Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Copyright ? Plagiarism ? What is that ?

Note:- As suggested by some of you, the links to his blog are removed from this post.

Guess what ? My deary lovely poems are being hijacked ! Last week, one of my readers gave me a big jolt. No, he is not the culprit. :-)

Giving me some links he informed about one Nishant Paul who has been publishing my poems on his blog and accepting, accumulating appreciations as well !!

Whoaaaa !! What an idea sir ji !!

He has lifted my poems, sometimes along with the pictures, changed the gender/ tense and published it.

Please see yourself the original and the copied version here. The picture used in his poem has been lifted from my other poem. Though I don’t own a copyright on that photo but then who doesn’t like readymade stuff ?

Again, the original poem and the hijacked version here.

Even the photo of this post has been copied here.

Mr Paul, whoever you are, I am stunned to see your audacity. Have you ever heard of copyright violation ?? Please check my right sidebar. Don’t you feel ashamed of accepting those nice words of appreciation when people praise you for the lines which are NOT written by you ??

I don’t have any idea how many of my creations have been kidnapped, mangled and molested before being presented to this world as someone else’s bride. I implore you to visit his blog and drop him a line.

I doubt if the other poems on his blog are his own or copied from some other blogs.

All my poems are very close to my heart and my heart aches to see them in this state. Only consolation .. they are good enough to be worth copying. :-)

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Craver Vii said...

Not to condone dishonest gain, but I simply take it to mean that you are worth repeating.

Amey said...

One suggestion. Don't give credibility to that person by linking so many times to his blog. Incoming links is a criteria for rankings in many engines.

I have heard such cases earlier too. What you can do (if you really have time that is) is use copyscape to see if he has lifted poems from anywhere else, and contact those bloggers. That's what the person I knew, who had the same problem, did.

desh said...

that creative commons license, does it help, i mean can you take any action against that guy for doing that???

just asking, btw better ask that guy to acknowledge your poems on his blog...

~nm said...

OMG! What a jerk!!

I do not agree with craver vii. If that person felt they are worth copying, then a link to your post and a line of acknowledgement to the source IS REQUIRED.

You must do something about it. I will see what I can do...maybe spam his comments section?? :P

Abhijit Dharmadhikari said...

shameless folks will not be disturbed by your post. u should take legal action against them.

hope this doesn't happen to you and others, in future.

Rajat said...

It reminds me of the quote
"Plagiarism is the best form of flattery." :)

desh said...

hey cuckoo thought that this might interest u

Ash said...

My God, this is so absurd!
Scary really. Have you tried contacting this Paul guy ?

indicaspecies said...

Stealing someone else's language, thoughts, ideas etc and representing them as one's own original work ought to be condemned. Do take some action. Good luck!

Ranjeet said...

Good that you exposed him/her, Cuckoo!

Abhi said...

I agree with Amey. You are only providing him more publicity by linking to his blog.

I really dont think this Paul chap has any shame anyways, coz then he wouldn't have copied your stuff in the first place. So don't even bother to try asking him that...

Lastly, its really sad what has happened, but the bottom line remains that you cant do much about it.

Nishant Shah said...

I completely sympathize ur feelings if i did know anyone doing this this with me i would surely take to him court and surely by copyrights violation
he is a culprit

Sam said...

Hey Cuckoo...
I agree with you completely!! That fellow is simply useless... have taken this up too...
Hey that's mine

final_transit said...

I left a comment on the post about "his" poetry. Been there, done that what I suggest is:
- De link the links to his blog from your blog. Current search mechanisms will discredit your blog if he is proven abuser.
- Write to Rediff. I hear they have a pretty strict policy and will issue a warning/ban
- Search if he has copied poems from soneone else too, and contact them. Forming a lobby - this really works:)


final_transit said...

Ok I should have read others' comments BEFORE posting mine :D

Craver Vii said...

Please let me clarify my earlier comment in case it was misunderstood. I say again that I do not condone pilfering! The first comment was an attempt to compliment the one who did the original work. Cuckoo, do not let thievery weigh down your countenance. Do whatever you think you must do about it; just don't let it ruin your day. Keep in mind that you are precious and we appreciate you.

