Friday, December 07, 2007

Copyright Violation - Part II

Update on my yesterday’s post.

Folks, when I was told about this theft, I had gone to Nishant Paul’s (oh, he has become so famous now) site and had checked. The poems were shown as his own creations. Now, after so much of nice words being told about him and all his friends being informed (they are as much shocked as we are); Mr Smarty is trying to act innocent naïve.
It seems he has deleted those posts now. I haven’t checked but I believe Ashes has done so.

Before deleting he sat on my blog yesterday for two hours, checked some 20-30 posts, checked Sam’s post also and then wrote a mail to one of my blogger friends. Have a look.

Dear XXXX,
Even though u could c there in those poems that I hvnt mentioned my name there. This is purely creative work of Cuckoo, and I hv nothing to do by this. I'm my self a lawyer and I do know the violation of Copyright Act. The two hindi Poems I hv posted is absolutely Coockoo's and and I did posted as it is. Believe me somebody edited these and changed little bit. Plz. if u have time then read my other posts and my name is there. Much to say I do not know hindi typing then how could I amend these. Now and here I'm going to delete these from my blog. I do tender my unconditional apology as I do not wish walk with all this shit.

With regards,

Now, some of his friends have also commented on my previous post. One of them a certain Khan says “But I don’t know whether he writes his own poem or copy any other's poem. He claims to have creating his own poems.”. Read his full comment in comment section.

Please note the above sentences in bold.. Nishant says Someone else has edited those words after he posted the poems. Ha Ha Ha...

Mr Paul, what do you think of all of us here, eh ?? Absolute idiots ??

And please if you don’t know Hindi typing then what about so many other Hindi poems on your blog ? Have they been lifted too ??

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Mayank said...


I am glad that you exposed him. He is a jerk. His friends say he is excellent in poetries and this guy is claiming he doesnt know Hindi! Lolz

All contradicting. You shud have taken stern action against him.

Keep writing like the way you do. Dont worry.

Leziblogger said...

This is sad! Had this happened to me, I would be red with anger. Can understand how this feels...

The fear of someone lifting my poems is exactly the reason I don't post them on my blog...and I have decided if I ever wanted to post my poems to the web, I will start a separate blog(not anonymous) and post them there!

I do hope you will continue to treat all your readers with your poems and Haikus!

backpakker said...

relax...and write to rediff ..continue was a pleasure reading your poems

Nishant said...

Cuckoo Ji, Aapka gussa zaiz hai. Prantu zara maine jo pehle kaha woh bhi theek hai. Yeh sachch hai ki jisne yeh sab kiya woh bhi jahaan comment likh raha hai, poochhiye usse ki how much expert he/she is to stolen others paaswords. Unfortunately earlier my user name and password was same( now I did changed my password).
What all happened is my fault too. I never sought ur permission. But remember I never used my name in those two poems.All ohter my poems/Gazal's carrying my name therein. There is only one poem in hindi font I hv posted that is also scanned copy from my book and it carries my name there in. All other posts I posted in my blog is published in 1993 as a book format by the name "Mausam Kharaab Hai". Believe me and give me ur address I'll send it to you also.

U said I spend 2 hours to read ur posts, not two hours, checked ur link as one of my frnd informed me about all this on phone as am not wrote anything or visted my iland since last 22 days.

My apology is always there for not having ur permission. For that am exteremely sorry. I hv not visited ur link 1st time. So many times I do read ur poems and liked the some of them. I'm not a thief.

One of ur follower is earlier used to be mine good frnd and once he requested me to borrow my three poems and on my denial I does all the foolish act. I'm today going to send a legal notice thru his email ID for defaming my credibility .

It is my open challenge to all the the frnds who commented here on ur this article about me that give me any time 2moro to come online and ask me to write online , on the spot on any topic. Either format , may be poem or gazal.

Anyway, if u hv so gr8 anger , so I'm facing all this shit.

Once again my heart felt apology to you n' regards,


Guruprasad said...

hi cuckoo :

i first came across your blog through your comment on a friend's blog. i have also added you into my reader.

this is the first time i am commenting on your post.

i think the best thing to do is to put this entire thing behind you and keep writing. its just not worth your while and effort in trying to do anything as others are suggesting.

i think the best praise any person/product/brand can get is 'palgiarism'! :-)


bEAST said...

