Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day

Today is Blog Action Day and long time back I had promised Ozlady that I’ll make a post on this very day on the subject. So, while why I was absent from blogging world can wait, this post can not.

Today the bloggers around the web would unite to put a single important issue on everyone’s mind - the ENVIRONMENT. Over fourteen thousand blogs, with over twelve million readers, publishing and promoting a better future for our environment - a better future for everyone.

As I am typing this post, I don’t have any idea as what topic I should choose to write about, for, I believe in doing things than to broach about. But as promised, I also wanted to spread the word. There are so many things that we can do in our daily life to save our environment. Should I write about the usage of plastic bags or should I write about the spoiling of the mountains by leaving all the non biodegradable things there. Should I opine about switching off all unused electrical appliances; encouraging paperless work, usage of solar energy, cleaning of rivers or deforestation? I think each one of them needs a post.. definitely not now but some other day.

First, a plain direct question. Are we doing our part to help out the environment ?
Well, as an internet user, blogger, or even as a common man, there are a lot of things we can do to help the environment without going out of our way, spending more time & money or changing our lifestyles.

Since one of the stated goals of Blog Action Day is to ‘get people thinking, discussing, questioning and talking about the environment’, I thought it might be a good idea to make a list of a few things and leave it open for readers to add on instead of me writing a big post. Of course, on a later date I’ll take each one of the topics I mentioned above and try to write about them.

So the million dollar question is:

How can we, as bloggers be involved in saving the environment ?’

Well, first thought that came to my mind was “Is a blogger different from a common man ?’ Not really.. Surely there are a few things specific to bloggers but I would rather say that a blogger can do a lot more than a common man.
Without getting into all the nitty-gritties, here’s my small list of small things which can become big if applied. You all can add to it.

1. Get energy efficient monitor and other gadgets that can help the environment, save energy, save money. Get rid of your 20 year old appliance that emits carbon dioxide and consumes more on your energy bill.
2. Turn off your computer, other peripherals/appliances and lights when not in use. I always do it and also I was away from blogging world for quite sometime, hence saved a lot of energy for all. :-)
3. Try as much as possible to let the natural light come in. It comes free !! If possible, keep your computer near a window.
4. Last but not the least. If you are short on the topics to blog on, don’t browse the net. Go out of the house (after turning off the comp, lights etc.). You’ll find plenty of topics, feel rejuvenated & hence blog more efficiently. ;)

I am not only sure but know there’s a lot more we can do. You all can add to this list. I’ll update the post after compiling the whole list.

Now don't tell me that you're lazy to do even the things mentioned above. I can only say “Get started RIGHT NOW”.

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Craver Vii said...

"Everyone wants to change the world, but nobody wants to change themselves." Tolstoy

I wonder how close to the mark he gets when that statement is applied to bloggers with regard to environmental issues. For me, it starts with picking up litter that I find blowing in the wind.

Maverick said...

from my side i try to make use of recycle bins the most. Be it papers, be it plastic, just walk over to tht recycle bin, even when the trash bin is right beside you. And there u go u saved a branch of a tree.

I worked in Global Institute of Sustainability before, there they enforced all the staff to turn off their comps after they leave the work unless they have some really important stuff to do via remote desktop. It was a good idea.

In the bathrooms they implemented a two way flush system one for liquid wastes and one for solid wastes, bcos usually liquid wastes need much less water than the solid ones, and nowadays i see a increasing number of those.

And also for a grant idea, one proposed sustainable straws that were made out of recycled paper instead of plastic. And he got the grant, imagine if starbucks took the idea, how much they will be saving.

And yes, carpool when u n ur friends are going to the same destination.

Aditi said...

great idea... using public transportation as often as possible is also another easy way for everyone to save energy
good initiative

Leziblogger said...

Very relevant issue! Can't undermine its importance! So nice that you took this up!

There is an NGO called 'Greenpeace' doing some good work for the environment! We can support it with regular contributions. It isn't too heavy on the pocket as well!

SiD said...

what I think is that not only bloggers but everyone concerned for informing people should deal it in a way that is real close to everyone...
how it directly affects them.. their family.. etc..
saying that 20 year old appliances emits carbon which will create global warming which will lead to melting of ice which will lead to massive flooding doesn't create that kind of effect.. may be you understand.. i understand..but not everyone..
if somehow we can associate some other harms with this.. e.g old appliances emit carbon which for x, y, z reason is very harmful for small children playing in the house and removing that will reduce your bill by rs 500 per month from which you can buy a lipstick, nailpolish... and also you will be contributing towards global issues..
i mean something like that.. getting personal.. may be that will help...
what I feel is that today everywhere they are stressing on global effects.. no water.. no electricity... when i see water running in my runnning.. i think what bull shit are they talking about.. everything is superfluous..politically motivated etc etc..when i have 100 problems in my life.. i am least concerned about the 'global effects'

Abhijit said...

