Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A, B and C

Who was he to me ? Nobody. I had never seen him, never heard him or never really had chatted with him in true sense.
He doesn’t know how I look like or how I sound or for that matter any personal detail of me. He knew my birthday was round the corner, kept asking for it. It came & went but I never told him. I knew he could get all the info from somebody else but he did not.

First time when he came to my blog, he wrote a lengthy comment on one of my posts. To be honest, I could not fully understand the link between his comment and the post; wondered what he was trying to convey, never paid any heed to him.
Then our first meeting happened on a common friend A’s blog which apparently turned out to be the battle ground of our digital war.

The blog owner A was away from blogosphere & was not responding to comments made by us and this guy B had started getting impatient. I won’t describe the incident but I found B’s comments about A very rubbish. After some days A came back from hiatus and apologized to me [C] on B’s behalf. At that time, I had even lectured A for having friends like B. And then A told me [C] the other side of B. Apparently, I came to know that those two guys (A & B) are very close friends and hence, understood the reason behind that type of arguments. Oh well, it is permitted between two friends. ;)

Nevertheless, I didn’t have a good first impression of B. To me, he was a person who could pickup a fight with anyone without any reasons.
Anyhow, B started frequenting my blog, I gave a couple of courtesy visits to his & then we two became regular at each other’s blog. In next three months I gradually realized that B was not as bad as I had thought initially... in fact, he was better than many of us. My views about him had changed significantly.

In the recent times when I was going through a low, I can proudly say that B was the only person who stood by me in real sense, stood like a rock fighting with others for me and always cheering me up. He stood for the moral values his parents had instilled in him.

Why did he do so ? I had never asked him for anything. He could have also, like many others, kept mum and just been a watcher from a distance. But no. He took all the brunt & abuses upon himself. And I, very well know what he would have done had he really got a chance to act further.

B, I very well remember what you narrated about your father once; but B, I also know now that it is difficult for you not to jump off the train following those miscreants. :)

Today, no words can describe how much regards and respect I have for B or what I think of him.

Just one word, I can not say anymore.


For people who are still struggling to get the A, B, C of this post.

A = A dear common friend
B = The protagonist of this post
C = Cuckoo

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~nm said...

Quite an amusing post :)

And hey, you been awarded "The schmooze Award"

Craver Vii said...

Ahhh, I c... No wait; that's you, isn't it?

Corey~living and loving said...

I am proud to say that I followed that all the way thru. :) I am fairly certain I didn't mix up my A,B,C's. :)
Sometimes....I think we do have the chance to change our first impression. :)

Cuckoo said...

Thank you very much for the award. I am honoured. I'll write a post abt it in a few days time. :)

Yup !!

Welcome again !! Hmmm... You are quite smart !!

Yes, you are right. :)

Thanks for your visit. Keep coming.

Ranjeet said...

Hey Cuckoo, I am glad that you got a chance to re-visit your impressions about someone else and that you took it. You are broad minded enough to not let the first impression cloud your thought-process and further actions. Life is a wonderful teacher, isn't it?

Maverick said...

Now i know you were talking about me. Mention not please. I'm shy at accepting compliments :blush:blush:

Praveen G K said...

Good to know you have good friends :-) That's what matters in the end.

Perceptions change, and it is always good, if it changes for the better!!! :-)

Good luck on blogging!

Ash said...

Nothing like genuine friends, isnt it ??

SiD said...

Well... i Guess I know who A, B, C are here...
and yes.. a brave thing he did by standing up and providing full support...
kudos to 'B'

Keshi said...

very interesting Cuckoo!


Pyare Mohan said...

This looks straight out of a Yash Raj movie!!!
On a serious note, yes, friendships that build over time are the strongest... Kudos to
A, B and C!!

Peter said...

It's nice to have a "B" or a few "B"s around! It would also be nice to feel that you can be a "B" for someone!

Pijush said...

Nice post Cuckoo. Wish you Happy Dussera and will post soon (now in vacation).

Jack Sparrow said...

Honestly speaking...I find the posts on your blog too trivial to be read & do not visit it more than once in a blue moon...
But when your 'B' asked me go through this post of yours, I could not refrain myself from leaving a comment.
"You are one of the lucky ones"!

Jack Sparrow said...

"to be friends with both A & B"

Merisi said...

I didn't loose track of who's who. :-)
Anyway, this little comment boxes are not a good medium to judge a person at first sight, er, comment. Even in real life, appearances can betray. Glad you found a friend, though.

Cuckoo said...

Thank you for your views about me. I am humbled. Yes, there isn’t any great teacher like life. It teaches you the good & bad both.

Keep coming. And how come you are commenting at this odd hour ? Abroad again kya ?

Ha Ha Ha…

Yes, I agree. I am glad that I did not close my doors of perceptions after that first impression.

You said it !!

i Guess I know who A, B, C are here... Oh come on, it is written at the end of the post !! Everybody knows it now. Kidding, ok ?

I’ll convey your greetings to B. ;)

Interesting ??? Hey, hello ?

