Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Packaged Deal

I can clearly see the two distinct you and I adore; adore but can not separate them. For me you are only one.… you as an arrogant, private individual and you as simple uncomplicated submissive passionate man.. the blessed one can get both of you together... so, separation should have been the most important criteria but it isn’t.

Au contraire, so plainly you distinguish two of me.. the innocent bubbly chulbuli me and private beautiful passionate me... a woman, a perfect companion. 10 on 10. Probably 12 on 10. And at times you miss only one of me. Yeah, I can understand it very well .. hows & whys.. everything.. but do you know something ? You can not get only one of me.. to have one, you have to have the other one.

It’s a packaged deal.

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bEAST said...

?? hey, wats is the DEAL?
everything flying from above the head. lolz

sounds sumthing similar to "It was a different me with each of them."
But here it is a diffrnt you with the same person. Hmm, perhaps this follows on from the poem where you said, "Sometimes it requires more than a couple to make a couple.

Hmm, seems something interesting is happening in your world. Lolz

Amey said...

Package deal... A person is more than the sum of many persons, every second a different on. Which is what makes it interesting to talk to people. You can't know even your best friends completely.

AJEYA RAO said...

Liked your previous post, have written a comment there.

Anonymous said...

hmmmm....I thought for quite a while & can only say, its true that you can't have your person in bits & pieces...its a composite deal indeed & even if the other one has some flaws, if you want him/her, you have to accept that also!

Mayank said...

Again a very thought provoking post. Crisp and concise. well written post. Says many things in a few words.

Thanks again !

Guruprasad said...

hoo boy! that was an intense one.

most people tend to have many personalities within themselves. and many masks we put on. and we normally never take off our masks even when we undress and when we are alone and looking at ourselves in the mirror :-)

sometimes we supress one of our personalities so that we can be accepted and loved. but sometimes this part of our personality emerges at the most unlikely moments and takes over. like on the dance floor sometimes :-)

KP said...

I agree u cant have one or other...its all in one....u have to have both.......:)

Keshi said...

its indeed a packaged deal. Very clever post.

And with me, its just more than a packaged deal..I think I hv a million personalities LOL!


Iceman said...

hmmm... yeah...

ppl, most times have difficulty accepting your demons, all they want is the angle!

Take both or leave both! The one who takes all of u, is the one for u! Sometimes that "one" could be just u!

Sam said...

That's wot we all want out of life don't we??? that our partner accept us for all that we are!!

Peter said...

So right about the package deal! But I also believe that the different parts of us appear more or less depending on with whom we are. I feel different, depending with whom I am.

(I was absent a week; you gave me a lot to read!!! ... I will have to check the Just Femme part later!)

Stone said...

Just like life...

dharmabum said...

we're all so full of contradictions, aren't we?

you're a friend of aditi's (patjhar / kayboltos) aren't you? she's gone private suddenly - wouldn't even leave a word. if u meet her, tell her i'm pretty pissed off :)

backpakker said...

I think the packaged deal is not just about two sides ..there are so many facets ..but you cant throw some and accept a few !

Sally ( said...

Hi, Cuckoo,

I just called in to say 'hello'.

I found you through Merisi's Vienna Blog.

And I also discovered ''through your blog's list of 'Stress Busters'.

Very wonderful.

in London

Cyberpunk said...

hehe can't help but wonder about the story behind this post ;)

Cuckoo said...

Good that everything is going over your head. :P
Yeah, you are on right path… :-)

I fully agree.

Thank you, I read it.

Yes, something similar to that is what I wanted to say.. Even when a person has many positive traits.. sometimes it is difficult to chose from.

Cuckoo said...

Thank you.

Thank you. We can not accept a person in bit & pieces, that’s all I can say. :-)

Glad that you agree.

Thank you dear. Ha Ha.. Even I have those many. ;)

Cuckoo said...

Yes, generally people only want what suits them most and then the other person has to ‘behave’ like the one.

Yes friend. Very true. :-)

Thank you. Yes, I think we all are like that. A different us with different them but what about a different me with the same person ?

Read at your leisure, no hurries but DO READ !


Cuckoo said...

First, welcome to my blog.

Yes, I too think so. And not only Aditi but Adi & Keshi as well, where we have met.

Thanks for your visit, keep coming.

Yes, very true. I just tried to convey it in a simple manner. :-)

Welcome abroad !! Glad that you liked it.

Thanks for your visit. Keep coming.

Ha Ha… You a clever guy !! Keep wondering. :D

workhard said...

Yeah its important to be at peace with your partner..

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