I hope that makes more sense.

Red Soul said...

omg thats so bad!

Praveen G K said...

Plagiarism from a blog is completely unbelievable. On the flip side, you'r work is good to be plaigarised :-)

ashes said...

Oh man! Mr Paul is one lifter! Why dont you put in comments on his posts about the same? However, the links to his blog you provided do not work for me. Has he deleted the 'copies' after this post of yours?

I could only see the picture he lifted from your blog...but as always, pardon me, but I don't think you clicked that photo...

khan said...

I m a user of rediff i land. And Nishant Paul has an account on rediffiland. I read his poems. They are superb. I m a die hard fan of him. But I don;t know whether he writes his own poem or copy any other's poem. He claims to have creating his own poems. And his speciality is that his Urdu is best. And I like dat.

divya said...

they are good enough to be worth copying. :-)

Thats the spirit :P

backpakker said...

I thought blogging was all about expressing whatever one wants or feels..that doesnt mean copying someone else's work ..jeez !

Sigma said...

Yes, the act, even the idea is totally preposterous!

Anonymous said...

oh god! that is really bad.. :O
i have kidnapped kalyan's pics previously though.
i didnt post it in my blog.
i think he will forgive me. hehe

उन्मुक्त said...

जो सामग्री अच्छी होगी उसी की चोरी होगी :-)

Cuckoo said...

Thank you very much for your support. And pardon me for being so late in replying to all these comments. I am extremely busy these days.
I knew what you meant by your first comment though some misunderstood, I am sorry for that.

First, I apologize for my late reply. “Busy-ness” is the reason. :-)

As suggested by you and Abhi, I have removed all the links to him. Have heard of 'Copyscape' and that’s it. Don’t know when I am going to get some free time to explore and implement it. :(

Cuckoo said...

He has already apologized here and deleted my poems from his blog. I think that is enough for the time being. Had not he done that I would have written to Rediff and Creative commons for the next step.
And thanks for your link… I am yet to read it. :(

Craver was also concerned about the theft though he tried to make it lighthearted. Pls don’t misunderstand him, he is a good friend of mine.

Ha Ha.. spamming his comment section? Did you do it then ? :P And these days you are enjoying your blackberry, eh ? :-)

Cuckoo said...

I think he has learnt a lesson now. And thanks for all your support.

Flattery ?? Lol

Thanks. All is done now. I fact I shouldn’t reply to comments on this post now. :P

Thanks for your support. All is done now.

Thank you Ranjeet. He has learnt a lesson.

Cuckoo said...

I have removed the links to him. This time it’s been done. Lets see what I can do if it happens another time. :P

BTW Amey is Fleiger. :-)

Nishant Shah,
First welcome to my blog. I am so sorry you had to come under such circumstances. He has learnt a lesson.

Thanks for your visit. Keep coming.

Cuckoo said...

Thank you buddy. You are always with me. I saw your comment on his blog as well. Sorry for replying late. Now actually since the story is closed, I shouldn’t be commenting on this post. :P

You are always on the fast track !! :P Commenting without looking here & there. :)

All is done and fine now. Don’t worry and enjoy your trip to the fullest. :-)

Red Soul,
Welcome abroad !! Yes, it is indeed bad. :-)

:-) Thank you for making me feel good. Unbelievable but true indeed.

Cuckoo said...

By the time, you saw his blog, he had deleted the posts.. Some of my readers could go there and write comments on his blog giving him ‘gaalis’. :P
And as far as that picture goes, I never claimed clicking it. :-)

Welcome to my blog. Now you know how much Nishant writes his poems.

Thanks for your visit here. Keep coming.

Welcome abroad !! And thank you. :-) Me taking the positive attitude.

Keep coming.

Cuckoo said...

Yes, I agree.

After a long time I saw you here. No updates on your blog as well?

And yes I do agree with you.

Ha Ha.. good that you confessed !! He’ll forgive you. He is a nice guy. :P

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