Sunday, August 19, 2007

Cuckoo Being Questioned !!

Recently I had the honour to be interviewed through e-mail by Carol Hooper, the writer. It is not often I receive the opportunity to converse with someone possessing such a shroud of allure. Below is the interview produced. My answers are in green.

Carol- Hi Cuckoo, thank you for joining us here, come on in and pull up a chair. Can I fix you a drink whilst I'm hooking you up to the lie-detector machine? No? Oh well, just try to relax then. This? Oh, it's nothing really, just a tiny little gizmo, the tiny electrical jolt simply encourages you in your quest to be open and frank with us. Sorry, I know the spotlight is a tad bright, but we do need to see your expressions clearly.. body language, that sort of thing. There, well now, I believe we're about ready to begin. Deep breaths now –

Cuckoo- Well Carol, I am distinctly pleased to be interviewed by you in this extremely friendly environment. Carol, you are a terrible… errr.. terrific person. Excuse me for this slip of tongue. It is rainy season, you know. And thank you so much for this warm and spotlight bright welcome, turning me blind. Also, I thank you for recognizing my greatness.
OK, done. Now you can shoot the questions.

1. First, tell me Cuckoo, we know you are young and beautiful, but (indelicate as it is to ask) just exactly how old are you, are you still a student, if so, what are you studying, and why; if you are not a student, are you working, is this the reason why you travel so much, and what led you to choose this profession?

Well, it is all written over there in my profile and some of my posts.. some very clear and some between the lines. For ready reference, you can check the labels Tags and Self etc.
Ok, reiterating again. I work in IT sector and sometimes when I feel so, I study as well. Is it confusing ? No, I don’t think so.
My job requires me to travel. I chose this profession for two reasons – first, I didn’t want to be a butcher (my family is full of doctors from both sides) and second, my love for 0 & 1.
And you are asking my age ? Mademoiselle Carol, that’s not good manners at all to ask a girl about her age. Anyway, since I can’t say I am sweet sixteen and in no mood to postpone this silly question .. It is "between 20 to 30 years". No, I am NOT going to reduce the bandwidth. Come on, you’ll have to read between the lines. Like Mr. Holmes, I have dropped enough hints. OK, one more. Concentrate on "between".

2. Thank you, Cuckoo, you are bearing up well - sorry about throwing the bucket of water over you, but that bit about your age seems to have made you pass out on us for a bit there. Anyway, continuing on.. I note you have often written some soulful poetry, which we all enjoy reading. Are your words those of experience, have you ever been in love, if so, how did you meet, how old were you, why did you part, are you still in touch, and are you currently in love?

Well sweet lady, I am a very sensitive person. I call myself an emotional fool & hence I guess the soulful poetry. But still I think I am not able to express the true emotions behind those lines.
As I have always been saying, none of my post is a total fiction. Many, many of them are 100% true. They all have been derived from real life ingredients. I write my thoughts about what happens around me, not necessarily with me and the people, whom I write about, always relate to these posts.

No, I have never fallen in love, actually waiting to rise in love. :))

3. No, sweetie, you cannot unhook the electrodes, I'm sorry we forgot to dry you off properly before they were reactivated, but you have my word I won't drench you again so long as you promise to stop fainting, all right? Okay, so moving on to my third question then, you appear to be quite a spiritual person, and I have also noted some posts you have written speak out against what you perceive as the oppression of women. Can you elaborate what both your spiritual and your political beliefs are, have they always been the same, if not, what happened to make you change them?

First, let me point out.. you are a very smart woman. Your each question consists of many sub questions and I know you’ve participated in the game “Passing the Sentence” on my blog. You got the hint ? Ouch, don’t hit me so hard.
Yes true, I have written some posts on oppression of women, not only because I am a woman myself but I feel they are the most oppressed ones in this whole world.. more than the children, old people and even animals. Nonetheless, I want to be born as a female in each of my lives.
Spiritual ? Except for believing in God, I am not spiritual. I believe there is only one God having many faces and none of Them ask us to torture ourselves or other living beings to please Them.
I am NOT
a political person at all; want to stay aloof from this dirty game.

