Saturday, October 06, 2007

Little Girl

I know a pretty little girl
precious like a pearl
Who has a little curl
and sets hearts a-whirl.

She jumps barefoot in the puddle
and likes very much to cuddle.
Who stops at the sight of a daisy
and always acts like a crazy.

Makes paper planes & tries to fly
full of inquisitives why why why.
There she sat strong and calm,
silently staring at the body & its palm.

Faking the smile, hiding the pain
Off to routine there she goes again.

Current song- Arre Yaar Meri Tum Bhi Ho Ghazab – Kishore & Asha
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Leziblogger said...

Wow! just wow!

~nm said...

A very nice poem..very sweet!

And I love that song!! I've never seen the video of this song though. Will search the net to find it.

Pijush said...

Good One :-)

Ranjeet said...

Nice one, cuckoo!
The little girl grows up somewhere during the poem...

Priyank said...

The fact that I am the first person to comment on your extremely busy blog today again indicates that I get secret information of what you do, when you post, etc., so watch out.

And what was with the previous comment-disabled, emotional outburst post? I'm sure you are pretty tolerant towards others or just choose to ignore people who step over the line, but the fact that you blogged about this probably means that this is a regular phenomenon which you cannot handle anymore or a person whom you considered close acted funny.

PS: No wonder as you probably guessed, it's a type-long-sentences-until-the-reader-is-bored day today, hopefully achieving the desired intent.

Priyank said...

Ah, so the comments are being held in moderation, yeah my small memory couldnt recollect your earlier post and I ended up thinking I was the first one to comment, so now spare me the public embarrassment, not that I care much about it anyway.

Sigma said...

Sweet little song!

Sigma said...

I see you have enabled comment moderation. Perhaps the previous post gives a clue to that. There is not much, apart from moderation, you can do to deter offensive/abusive comments. I have seen people leave comments like "utter crap" on a poem someone posted at their blog. And you talk of people making heated arguments in discussions! :-)

Pyare Mohan said...


ashes said...

Nice poem. I am quite sure that that little girl is you...and in the absence of no comments yet and in the light of your previous post, I am also quite sure you are moderating comments this time.

But what quizzes me is whether you did not find time or did you not find an 'approvable' comment. And that whether this is a measure to solve your "How do you ensure to reply them back?".

Maverick said...

great poetry and i can certainly understand ur mood. And what's goin on in ur shout box?

btw lemme warn u that its very easy to fake as someone else in the shoutbox.

Praveen G K said...

Hey CUckoo,

Wish life was really that simple :-)

Nice one,

Iceman said...

Don't wanna say anything... coz I don't know what 2 say! Its just awesome!

Just an after thought...

You grew up way too fast
And now there's nothing to believe
You could hide beside me
Maybe for a while
And I won't tell no one your name
And I won't tell 'em your name

Lets see if u see this as an answer or a question 2 ur lines... :P

bEAST said...

Now is the girl in poem yourself? I think yes. the pink frock in the picture sure does match with the one you are wearing in the cartoon. hehe
Hey, don't give a damn about bad readers. Remember the "Points of view" post. So what category would fit into here? Lolz
Be happy.. cheers

bEAST said...

comments being moderated?? gosh

Abhijit said...

Nice poem, Cuckoo! I like to see children much to learn from them...innocence mainly!

GMG said...

Letting comments for the weekend would damage your health? Well dear, that's what I'm condemned to... this week because I was out professionally in a somehow unusual destination...
Trying to recover some time, I’m posting on Germany (Koblenz, December 2005) on Blogtrotter.
Have a great week!

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Oh sweetie, I'm posting here, as I can't on your previous one. Don't take unhurtful, stupid comments on board - we all get them. Look at all the pleasure so many folk obviously receive from reading your blog, and discount those few who are laying their own problems off on to you. Keep doing what you do - it's a lot, and more than enough for anyone with at least half a brain! ((hugs))

bendtherulz said...


I am glad that the girl though is faking her smile - has the grit in her -May be this is the time to say Chak de !! Never ever change the way you are.
Seriously , if people can't handle your post/comments that' their issue - not yours !!

Beautiful words as always...!
Tk care ~

ps - rofl on 20/20 ( comment section) just reminded me of this new ad which is coming on tv it you will know what I am saying...ha ha...!

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

the girl with a curl, huh?

adi said...

and we all know who she is ;)

Craver Vii said...

Ah, so that's where the little wet footprints came from!

Prashant said...

Good verse!!!!!!

Smiles :)

hpy said...

I tagged you today.

