Friday, April 06, 2007

Let Me Commit the Crime !

Not again !! I wonder why people think it is their birthright to intrude in others personal matters.

Mumbai police !! I am asking you. People holding hands in a remote corner or in public. Why & how does it affect you ? Do you have a definite answer to it ? Well, they are spoiling the society. Right ?

Let me tell you, the society is already spoilt.

- By those who in the name of religion burnt the trains & other public properties & killed innocent people. Remember Godhra or Babri Masjid ?
- By those who in the name of love for sports damage private properties.
- By that Pandher who raped young children and got them killed by his servant.
- By that Amar Mani Tripathi who in spite of being proved the father of unborn foetus of murdered Madhumita is given ticket to contest elections. Oh I forgot, he didn’t commit the biggest crime of holding hands, he only got her killed.
- And what about that Sunil More of your own department who raped a young girl on Marine Drive ? She had not even held hands with her male friends.
- What about the ugly incident that took place at the Gateway on New Years eve ? Hundreds of men grappling a helpless female ? Where were you at that time ?

Seriously, don’t you have any other work than to harass those poor couples ?

Look at these pictures. Please click on them to have full view. How far they had to go to have a few moments of privacy. I have plenty of such pictures taken on different days, different places. No, I didn’t break the limits. All taken by zoom. I took the photos because I love them all. I love them for being themselves and being in love.

I wish to do the same one day.. go there, hold hands and probably kiss my man.. and

Mumbai Police !! Warning you. Don’t you dare come near me.

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Aditi said...

Well its all the murky territory of moral policing.. and unfortunately its going to get worse

Alok said...

I wish to do the same one day.. go there, hold hands and probably kiss my man.. and ..
:) ha ha ha..lots of good luck.

Sigma said...

Oh my dear ... such "illogical" questions ? from the logical one ??
It has become almost an unwritten rule - an absolute power is enjoyed by those having the mildest political clout, and those in the police uniform, ethics and honesty not withstanding. The Common Man can just watch helplessly, as in the R K Laxman cartoons.
The Nanda guy who crushed people under his BMW is enjoying his freedom in foriegn lands. Why did Jessica Lal murder case took so longer to be given a verdict? Does a person exist in this country who does not know who killed Nitish Katara?
One guy commits 23 (or maybe more) murders inside the house in Nithari - and most of those cases were never even registered. (And Amitabh Bachhan exalts UP - jurm yahan kam hai.)
A colleague of mine mildly hit the car of some SP party workers in heavy traffic, and their bumper came loose. It was their mistake as they had braked suddenly, but my colleague ended up paying for a complete bumper.

Fleiger said...

"Anything you say or type might be used against you in court of law". Remember that ;)

And come on, you pay the police a pittance, ask them to work ungodly hours, then walk in front of them strutting while they don't know when will they see their wives/girlfriends , and then not expect them to get cranky? They are humans too after all...

bachodi said...

It is common for all polices, not only mumbai cops. I remember reading about kerala police ordered to "stich the side of salwar kameez " so that legs are not exposed ( in ernakulam DIst as i remember )

and kissing in public ... Oh horror horror . Indian culture is destroyed.. ;-)

Cuckoo said...

Hmmm me too think so.

Glad to see you here again. :D

ha ha ha..lots of good luck.. Thank you. *Blushing profusely now*

They don’t know where to concentrate or what is more important to do ?

"Anything you say or type might be used against you in court of law".. Oh, I am in a mood to commit a crime.

They are humans too after all... Yes, yes & that’s why they eye on other girls instead of eyeing on real criminals ?

Welcome. Again have you found it difficult to comment here ?

and kissing in public ... Oh horror horror . Indian culture is destroyed.. Yes, I am a bit adamant to destroy it. ;)

Fleiger said...

Oh, I am in a mood to commit a crime.
Anti-social element....

that’s why they eye on other girls instead of eyeing on real criminals ?
Tell me, a cute girl and a hardened criminal (most probably with moustache and beard)... Who would you prefer to look at?