4. Cuckoo, that was NOT an invitation for you to pray to your God to release you from this interview, kindly try to stop shaking, and to focus, dear! You've not long to go, question number four is here - describe two memories to us - one is of the most happiest one you can recall, the second is of the most embarrassing one.

First I’ll describe the embarrassing one. I was probably around five years old and we had gone to see some circus in the outskirts of the city. As usual, the circus was in oversized tents with little facilities for washrooms. Unfortunately my mother was ill and was not accompanying us. Even more unfortunate was my day because I suddenly felt the pressure. I tried to control but realized I had stomach upset. Then in the middle of all that noisy fun filled atmosphere I told my father about the emergency.
There were only makeshift toilets and I had to go to a ladies toilet with my little sister giving me company. By the time I was mentally prepared to sit on the hole, I had badly spoilt my panty. I washed myself with the help of my kid sister (there were no tissues or a tap, just a small washbasin inside that structure) and came out without the panty. For the remaining part of the circus I wasn’t wearing any undergarment and was terribly tensed. Obviously I couldn’t enjoy the circus. This is THE most embarrassing moment of my life till date.

Well, happy memories are many, can’t pickup one. I get happiness from the smallest simplest things. Hmmm.. let me think. Ok, this one is when I was very happy with the nature.
When I reached the pinnacle of Jungfraujoch mountains, I felt on top of the world. I had read Heidi, the classic story of the curly-haired Swiss girl and her simple life in the Alps. It's not too often you get the chance to turn childhood dreams into reality. The happiness I got can not be explained in words.
I have been to many snow capped mountains but this experience was totally unmatched. It was all blinding white everywhere with iced chilled wind. I could see far away mountains, all covered in snow. There was no other colour except white in any direction as far as one could see. It was an unforgettable scene. I have no intentions to reach Mt Everest but this was MY Mt Everest. I also picked up some postcards and posted from the highest post office in Europe.

5. There, that wasn't so bad now, was it? The dogs? You want me to remove them? They are still chained up, you know. Oh, all right, I'll shut Caesar and Brutus away then. Happy now? You really have some trust issues, you know, you should work on that. Ah, it appears we are down to the final question. You have been given unlimited wealth, you have already saved the world and given generously to every charity. How are you choosing to spend the rest of your life?

Oh thank you for moving away the dogs, not that I am scared of them.

Well, if I possessed unlimited wealth, I would probably divide my time between working for underprivileged children/women and traveling, exploring the vast beauty of nature.

Thank you Cuckoo, you may remain seated until we unhook you. I am pleased to say, as expected, you have passed with flying colours, sweet lady (now for goodness sake stop crying)..

Carol, thank you for taking time out of your life. You are just wonderful !

Now, now, now, an interview by Cuckoo – How does it sound ?

Don’t miss this lifetime opportunity to be interviewed by Cuckoo. Don’t be chicken else I’ll pick your name up and that would be quite cruel. Hope you get the point.

Interview rules:

1. Leave me a comment saying “Interview me.” with your mail-id if I don’t already have one. If you don't want to publicize your mail-id, let me know. I'll enable the comment moderation and will delete your comment after noting your mail-id.
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions and no, you can not change them.
3. You will update your blog with a post containing your answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

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Priyank said...

Early bird prize.

Cuckoo said...

Learnt from me ??

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Oh Cuckoo, what a wonderful interviewee you are! Superb answers, and your personality truly shines through. I am grinning from ear to ear. Well done, sweet lady, though we all loved you before, we can only but adore you now! ((Hugs))

final_transit said...

YES ofcourse!
Ok and now the comment.

