Monday, March 26, 2007


Aaaaah ! I am tagged again !! Sigmaaaaaaaaaa I hate you. (just killing, ok?) Oooops typing error.. that was just kidding. Ok ?
Well, Sigma has asked me to display here on my blog 5th paragraph of page 123 of the book I am currently reading. Hmmm… pretty simple. Isn’t it ?

Again first the rules of this game.

1. Name the person (of course with the link) who tagged you.
2. Describe what you are asked to do, in this case publish 5th paragraph of page 123 of the book you are currently reading.
3. Tag five people

Now this tag has some FAQs as well. Let me put them down also.

1. What if the page does not have 5th paragraph
Ans. In that case take the last paragraph

2. What if the book is very small & doesn’t have page no. 123
Ans. Take the last page.

Well, to put it honestly my “Currently reading” list has three books. (Most of the time I am busy reading Archies & Asterix’s).

First one is Shantaram. But I won’t put 5th paragraph of that book. Want to know the reason ? Well, I am on page no. 121 for the last eight months and am in no mood to touch that fatso again in near future. But yes, the book will remain in my list of "currently reading" till I finish it. More so, Maverick has already published the page.

The second book is The Bermuda Triangle. No, no. It has NOTHING to do with World Cup group B matches.

The third book is The day of the Jackal by Frederick Forsyth started yesterday.

Here is the 5th paragraph of page 123 from the book The day of the Jackal.

Now the best part of the tag.. Sigmaaaaaaa I love you for tagging me !! ;)

Ok, so who all are my victims this time…All new ones whom I have not tagged till now. They should be interested in reading also na. Ok, this time I’ll pass the baton to the following people. Heyy Don’t panic, this one is extremely easy.


BTR – I know you read. Show us what you are reading these days. Now you have two tags to do. :)
SiD – I have never tagged you. Let me grab this opportunity. :))
Mohan – There is always a next time, right ?
Ranjeet – Let us see what book you are reading currently.
Sharda – I am sure you must be reading a lovely book. What is it about ?

Note :- No more tags for me please. I have some pending tags which I would like to do first. So, tag me at your own risk.. I am not going to tag (Ooops take) it !

Now be happy, listen to my current song. :))

Current song- Somebody – Bryan Adams


Ranjeet Adkar said...

Hey Cuckoo,

Thanks for tagging me! Can I write 123/5 of my current book in your comments section? The reason I dont want to publish it on my blog is because I want to keep it strictly a cricket blog!

Cuckoo said...

Oh sure ! Go Ahead. :)

I thought you had one more blog. :)

Ranjeet Adkar said...

Thanks, I will write about the same after I get home from work in the evening.

SiD said...

Oh.. One of the simplest tags... yeh to aap kal hi lo!! :)

SiD said...

vaise the heading of the post did give me a scare... 123/5.. these things give me nightmares these days!! so will try to give some other headings!!

Fleiger said...

So many spelling-oops? Were you so traumatize by the tag?

And interestingly, you forgot to tag me... Good good ;)

@Sid: Yup, the heading has a certain nightmarish quality to it...

Tarun said...

Hi cuckoo,
how you doing? did u miss me ;) just kidding. I got tagged by this last year.

I can see the joy in your face when you have to pick 'bakras'.

At least you are page 121, I get the book from library never get chance to open it in the first 3 weeks then renew it for next 3 weeks, still don't get time to open it. And then finally return that book and get another one....

Alok said...

Shantaram ..mentions a Cafe Leopold ( walking distance from Gateway of India ) .....been thr ? A nice place to party. :)

Ranjeet Adkar said...

I am currently reading 2books - 1) "The Bachelor of Arts" by R K Narayan and 2) "Smarangatha" (Marathi) By Go Ni Dandekar . Giving here 123/5 from The Bachelor of Arts:
"This kind of life was conducive to quiet and, posibly, sobriety. With an iron will, he chased away distracting illusions, and conscientiously avoided hysterics, with care of one walking on a tightrope. He decided not to give his mind a moment of freedom. All the mischief started there. Whatever he did, he did it with a desparate concentreation now. If he dug the garden, the mind was allowed to play about only the soil and the pick. If he read the book, he tried to make the print a complete drug for the mind. The training of mind was done feverishly and unsparingly."

