Thursday, October 18, 2007

No ! Don’t Leave Me Alone

No ! You cannot go like this. You can not leave me alone ! How could you do this to me ? Is it so easy for you ? Was our bond so weak ?
Is it over ? Over within months ? No, not for me. I so much loved you, cared for you.… from bottom of my heart. You knew it, right ? Then ? Then what happened ? Tell me, what wrong have I done ? Tell me why you left me all of a sudden, why you kept mum ? You know, your absolute silence nearly killed me.

You, my dark & handsome mate.. my very own. You were different from others and that's why I chose you.. not paying heed to how others tried to attract me. I was so much fascinated by your darker than average skin colour. The glow, the radiance on your face always brightened me up. I even loved your occasional anger… your nakhraa’s.

We were in perfect harmony with each other... Oh, how can I forget those moments of intimacy when we together used to create magic ? There was no stopping once we got going. We so loved being with each other.
After that magical experience with you, it is very hard to even think of something else. If you wanted to go, could you not go amicably ?

I am yet to recover from the utter shock you gave me that day.

Obituary – This is a notification of untimely demise of my dear lovable optical mouse a few days back. May his soul rest in peace. I guess the mourning was quite long and this was the emotion I was going through.

Note - Thank you all for waiting, withstanding and writing me mails and messages. Won’t be able to reply to all of you individually. Thanks for all your concerns. I am alive & kicking.

And I am listening to one of my favourite songs. Oh I just love this oldie. So intense.

Current song- Lag Ja Gale Ki Fir Ye Haseen Raat Ho Na Ho – Lata Mangeshkar
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Keshi said...

**This is a notification of untimely demise of my dear lovable optical mouse a few days back

LOL this explains my current post. Have a read Cuckoo.

Sorry abt the demise btw :)


~nm said...

I knew there was something fish when I first started reading such dramatic lines! But I never thought of a mouse. I thought of a cellphone, your iPOD, your laptop but not a mouse :)

Mike said...


Maverick said...

i knew u were talkin about something like this. So i scrolled down, read the conclusion and then read the premises. clever ha? btw my mate has got a trasparent skin, u know the one thru which u can see all the ICs and stuff. I wonder what will i write when it does :)

Aditi said...

aww so sorry... i know the pain of losing a beloved computer accessory..

Abhijit said...

Lovely post! first I thought it was seriously about someone fictitious human...:-)

Peter said...

At least a mouse is fairly easy to replace! Easier to replace than many other things in life!
A very good and inspired text!

SiD said...

hmm.... nice comeback.. ;)
and mouse ki chitta ko aag lagayi hai ya dafnaya hai??? :-)
on demise of one of my 'rolly' polly mouse, I had taken out the ball, cracked the rubber cover over the mouse ball and kept the shining steel ball (which is there inside) as a memento!! :)

keep them coming...

desh said...

read one like this earlier but tht was for bike

nice to cu back, without any glitches i hope

anyway cuckoo it seems sm script runs when i open up ur blog, have a look!

it slows down the browser, so its better readin of feeds

adi said...

may the departed soul rest in peace
and yes,
that song is one of THE song. pakka.

Praveen G K said...

I thought it was your blog!!!! Mouse is ok!! Don't worry too much :-)

Cuckoo said...

Lol… Yeah, I am glad that I am already born and won’t have to face that situation. ;)

Arrey, Why not mouse? And I don’t blog from cellphone etc. Not an addict I guess. :P

Aaaah ! Now who’s saying this? Ooops *Rolling eyes*


You a clever guy, I know that. ;)
Ha Ha… you’ll have to write about its anatomy. :P Yucks.. I hate those intestines. ;)

*Sob sob*

Cuckoo said...

Thank you. :-)

Fictitious human ?? What’s that ? Mala mahite naahi. :P

BTW, the mouse was very dear to me. :( I am still crying.

Welcome back. Ohhh my dear mouse. :(

Thank you for liking the post. :-)

Na aag lagayi aur na hee dafnaya hai. Abhi bhi maine use seene se lagaya hai. :(

Ohh this one rhymed. Wow ! I am becoming better & better. ;)

Waise, I liked your idea, will do that. Thanks. Waise, kuch note kiya aapne yahan ?

Ohh never came across.