Nice interview, got to know more. What? 20 < Cuckoo < 30 ?? Boy you are old :D 'er than some kids! And what was with that miss world type answer to Q5? Come on, give yourself a generous treat... Pay 30% tax, 5% charity thats it. Rest of the money is yours (and you can pay me consulting fees)... hahaha!

Cuckoo said...

My pleasure. Let me admit, you were quite a tough interviewer, I couldn't have answered you in any other way.

Thank you for all the support and for that friendly environment. ;)

Cuckoo said...

If that is a 'YES' then where is your mail-id ? Do I know you ?

Miss World answer ?? Come on, I am 'Miss' of my World. And read the question carefully. It was "after I saved the world and given generously to every charity". Then what else I can do with that money ?

Cuckoo said...

Oh Sorry, I know you. :)

Fleiger said...

I knew there were some more pro's of afternoon nap than just relaxing :D

So, comment on questions? Great...

Comment on answers? *checks the bunker runway is out* Ah ha, one more proof that female of the species like to hide their age.
*starts his Su-35* Embarassing? That's understatement of the year
*Afterburners on*

Cuckoo said...

That was NOT the answer I was expecting.

Come on now. Say that you want to be interviewed or else... you know what I am going to do.
I better not reveal my torturous methodologies publicly. :P

bEAST said...

Good to see that you survived the torturous interview! Now Cuckoo truly seems to be a mixed bag, a little of everything. Thats what librans are supposed to be. A little of everything :)

Must say enjoyed your interview and the little insight we got into your world. Keep smiling :)

Cuckoo said...

Oh I am always a mixed bag of cracked beans. ;) Thank you.
I guess you still have to go thru my archived posts. I suggest you read my fav. posts.

P.S.- You too shy of an interview by Cuckoo or you forgot to mention ??

Aditi said...

quite entertaining and witty...
loved reading it

maverick said...

ooo so u're 25. btw getting an early bird prize in ur blog seems tougher than making it to KBC :)

sAg_NiK said...

Cuckooo,Interview meeeeee :-)))

only ONE condition:
don be tough ;-))

send to sagnik99 at google


Cuckoo said...

Thank you.

Ohh how much guys are interested in a girl's age !! Keep guessing. :)

Tell me your opinion about the interview and be brave, have some guts.. let me interview you else ... :P

Cuckoo said...

Thank you, you are one of the bravest ones. Ohh don't worry on being tough, I am a very sensitive person. :)

So, your mail-id is Correct me if I am wrong.

sAg_NiK said...

ur absolutely correct lady!

So,lets shoot 5 'bullets':-(

But b4 that,lemme pray 4 last time:
'Mummy mein arahein hu,duniya.. mein ja rahein hu...arre koi to mujhe bachooo!!!' [ekdum UDAY CHOPRA (D:2) ki istyle mein]


Fleiger said...

Makes you wonder whether I am playing a double bluff, doesn't it?

Anyways, you have been tagged. Check my blog for details:

abhijit said...

What a lovely, witty interview! :-) Slip of toung, age bandwidth....enjoyed the wit:-)

ŋεεяѕ said...

Oh must say u did a fantastic job! Really displayed ur wit there..waiting for more!

Priyank said...

oops. that Final_Transit guy was me. And I guess you figured it out already :)

Pijush said...

What an interview Cuckoo, Well said and enjoyed every bit of it.
Take care.

Pijush said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Cuckoo said...

Ok, from next week I shall start my work. :)

Not again !! This is the third pending tag coming from you. And I have been tagged for this earlier too. Anyways, I accept it and will do it when the time comes.

Till then enjoy !!

Cuckoo said...

Thank you very much. I could have been a bit more witty. Lekin chhod diya. :-)

Thank you very much.

Waiting for more ?? Aah ! I am waiting for you to say “Interview me”. Say it now !

Cuckoo said...

Yes. I am smart, you know. :-)

So, you gonna be interviewed by Cuckoo. Good going. I shall start my work by next week… one by one.

