Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Dreams or Nightmares ??

As I said earlier, in last one and a half months directly or indirectly a lot has happened around me. Tagging was one of them. But this time it was not through proper channel (you know what I mean). Yes, for a change it was not Fleiger but Sigma who tagged me.
Hmm.. one has to respect the tags and do it. You can evade them only on very genuine reasons. That’s called Tag Etiquette. First, to make it more systematic let me put down the rules of this game.

  1. Name the person who tagged you
  2. Describe what you are asked to do, in this case describe your three dreams / desires / nightmares or a combination of them .. whatever you want to tell.
  3. Tag three or five people

Rule no.1 – As I said, Sigma is the culprit this time. ;)
Rule no.2 - Well, I have already posted about five of my dreams which are actually desires so this tag has been taken care of ! ;) Bye bye Tata. :))

Ok, Ok. Chill. Now that the desires are covered in that post, it is turn of dreams/nightmares. I’ll describe only two because I have only two. Coincidentally both of them are related to travel, so with slight modification they become part of my other blog as well. Here they go..

ONE - This was also my first dream that I remember and I still remember the exact details. :))

I was six years old then. My father was transferred to Bharatpur (Rajasthan) and we had already moved to that tiny quiet city. But within 15 days of shifting I dreamt that we had just got down at Bharatpur railway station.

It was a wintry late night and there was no conveyance to go to our place. Fortunately my father got two rickshawallahs from somewhere and we were ready to go to our place. He made me sit in one rickshaw with all the luggage saying I was a big girl now and could take care of luggage and travel alone ! And he, my mother and younger sister sat in another with some more luggage. Being a quiet child, I didn’t say anything but was extremely scared. On top of that my rickshawala didn’t know the route so was told to follow theirs.

I was feeling very cold in a pink lacy frock (Hey, my memory is good even in dreams). I had kept an eye to their rickshaw which was racing ahead of us in those narrow lanes. Suddenly as the luck would have it, the chain of my rickshaw got stuck and he had to stop.

According to me he took ages to correct it and by that time the other rickshaw was nowhere in sight. We went left and right in some lanes but couldn’t find them. Street lights were not proper and at a distance some dogs were barking.
I started crying very hard.. so hard that I was actually crying in my sleep ! And then my mother rushed to me and asked whether I had a bad dream. I must have been crying for long .. my pillow was all wet. I was relieved to see her and after telling her about my nightmare I clung to her for the rest of the night.

It was very strange to have such a nightmare because of several reasons. First, we had already moved into the city. There was no need to see going there again. Second, we never had to use a rickshaw for transferring our luggage..lol.. it was always big trucks with many helping hands to do the needful. Third and most important, at that age my parents would have never left me alone in that rickshaw.

TWO - The next dream is quite contrast to the above one. That was of my childhood and this is just two years old. While the first one made me cry this second one left me laughing out loudly. It is about air travel and is bizarrely funny. Here also I remember everything including my seat no. but I’ll keep it short.

I was flying high when suddenly our airplane exploded in pieces up there in the sky. Fortunately or unfortunately at that time I was sitting intact reading a
magazine with my seat belt on.

When I felt a little cold, I
looked around and found myself in the clouds. I could touch them. So, I tucked my magazine securely to read later, checked my seat belts... they were jammed.

It was a scene to watch.. me sitting comfortably on my seat, all alone plummeting down but feeling and admiring the white clouds.

I had a big grin on my face and I wanted to be there forever.
I never bothered about other people’s fate though I could see some burning pieces of aeroplane going down.
Then a few moments later I came below the clouds and within no time I could see the sea below with no sign of land anywhere.

Instead of worrying about my life, do you know what thoughts came to my mind ?

“Oh my God ! How am I going to swim to the shore in a sitting position with this seat stuck to me ? And the article I was reading is still incomplete !”

Rule no.3 - Now the best part of doing tags. Hmmm.. Let me think, Sigma has already tagged some. Ok, this time I won’t tag anyone who is in India and whom I have tagged before. All new victims. So my list goes like this..

