Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tag Etiquettes

Today I am going to speak about tags and tag etiquettes. Tags.. they are fun to do, fun to read and they let you know more about the person who is doing the tag and thus help in building a foundation of friendship. I am quite often tagged by fellow blogger friends and try to attempt them very religiously.

Tags have two parties – tagger, the person who tags and the tagged person.

Etiquettes for Taggers :

1. If you first mention about the rules in the beginning of the tag, it’ll be easier to understand and will also help the tagged person to attempt it.
2. Generally the last rule of tag is to tag a specified no. of people of your choice. Do not worry on this aspect; you can always tag fewer people than mentioned or leave it open.
3. When you tag a person, make sure that s/he gets the message. Either link them in your post or knock at their doors. Simply by writing in your post would not help as they might miss reading it.
4. Try to make sure that the person you are tagging, enjoys doing it, don’t just randomly pick up any name. E.g. if your tag is about books and you tag a person who is miles away from books then the very purpose of tag will have failed. Don’t worry, it’ll come with experience. :)

Etiquettes for Tagged :

1. If you get a tag to do, first etiquette is to acknowledge it. Have some courtesy, some manners. Either accept it or refuse it but please don’t keep mum. Remember, silence means affirmation and the tagger will get a wrong indication.
2. There is no time limit as such but if you have agreed to do the tag, keep your promise. Nothing will happen if you don’t do it but you’ll come in bad books of the tagger.
3. Follow the rules of the game and paste them in your post as well, so that the next person doesn’t have any difficulty in attempting it.
4. When you are done with it, inform the tagger.
5. Sometimes tagger keeps the tag open to all. In that case if you feel to do the tag, please follow the rules of the game. Also, give due credit to the tagger (linking him/her is the best option) since you’ve picked it up from his/her blog.

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bEAST said...

Why are we reading tag rules?

Cuckoo said...

Well, sometimes we should read some off topics as well. :)

Anyways, you'll come to know very soon.

Fleiger said...

Ahem... message received...

But I must ask:

and try to attempt them very religiously.


Cuckoo said...

I am going to kill you one day. Seriously !!


Pravin said...

Omgee! You should write a book! Or write a book on how to write a book!

I like to save the chocolate pips on cookies for the end. But then, that's just me :D

ŋεεяѕ said...

Okay! I know the reason behind this post...thank u :p

Cuckoo said...

Oh Oh. That was just too much !!

Can you please tell me the reason ? And why a 'Thank you' ?? :)

Pijush said...

Good Tagology... hope the series will continue.

Craver Vii said...

"Etiquettes?" I have never seen that in the plural form and my brain wants to file the word under hors d'oeuvres. Now you've gone and done it... I'm hungry all of the sudden.

Fleiger said...

I must ask the age-old question here: What's for dinner? Sorry, that would be: Why me?

And while we are not on the subject, have you done anything to the blog? It is loading without a hitch currently.

maverick said...

hey hey ! great etiquettes, iam happy i follow all of them. esp. the no.2 in Etiquette for taggers. If the tag is a very common one like writing five or eight things abt themselves, which almost everyone in the blogosphere has done, i dont feel like tagging them again with it. so I'd rather break the rule and not tag anyone.

Iceman said...

Rules are meant 2 b broken...
Etiquettes are meant not to b followed...

:P :P :P

AJEYA RAO said...

Hey found u! I have been regular to your other blog and noticed that u r regular to this blog! :-)

Peter said...

Always full of initiatives and ideas (books, interviews, tagging...)! Let's see what will follow, now that we know the rules.

Sam said...

hmmmm....... now dats nice.. though remember just one tag till date and dat drove me nuts!! grrr.....

Priyank said...

I agree that the tagged must acknowledge that s/he has been tagged - silence is bad.
silence can indicate many things, such as the person may be away for a week or the person believes that silence = NO ;)

- - -
first day:
Boy: Whats wrong?
Girl: Nothing
Boy: Okay.
second day:
Boy: Is there something going on?
Girl: No
Boy: Okay
third day:
Boy: Why are you acting weird since 2 days?
Girl: Because I have this problem!
Boy: But why didn't you say? I was asking you everyday
Girl: Can't you understand anything?

Ash said...

Just popping into say Hi!

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Oh I am awful at tagging, as you must well know! I have to confess, I try to dodge as many as I can, I don't enjoy most of them. I much prefer the ones you can volunteer for (like the interview one), that way no one feels oblidged, and only those who want to do it need be involved.

Praveen G K said...