Thank you very much. And I have noted down your mail-id for the interview questions and as per your wish, deleted the comment from here.

Chauke Harpreet Singh said...

Hello Cuck's,
Interview was The One !! as somebody else also told I liked the humor spelled through canny words ... I guess I should have been there in the circus ... I missed it Miss Beautiful!! So is my interview due?

Good work keep it up.

Vaidya said...

Great witty answers you have ;)
nice interview overall.. So now you have a long list of questions to shoot at everyone ..hmmm :)

Ajith said...

Sure..let me give a try .. mail ID : ..Hope there wont be many embarassing questions :)

The Black King said...

Cool, really cool post! And a very innovative tag, too! Wonder how you manage to build these ones. :)

ŋεεяѕ said...

I am waiting for you to say “Interview me”. Say it now !

Hmmm...alright! Interview me :)

ŋεεяѕ said...

my id -

Leziblogger said...

Nice read, cuckoo!

Cuckoo said...

Harpreet Singh,
Welcome to my blog. You have quite a looooong name. Is there any short form or do I have to invent one ?

Interview was The One !!.. Thank you very much. I would have made it more 'friendly', had not she been a 48 years old mother of 4 kids. Maine unke umra ka lihaaj rakha. :) My fingers are still itching to change the post according to my meaning of friendliness.

Circus ?? What would you have done there inside the ring ?

Hmmm.. I can guess who that 'somebody else' is. :)

So is my interview due? .. Of course, if you wish so. Leave your mail-id here and I'll get back to you in due course. There are many in queue.

Note- That 'somebody' of yours is really a chicken, sent you here and himself kept quiet on interview thing. :)

Once again thanks for your visit and keep coming.

Cuckoo said...

Thank you very much. As I said, I would have made it more 'amiable', had not she been an elder adorable woman. :-) .

Get a blog yourself and you have a lifetime opportunity of being interviewed by Cuckoo.

Ranjeet said...

Super interview, Cuckoo! That was a totally awesome post! Loved it!

Cuckoo said...

That’s like a real guy. Thank you. I shall start my work on this assignment by next week.

And no, the questions won’t be embarrassing. I am not like my interviewer. She hasn’t left any scope for me. :(

Cuckoo said...

Black King,
Thank you.

Wonder how you manage to build these ones… Hey, I don’t build any such things. Carol Hooper, the writer is my interviewer. You can go to her blog and check it out.

And why are you so much scared ? Come on now, have a heart. Say YES to interview.

Cuckoo said...

That’s like a good girl. I shall start my work on this assignment by next week. Lets see when your turn comes.

Thank you very much but what about the last part ? I mean interview ? Leave here your mail-id so that I can interview you or do you want me to put questions on your blog ?

And relax, it won’t be so torturous like this one. You know how kind hearted I am unlike my interviewer. :)

Cuckoo said...

Thank you very much.

Oh my bad luck. I can not interview you. :(

उन्मुक्त said...

चालीस टिप्पणियां! पर कैरल ऐसा है कि मैं अपने बारे में कुछ नहीं बताना चाहती चाहे तुम जितना साक्षात्कार कर लो :-)

mur said...

That is a very honest response Cuckoo, and not many people would admit to crapping their pants, but don't be embarrassed as we have all done it at some stage of our lives!( We hit old age and we relive our childhood, lol)

bEAST said...

Im reading your fav posts :)
Just taking my time at it:)

indicaspecies said...

Facetious and witty. Took delight in reading this post. Good to be back and catching up on reading blogs I've enjoyed :)

bEAST said...

Hey not fair, I didn't send no1 to your blog :)

Cuckoo said...

उन्मुक्त जी,
चालीस टिप्पणियों पर मत जाइए। ये तो आप सबका प्यार है मेरे लिए ।

साक्षात्कार नहीं ? क्यों भला ? इतना भी क्या शर्माना ? अरे हमें भी तो मौका दीजिए आपके अंतर्गत में झाँकने का।

Cuckoo said...

