Sunday, December 02, 2007


The imperfect me... the perfect you
Nervous me.. Patient you
Calm me... impatient you
Humble me .. Arrogant you
Serene me .. Asshole you
Listener me.. Chatterbox you
Mother me .. Child you
Little girl me.. Grandpa you
Protector me .. insecure you
Mellow me .. Gentle you
Beautiful me.. Lovable you
Ziddi main .. Ziddi tum..
Sharaab main .. Nasha bhi main ;)

Sometimes it requires more than a couple to make a couple.

Current song- Chupke Se Raat Ki Chaadar Tale – Sadhna Sargam

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Amey said...

I seriously don't like to repeat myself, but (like most people who say things like this) I will...

Reading the past few posts on your blog, a trend seems to emerge. I wonder where that is leading, or indeed, where it is coming from.

ashes said...

Hmm...nice attempt.

However, I do not like a few things about this--my personal opinion, am not saying it should have been done that way, only that I felt the following to be a bit awkward:

a. Use of blue and black colors on alternate lines and red in the end.

b. The mixing of Hindi with English verses...I feel this adulterates both languages...

c. The contradictions are a bit incoherent and random and jerky...but then it feels okay being in a 'Scribbles' category...

Cuckoo said...

And so you make me repeat my words. :-)

Don't go in so deep for the meanings. And they are emerging from my computer. ;)

Thank you. Nice to have your frank views here.

a. Which colour do you like then ? :P
On a serious note, initially while posting, it was all black.. that made it quite unreadable or less presentable, so I just coloured alternate lines with some colour (it could have been any colour, green is what I like generally). Red was also random. I'll remove the red one if it gives a wrong indication.

b. Oh I am experimenting with writing. If you have noticed, except for once before, I have never mixed the languages.. But then somethings always give a different wholesome meaning if written in original language. :-)

c. Yes, they are not opposits or contradictions... rather a comparison of characters. :-)

ashes said...

Thanks for taking all this sportingly; I half expected a bashing from you. :)

a. I did not get any indication from red or blue, only that it looks a bit flowery and non-serious. The composition should have been such that alternate lines would differentiate themselves on their content, without the help of green or blue or red.

b. I agree with the wholesome-meaning-logic. Translations are generally crappy; I was surprised at people appreciating your translated Diwali poem as well...the English version was nowhere close to the original. And this corroborates my belief that mixing languages dilutes the effect, unless you are quoting a phrase or an adage.

c. Yes, you have a comparison of characters in every line. But the transition from one line to the next (or from a pair of lines to the next pair) is not smooth and flowing.

Sameera said...

That was a really cute "Scribble" :)

Amey said...

Words emerging from computer? And they said AI would never create art...

Peter said...

I liked the idea you develop here, some kind of pluses and minuses that ends up with a "beautiful me ... lovable you" (I say ends up, neglecting the two last lines which of course I don't understand). For me, this is an example of how in a couple, some different characters and behaviours can complete each other and anyhow must not necessarily - far from that - be a reason for non-love!

Iceman said...

Loved it... girl... loved it...

Reminds me a quote from the movie Border... Seems totally unrelated... or is it? but then...

"Hum hi hum hain, toh kya hum hain...
Tum hi tum ho, toh kya tum ho!"

Keshi said...

thought-provoking Cuckoo! :)


desh said...

mast hai :)

backpakker said... takes more than a couple to be a couple..

Pyare Mohan said...

sharab main... nasha bhi main...
sharabi hum.. aur nashe mein tum? :p

...and more than a couple, always falls in trouble!

Pijush said...

Cuckoo, its always pleasure to visit your blog coz of your innovative posts. Wonderful thoughts (though my dirty mind is provoking to think differently .. LOL)Take care

AJEYA RAO said...

I seriously did not get what you are trying to say here. May be because you are not revealing the actual intention. But anyway, whatever it is, I hope you have calmed down and are at peace.

bEAST said...

Hmm, wats going on aye! Lolz

waise, sum1 i know had said something similar some time back. didnt understand it then, and dont understand it know. how can it take more than 2 to fall in love.

unless ofcos "patana" comes into the scene. :D, so kaun kisko pata raha hai? :D

Cuckoo said...

I half expected a bashing from you... Next time be ready for that as well. :-) Kidding… If you have read my sidebar, I have mentioned about my learning through the comments I receive here. They are always welcome.

a. Oh as I told you, it was only to make it more readable. On second part .. yes, I agree but lack of time forces us to take all these shortcuts. :P

b. Even I am surprised at people appreciating the translation of Diwali. ;) I don't spend much time on it. Ye sirf non-Hindi readers ko idea dene ke liye hota hai ki what we were talking about.

c. They reflect the furrowed thoughts of mind. They don’t come smoothly in sequence. :-)

Thank you.

No comments. :-)

Cuckoo said...

Thank you very much. Yes, I think a couple is not a set of just 2 persons. They are in fact so many personalities/traits combined into two. :)

The translation for you.
Ziddi main.. Ziddi Tum = Stubborn me.. stubborn you
Sharaab main .. Nasha bhi main = wine me.. and intoxication is also me

Thank you very much. Yeah, I have heard of those two beautiful lines.

Thank you.

Cuckoo said...

Thank you.

I am glad you could understand it. :-)

Ha Ha… you in mood today after making that new friend ? ;)

Trouble or no trouble... they ARE a couple !!

Cuckoo said...

Thank you very much.
Heyy don’t keep your dirty thoughts there. Spit it out man ! We all would like to know how dirty do you think ? ;)

Ohh have you ever seen a couple closely ? Maybe after 2-3 years you’ll get it. :-)
And I don’t have any intentions here.

Heyy calm down !! What does it got to do with me ? I am perfectly ok.
My post was just a thinking pad for my thoughts. Hmmm… now, I am really worried how many of my readers have actually understood it. :-)

Keep coming friend.

A big smile on my face. :-)
So glad to see you again. Tussi khush kar ditta. How are things at your end ?

As far as this scribble goes, yes, you are right. You couldn’t understand it a bit. :D And as per the scribble, “patana/watana” sab ho gaya .. all done.. koi kisi ko nahi pata raha, ab to battle scenes are in sight. :D

See my reply to Peter if you want to know what meaning I wanted to convey.

Keep coming.

Pijush said...

"Sometimes it requires more than a couple to make a couple." - Trial and error, flirt and final :-)
-- Not more than that.. LOL
But I got u.. no worries Mum Gal

adi said...

ha ha
hum aur tum, kitne mere jaise hi lagte hain ;)
everything similar
i loved it
and laughed

oye, m back perhaps for good, will c ya all on delhidreams soon
and ur tag has to c d light of the day too!

love and care

Amey said...

That's no way to end an argument. "No comments" in polit-speak means that "you are probably right, but I don't want to say so myself".

Your turn...

Abhijit Dharmadhikari said...

Sharaab main...Nasha bhi main...:-)
very posessive:-)

backpakker said...

Marriage makes one understand a whole lot of things :)

Anonymous said...

>Chatterbox you
>Grandpa you

Cuckoo said...

Thank you for your “dirty thoughts”.. loll

Ha Ha… aapko kya sabhi ko apne jaise lagte hain.

Waiting for the tag, let me see how it comes up. Give my love to Deepti.

Your turn... You never give up, eh ? BTW, When are you coming to India ?

Cuckoo said...

very possessive… Yes. :-)

Keep coming.

Ha Ha... I fully agree.

I am glad it could make you laugh. Thank you for coming.