Although this sounds a very serious paragraph, it is a nice and typically wonderful book by R K Narayan - it reminds you of Malgudi Days so easily.
And ah... you mentioned "Shantaram", I couldn't keep it down when I started it. But it being so big, I had to take the breaks. I really liked the book, but it kind of left you wanting for more, the end felt incomplete. You end up wanting to know what hapenned next...

Cuckoo said...

Yes, This is THE simplest tag.. just a time pass but don’t think this is my last tag to you.

Yes, 123/5 has another meaning for people like us.

Were you so traumatize by the tag?.. Yes, I don’t like tags except for the reason I get to have some ‘bakras’ ! It suddenly jolts me with extra work. ;) & I don’t like pending work.

No, I haven’t forgotten tagging you but I thought of tagging ppl whom I have not tagged even once. Everybody should get a chance na. More so, you still have one pending tag from me. But you are always welcome to volunteer. :P

Cuckoo said...

Arrey, bade dino baad ?
I can see the joy in your face when you have to pick 'bakras'... Yes, as I told Fleiger this is the only joy I get with tags. :))

The book is quite a fatso but interesting & one doesn’t want to leave it half read. I’ll do it when I have plenty of time. Probably I’ll start all over again.

Shantaram ..mentions a Cafe Leopold.?.. Yes, I once saw it from outside, haven’t gone in. LOL.. was scared what if I find people with drugs /smoke there just like the characters of the book. :P I am thinking of going there with my camera when I finish my book. That would be a celebration time for me.

A nice place to party... To party ? Arrey, mujhe yahan Mumbai ka Geography malum nahi. Party kidhar ?

Hmmm.. "The Bachelor of Arts" sounds interesting. Will add to my looooong list of 'To Read' books. :)

You end up wanting to know what happened next... Yes, it is a very interesting book, wanted to finish off but.. it is so thick, can’t carry also.
Hey, now don’t reveal the end to me.
Maybe we can ask Roberts to write a sequel ;)

Thanks for doing the tag.

Sigma said...

Cuckoo, the reason I didnt tag BTR was because BTR was already tagged by JV who tagged me as well :-D

Hmmmm ... The Day of the Jackal ... typical Forsyth ... good one.

I didnt even try to start reading Shantaram, just because of its size :-D

Cuckoo said...

About BTR, I didn't find his name in your list so tagged him. There were so many other victims. My one tag gone waste. :((

About Shantaram, you must read it. A good book. Buy & read would be a better advice. :P

M O H A N said...

Sorry cukoo,
Some other time as you say since I dont any books of any nature!!!

BTW, thanks for tagging me though. Reading the local daily before end of day is my achievement most days!

M O H A N said...

Sorry cukoo,
Some other time as you say since I dont read any books of any nature!!!

BTW, thanks for tagging me though. Reading the local daily before end of day is my achievement most days!

Aditi said...

wohoo i got spared.. but wow 3 books concurrently reading eh? i can never read more then one at the same time.. call it attention deficit disorder.. hmm

Cuckoo said...

It is ok. Some other time ? I'll remember that. :)

Just before you Mohan has said NO to the tag. Wanna pickup ?
Waise, don't be so happy. I still have some pending tags. :)

Well, for all practical purposes treat it as two books. :|

Fleiger said...

I don’t like pending work.
It took me second reading to read that "pending" word. ;)

Well, given that I have the series to complete (and current plans will take me to 10 more posts), 2 tags (one from you, one from silverine) to finish and 10 book reviews pending (apart from college work), I guess I will pass ;)

Cuckoo said...

Well, it depends on your priority. At present I guess it is the series. ;)

Prashanth M said...

even I too got tagged by Sigma...

Anonymous said...

oh i love that movie of jackal!!
soooo cool :)
it was fun tag, cuckoo-chan.

Bendtherulz said...

Your Tag is DONE !!

desh said...

tht shantaram has no end...
i wonder hw th movie turns out to b though