindi in Mumbai also.

So, now ‘Koodi’ & ‘kudi’ is also clear. ‘Koodi’ is jumping & ‘kudi’ is a beautiful girl.
What else? Arre, where are other dear readers?
Please someone let me know the difference between 'Koodi' & 'udi' and in what context they are used. I wrote what I knew about them.

Aabhaari: I wanted to say I will be grateful to you. So, “Mee Tumchi Aabhaari rehnaar” isn’t correct? I picked this up from my maid.
Aaila: (won't tell you its meaning) Not fair at all. :(

Ohh no, don’t make me visit the sabzi mandi please. Yes, pumpkin is known as kaddu as well as sitaphal. And Kaddu is also known as ‘ghia’ in north India and “dudhi” in Mumbai (Not aware of rest of Maharashtra) and gourd in English. :) You know the green long ones.
LOLLLLLL this post has become a sabzi mandi. :P

Many thanks once again for liking & laughing. :)) Oh yeah, instead of being chilled, I was very much grilled that day ;) BTW, it is very difficult to make fun of oneself and I guess I can do it pretty comfortably now. :)

Welcome again to my blog. I’ll appreciate if you come more often (Or is it that you are coming but not commenting?). Hmm that’s not fair. :)
Thanks for liking the post. This was my first attempt at writing humour and I guess (I am good at guessing;)) it has been taken well by my fellow readers.

Even I was like you when I landed here but as I was ever keen to learn new things on my own, these experiences came along.

BTW, I have many more to tell.. but not now, some other time... from other languages as well. Looks like I can write a thesis on this topic. :P

Priyam said...

Cant stop laughing now. Simply HILARIOUS. So sad that it has come to an end. Your taste buddies giving you divorce? Chilled and grilled LJ? You are so funny.

On the other hand, have read your Cry, man cry also. How do you maintain balance between seriousness and your funny side?
Once again repeating myself, I like your way of writing English..very simple words. I agree with Sigma, you have related it extremely well with your experiences.
Well done. Keep it up. Looking forward to many more such posts.

Sigma said...

Cuckoo, I have just recently "found" your blog, and I check out for new posts every few days (still have to set the RSS feed thing); and I do leave a comment whenever I think I have something to say :-)
Oh yes, you have a knack for humor :-)
And since I am based (firmly rooted ?;-) ) in north india, my chances of learning marathi or mubaiya hindi from experience are rather slim :-))
And since this post has anyway truned into a sabzi-mandi, I guess I can add another correction. I have lived in north india for all of my years so far, and I havent seen "kaddu" and "ghhiya" referring to the same thing. "kaddu" (pumpkin) is sometimes called "kashifal" (yippee, another name for it! :-)). While "ghiya" (gourd - the long, light green one) is also called "lauki". Let me not even mention "tori". ha ha ha.

Cuckoo said...

Once again repeating myself, Thanks. :)
Well, I am a quiet & serious person, but that doesn't mean I am not allowed to have fun, right?

Thanks for coming again. Now I won't say you don't comment. :P Go through the glossary provided, I am sure you'll understand it.
BTW, "tori" is called "galka" here.

To All,
Ok, please no more vegetables. Let us NOT talk about any vegetables.. it's so confusing. What about other words? Fleiger, you were supposed to come back on "aabhari" and other words.

SiD said...

some more sabzi have to be there...
bcoz I think u r Wrong in thinking that kaddu is ghiya.. man.. now guys have to teach girls abt sabzis..

kaddu is not at all ghiaa...
kaddu is kaddu and ghia is ghia..

kaddu is somewhat sweet in taste while ghia is not..
kaddu has a orangish tinge when prepared.. ghia is pure green...
what more.. will try googling and give some more differences at nyt..

now i saw.. sigma has also told the same thing...
but again tori is also diff than ghia..
ghia is ghia and tori is well.. tori..

u need to go to both a theater and a mandi near you.. but i guesss u will say after december.!!!!

Cuckoo said...

lolllllllll Yes after December!

No need to google, ask some sabziwala (specially some bhaiya from UP) they call ghia as kaddu.
To me kaddu, ghia & tori of north India are same as bhopla, dudhi & galka of Mumbai (in the same order). And yes, there is something called "petha" also but that's altogether different. :P
Ooops I am again starting on this.
You've really turned this post into a sabzi mandi :P Hey man, there were many other words in this post apart from those veggies.

bendtherulz said... say that I liked the post only..wld not be fair to the comments which were equally hilarious...if not more....liking everybody coming up with more words on subzi :-)
My two bits on same -
Pumpkin if it is orange then it is called as Kaddu/ sitaphal/kashiphal and if it is pale green in color then it is Petha ( all these words are used more in North India region wise...)
I actually get confuused between the difference between Ramphal/ sitaphal...can u beat that...god/ godeses leaving their imprints on veggies as was it patented...only Sita can eat those phal...!
Thanks so much Cukoo...I so much wanted to read all 3 post w/ meaning in hand cr...and have a gr8 diwali/id weekend !! Cheers !!

