Thursday, March 29, 2007

What do you call it ??

I have a cousin who for quite sometime was asking me to check how much worth my blog is. He is quite excited about existence of my blog & its ‘popularity’. But since it is an absolutely personal blog and I don’t have any intentions to commercialize it, I was avoiding even to know the worth.

Today he checked my blog’s worth in front of me. Curiosity is the biggest worm in a human brain, I can say.

So, just out of curiosity I was tempted to check some of the blogs’s worth. I checked 3-4 blogs and checked this one as well. The reason why I checked this particular blog was, I remembered its worth in million dollars.

A few months back during my initial blogging days, I was told that this is quite a popular blog & when I went there once or twice in the beginning I had seen the blog’s worth that had quite amazed me.

Well, I remembered that (come on, I have a great memory) and checked it now. I got a great surprise !!! The actual worth of the blog is just $23,710.68 whereas the blogger is coolly claiming it to be whopping $1,348,121.52 !!!!!
It is a shock because much more famous Gaurav’s blog is worth only $123,069.72. That means this blog is almost 11 times more worth Gaurav’s where in actuality it is not even 1/5th of it !

I know I know, the supporters can always question the authenticity of that site or my interest to say anything or the blogger herself can say “Oh it was just a prank, I was kidding”.

Kidding ? With whom ? And for how long ?

It is not a question of authenticity of any site or anything but authenticity of our own selves. Let me be clear, I am very new compared to all these veterans in blogosphere and I don’t have anything against any of the bloggers but sometimes I am forced to think.

Whom are we trying to fool ? Others or ourselves ?

I am fully aware that by linking that blog here in my post, I am actually doing a favour to the owner. But at the same time I wanted to voice my thoughts.

Note:- BTW, My blog is worth $14,113.50 and for sometime, to keep my beloved cousin happy I am displaying it in bottom most right sidebar. You can click on the link provided there to find your blog’s worth.

One biggest flaw in the html code is that though the site tells you the result immediately, it doesn’t force you to keep the same code. You can always tweak it to make the number look gigantic. But then ... I remember one quote and smile. :))

Growing Older Is Mandatory, Growing Up is Optional.

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Aditi said...

u know i have seen that on some blogs.. and i often wonder.. ok your blog is worth that much but are u generating revenue? are u actually able to cash in on that amount?
if not then does it matter?
i think its funny when some people make everything about a popularity contest.. do we ever grow up and out of it?

Fleiger said...

It's not about kidding or anything. The script which places the value on the blog is static, (i.e. it displays only the value on the day you checked your blog's worth). If you don't update the blog much (which affects the traffic on your blog, and the ratings and links), your worth suffers a loss, which is not reflected in the script.
And if somebody is not updating the blog, how can you expect them to update such minor sidebar items regularly?

Cuckoo said...

Yes, you are spot on !
Yeah, ok, so you are not generating any revenues ?? Oh so sad but then it must be giving you some kind of satisfaction to display your blog’s worth. But heyy the amount you are displaying is absolute rubbish and you know it in your heart that you have manipulated it manifolds.
Come on !! Whom are you trying to cheat ? Isn’t that YOU yourself ??

Oh Aditi, why do people like you & me exist in this mad world ?

Oh, you don’t be so disheartened. I am NOT against anyone. It was just an example for my opinion about blabbering of some bloggers.

I fully agree with you that if you don’t update the blog, your ratings will go down (that too starts happening only after 180 days, I am quite sure you are aware of much more than this) but this much down ???? SORRY. I just can’t believe it.
Read the figure again. Do you know how much is that ? Do you think it was ever that popular (11 times more than the other blog I am talking about) ??

Even if the blog is not updated for a year (which is not the case here), it can’t go down by 1/55 times.

Anyways, as I said I don’t have anything against anyone. It’s people’s attitude I was talking about.

Bendtherulz said...

Not interested...not going to try. Personally - liked the idea...of writing and keeping some pics alive at one place...and you know Cuckoo on whose behest I started sharing.
You post something...with your perception...and then people visit and somtime see more and much I feel when you get enriched in that manner...I think Blog is worth it - that feeling you can compare in stats or number...!!
Loved the punch line..." Growing is optional - just to set the records...m!

Bendtherulz said...

Corection -

that feeling you can compare in stats or number ??? How

Sigma said...

Well, some people bask in the glory of being popular, or perhaps more accurately, being considered as popular. I believe we all have come across people who have an exaggerated sense of their self-worth (pun intended) :-). How do you deal with such people? Probably avoid them, condemn them, or just simply ignore them. But they feel too self-important to be bothered by your opinion :-)
The case you have cited is just a digital version of it. And your summation just aptly describes it :-))

Re: your blog's worth :: $13K! you are rich!! Just if some one would give you cold, hard cash ;-)

bachodi said...

