Saturday, October 06, 2007

Expectations Unfulfilled

Off late there have been some strong arguments on my blog on some of my recent posts. Some of you have gladly adorned me with adjectives gifts like being dumb, partial and what not.
Some of you have even accused me of not visiting your blogs in last 1 week or of not making my visits more than a weekly affair. There is much more to it, will write some other time. Come on, grow up & give me a break !! I have already told you the no. of blogs I visit. I try my best to be there on your blogs when there is a new post.
Even if I am not commenting, I read your posts through reader. How can you expect me to mark my daily attendance on your blogs even when there is no new post ? I am a human not a machine and please remember, it is NOT an obligation that I HAVE to comply with. I am working, studying, juggling with so many other things and once again I reiterate - blogging is NOT my first priority.

I am pained when people take some of my posts personally. I fail to understand why only a few, very few of you have problems in comprehending my posts or comments ? Why do you misinterpret me ?
To me, all of us are human beings first and then anything else. I’ll be the last person to distinguish people on the basis of religion, caste, race, colour etc. then why do you bestow your frustrations and angers, whatever be the reason, on me ? If you can’t understand what a witty smiley is for, then probably the problem is at your end, not mine.
A request again.. if you don’t understand my posts or don’t like my crap writings, please refrain yourself from coming here & commenting. And I don’t think I can be more blunt than this.

On one hand my blog is the only Indian blog to have continuously featured in first 50 of World Aussiejourno's Weekly Blog Awards since its inception and on the other hand I am being misinterpreted by my own people readers. It hurts, it really hurts.

I am ashamed of myself for having such readers on my blog.

P.S.- I’ll try to finish off replying to ALL the comments by the end of this weekend.
Thank you and have fun.

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adi said...

trying to put my foot into the mouth, i think atleast u shud allow all the replies/comments u got on this post
and, if i've in any way, hurt u, ever, i sincerely aplogise for that.
pls take care.

Craver Vii said...

Were the comments off before? I was going to leave a comment (which I have forgotten now) and could not.

A said...


Anonymous said...

my god, that is annoying!
i also feel like saying "please dont come to my blog!" to someone.
(i dont really want to read his blog). *sigh*
however fan is a fan. they like u cuckoo-chan and they want to see how uve been doing.
so we gotta be forgiving :P

Cuckoo said...

:) I allowed, but a little late and why are you apologizing ? I don’t think you have done anything.

Chill now !! Waise bhi Dilli mein sardiyaan aa rahi hain. ;)

Oh yes, they were off initially but when I saw people could not refrain themselves from saying something on this post & started commenting on other posts, I opened the comments whenever it was possible for me to log in, but I guess it was too late.


Your wonderful smile made me smile too. It looks familiar to me. Do I know you ? Are you the same ? I can't see your profile.
Jitna chhota naam, utna hee chhota comment. :)

Thank you nikichan.
Well, whose fan ? If this is the way to like, then I am sorry.

sam said...

hey cuckoo.. how have u been??
luks lyk u too were off teh scene!!
well never mind girl!! and remember one thing "kuch to log kahenge, logo ka kaam hai kehna...."
and i'm mighty sorry for not being arnd at all.... been totally busy working, studying and dealing with a few other issues.... really hardly have anythingleft in me to sit in front of a comp.... just me, my girl and my guitar!! :)
catch ya soon!!

SiD said...

I thought u would be the last person to get affected by some anti-cuckoo comments..
Don't forget what you wrote on the right side of your blog long time back when u started this blog..
It says: "This blog belongs to ME and it has my take and views as I see the world"
This is your space.. And as u rightly said.. If you can’t understand what a witty smiley is for, then probably the problem is at your end, not mine..
so just chill chill... arrey yaar.. acha yaad dilaya.. kitne din se yeh gaana nahi suna!! ;)

Cuckoo said...

Yes, I was.

well never mind girl!! and remember one thing "kuch to log kahenge, logo ka kaam hai kehna...." .. Yes, I know that very well but sometimes pani sir ke upar chala jata hai.

Hmmm.. so, how's your girl then ? Not asking about you. You are rocking, I know for sure. ;)

Cuckoo said...

Whatever you said here, I agree and am aware of it very well. I still vouch for that.
But then the reality is that I had to enable comment moderation which I hate to do. *Sigh*

Baki baatein offline. ;)

Catmoves said...

cuckoo I'm so sorry you've been hit by hate and fishing bloggers. I personally enjoy your posts but here's a fact about writing that may not have occurred to you or those you think may be offending you: It is not easy to communicate what you personally think in writing.
What is funny or amusing to you, may offend someone else's mindset. We humans are products of our environment and education.
Mark Twain (whom I consider the number one humorist of all time) pointed out that humor writing is the most difficult undertaking one can attempt.
Imagine then, what serious writing is to the serious minded. A trap, a quicksand.
BTW, I'd like you to remember that I stole your sidebar (with a link to this site) because I thought it said what I wanted to say. Just much better than I could say it. There are plenty of us who think you're great girl. Please don't let the b******s get you down.