Monday, August 13, 2007

Lazy Sunday

Can you guess what this sign board is trying to say ?
And can you guess the place as well ?

I know I know, many of you will laugh at my idiocy as how could I be like you but this question is mainly for those brainy ones sitting far away. Hurry up, I’ll tell you the correct answer on 15th August.

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Anonymous said...

It is Greece.

Fleiger said...

If memory serves, near Mahabaleshwar. At any cost, I am pretty sure it is in Sahyadri.

Pijush said...

No this is definitely not Greece, written in Hindi, very funny first guess.
Well Cuckoo, I probably found the answer just doing a Google search. Not disclosing now :-)

Pijush said...

Oh, comment moderation is here, so I can send you the link from where I get to know about the needle hole place.

bEAST said...

Mahabaleshwar :)

Priyank said...

From the way the devnagari script is written, its clearly Marathi. (Someone wanna take guesses? I found 3 clues).

Among the numerous hill stations in Maharashtra, I know only one place where this point exists.

Mahbaleshwar lock kiya jaye!

Dust Unsettled said...

Is it the "Needle Point" of Mahabaleshwar ?

Keshi said...

Anony lol how can it be Greece when it's got Sanskrit script?

I say this is somewhere in India...but wut does it say? hmmm...basically it's a lookout?


Cuckoo said...

I love you, whoever you are !!!

How could you be so correct ??

Aditi said...

needle hole? and point is just one of those points on hill stations like echo etc

Abhi said...

lol.. do you really want me to tell the name of the place?

btw, its supposed to be Needle Hole Point, also called as Elephant Head Point when seen from a distance...

maverick said...

well, the board is trying to say that the place is Niddal hole point

And the place is Niddal hole point.

wat a stupid question? clever na :)

pravin said...

Lets see, "Needle Hole Point" at Mahabaleshwar?

So did I win? :D

Iceman said...

"Niddal Hole" is a name I suppose...

some dude.. got lucky n got a point named after him.. or got a "hole" named after him... or is it her?

mathew said...

its needle hole is mis- spelt... ;-P

Madhavi said...

no idea tooooo sleepy to guess... :p...perhaps it means Needle hole point or smthng...n maverick clever goin ;)

Rauf said...

Cuckooji, the place looks like Panchgani, some place in Sahayadri ? Or should be Bombay Pune highway, somewhere near Khandala or Lonavala.
i think this place is in India ??
I am sure this is planet EARTH. i can't be wrong here. And i am very sure that it is not planet MARS, because the sign board is not written in Malayalam.

there is Nagarhole forest in Coorg, Karnataka, where i go for treks, but it is pronounced NAGAR HOLAY

Anonymous said...

hole is like hole-in-one?
Golf course? lol

Priyank said...

my comment not appearing

ashes said...

Does that signboard want to say "Needle Hole Point"?

If thats what it is trying to say, it is a lookout in Mahabaleshwar in Western Ghats. It has a huge rock, about 100 ft high, which appears to be detached from the main cliff and the void between the two looks like a needle eye.

Is that the right answer? You can email or IM me in case you want others to keep guessing till 15th August, and I shall make more guesses in case this is wrong. :)

Thats not really Sanskrit, its only Hindi, isnt it?

ashes said...

Oh oh...perhaps that was the reason for the low number of comments on your post this time--you are approving comments!!

Cuckoo said...

I bet you are one of those intelligent ones !!

Priyank said...

haha... I was expecting you to approve that comment;)

oh btw, I'm veryy intelligent... see I have 2 brains (unlike others). left and right. some people call it knees.

Cuckoo said...

And in north it is called kidneys. ;)

Loner said...

it's close to Dirdal and Hundal.

and anyone who's going to ask me where are they ?

well... they are close to Niddal !
Obviously : )

Vaidya said...

Well no idea at all... but if you took this photo i am guessing you had blog in your mind.. ;)

Cuckoo said...

Hi All,
Most of you got the correct answer. Thank you very much. I had been to this place twice... This board remains unchanged. I wonder why don't they correct it. I seriously hope that some right admin. guy reads this blog. :P

You can see more pictures on my other blog. Got to write some more there. Not yet done.

Your answer is quite elaborate. Don't say you haven't taken any help from Google. :)

Abhi, Dust Unsettled & Pravin,
Yours was precise & to the point. I know the place is too familiar for you Abhi, having gone there 8 times. :) Gosh.. Don't you have any other place to go ? Come to Delhi when I am there & be my guest.

You googling ?? Now you got to tell me, how you found about that Zurich station lady. Come on, spill it out.

Yes, you guessed it right. This time the blog was in my mind while taking this picture. :)

BTW, Can I ask where are you from ?

HA Ha... can't stop laughing now. What a logic !!

Welcome to my blog. I have 2 more Praveens coming here. Can I ask how you stumbled upon this blog ?

Thanks for your visit. Keep coming.

Anybody left ??
Please acknowledge yourself on my behalf. :P

Anonymous said...

Hey... me from Bangalore ;) and native is near Mangalore. I guess you reside in Mumbai if not wrong

Vaidya said...

Hey the above anonymous is ME !!! :)

ashes said...

Obviously Cuckoo. Google Baba ke aashirwad ke bina kuchh hota hai aajkal?

Pijush said...

Zurich one was wild guess :-) I done googling for this one, and Got it. But the earlier one was better as there I put some thoughts, this one is something like a quiz.

Cuckoo said...

I could guess so ! :)

Oh I see. I call him Google Uncle. :P


Vaidya said...

Guess wht?

Catmoves said...

Late again, but I believe Naddal Hole Point is where Saddam Hussein was taken in Baghdad.
P.S. Waiting for your post on the outsourcing issue.

Cuckoo said...

Guessed that you were that anony. :)

You kidding.. right ?

And I very much remember that. Need to collect what all points I wanted to write about. Not really getting time to dig into it.

Prashanth M said...

ROTFL... and came across a sign in one of the beeches in Goa - "Don't drink & Swim" :P