A tag tutorial eh? :-)
Even now, the idea of tagging is still not clear to me. I still do not know how to tag others. Is there a difference between tagging and blog rolling?

Sigma said...

Hmmm ...looks like someone has got on to the wrong side of Cuckoo ;-)

Cuckoo said...

Let us see. Keep watching.

Oh oh.. Hors d’oeuvres is perfectly ok.

Oh, let me see what I can do for your hunger. Take that as a hint. ;)

Cuckoo said...

Why you ?? Who else then ? Grrr…

have you done anything to the blog?.. Oh yes, only one person out of so many was bugged every time he came to my blog. So, have removed the player for the time being. :((

Good, good. Keep going and keep watching. :)

Cuckoo said...

Oh Oh,, Let us see who doesn’t follow them. :)

Oh Ajeya, that’s not fair. I was hiding na. :(

Well, this is my first baby so special attachment. That baby of mine takes a lot of effort from me so it’s getting a kind of step motherly treatment from me.
I know as a mother it is not good on my part but I want to feed him all nutritious food. This one is happy with the junk as well. ;)

Cuckoo said...

Thank you, you are always there to pep me up. :)
Keep watching. ;)

Oh only one tag ??? I’ll keep it in mind. Keep watching. ;)

Cuckoo said...

Thank you, that gives me the idea how loudly I’ll have to shout when I tag you !!
Also, I’ll take silence as affirmation. :P Pehle he bol diya hai. Don't say later that I've not warned you.
Keep watching. ;)

That’s so nice of you, sweety.

Cuckoo said...

Thank you, sweet lady for telling me that. But just now I have turned blind, can’t read what you’ve said !!

Well, as I said one can always refuse to do it. That said, I am thinking of giving you a tag. Keep watching. ;)

Oh yes, tutorial for people like you. :-)

I still do not know how to tag others… You’ll come to know of it, dear. Let me tag you once. :P

Is there a difference between tagging and blog rolling?.. Of course !! They are as different as posting & commenting.

Watch out !!

Cuckoo said...

Ha Ha.. now don't say anything else please. ;)

Fleiger said...

So nice to know I make such a difference in people's lives ;)

And who else? I can think of quite a few names if you are willing...

Oh, have I told you that's a nice list btw?

Ashish Soni said...

a line about poor people who don't get tagged...like poor Ali......would have helped a lot :p

but still got some taggin info....thnx for that

Cuckoo said...

You better know now. :)

No, you haven't. Anyways, can I have the list please ? :P

Oh good that you mentioned this to me. Will keep this in mind. :)

Be ready.

Craver Vii said...

Oops. I think I clicked X instead of Send. Let's see if I can remember:

Your hint about hunger... I didn't get it. Sorry.

If you meant that you might tag me, I would probably play along.

Priyank said...

yea I'm lookin fwd to it ! And cuckoo has a nice voice

उन्मुक्त said...

क्या कोई विषय दे कर किसी को टैग किया गया या अभी भूमिका बांधी जा रही है।
ऐसे टिप्पणी लिखने में घबराहट सी हो रही है।

Keshi said...

wow tag rules ha :):)

btw Im so lazy with tags LOL!


Cuckoo said...

Aah, no excuses now.

Oh then I too pretend not getting it. :) Oh, Keep watching… something coming your way. :)

Thank you but I have a sore throat these days. :(

Cuckoo said...

उन्मुक्त जी,
अरे अरे घबराइये नहीं बल्कि आनंद उठाइये. हाँ अभी तो भूमिका ही बाँधी जा रही है, आगे-२ देखिये होता है क्या. कहीं कुछ आपके पल्ले भी न आ पड़े.

Cuckoo said...

Oh dear, I know how awful you are in tagging business. Don't remind me of that.

Aditi said...

hmm interesting post i wonder if this has anything to do with the interview tag

Fleiger said...

I wouldn't publish the list on public platform, and without a proper "contract", not even in private communication ;)

I am still feeling the nice warm glow you feel when you are changing people's lives for better...

SaffronSaris said...

Thanks for dropping by, I love the colour of your blog :)

Cuckoo said...

No, it doesn't.


No comments.

Welcome here as well. That day you had come to my other blog if you've forgotten. :)

Keep coming.

rads said...

oh god, now I feel bad. There was one tag that kinda got buried under and I sorta forgot all about it up until now. Yikes :(

Cuckoo said...

Now you know. ;)

Anonymous said...

very considerate!!
oh ive never thought of such etiquettes.
this post will help better friendship.
thanks a lotttt :)