Aashi said...

cute... :D

btw i have a task 4 u :)

pls take a look at this

desh said...

nice one cuckoo :)

starry nights said...

WOW! a beautiful poem.loved it.

Anonymous said...

awesome pic & poem, cockoo-chan!!
i loved paper planes too when i was small..

maverick said...

hey cuckoo, have been checkin out ur blog daily. c'mon ab maan bhi jao. kisi ka gussa hum par na dikhao.

why dont you start it all fresh? just like a beautiful morning with a cup of coffee. The aura of it will repel all the bad smells coming in and ur blog will start blooming again.

Cuckoo said...

Thank you very much. :)

Thank you very much.
:) You seem to have many things in common with me. :)

Thank you.

I think you learnt a lesson there. ;) Even I used to jump off with the joy initially.

Of those two long comments, you haven’t written anything for the poem. :(

Thank you.

Yes, I had seen that crap comment on your blog which was nothing as compared to the things that have happened here in last 2 weeks or so. If need be, let us talk privately. ;)

Thank you !!

Thank you very much for liking the poem.

Yes, I was moderating comments. Well, a very few comments can not make the whole lot as ‘unapprovable’. Actually, I wasn’t near my comp for various reasons.

sam said...

hey a nice one.. though i find teh intro of pain too sudden!!

Cuckoo said...

Thank you Maverick ji. :)

Shout box was shouting at its best. And let me tell you, no fakes here.. Some people wanted to become heroes.

Thank you. Oh yes, wish it was so simple… free of everything. :)

Oh oh thank you. Thank you.

And that was a good one !!

Heyy I saw your sister’s wedding photographs. Beautiful !!! Thanks for sharing them.

Now is the girl in poem yourself?... Guess guess.. :P Even if it is me, it isn’t b’coz of the colour of the frock. Lolz.

Oh well, I remember that ‘Point of View’. ;) Lekin is point ne toh saare lines cross kar liye. :P
I wish I could have left my comments unmoderated at that time.

Thank you Abhijit. You like to ‘see’ children playing? I want to be one of them. :-)

Leaving comments for the weekends… well, yes they are hazardous to my health simply b’coz I won’t be able to cope up with them. ;)

Will visit your site in a few days time.

Cuckoo said...

Thank you so much for your support and kind words.

Yes, I agree with you and I’ll keep doing what my heart tells me to do.
Thanks a lot.

Thank you so much for your kind words and thank you for liking the poem.

Reliance??.. Which ad ? Didn't get you. :(

Toothless Wonder,
Yup !! :)

You haven't told me when are you going to have your teeth back ? :P


so that's where the little wet footprints came from! Oh yes, you guessed it right !!

Thank you. Where have you been ? Eid ka chaand ho gaye aap to.

Smiles. :)

Awww sweet lady. Thank you for tagging me. Yours is the 10th pending tag I have but this one is an easy one. So, this tag will supersede many others. :-)

Cuckoo said...

Thank you.

Heyy you too ?? Tell me you didn’t come here to tag me, eh? 11th in line. Will do it when its turn comes, OK? :)

Thanks for the tag.

Thank you Desh. :)

Wow !! I am elated to see you here after so long !! How have you been & how’s your sister doing now?

Thanks for liking the poem. Make your visits more often.

Thank you nikichan.
There are so many things of our childhood that we want to do again. Isn’t it ?

Ha Ha… That was quite a pep up !! But don’t think I came b’coz you offered me that coffee. :P

And your Hindi is not bad. I always used to wonder how you used to read Hindi poems. Now I know. :)

Heyy Sam, where have you been ?

Thank you for the poem. Well, pains generally come suddenly. :-) Don't they ?

Anonymous said...

lovely have crafted life so beautifully...really a nice one!

Maverick said...

I've been brought up in the border of andhra pradesh and maharashtra, and more often than not, the common language which all the friends knew was hindi. So im quite used to it, so much so tht sometimes i replace telugu words with hindi words cos i easily get them. So i can probably speak hindi as good as you. and tht too in a dilli wala accent not hyderabadi :)

Sigma said...

No, dear Cuckoo, I wasn't talking of the stupid comment on my blog. Heck, it was not even my poem :-)
I had seen it on some one else's blog, who had written a poem and posted it.

We can talk whenever you like ... you have my gmail id.

Sameera said...

That's a sweet poem :)

Cuckoo said...

Thank you. :-)

Oh that’s interesting. :-)

Oh yeah, I need to write to you for many things. Probably I’ll do it in sometime.

Welcome abroad !!
Thank you for liking it.

Keep visiting.