Sunday, August 06, 2006

Somethings that I long to do one fine day ;)

People have numerous things on their mind what they want to do (with or without pun intended). I am no exception. Not that I am incompetent; I can do & achieve almost all of my so-called “dreams”, all of them are doable but somehow the golden opportunity has been evading me.

Though my entire list is quite long, following are a few things I would like to do NOW, Just now.

1. Traveling on a bael-gaadi (bullock-cart). If you happen to be in Delhi during night time on ring road, sometimes you can see hordes of such carts with long iron girders with red cloth & a lantern hanging at the end giving a warning sign. They move at such a slow speed that anyone who knows walking can overtake them. I have always wanted to go home on one of those.

2. Read a cheap roadside Hindi novel by an unknown author e.g. Jawani ki raaten, Khoon bhari dastaan. Out of curiosity, I just want to know what is there in these novels that makes them saleable and hot property & why so many people in India still buy, read and enjoy them? So then, why can’t I be one of them ;) at least for a day?

3. Sleep on a beach (clean beach ofcourse!! :)) in a moonlit night. Yes, I want to sleep one day ooops sorry one night on a lonely beach staring at the stars, listening to the waves, lost in my own thoughts but no dogs around me please. I am aware it’s extremely difficult task to be alone, especially in India, considering my friendly neighbours like crabs, snails, dogs and some “manly” creatures who would want to give me unwanted company all the time. I can imagine the morning after, but still I want to do it. It’s in my wishlist. ;)

4. Meet a criminal. Yeah, I want to meet, shake hands, speak and spend a day with a hardcore & notorious criminal in his cell, again out of curiosity. I want to see them closely. Want to analyze their minds. Want to share their pains or whatever they call it. Even to think of it, it has already started giving me goose bumps but I think I can manage it with my head held high (If it remains attached to my shoulder after meeting him).

5. Sing on a crowded road in rains. Rains fascinate me and I want to sing loudly when it’s raining heavily (read pouring) during peak evening hours, and create a traffic jam. And there’s no better place than Mumbai to carry out this lovely activity. The roads I have short listed are S V Road, Andheri-chakala/saki naka, Milan subway, Gandhi Nagar crossing which are always under construction and full of lovely pot holes. I don’t give a damn to the policeman standing there or people shouting at me. I just want to do it once.

Current song- Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhaagi Si, Soti Raton Mein Jaagi Si – Kishore


Mayank said...

Nice post :)) This is my first visit here. You have a nice good looking wishlist. May God bless you with all your wishes ;) Waiting for your whole wishlist.

The Wanderer said...

Thanks for leaving a comment. Your blog looks much much better and informative than

I havent been updating it lately, but will once my bike trip over the Himalayas is done in Sept.

Cuckoo said...

Many Thanks for your visit. You'll have to wait for quite some before my whole wishlist comes online. There are many other things eagrly waiting for the same ;)

Well, if you think so, I assure you of lots more information in future. Keep dropping by and Thanks. :)

Priyam said...

Nice post. I liked the last two wishes very much. I want to see you singing there ;) Keep going.

SiD said...

'meet a criminal..'. well i would like to meet osama... and ask him what drives him to do all these killings... what is his motive...
ofcourse... I would have to kill him when I meet him... (or is it the other way rond..;) )

singing in a crowded place... thats straight out of a hindi movie...i think u shud do it.. may be some producer/director passing by notices you and...... who knows ur next blog may be - "My Debut Movie"!!

Cuckoo said...

Priyam & SiD,

Oh yeah, I am dying to do that before the rains are over. I'll invite you two for the muhurt shot. :)

Bendtherulz said...

Rains have come and gone, Cuckoo has flown to 1-2 places as well....(Nashik) - so may be she found some ride...on....

So - what have you done so far from your " Long to do list"....!!

Cuckoo said...

Heyy Where have you been these days? Not to be seen?

Well, they are still sitting nicely in my wishlist... and my "Long to do list" is becoming longer & longer day by day. :(((((((((((

Bendtherulz said...

Just being silent reader...and trying to leave comments on the long forgotten about posting a sequel to your " wishes" list....!

:(((((( - such long face...nah doesn't go with your " nose in air"!

Cuckoo said...

Oh my silent reader, :P
Do you really think I have my "nose in air" ??... lol

Bendtherulz said...

YUP :-)

So wassup - still busy ????

Alok said...

:) oh God !!!!

allll this certainly qualifies as khatarnak , n tht criminal fantasy,
all i can ssay this may be its something close to khalnayak khatarnak ,

keeeep coming up.

Cuckoo said...

Hey come on, what is khatarnak in this except for meeting the criminal ? That too is manageable if I take 10-12 people along with me. Coming ?? :P

Have you seen those bullock-carts in Delhi which I am talking about ? I would love to take a round of ring road on that. :))

Sigma said...

He he he!! Nice one!! specially the one on "jawani ki raatein, khoon bhari daastaan" etal ....
I have done one of the others - singing on an overcrowded bus/train ... but in chorus - with group of friends :-)

bEAST said...

Hahaha, maine yeh sab kuch kia hai :), bas that roadside novel get left out due to my limited skills in dealing with devnagri script and the fact that I dont really read much novels. :)
Always loved beaches and hammocks! Half way thru the nite found ants climbing onto me, ran like hell and didnt atempt nything later :)

Cuckoo said...

He he he..

No, the chorus thing is too common. I want to do a traffic jam... all alone :P

Oh you are damn so lucky chap !!
Hmmm.. reading is one of my interests but could never get my hands on these types of books probably I am too nervous to shop for one.
And which criminal you shook your hands with ?

Ants... Ha Ha… that was interesting. Can very well imagine you running helter skelter.

bEAST said...

Ahm ahm, those type of books? Well you can try to get em off the internet. Actually I tried and I got some as well. Hindi X rated stories, but wouldn't really be gentlemanly of myself to hand it over to you :)

Hey, you doubting me? Not fair! Heard of Veerappan? I have met him, when I was a small child, around 8-10 years old, met him at my own house :)
Heard of the Jaiswar Pajama Murder Case? Mohini is a fmaily friend :), we are the ones who got her out of prison :)
Met many criminals, and they are all high profile ppl, cant take their names here :)
There is much more to me than what I can publicly blog about :)

Cuckoo said...

wouldn't really be gentlemanly of myself to hand it over to you... So nice of you. :-)

No, I don't doubt now about your friendliness with those criminals. :P
Would want to know more, if not publicly then offline ?