Cuckoo said...

Hey Many thanks. Do you know I could have continued for another 3-4 posts very easily? It is so much fun to translate/interpret a foreign language into yours. I enjoyed it thoroughly and still enjoying. :))

Oh no!! Atleast you don't start at it again!! I want to close down this sabzi mandi!! As far as I know Petha is pale green but round in shape and ghia is of same colour but long one. What is Ramphal btw?
Grrr.. I think I got stuck again in ghia, tori, kaddu.. whatever. Huh?

Of all the good things in life, we are stuck with these lousy veggies. Hmmm I think I have to come up with a post on these veggies alone. ;) Yipeeeee I got a post to write!!
Wish you too a great Diwali and Eid.

Cuckoo said...

I liked your explanation very much!! Still laughing.
ghia is ghia and tori is well.. tori..... Lollllll you made my day.

adi said...

first time here...having a look around, mumbaiya is always interesting...thanks for the little dictionary here ;)

Neeraja said... ur blog.Btw, im a maharashtrian..and must say ure managing very very well :)
oh and abt ur query,i dont know if somebody has already answered that but parvadna = affordable
waaparna = use/using

I've started reading ur blog backwards (obvio) so im hoping u'd have figured out the meanings already! and the small sentences u used in marathi were damn cute :)

Cuckoo said...

I can still say - Welcome to my little world. :)
Thank you.

Welcome abroad ! Thanks for the meaning. Because of my hard work, I can somehow understand Marathi, it has many words from Sanskrit.

Oh thank you. I am blushing now.

Keep coming & keep commenting.

Shalini said...

Hi guyz..... interestingly I had a huge debate with a grp of friends where they insisted that sitaphal was 'custard apple' and not pumpkin. However i have alwayz eaten sitaphal aka pumpkin under tht name. In order to end the debate once and for all i googled the question and came upon this blog. So i guess its a no win no loss situation for everyone to everyone else's chagrin, as they had ganged up on me :).

Cuckoo said...

Welcome abroad ! But I am not able to see your profile.

Yes, sitaphal is still a debatable issue.
Thanks for dropping by.

bEAST said...

Uff! Dunia kae kaun sae konae mien jee rahee thee ab tak? Yeh shana to akhad zindagi south mien kaat kae aayela hai, phir bhi apun ko tere se jaastee hindi aata hai :)

Tere ko apun ka sanju bhai ka cinema dekhnae ko maangta tha, tab aesa nahi honaeka tha.

By the way I always knew sitaphal to be custard apple and pumpkin is kadoo :)

I had similar exp when I first shifted to Kerala. At one such point I was trying to instruct my driver to reverse the car. So I constructed a simple sentence based on my feeble knowledge of malayalam.
Vandee= Car
March= ulta
Idu= keep

So i said, "Driver vandee march idu" to which he and the guard broke out laughing. Later I was told that I had just instructed the driver to overturn the car :)

A simillar thing hapnd when once i was trying to rent a tent. Vada and Vaadaa are two difrnt wrds in mallu, not knowing the diffrnc, thru a similar incident I found out that I had just asked the shop keeper if he would rent me his farts :)

Cuckoo said...

Ufff jaastee lafda nahi karne ka, kya? nahi to tapkaa daalegi mai. :P

When do you think I shifted to Mumbai ? And fyi, I saw those movies of Sanju dada & Govinda only 6 months back !! You can imagine my knowledge on such movies or how much I lag behind.
Did you know about that 'gardi' thing ? I didn't.

Oh those phal's always confuse me.. Sitaphal, ramphal, kashiphal..

And nice incidents you had. :)

bEAST said...

I think you moved into Mumbai around july or later in year 2006! Must be rite abt it i think. :)
How come you didnt see those movies. cmon, Munna bhai MBBS etc, gosh how cud you keep yourself from seeing them! Uff u need tot ake abreak from blogging and go out n see all those movies, Munna bhai, Vastav, And taht movie with khallas wala gana etc..

I admit I didnt know about the gardi thing, but trying to understand in context, I understood that it must mean crowded :)
C im smarter :)

two phals confuse me as well, tarbooza and kharbooza. I still dont know as to which one doesnt have the extra A in the end!

bEAST said...

But sitaphal is one my fav phals. So i dont mess it up :)

Cuckoo said...

Wrong !!
Well, I have written on my blog [not going to tell you where :)] my reasons for not going to movies.

There were many words such as gardi, udi and what not. Now I understand the spoken language fairly well.

bEAST said...

Hey, waise what does the title mean? the one thing you didnt explain!!

Cuckoo said...

Mulgi = Girl
Shikli = Learnt
Pragati = Progress
Zhali = Happened

If you come to Mumbai next time, check the autorickshaws. 50% of them have this slogan on their back just like "Munnu de pappu di gaddi". :)

Enjoy !!

Anonymous said...

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