Great thought, Cuckoo! Yes, we all should follow Save Environment project.

ozlady said...

I like your suggestion about turning the computer off and just getting outside - that is so right (and just look at David's site - it's a shining example of that).

Maybe a lot of people can't understand the big picture, so let's make it about saving money. Saving the environment just makes good economical sense!

Cuckoo said...

How apt and true that quote of Tolstoy is !
Yes, you are very much right. We all can start from our homes on a very small scale. These small things will contribute to a bigger picture.

Good. Yeah, many places now have two-way flush systems, & other regulations mentioned by you. Also the carpooling is becoming popular. Though recycle bin is not so common.
I wonder if we can have more cycles on the road instead of pvt vehicles like in many cities such as Amsterdam, Paris etc. I saw in Sydney people using skate boards to reach the station. Quite liked it but it won't work in India. :(

And that was really a great idea to make straws out of recycled paper. ;)

Yes. Also if possible (and that’s a BIG if) people could use bicycles instead of car/motorbikes to go smaller distance like to station or nearby market etc.

Thank you. :-)
Oh I have heard of that. Yes, we can do that as well.

Spot on ! What you said is so very true. Unless it affects people directly, they don’t know (or don’t want to know) the value. So, the best option is to start doing things from home on a smaller scale. Aakhir boond-2 karke hee saagar banta hai.

Thank you. :-)
I am yet to visit your blog, could see you have 2 new posts.

Thank you.
Yeah, saving money will probably make more sense to a common man. And now, I am off to my regular walk. Saving money, eh ? ;)

Catmoves said...

Hi cuckoo. Our house is as energy efficient as we can make it. We recycle so many things we've got more storage bins than we have lights (energy efficient ones, too).
Here's a link about a fellow who is deeply into real energy savings. He's one of my heroes:

Rajat said...

I have seen people coming for their morning jog in the park in cars.:-(
Can't they jog to parks or better still cycle to park.
It will add to their fitness.:-)

Dust Unsettled said...

Cuckoo, nice topic and it is quite close to my heart too and the suggestions offered by you and fellow bloggers offers a bright new start.
The everyday activities which lead to environmental hazards can be tracked down and mostly be addressed but in India we face a unique environmental issue every year on few specific dates. One of them is the recent Ganpati Visarjan festival about which I had posted a shocking truth. Then there's the effigy burning contests at Dussehra, followed by the immensely popular Diwali wherein we burn millions of crackers in a single day. It seems rather difficult to put a stop on this kind of hazards as religion and sentiments invariably gets attached to them. What we can definitely try is create more and more awareness around these events in an effective manner along with spreading knowledge about the everyday events.

Iceman said...

Reminds me of some very very important slogans....

#3. Save water, drink beer!
#2. Save water, don't flush!
#1. Save water, take bath with neighbor's daughter!

I deserve a kick for talkin like this!

On a sober note! Save energy! Keep Green!

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Showing by example is paramount. If our childern see their parents treating the environment with respect, recycling and conservation, they will follow suit when they are adults. The best way to preserve the environment is to raise responsible adults who value and cherish the world around us.

Praveen G K said...

Well I had seen this on google blog, asking bloggers to blog on the environment. Somehow lost track of the date :-(

Anyway, a good blog post!!!!

GMG said...

Glad to see you back on a special day, and with a great post!

Cuckoo said...

Oh that’s excellent !! People like you are my heroes. :)
I saw the site mentioned by you. He is a big guy and a writer as well ! Thanks for the link.

Spot on !
When I see those people, I don’t know what I want to do. But you know what ? They have their own excuses. Huh..

Dust Unsettled,

Everywhere it is the same thing. Everybody wants other person to do it. Yes, I have seen that post of yours and commented as well.

You are absolutely right. First thing is awareness and then setting an example. Thank you for your support.

I deserve a kick for talkin like this! .. Yes, you are right. ;)

Ohh sweet lady, you absolutely right ! That’s what I was saying.. set an example for others.

Thank you. :-) Even I had forgotten about it but my memory chip came into action & reminded me. So, I posted just before 15th was getting over. ;)

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

well im not an environment girl.
but we are trying not to use wooden chopsticks :P

curryegg said...

You're right.. we, the bloggers should voice this issue and increase the awareness among the society...

I miss this chance but I do have the awareness too. Nice post!
Neatly written.. ;D

Raghu said...

A nice post!!! and an important point to discuss on.

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