Monday, December 17, 2007


After a sumptuous Sunday late lunch, you come out of Grand Hyatt, a 5-star hotel and make yourself comfortable in the back seat of a big luxurious car and the car races towards some prestigious shopping places in the city. The other occupants of the car are determined to spoil you purely.

Oblivious of their plans, you are thinking of the Monday evening meeting. Suddenly you look something & ask for the car to be stopped. You step out and dash towards a person busy in his work. You tell him “four” and with a wide grin gesture the other three occupants of the car to join you.

They, with “Oh, she is never going to change” expressions come out smiling.

Sometimes a cutting chai in an open dhaba amidst chaotic noise gives you more pleasure than the diamond studs gifted to you half an hour back within the confines of a hushed silence.

Current song- Love Me Do, You Know I Love You – Beatles
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Amey said...

Diamond studs? Wow...

I miss vada-pav, kachchhi dabeli and chai and creamroll :(

Catmoves said...

I didn't think so , but look what I found in Wikipedia about chai:
Chai (pronounced [xai], occasionally [ħai]) is a symbol and word that figures prominently in Jewish culture and consists of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet Het (ח) and Yod (י).
In the Hebrew language, the word chai (חַי) spelled by these two letters means "living," is related to the term for "life," chaim, and also appears in the slogan "`am yisrael chai!" (עַם יִשְׂרָאֵל חַי, "The nation of Israel lives!", referring to all Jews).
I always thought it was based on Chinese culture. Live and learn.
Please cuckoo, no diamond studs this year. I have stopped dressing even semi formally.

Catmoves said...

P.S. You can't hardly go wrong with a beatles song.

Peter said...

I see that catmoves gave the explanation... but before reading this I had done a Google check of as well "chai" as "dhaba". Sorry for being so ignorant (but not anymore)! Well, I din't know if I would like the "chai"; have avoided milk since I was old enough to say "no" to my mum! But I agree with you anyhow!!!

final_transit said...

ouch! I miss the 'cutting' chai right now! I went to Delhi in 2005 and chaiwaalas there didn't know what 'cutting' means. Maybe they do now:)

Raghu said...

So true....Missing the roadside cutting chai :(
Well in US i have to make my own chai to keep myself alive from the freezing temperature :(

Sam said...

ah!! nothing like a cutting chai on a cold afternoon!!
but den i wodner.. teh diamond studs??? hmmmm... wots teh occasion?
sometimes it is teh small innocent pleasure of life which make u want to spread your arms and grin like a well-fed cat!! :P

Guruprasad said...

ditto ...

and a thali lunch at 'swad bhojanalaya' or 'aram guest house' when you are sick of eating at all the swanky places. and if you are a carnivore then a fish thali at 'satkar rice placte'.

and an ocassional ride on the upper deck in a BEST double decker back home with the wind blowing in your face :-)

~nm said...

Wow! What a gift!!

But hey was it your birthday? What was the occasion?

SiD said...

wah wah.. diamond studs, people spoiling you and prestigious shopping!!
Shaadi ho rahi hai kya?? ;)

Praveen G K said...

yup, same with me...I prefer eating in nice, simple places that can make a big difference to your day...

so again went back to partial feeds?

Ash said...

Ah! Nothing like Dhaba food :)

AJEYA RAO said...

Agreed...Your post explains External and internal happiness, I guess.

ashes said...

Cool! Chai cheez hi aisi hai...

Anyways, this was a really nice post from you in quite some time...simple and great! Short and sweet!

Keshi said...

I love road-side food...


Cuckoo said...

Yes diamonds but even a single rose would have made me happy. ;)

Ohh dear, you have to miss all desi snacks till you decide to come back.

I am so sorry, I couldn’t give the translated words in hurry.
Chai = tea
Dhaba = roadside kiosk

Please cuckoo, no diamond studs this year. I have stopped dressing even semi formally.. .Ha Ha… nice one !

And aha, you noted Beatles as well ??

Cuckoo said...

Oh you can have tea without milk !! And
Chai = tea
Dhaba = roadside kiosk
Cutting = small or half.... * This word is specific to Mumbai. Other parts of India do not use it.

Well, cutting chai is specific to Mumbai. When I came here & heard this word for the first time, it was quite amusing. They could have called it ‘small’ or half chai. But then ye hai Mumbai meri jaan. :-)

Cuckoo said...

Lol.. I empathize with you. Take it in your stride.. now you know how to prepare tea. :-)

:-) Yes, the small little pleasures of life.

Oh you a complete foodie !! :P
Haven’t tasted any of these mentioned by you but now will try out.

Hmmm… upper deck of double decker. Have done it a few times. The whole world seems to be beneath you.

Cuckoo said...

Yes, diamonds. No, it wasn’t my birthday. I am a Libran. Someone wanted to spoil me, I guess. :-)

Keep guessing. ;)

Very true. :-)
Oh , I keep experimenting something or the other. It’s again full now.

Cuckoo said...


Yes, dear friend.You got me right.

Thank you very much. Coming from you means a lot. I know how miser (somewhat like me) you are to comment here. :-) And don't get me wrong. It's a compliment.

Me too.

backpakker said...

I like your style and attitude..feel like having cutting chai right now..Its pouring out here and quite cold

Amey said...

Diamond studs "gifted"... Now that's a mystery we want to know about.

And not all desi snacks, we do get samosa and moong daal here, you see :D

Cuckoo said...

Then you deserve a cutting chai. :-)

Keep guessing.

Ha Ha.. @your desi snacks in pardes. :P

Abhijit Dharmadhikari said...

lovely post, cuckoo! the last para of your post says everything!:-)

bEAST said...

I guess you already know about me, myself and the chai waali amma. Hehe. Something about that chai with frnds on the roadside...

Waise you didnt tell me! who smoked? lolz

No point asking you about the diamonds. The cuckoo is a clever fox and not a bird. Lolz

I prefer to make my own tea. 2 days back the maid in my house was talking to my mum that it is good that I know how to make tea and I laughed. Lolz. Bahut kamm logon kae haath ki banayi huee chai achi lagtee hai mujhe. But what she said, took me back to the very first cup of tea which I made. That is a funny and long story which I shall blog about when i blog again. Lolz

Cuckoo said...

Thank you very much.

Something about that chai with frnds on the roadside... I thought, you are going to tell us something more about it.

That is a funny and long story which I shall blog about... Noted. :-)

Amey said...

You are telling me to guess? Aha... Good. :D

As for the snacks, a certain saying about drowning man and stick comes to mind.

Sameera said...

Lovely post this :)

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

my company serves chai around 5pm.
and it really please us!
happy new year end and a very happy 2008 cockoo-chan!!

Maverick said...

well been there done tht. Last time i came to india i had two cups of chai with a cigarette in a roadside cafe with friends. Ofcourse its another thing i caught fever two days later :)

Anonymous said...

Jus checking this OpenID feature of blogger. If it works its really cool.

workhard said...

Well i would definitely be happy with the diamond studs.. but i really like to have that chai now..

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