Cuckoo said...

Oh you and your movies !! Now after reading your comment I also feel so. *Rolling eyes*

I am wondering why don’t these YRF people approach me ? I have plenty of stories to give them. ;)

It would also be nice to feel that you can be a "B" for someone!.. Oh yeah, time will tell that or if anybody has experienced that s/he can tell. :-)

Hey, hope you had a wonderful Durga Pujo, waiting for your next post. Will try to drop in your questions soon.

Jack Sparrow,
Welcome after a very long period and your honest comment tells the reason for this. :-)

Well, I think he is not only mine but everybody’s B. :-)

"You are one of the lucky ones to be friends with both A & B".. Like you ? ;)
On a serious note, yes I think I am.

Ha Ha.. It wasn’t complicated. Yes, you right.

And thank you. :-)

Sigma said...

Yes, initial impressions or appearances can be deceptive. Has happened with me in real life a few times. And it has happened the other way round too.
It is easy to say that one should not judge someone by the initial impression, but it is difficult not to form any opinion. The opinions refine as you get to know a person better.

I think it is not justified to say that except for B, all others stood by in silence watching from a distance. I am not sure, but I think you are referring to the fight going on in your chit-chat box. Else, it might have been in the comments section of your post(s).
While I am not in any way undermining the effort made by B, there could be two reasons for other people not speaking up. One, people did not notice the fight. Let me take my own example - I happened to look at the chat box after ages, and I do not read all the comments on your on any other blog I visit - frankly there isn't sufficient time for that. When I follow a blog, my primary interest lies in what that blogger has to say, rather than in what other people say on his/her blog. The other reason could be that many people do not like to interfere in what they think is not their business. In genreal, it takes a courage to stand up against injustice meted out to someone else, but a lack of courage is not the only reason for not speaking up, specially if the matter is not so significant.

I think there are two ways to deal with miscreants - ignore them, and they will fall silent if they get no response. Or, expose them to the world for what they are. In the same way, to appreciate someone, thank them in a personal note, or recognize their effort openly. So frankly, I am at a loss to understand the reason of the anonymity in this story.

Ajith said...

I think I mixed up all A,B,C :) .. anyway, let me put something which I've learned from some of my experiences.. Its perfectly OK to seek opinion about a guy/gal from another common acquaintance.. But it is perfectly irrational to be influenced too much by that opinion.. Like say, I have bad opinion about certain ppl..but it doesnt mean that those ppl are actually bad..Its all perceptions :).

Anonymous said...

Good one :)

GuNs said...

Hmm if I hadn't been shaken out of my reverie by the purple colour on your template, I would have kept thinking that the post is on another blog altogether and that the post is dedicated to me as "B".

Too bad not everyone recognises.


GMG said...

A, B, C, D... Portuguese saying: "Quem vê caras não vê corações!" (Who looks at faces doesn't see hearts!)

Keshi said...

I meant it's an Interesting way that u hv written this post in..eg:A, B, C...


AJEYA RAO said...

Nice post. Happened with me too, have hated people first and then have become great friends; its probably untill we recognize and start respecting each other's differences, i guess.

Anonymous said...

It happens with most of us I feel, initially we hate someone & then they turn out to be the best of friends...Nice reading Cuckoo!

Sam said...

"All that glitters is not gold." While this has a negative lining to it... The gist is very apt in this case.
"Nothing is what it seems" - this was once a tag line of mine on Orkut.... and it fits in perfectly!!
The point is our first can always be wrong.. because for one thing we may never know why a person is behaving the way he/she is doing at that moment... wait and watch is the name of the game!!

"Your character is what you do, when no one is watching!!"

"Good friends come in all shapes and size, but often from the most unexpected corners!!"

Cheers... here is to friendship!!

backpakker said...

A, B, C of friendship..I like your personification of the characters..I guess most of us form opinions very soon..I try to be non judgemental, but I guess I always fail ..

Iceman said...

I've always sucked big time in algebra!

I am never gonna understand what u have written here! :P

Anonymous said...

You are definitely lucky that you had to change the opinion.. it is good that way instead of falling on face with an initial good opinion and then later you find the person is all about.

Pijush said...

Ya Cuckoo, I had nice time, but now feeling sad as it will come one year back. What Qs?

Sigma, Waoww.. nice detailed comment depicting another angle of it, thats the reason I like your comments so much.

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

I can honestly say I have only ever had cause to request one fellow blogger to no longer visit my site. I was more annoyed than upset, but having witnessed him also leave derogotory comments on several other sites, I knew the problem was more his than mine.

I couldn't believe how many friends then flocked to my support. Good always triumphs over that which is negative, and yes, perhaps this blogger I mention was also misunderstood. Perhaps I should have been more forgiving, and like you, given him another chance. I'm glad you both have risen above that inauspicious start and have discovered a friendship that you both obviously value.

A said...

ha ha

Tushar said...

Reminded me of a similar situation happended to me
,,,Sometimes i feel people do deserve a second chance
nice post
God Bless ya