Thursday, March 29, 2007

Kissa Cup Ka

This time I have not written anything about cricket on my blog. That doesn’t mean I am not following it. Cricket, the most beloved and hated game of this nation is being religiously followed by me and millions of others (Ah, not sure though) so much so that I should call it stalking.
And the poor Indian team got so worried by this stalking that they thought it better to come in the safe hands of home sweet home rather than to stay there in an unknown country of islands facing wrath of seven other teams.

I think the Indians believed in the saying “Love thy Neighbour”. They loved Sri Lanka & Bangla Desh and could not see them losing. Good that we didn’t have Pakistan in that group. It would have been an enormous love affair.

But heyyy,, WAIT !!! Where have you gone now ? I am still here in West Indies following the game. There are other teams to get my attention till this most coveted cup is given to one of them. I love the game more than any one team but yes, I had hopes. Hopes from my Indian team to get into at least Super 8. I never expected them to win the cup though.

Australia was always my favourite and the way they are playing, there is no doubt the cup is theirs. Off late, the game has become quite boring, not because Indians aren’t there but because we are getting the expected results. It is no more unpredictable. Australians are just too perfect in all the departments. It is amazing to see their professionalism, their killer instinct and never say die attitude. No wonder I have more Australian players as my favourites than Indians.

And yesterday’s match ?? What a match it was ! SA vs Sri Lanka. Surely Lankans are determined to show the world they are not "bheegi billi" (?? wet cats ? no it gives a wrong meaning) but Asian tigers hungry for the Cup. And that Malinga ?? Four wickets in four balls ! An all time record for ODI cricket ?? Oh man, I always wonder how he bowls with that throwing action.

Well, at home front there is a lot to think and analyze to come to conclusion of what and how. But I don’t expect a drastic changeover in Indian scenario. Probably the coach will head for his home and one or two players will get a mild warning. Preparing new pitches, picking & training young ones, improving infrastructure, bringing more professionalism into the game.. all this will take a back seat.

The saddest thing of this world cup was Bob Woolmer’s tragic death. A huge loss to world of Cricket.

Anyway, the World Cup is on and my spirits are still high. Two finalists are South Africa & Australia. So boring !! Nothing is unpredictable. But I am ready to be proved wrong. :))

Good Luck Australia !!

Current song- Hothon se Choo lo Tum, Mera Geet Amar Kar Do – Jagjit Singh


Leziblogger said...

I was wondering how come you didn't post on the cup so far!!

Super 8 without India hurts, really hurts!We should have atleast made it to the semis!!

Anyhow, Australia are my favourites too and I think too much was made out of their defeats against New Zealand just before the cup! It wasn't their regular international team, anyway!

Malinga is quite a character, isn't he? throwing action, Golden hair and stuff...

Know what, personally, on the home front, I would like The coach and captain to continue. Not very likely, but still, I think the execution has gone wrong, not the strategy!

Ahd yead, Australia- South Africa final looks very likely! For once, I would love to see the South Africans win and avenge 1999!

mathew said...

i think we have talked enough of makes me really sad to comment that I dont have any hope in the team to bounce back..we need to start from scratch!!

Cuckoo said...

Ha Ha.. so you were waiting for my post !!

Yes, I am also disappointed by Indian team’s performance.
He He.. on Malinga I could have written a full post but avoided it. :) I feel like running to him with a scissors.

About SA winning the cup ? As I said, I would love to be proved wrong. :)

From the scratch ??? No, I don’t think so. We need to induce more younger players who have it in them like Raina, Ranadeb etc.

SiD said...

well i am avoiding cricket as far as possible these days because of the heart burn it gave me.. so will not comment on INdia!

Australia.. they ARE the champions.. I knew the moment I saw them play against India and wrote that very day.. that no matter how well india does, they will take years to reach the stature of Aussies..
Regd the 4 wkt in 4 balls.. i guess Shaun Pollock has also done it long time back. m not sure who the opponent was.. but it was in SA only..

SM said...

Lost all interest in hopeless Indian cricket team after match fixing.It makes me so ticked off that I run very fast to turn off the BBC radio news channel when they start talking about cricket.And not checking the updates on the net is in my own hand.

Ranjeet Adkar said...


Yes, looks like the Aussies are going to take it home, yet again!

SL have shown so far that the 4 semi finalists will most likely be Aus, SA,NZ and SL.

WI seem to have lost the art of playing cricket, except the great Lara, of course.

England are, well, England and they can't help being England!

About Ireland and Bangladesh, they have stirred the WC so far, let us see what magic they can do in the Super 8's!

But you know what, it always seems a predictable result before any match / tournament begins, but the greatness of the game's uncertainities always makes wise people look as fools!

So I am still very much hooked on to the WC!
As always - "May the team that plays best cricket win!"

Tarun said...

Hey Cuckoo, I made one video on Indian cricket team, if you want you can look here

Cuckoo said...

Well, yes we are all sad by the results but for me the game is above the teams & individuals so I am still following it. :)
About Shaun Pollock thing… Myself not so sure about it. Can’t recollect where was it.

Ha Ha.. Liked your attitude. ;)

Yes, I fully agree with you. :))

Thanks for the link. I’ll definitely check it out. I have just come back, give me some time.