Thank you. Yes, I was even embarrassed to type it out here. Needs guts. Am I right ?
And oh you are the only one who commented on that portion. Everyone else looked at the witty part of it.

Thank you so much.

Cuckoo said...

Im reading your fav posts .. They are MY favourite posts and not the best ones I wrote. Take your own sweet time but don’t forget to comment wherever you feel so.

Hey not fair, I didn't send no1 to your blog… There is one saying in Hindi. चोर की दाढ़ी में तिनका. Have you heard of it ? :)

And I still haven't heard your YES for that interview. Have a heart man, trust me I am not going to rip you apart.

Cuckoo said...

Welcome back. Thank you for liking it.

Take your time to go through the posts.

Keshi said...

wow nice one! Cuckoo ur famous now woohoo! :)


Sam said...

dat was a ncie interview!! says quite a lot!! :)

Iceman said...

nice one....

so interview me... :P....

Pijush said...

Cuckooji, Kaha hay aap.
Check out my Random thoughts .

Chauke Harpreet Singh said...

As for short name you can call my by any name but it has to be draped with friendly love ... As for my interview my email id

Craver Vii said...

Brilliant--both of you!! I'm in tears.

Cuckoo said...

Eh ? I was expecting you to say YES to interview. Don't be chicken Keshi. :)

Thank you. But I was more interested in interviewing you. Say YES now.

How was your trip ? Singapore is a nice place for vacations.

Cuckoo said...

OK. I have your mail-id. From next week I shall start my assignment. Keep checking your trash as well.

Bas busy hain.
Congrats for your 100th post. You are faster than me. Will comment there in sometime.

Cuckoo said...

I think I’ll settle for this name.
Thank you. From next week I shall start my assignment. Keep checking your trash as well.

Thank you very much.

As I said earlier also, I would have made it more 'amiable', had not she been an elder adorable woman to me. Moreover, this time I was at the receiving end. ;)
My hands are still itching to change the post as per ‘my definition’ of friendliness. ;)

Anonymous said...

I must say Cuckoo, that perhaps is quite an interview. You surely had some chilled spines after that, isn't it...loved the entire conversation and also knowing a bit more about you!

Cuckoo said...

Thank you very much. :)

What about us knowing a bit about you ? I mean an interview by Cuckoo ? What do you say ? I have your mail-id. Just say YES. :)

SiD said...

well... first the fleiger's Tag.. and now the interview... looks like I am going to learn a lot about myself...
If there is no time limit.. then let me be interviewed...

mathew said...

wow..u have become a celebrity!! :-)

No, I have never fallen in love, actually waiting to rise in love. :))

Lol..that was a cheeky statement!!

Priyank said...

I was getting bored so public ko motivate kiya ani raat ko 2 baje icecream khaane gaya. now i am back and still bored so i am reading older posts on your blog. hmm..

Cuckoo said...

Well, there is no time limit as such.

Let me know when you have your exams. I'll send the questions after that. I also need some time. There are many who want to be interviewed by me. :)


Cuckoo said...

Thank you.

Aah, that's one of the best line I've ever spoken. ;)

Good going. Then why can't I find any comments on any of them ?

BTW, kahan se padhna chalu kiya ?

Fleiger said...

If it is your third pending tag, what exactly does it say about your "finishing the commitments" and suchlike?

And btw, have I dodged the bullet on the interview yet?

SiD said...

Oh ya.. you also need time to do it... well, then i can put the ball in ur court... send me when u r free...I will reply ASAP...
regd exams...vo to chalte hi rahenge...:)

Peter said...

Loved reading the interview (and the 67 comments!). Shall I go for the interview? I think that the five conditions are too much for me. I have a problem with 3, 4 and 5. Anyhow, it's always a great pleasure to visit your blog. I hope you are not upset by my "refusal"! :-)

Pravin said...

