Friday, August 03, 2007

An Update

Heya Guys !

Just an update for "Carry on Heaven" !!

Check my Chit Chat-box and the Recent Readers col. Sarika Mishra, one of the actors who took part in the play has visited and commented here on my blog as Guest.

Below you can read the full conversation as on my Chit-Chat-box.

Thanks Sarika.

She says “So glad about the review...hey cuckoo I wud wish that u had written more about me...hehehehe... “.

Well, Sarike… Oops Sarika. Sorry, I am still in that heavenly mood. ; Had I known that you would visit my blog, would have written an essay here. Ok, only a few words about her. Like other actors, Sarika also played multiple roles in that play. Some examples – IT officer, a silly sexy Malyali nurse, working in an ad agency, singing a quawwali (don’t go on spelling, you know what I mean), changing political parties etc etc. Sarika, you tell the rest.
And yeah, don’t expect me to write about her figure and big eyes. Go and watch her. As she says, the next play is on 15th August. And don’t ever forget to mention my name there. Yeah, that’s a warning.

Now Sarika, will you please tell Bharat Dabholkar to come here, I am ready to write a full post on that baldy macho fella ! Hmmm.. Flex shampoo. Moreover, I need to give him my invoice for all this free publicity.

I think next I should write about Brad Pitt. What do you say folks ? Let me see. Hee hee hee hee.. Cuckoo chuckles..

The Conversation:-

Guest hey cuckoo..thanks for the review...well m sarika Mishra from who acted in Carry On Heaven.
Guest Well hope u liked the play...and all the characters that I play in Carry on Heaven especially the Malyali Nurse.

Cuckoo Hey Sarika, I am elated to see you here. Oh yes U mallu nurse. I wudn't have written abt the play, had not I liked it. Thnx for ur visit.

Guest So glad about the review...hey cuckoo wud wish that u had written more about me...hehehehe...jus kidding...
Guest Thanks buddy...It's always a pleasure to have ppl like ya in the audience,,,criticism is also welcome.
Guest Guys pls come to watch the play on the 15th...and do come backstage to meet all of us..
P.S.Bharat uses Flex Shampoo...

Cuckoo Sarika, Lolz.. Why don't you write ur name here? Ppl @my blog will be happy to knw. Do U have a site?
Cuckoo And why didnt u tell me b4? I wud hav come backstage. Was sitting in 2nd row from stage. Wud've shook hands frm thr itself.

Sarika Mishra Hey Cuckoo....Thanks for those compliments...Well must say Uve made my day...Bharat would really luv to post his comments,shall coax him to do so...
Sarika Mishra Hey Fleiger...The movie's called "God Only Knows"...I have also acted in that's a small spoof on the coke ad.
Sarika Mishra Cuckoo you must have seen the clipping of the spoof..the one which is shown during my ad presentations during the play.
Sarika Mishra Abhi...u are too cute...u remember the movie's name...Hmmm.....

Cuckoo Yeah, saw it & shouted as well... "she's the same girl"
Cuckoo Sarika, Why Abhi is cute? Even I knew the ans.
Abhi Thanks Sarika!! Cuckoo, you knew the answer, but I am cute.

Current song-Dil Ka Aalam Main Kya Batau Tujhe - Kumar Sanu
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ashes said...

Cool one Cuckoo! Great! Two celebrities doing mutual publicity here!

Yes, go ahead with writing about Brad Pitt. And Catherine Zeta Zones. And Jennifer Lopez. And Aishwarya Rai. And Amitabh Bachchan....the list goes on :) I would like to read them too on your chat box!

Keshi said...

wow coolio! :)

Brad Pitt? nah make it Jude Law n I'll take ova ur blog from there LOL!


Fleiger said...

Great... I would say that's the power of this medium etc. etc. But it wouldn't hide the fact that your blog is reaching lots of people.

Can I give you a small suggestion? Please put the conv in your chat box till now in the post. People won't know it once it is gone below front page.

And please oh please, do something about the music box, it continues to hang...

A Q for Sarika: I saw a movie from Bharat Dabholkar based on the same story, starring Johnney Lever, Viju Khote etc., and can't seem to remember the name. Can you remind me?

maverick said...

vowwww cuckoo, u rock ! next write abt angelina jolie or jennifer aniston or anyone frm friends :) , n then u cud give ur invoice to me :)

got ur secret of being first on my blog. u've subscribed me in google reader, haven't u?

Aditi said...

hehe that is real cool...

Abhi said...

fleiger, i think the movie name was God Only Knows...or something like that

Peter said...

Yes try Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp or whoever you prefer! I'm sure they are actively blogging and looking for their names to have been quoted!

SiD said...

wow!! just wanted to ask if the reverse will also happen.. means... i visit ur blog can i also become brad pitt??? ;)

just to add my long connection with bharat dabholkar - his partner at his ad agency came took our session at college... ya ya..too much ho gaya par maine kaha chalo likh den... ;)

Sam said...

Like WOW... this so cool!!! you are rocking girl!!!!

Cuckoo said...

Thank you, thank you.
So many ? No, no. Only Brad Pitt. :P

Naah, Brad Pitt is much better. So, look somewhere else please. :P

Cuckoo said...

Thank you, Merci beaucoup.
Oh yes, I too was thinking of doing that. Will do it.

Oh please, oh please, give me the link of Neihal or suggest something. She hasn't commented on your blog off late. BTW, you are the only who complains. :(

Thank you. Huh? You have mentioned all your favourites ? Not done. :)

Google reader?? How do you think then I track all the blogs ? ;)

Cuckoo said...

Thank you, thank you.

You are absolutely right, Cutie pie !!

Cuckoo said...

Only Brad Pitt for me or maybe Sean Connery. I know I know, he’s quite an oldie but what a man he is !! ;)

Kya Baat hai ? Mumbai aate hee hawa lag gayi acting ki ? Arrey yaar, you are good enough to be Aamir Khan, why do you want to go for a pardesi Brad Pitt ?

All the Best for August 2nd.

Cuckoo said...

Oh now I know which girl you were talking about !!

*Cuckoo bows down* Thank you.

Priyank said...

yo! I'm back. summer break starts!
hmm... so whats happening here.... talking about celebrities.... mera number kab aayega... hhahaaa :))
Anyway, waiting for that story on brad pitt!

Fleiger said...

She has commented on my latest post (and I am too lazy to go andget the link from there).

SiD said...

haan haan.. chadha de channe ke jhaad pe mereko...
and ya mumbai aaye hain to kuch to hawa lagegi naa yaar.!!!
and unfortunately ur wishes didn't help me this time.. u have already read what happened at the function..

Cuckoo said...

Oh your interview ?? Please be in queue. I am in the process of that. Will come back to you soon. ;)

That’s bad. All the way you came here and brought no link. :(

Arrey Aamir Khan ji,
u have already read what happened at the function.. BTW, what was your part ? Your dress couldn’t say more.

The Black King said...

Good job, indeed!

I'm glad that this medium is being put to good use finally, beyond our usual rants :)

SiD said...

I was short circuit - sidekick of Munna Bhai...(play was Munnai BHai MBA) !!!

Madhavi said...

Oye cuckoo,
Kamaal hai...mast bilkul..bang on keep rocking gal.. :)

Peter said...

So, maybe Sean Connery? (I'm happy to see that some old men still have their chance!) Once, Sean and his wife had a lunch table some three meters from mine. He actually seems to be a charming guy also in "private"!

bachodi said...

Every time i drop by .. you have one wonderful thing to share

Keep going

david mcmahon said...

Hi Cuckoo,

Hope you had a good weekend.