Oh, and the culprit for "hanging" is definitely the music player. Maybe you should ask others too...

Cuckoo said...

Anti-social element.... That I am ;)

Who would you prefer to look at? Ohh so much on their side. By any chance, do you have any plans to join Mumbai police ?

Ranjeet Adkar said...

Way to go Cuckoo! Appreciate your spirit and agree with you 100%!

Sugarlips said...

Its very common in police departments Cuckoo not only in India but in Paksitan too...If they see a girl or guy together a bit closer they ask for nikahnama...Can u believe it?

Stay Beautiful...!

Cuckoo said...

Thank you. Thank you. :))

Yes, you are right. These two countries are so close in every way. I wish they invest their energy & 'knowledge' positively to some more constructive things.

Fleiger said...

And you are so proud of it??? Hmm...

And I can look at the man behind the uniform...

Maverick said...

i completely n totally agree ! privacy is something we all need. when we have our private moments the police better stay away but on the flip side many couples do go far away frm just holding hands and when u do tht in public parks where there are families n children a stone throw away, everyone feels rather uncomfortable. i knw how uncomfortable did i feel when i saw a couple making out in the park, especially when my parents were by my side.

like everything else, love is beautiful and can be expressed beautifully in public when it stays in limit. when it crosses those it becomes porn.

Anonymous said...

hello there. wassup babe

Jiwateshwar Singh said...

our society is really diverse. diffrnt cultures, diffrnt languages, class of peoples, the caste etc. it is all so devided. i wonder if there is any 1 thing that unites us all!
what is right for one man is wrong for another. it is okay to have diffrnt points of view, but what makes it bad is the fact that we tend to impose our point of view upon others in teh society. let me use an example for the point of view thing. a jehadi terrorist. suicide bomber. killed many innocent people. so he dead. does he goto heaven or hell. well i think he deffinately will go to heaven. why? coz he sacrificed his life for what was god to him, for what was taught to him to be gods will gods way. he gave up his life for wht he was taught is right. so where does it put this issue of holding hands in public and kissin etc. well im not sure. the best i cud think of was mf hussain.
once when askd on tele as to why he neva wears chappals he replied
"coz i feel comfortable with my feet naked"
when askd again as to why he wore cloathes then? a quick reply
"so that u feel comfortable"
.make any sense?

Cuckoo said...

And I can look at the man behind the uniform... man behind the uniform or man in the uniform ? :P

Yes, if someone is within decency limits then it should not be a problem to anyone.

Sorry, I avoid anonymous people.

I welcome you to my blog. Thanks for a long comment. You took time & pains to write it but I am sorry I could not get you completely.

Oh yes, our society is very diverse but for some basic rules where they all agree. E.g. showing affection in public, man is superior to woman etc. Only the new generation is trying to break it not only because they want to be rebellious but for some other factors as well. And I appreciate them.
Your example of jehadi is invalid here as he was killing other people (though he was very much right in his own thinking as you have rightly put). I am talking about the innocent couples who are in love & want to spend some quiet moments with each other. They are NOT harming anyone & don’t have any place to go. Also, they are not crossing the limits of decency in public.
Oh to me, they are spreading the message of love. If I see them, I would like to fall in love again & again.

Thanks for dropping by. I hope I can see more of you here. Keep coming.

Bendtherulz said...

Greetings Cuckoo !!
Way to go...! Lil bit sad that at one point we talk about voting age to be as 18 and then we sort of go on Moral policing...!
I was reading this travelogue where this lady has written that " smooching is not allowed even on silver screen - however some of the deities and temple carvings are pretty explitive...."
And yeah - consentual couples in open are not allowed - however rapist cum murderer can go their free way....!
Go ahead and do what you feel like - however be careful....!!

Jeseem said...

sad but true.
indian police and much of society is still stuck in hypocrite culture.
well only way to change it is to make it so common that people just accept it. so cuckoo contribute to the movement :)