This sounds neat. Count me in! :D

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am honoured!...and how can I disobey your orders...YES!!!

Now, my spines are getting stiff...!

Cuckoo said...

:) Wait and watch !!

have I dodged the bullet on the interview yet.. The bullet is following you, you can’t escape it. It’s like the movie Mr. Natwarlal.. “kabhi goli aage to kabhi sher”.

And come on oh Fleiger birdie, don’t be a chicken now. Look at your bro Punjab da sher SiD. How bravely and patiently he has accepted the challenge.

Keep it up SiD. :P

Cuckoo said...

Ok, thanks once again. I shall start my assignment from next week. Pata nahi aapka no. kab aata hai.

And keep it up SiD. :P Don’t be like Fleiger.

Cuckoo said...

Welcome back !! Now I can coolly play next game of ‘Passing the sentence’. ;)

Aah ! The interview was THE interview. And comments ?? Phew !!

I would definitely be honoured to take your interview and I have a solution for your not so big problem if you agree to it.

You can send back the answers to my questions and I’ll post them here on my blog giving link to your blog in case people want to know who you are. You can also then write a small post guiding your readers here to read the interview in case they are interested to know more about you. How does it sound ?

Cuckoo said...

Thank you.
Ahaa !! But how can I count you in if you don’t leave me your mail-id ?

Oh Oh.. you are embarrassing me now !! :D

Priyank said...

Oh I just re-read your comment! You interviewing me??? noooooo..... "I believe I can fly" should I prove it :D
abhi mai baccha hu not ready to be questioned ;)

Cuckoo said...

Oh yes, I gave you many chances to speak but you kept quiet and silence is affirmation I suppose. :D

Oh oh oldie kid, you have been registered for the interview. No escape now. :)
Don't worry it'll take time. From next week only I will start the process. Your turn should not be earlier than 1st week of September. ;)

Now smile please. :)

Fleiger said...

My dear cuckoo, how many eagles have you seen talking in a microphone?

That said, it is every soldier's unwritten right to crib till he clashes swords with the enemy. Then onwards starts the bravery part of it ;)

Cuckoo said...

Oh How many ?? As many as I have seen them blogging.

OK Mr. Fleiger(H)olmes. Got it. :)

Note-Looking at your photo, I guess you've grown a bit old. Take care of your health, oldie birdie. :P

Fleiger said...

So when have you seen me using a microphone (apart from writing some posts, I mean)?

BTW, corollary to my earlier question, is it still impolite if a lady asks another her age (given any lady's age should be taken with a bottle of salt)?

And by now, you should start thinking whether I am playing this double bluff to cut the queue ;)
(ans: No, I am not. Or am I?)

Sameer said...

good.. your blog is still going strong! :)

Mumbai Guy said...

Questioned? Told you many times not to do anything wrong!!


Cuckoo said...

Oh oh, you have to ask the lady in question then, not to the lady who was questioned. ;)

Ok, will try to do that. Have a long queue. :( *Sigh*

Cuckoo said...

Welcome back from a looooooong hiatus !!

Where had you been ?? No news. By any chance do you like the idea of sudden disappearance ? :)

Hope to see you more often now.

Mumbai Guy,
Ha Ha… yeah, Kya karu ? Aadat se majboor. *Cuckoo crying *

Sam said...

you wanna interview me???? **surprised** wud like to know why?? though you can!!

s'pore was good!! wud come up wid teh travelouge soone nuf.. might be splitting it all up... it already about 6 pages to written material!! and I'm not finished yet!! jeez..

Cuckoo said...

Surprised ??? But why o why ?? Let us know more of you. Bas.
So many of them have offered to get interviewed, so why not you then.

Noted, your turn will take sometime, maybe 2 weeks or more. Too many ppl to be interviewed. Phew !!

Waiting for S'pore posts. :)