$12,984.42 ;-(
I really did not get the funda ( even after i read him -Dane Carlson). anyways.

And a complaint here ;-). your blog never let me comment on posts( i am in ). i dont ask people to type "dnxnvun" when they comment.
;-) ;-)

Cuckoo said...

Yes, me too not at all interested.
and you know Cuckoo on whose behest I started sharing… And I am so thankful to you. We could now know a lot more about you. :)

Yeah, the best thing is to have a platform to speak your thoughts out. It is like your digital diary. There is no need of anyone actually. And if people come & visit you, you are more richer.. not by money but by sharing those views.

So correctly you said it.
Just if some one would give you cold, hard cash.. Ha Ha.. then I am also ready to display the worth. ;)

I formally welcome you to my blog. I guess this is your first comment here though I know you read it. :)
Well, even I don’t know the funda neither am I interested. I guess it calculates on the basis of no. of blogs/links.

your blog never let me comment on posts( i am in ).. Heyy, I won’t take that as an excuse. Many wordpress people come & comment here. And that illegible thing is to avoid the spams. ;)

SiD said...

O terrri.. badi ameer hai kudiye!!
thode paihe hum gareeebon mein bhi baant do..
ae maayee... 1 - 2000 $ de diyo... bhagwaan kare tumhara blog din dugana raat chauguna bade.. ispe hazaron comment aayen!! ae mayee ;)

SM said...

This is just a way to make our selves feel worth while for what we are doing. doesn't fascinate me at all!

bachodi said...

I don’t know what settings currently blogspot has. But some of the blogspot blogs have three optons (one of them is “others” where I can give my blog as my identity)

(I learned this after commenting on your blog) Both of my comments here are through a blogspot identity. If you click it will lead to my blogger profile, then to one of my ancient blog and then to my real blog. So I told it is not letting me comment as a instead an old blogspot.

And about word verification, I was kidding ;-)

Keshi said...

Cuckoo Im yet to do ur tag. o god Keshi is a slow coach LOL

My blog's worth..I wonder how much ha...let me go see it.

:) and hey say HI to ur cuz!

Merisi's Vienna For Beginners said...

Dear Cuckoo,
I really enjoy your visits to my blog, thank you for taking the time to comment.
Very interesting what you are writing about "blogs' worth", I had no idea such things even existed (and I am like Bendtherulz, simply not interested, well, unless somebody would show up and hand me some money - and then, I don't know, I probably wouldn't want to give up my blog for any money!).
I came into the blog world quite by accident (putting up a daily photo bulletin for my friends abroad, after moving a continent away), and I find it very elating that all of a sudden I get to know other peoples thoughts and experience from all over the world, I find this very touching, seeing how some basic human feelings and decencies are the same everywhere, amongst other experiences (like your cricket stories, I love them, cricket being something I never encountered in my life so far).
Til we read each other again,
all the best to you,

Cuckoo said...

Loll.. perfect !! Why didn't you ask this on that blog as well ? Shayad sun leti woh aapka ;)

Yup you are right.

Hmmmm.. maybe you'll have to change your profile then ;) because other wordpress bloggers don't face this problem. I too can go to their blog thru their profile -> to their blog.

And about word verification, I was kidding ;-) Ah ! I too was kidding. Couldn't you see that winking [;)] sign ? :P

Cuckoo said...

Yes Yes I know the tag is pending. You lazy lass :P Make it your next post.

BTW, my cuz has said Hi to you.

Welcome to my blog again. Yes, you are right. I fully agree with you. Sometimes it is very touching and we DO make new friends from all over the world.

Ah ! Cricket ?? But you've been to SA.. right ? Even then ?
Read my some other stories which will make more sense to you.

Thanks for your visit. Keep coming.

Pyare Mohan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

oh wow $14,113.50?!!!!
congrats cuckoo-chan!!
its always fun to read debate in here lol

Maverick said...

hmmmmmmm u turn to be quite richer. i checked mine it says only $3387 :(

bachodi said...

Sorry to bring the topic again....
But there are several others feel uncomfortable to comment with blogger ID
Please read this :

Cuckoo said...

Nikichan, & Maverick
Thank you. Thank you.

Thanks for the link. Saw it & commented it too. But is there any solution to it besides shifting to another platform ?

bachodi said...

Try changing your settings. Keep “who can comment “as anyone. With that “Show word verification for comments?” as yes if you wish.

Comments can be insights other than usual “bold post, nicely put etc”. Sometime bloggers write very interesting informative comments if he knows about the topic and wants to add more. In such a situation if he is asked for a blogger ID, he’ll just skip to the next blog.
If he is taking pain to write a nice comment, he obviously (most of the time) want other readers to navigate to his blog directly. If it is not allowed he wouldn’t bother to comment would he …
Don’t worry; we friends post comments anyway…

Unfortunately you would not like my best suggestion … MIGRATE
This is going completely off topic. Sorry for that