Oh, that is b’coz of java applet for those missing children I have on my blog. Will try to shift it further down. No other way.

Yeah, I need those crying shoulders. :(

Thank you for liking the song. :)

Oh thank you for so kind words and consoling me. Yet to recover from the shock. :(

Priyank said...

I had a nice plastic ruler that I used since grade 8 until second year of engineering. Thats 7 years! Imagine my sorrow when it broke...!

Sigma said...

ha ha! Knew it had to be something like that, going by all the drama! :-)
Though I resisted the temptation to scroll till the end to find the answer :-)

Madhavi said...

Good one...i too first thought some emotional thng has been lined up for us bt gud gud inko (as in mouse n keyboard) ko imprtnce nahi dete glad u did such a deed...inspirational truly hehe..
:P & :)

deepti said...

hey cuckoo...
even i love that song. hope a new birth has taken place...
so how has life been?

GuNs said...

Haah... I guessed it was anything but a human being in the first line itself.

[:-P]Problem of plenty, you see... everyone seems to be doing these kind of posts.


starry nights said...

Interesting write up.

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Oh, sweetie, I am so sorry for your loss - I know you don't think it now, but you are still so young, your tender heart will one day mend again. You will play with many's a mouse before you finally settle down, believe me (wink).

Ranjeet said...

Nice one! You got 'em!

GMG said...

Glad to see you back alive and kicking... ;)
Sorry, I didn't tag you. But I suspect Peter or someone else will do it... ;))
Thanks for your comments on Blogtrotter!

Maverick said...

heres what i do to read ur blog: my blog, hit on the link to ur blog.
2.go to bathroom, take ur time no hurry.
3.comeback to ur laptop, and read the blog.

what's with all the javascript u've put into ur blog until the browser breaks? I think u've addressed it before, but ur blog is loading up really slow and my it takes all my system resources while it loads and doesnt allow me to do anything else.

Blogbharti said...

Cuckoo chirps eloquently to her lost love:
"We were in perfect harmony with each other… Oh, how can I forget those moments of intimacy when we together used to create magic ? There was no stopping once we got going. We so loved being with each other."

Go give her some support! :)

Merisi said...

That rascal! Leaving you hanging like this. Cuckoo, you deserve better. Get a young one, fresh out of the box. So much more fun than dragging that old mouse around.

Cuckoo said...

Oh yes, I can imagine it. :(

Drama ? Arrey, My heart is broken and you think it is a drama ? :(
Never expected this from you ;)

Glad that you could resist the temptation to scroll down. Hee Hee..


Thank you for your whole hearted support.

Yes, of course new birth has taken place but I am still under depression.

Thank you for loving the song. Do you & Alok have so much in common ? ;)

Ohh I never do bloghopping so didn’t know it else I would not have. Also, my posts are inspired by real life incidents.

Ha Ha… You made me laugh. I was reeling through severe depression. Ohhh my dear mouse. :(

Thank you.

I am already tagged by two for that one. Let me see how many times can a person get killed ? ;)

Ohh earlier it was because of the music player, I removed it. Now it is because of the missing children’ info.

I have removed it for the time being. Now, tell me, is it still taking time ?

Oh my mouse !! I am still holding his dead body. :|

Corey~living and loving said...

LOL that is so funny! :) Thanks for the laugh.

also, thank you for coming by my blog. :) I appreciate your nice words. :)
have a great day!

ozlady said...

that's a coincidence - mine died on the same day!!!

RIP mouse with eyes (optical mouse)

Anonymous said...

i thought ur mom has passed away and freak out lol
soooooo funny!!

Cuckoo said...

Welcome abroad !!

Thanks for liking the post and you are welcome.

Keep coming.

I can understand your pain.

You bad girl,, you killed my mother, eh ?? ;)

Ashish Soni said...

something similar happened with Bittu....i mean my PC...


Cuckoo said...


Anonymous said...

Very funny post. And a tremendous blog. Blogrollin ya :)

Sam said...

nice obituary!! ;)

Priyank said...

Yea, the site is defi faster now

Pyare Mohan said...

My deepest condolences for the untimely demise of your dark and handsome mouse. I am sure both of you 'clicked' very well... I hope u recover soon! (sob)

backpakker said...

Im terribly sorry for your loss ...

Ajith said...

oh..U nearly broke my heart ;)