Keshi – You are tagged dear. Tell us something about your dreams.
Sugarlips – I would love to know about your dreams. You and Nadeem both can participate in this. Made easy for you, eh ?
Jeseem – Jeseem the dream boy, you asked me if I give chocos & candies to my visitors. No, I give them Tags. :P
Mathew –Tell us about your dreams before going to Switz. Were they about Switz ?

That makes my list. Arrey, hang on ! One more from me.

Fleiger – How can I forget the Tagger on this so auspicious day of tagging ? This is the time when one can actually take badla (revenge), you know. :P

Wanted to tag some more people like MBA, Alok, PM, Arzoon, Niki, SiD, Sharda, Sameer (you are damn lucky), BTR (Aap bach gaye is baar), Adi & Aditi (Won’t tag you for obvious reasons) but then there is always a next time.

Note:- This is my 50th post as well.

Current song- Sapna Mera Toot Gaya – Asha Bhosale


Prashanth M said...

Thanks for sharing.. :)

hey you are supposed to share 3 dreams... where is the third one??

I was about to tag you, since you were missing for quite sometime, I didn;t tag you

Sigma said...

Thank you dear.
You have vivid dreams, and an equally vivid memory :-)) You remember a dream, or rather nightmare, you had so long back ?!! It is something!!

Aditi said...

aww u remember your dreams rather vividly.. pink frock eh? who says we dream in b&w
is that u.. in that picture in the plane ?
thank u for sparing me..whatever the reasons maybe..

starry nights said...

Interesting tag and they are so vivid. I can never remember my dream in its entirety.It is always bits and pieces and does not make sense.Except for one which used to re occur but has stopped.

Ranjeet said...


Congratulations on the half century!

And good to see that despite the travel nightmaeres, you actually have a travel blog! :-)

Cuckoo said...

I was about to tag you,,,, Yes, I knew you wanted to tag me when I saw your message “where have you gone hiding ?” just after your dream tag. But look, it was in my luck and has come to me.

where is the third one??.. Heyyy, I gave you one link. Go thru that. I have shared the max. no.(2+5).

You remember a dream, you had so long back ? .. Yes, probably because that was my first and it haunted me for quite long time.. I didn’t want to leave my mother at any cost.

pink frock eh?.. Yes, it was a pink frock with black and white laces & a little 3D rose.. that was my favourite frock. :). I have photos in that frock, will have to dig out old albums. *A big grin*
And yes, we don't dream in B&W.. at least I don't.

thank u for sparing me.. Next time I won’t. :)

Starry Nights,
Welcome again.
Interesting tag and they are so vivid.. Want to take the tag ? Go ahead.. tell us whatever you remember about them. Of course if you want to share them.
Thanks for visiting.

Cuckoo said...

Welcome again. And thank you. You are the first one to notice it !!

good to see that despite the travel nightmares, you actually have a travel blog! :-).. That is like my diary, not exactly a travel blog.

Hmmm.. your observation is good. :)

Fleiger said...

With bits of your fellow-passengers flying around, you think of unfinished article? bedardi ki koi had hoti hai ;)

Bendtherulz said...

Breaking all the smash....and rulz.

Ahaan...50th Post - thats a smasher!! You dream in color...whow...and I was made to believe that we only do in B/W - the day I got to know...I started getting all gothic dreams..!!
And you have tagged the Tagger of Century...!

First one must have been quite upsetting and second one sounds so fun...so did you finish the article?? and what was it about...lol....

Lastly - Thanks for sparing me...I am still "Daba hua Sigma ke tag ke neeche so aapka bahut bahut shukran :-)
Phew that was close ...!

Cuckoo said...

bedardi ki koi had hoti hai Oh yes, Hoti hai.. lekin sapne mein nahi.

Thank you. You noticed it !!
I was made to believe that we only do in B/W.. Who says ? Come on, I was not born in B & W era and I see coloured dreams.

And you have tagged the Tagger of Century... Wow!! That was something. Hmm.. Now I know whom to look for if my memory fails me someday.

so did you finish the article?? and what was it about...lol.... Ha Ha.. that is the one regret I have. ;)

Keshi said...

where is the 3rd dream? :)

**Oh my God ! How am I going to swim to the shore in a sitting position with this seat stuck to me ? And the article I was reading is still incomplete !”