Waah. It is good, that you are being copied from now :D
Waise I understand all the fury. Something similar had happened to me. One of my pics was found doing the rounds in a mass mail forwards. From that time on I started watermarking my pics. Wish you could do something similar with text posts. Waise there are javascripts you can use to disable the cut copy paste feature in the readers browser. You are a compu engg, u must know better. Lolz
Abhi enjoy the fame. Take it in the positive sense aye! :D

Even though I dont buy the story put up by the person who violated your copyrights (:D) still forgive him. He hasnt caused much damage and unlike Sagnik, he has tendered an apology. Take it in good spirit. :D

Cuckoo said...

Thank you. I thought its time to do that.

Thanks for your nice words and support.

Please do write your poems, you can also make it available to only your friends or known people.

And of course, I’ll continue writing. :-)

I am completely relaxed. Thank you very much for your support and appreciation.

No, I am not complaining to Rediff but if this happens again, I’ll definitely try to do something.

Cuckoo said...

I formally welcome you to my blog. Thank you for liking my poems.

I am not going to check anything to believe your story. Yes, it was your fault.

Even if we believe (which I can not because I saw it myself)) that it was not your intention, you never clarified on your blog when ppl appreciated you.

not two hours, checked ur link…Don’t provoke me to paste your details here… how many hours, minutes & seconds, how many pages. etc.

I don’t know which follower are you talking about. Please do what you want to do with him but not here.

Glad that some sense prevailed and you openly apologized here. Now no more on this topic. The chapter is closed now.

Once again thanks and keep coming.

Cuckoo said...

Welcome to my blog. Oh I have seen you somewhere, perhaps on your friend’s blog ??

Thank you very much for adding me in your reader. Hope you’ll enjoy my posts. And thanks very much for commenting here, I need them !!

Yes, I have forgiven him now after he apologized here. But I would have certainly done something had he not done so.

i think the best praise any person/product/brand can get is 'palgiarism'! :-) .. Ha Ha.. I am flattered but won't like to get that kind of praise.

Thanks for your visit, keep coming, keep commenting.

Cuckoo said...

Thank you for your kind words. :D

Oh, now that window is copied by me as well !! I’ll send you one w/o the watermark. ;) Lolz

Oh yeah, I am enjoying the tide and have taken it in positive sense. Haven’t you read last sentence on my previous post ? :-)

And me a good girl, have already forgiven him. Read up.

GMG said...

All's well that ends well!
Have a great weekend, full of non-stolen poetry... ;))

Sam said...

Hmmm.... so the fella finally does render an apology!! hmpf... he's talking crap.. trying save his ass... maybe he can really write.. i won't question that.. but on this occasion he did not... so he can comfortably go ahead an blame anyone he may feel like... btw, somehow his sentence construction in Hindi and english is quite pathetic.... why didn't he type in his apology as a ghazal???

Anonymous said...

why dont u ask him to pay $300 or more.
my friend says she had to pay that much for copy right thingy.

Pijush said...

I am not sure what that guy wants to achieve? Just few more hits and good comments..
I am happy you exposed him.
For this purpose I mention the photo sources also if not that is captured by me. Backlinking is absolutely necessary even if we take the concept from another blog/site.
Thanks for nice comment in my blog, keep posting.

mathew said...

i know how much distressed you might be over has always been the bane of blogs..and ofcozz it is always easy to come up with stupid reasons as an alibi..and if someone even if hasnt claimed to be author of another persons creative work it is unethical not to mention the orginal's creator..neways wish you get over with it..

Raghu Ram Prasad said...

ohhh what a little wonder story in good writting......

Raghu said...

Hi Cuckoo
Its good that ur finished with this little episode....
Keep writing as many are eagerly waiting :)

Cuckoo said...

Thank you.

Yes, I agree with you. All the excuses are crap. Even if something of that sort happened to him (which I don’t & can’t believe), he could have deleted the posts then & there. Why he kept on accepting praises for those poems?

Ha Ha… nice idea to write an apology as a ghazal.

Oh if he apologized and learnt a lesson from this episode, it is more than enough to me.

Cuckoo said...

Thank you for supporting me.

Yes, I am over with it. I was aghast to see how people do this and on top of that how they make silly unbelievable excuses. Not a single person on my blog believed him.

Raghu Ram,
Thank you. It is over now. :-)
Keep visiting.

Thank you very much for all the support extended. They mean a lot to me.

Keep coming. :-)

Cyberpunk said...

tsk tsk tsk

good thing you learned about the theft...

i hope this issue gets resolved soon...

Cuckoo said...

Yes, it got resolved. I think you have missed the next post. He has apologized here publicly.