WOW ur very optimistic and positive. Thats great Cuckoo. I'd be shitting in my pants LOL!

I'll take up this tag in my blog some time this week..tnxx!


Mohan said...

Liked your composition of dreams and pictures very much.

Pratik said...

Hi Cuckoo, your second dream was full of optimism... and entertainment too. :)

Sigma said...

-- I have shared the max. no.(2+5).

Hey! that is a false claim !! I can safely claim to that one (6) :-D

And congratulations on the 50th post!! I did notice, but unfortunately missed wishing you as I got over-enthusiastic on hearing about the place of the first dream ;-)

Cuckoo said...

Hey Keshi, go thru the link I have provided. There are 5 more !! So, don’t ask me for more.

I'll take up this tag in my blog some time this week..tnxx.. Eagerly waiting. :))

Welcome again. Thanks for liking it.
Have you become a regular here ? Sorry, can’t see your blog… your profile is not available. Could you pls give me the link ?

Thanks for your visit. Keep coming.

Welcome again and thanks. Same question to you. Are you a regular here ?
Thanks for your visit. Keep coming.

I can safely claim to that one (6). Ok ok, you are the winner. Not in a mood to argue. ;)

Congratulations on the 50th post!! Ohh Thank you very much. Ha Ha.. I can imagine your excitement. ;)

Anonymous said...

OMG!! is that ur pic????
she looks like a bollywood star!!!
sooooooooooo very beautiful!!!!!

Fleiger said...

Main sapne mein bhi nahi soch sakta tha..

*one has to respect the tags and do that*
Since when?

Cuckoo said...

OMG!! is that ur pic???? Keep guessing ;)

Main sapne mein bhi nahi soch sakta tha.. Arrey, in that situation nobody will think of others.

*one has to respect the tags and do that* Since when? Come on, don't say that. I did all the tags given by you except one for which I had asked for time as I was a toddler here. And I do remember it & intend to do it in next few months.

Maverick said...

i have dreams where im writing the exams i had already written and am doing terribly bad this time when actually i had done better.

and dream 2, u can make it true, go sky dive :)

Anonymous said...

aww lol
u look like Miss India!!

Mohan said...



bendtherulz said...

So you think my memory is something to reckon..check below link....!


I think this guy was born with funny bone...!

Cuckoo said...

dream 2, u can make it true, go sky dive Hmmm.. What else could I expect from you ? :P

Heyy I never said that’s me !!


Checked that link. Thanks. There are many like you. :)

Hazel Dream said...

Dreams .. traces of reality

Fleiger said...

Arrey, in that situation nobody will think of others.
That's the difference between eagle and a cuckoo. We eagles have to think of others (comes with the throne you know)

And I do remember it & intend to do it in next few months.
Then we will talk about respect in next few months ;)

Nabeel said...

Oh cool, I love this cycle type rickshaw .. isn't it that? awesome .. so colorful and decorated.

Cuckoo said...

Hazel Dream,


Welcome to this blog as well.
Yes, it is. It is always fun riding them. :)

Keep coming.

Jeseem said...

hey noooo
i can't eat tags :)

hav this tag in mind for quite smtimes, but having too much troubles to sit back and write.

thank u for tagging me
i guess i will dream soon of u giving me truckloads of candies :)

bEAST said...

Quite a lot seems to revolve around tagging on your blog. Waise you were in Bharatpur, how is that place? Must say it is one of the few wildlife parks that I havnt been to. Ek baar everything was planned but then ended up goin to Jim Corbett instead. :)
Why don't you complete reading that article of yours. Since you remember your dreams in such high level of detail, I'm sure you remember the name of the magazine and the page number the article was on. Just look it up :)

Cuckoo said...

Oh Good. I am waiting since then. Where are you ?

Well, Bharatpur was small place and so was I so don't have many memories of it but remember the bird sanctuary and my dad going for all the shikars. Shhhh don't tell Salman Khan about it. :)

Oh yeah, completed the magazine later. ;)

bEAST said...

Dont worry, your secret is safe with me and anyone else who might run into it over here on your blog :)