Saturday, August 25, 2007


एक नशा एक जुनून हो तुम
एक ख्वाब एक सुकून हो तुम।

You are the best thing to happen
The best habit to acquire
The best moment to live
The best …

Current song- Khwaab Ho Tum Ya Koi Haqeekat, Kaun Ho Tum Batlao – Kishore
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Fleiger said...

The best... what?

That said, that is a superb choice of the song there. I won't mind having that song in my head for the day now.

Mayank said...

Plain Beautiful !!

Pijush said...

The best poem to post
The best friend to meet
The best award to achieve
The best height to climb
The best World to see
Thanks GOD(?) for everything..

Cuckoo said...

Hmm.. I was listening to Kishore Kumar yesterday and this song is still lingering on. :)

Thank you.

Hmmm… :))

Thank you very much.

Abhijit said...

...Z I N D A G I

Anonymous said...

Why the . ?

Does it mean the end...

Have a nice Sunday!

Priyank said...

My aptitude about Hindi (rather Urdu) poetry is as mature as an ostrich's brain.

Fleiger said...

But then, the poem is incomplete. How are people like me supposed to understand?

Cuckoo said...


No, it does not mean the end. It means the beginning of hell lot of things. :)

Thank you.

Cuckoo said...

You can easily skip these posts. :)

:) Do not try to understand it then. :)

Peter said...

We should always look for the best!

Re your suggestion for the interview. Could we make it via mail (you have my address under my profile)?

Cuckoo said...

The interview IS SUPPOSED to be via mail. :)
The problem was in publishing and that is not an issue, I will post your interview here.

And Peter, if you remember we have communicated earlier also, so I have your mail-id. :)


Leziblogger said...

Aha! Somehow, these lines remind me of a song from the movie 'Dev':

Jab nahin aaye the tum,
tab bhi mere saath the tum,
Meri dharti, Mere mausam,
Mere din-raat the tum!

Iceman said...

I say that daily.. when I see the mirror!

bendtherulz said...

yet to come ....!!

Tk care ~

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

I am not familiar with this particular song - the words sound happy - perhaps a reflection of your mood?

Cuckoo said...

You always come up with a perfect match !!

Thank you. Lines are wonderful but never heard I guess.

Ha Ha.. smart boy !!

Cuckoo said...

Where have you been ? Ranikhet mein itna lamba ?

And you came out with the best !!

Oh dear sweet lady… those lines are written by me. How could you have heard that ?

Oh yeah, my mood, ;)

Fleiger said...

Tell me, if somebody had told Neewton "don't try to understand why the apple brained you", where would we all be today?

And understand or not, I think this poem needs a nice title, except a fullstop.

Mumbai Guy said...

Hmm...let me guess...You are in love?

Priyank said...

but tell me, the urdu lines and english lines... they are different, isn't it?

Iceman said...

ok... hmmm.... :P

Now do the 18...

Cuckoo said...

:) No one can ever win in arguments with you.

It is not a full stop, it has a greater deeper meaning here.. transition, eternity, augmentation, space, a tune, music, nasha and a whole lot of other things. :)

Mumbai Guy,
Oh Oh, I am always in love. :)

Cuckoo said...

Yes, the lines are different and not the translation. To be frank, it just happened.. the words came down exactly the way I think.. multilingually. ;)

BTW can you read Hindi script ? Meaning of some of the words used :-

Junoon = Passion, Lunacy, Insanity, zealotry, Ecstacy..
Sukoon = Tranquility, Rest/peace, in a way fully satisfied
Khwaab = dream

That’s not fair !! :P As I told you my answers would be same as yours for many questions.
Ok, taken it. But it’ll come only after I finish off all my pending tags. Probably by the end of this year. :) OK ?

Sigma said...

Lovely couplet.

I am returning back from my hiatus, as you might have realized. You have been quite productive in this while, I see :-) Wonderful "interview" ... loved it. And another beautiful poem, and yet another interesting encounter.
Cannot comment individually on each of the posts, as I have a lot of catching up to do so leaving a consolidated one here.

Btw,nice "song of the day" .... i love the verse/couplet that precedes the song.

Cuckoo said...

Welcome back !!! I am so happy to see you here. Yes, I know you were busy.

Thank you for all the lovely comments.

bEAST said...

एक नशा एक जुनून हो तुम
एक ख्वाब एक सुकून हो तुम।
kisi kae dil ka chirag ho tum|
ek pal kee khushi se niklee aah ho tum||
intiaah skoon paane kee raah ho tum|
dil ko jala daene wale chaah ho tum||
har mausam mien chaand par barastee dhoop ho tum||
jo bhi ho tum, khoob ho tum|
par parichay se kyun mehfooz ho tum||
shayd kisi koyal kae dil mien basa ek raaz ho tum||

Wah wah, wah wah, As u can see, I suck at poetry, but tried hard nywayz :), shayd ab aap bata dien kee yeh "tum" hai kaun.

Iceman said...


do it only if u like it n want to.. other wise... No compulsions...

Iceman's always cool! As always...


Cuckoo said...


That was a nice attempt. But "har mausam mien chaand par barastee dhoop ho tum"... I would definitely like to see that.

Kaun hai "tum" ?.. Ek nasha, ek Junoon, ek khwaab, ek sukoon... Aur bhi bahut kuch...beyond words, beyond this whole universe, beyond..

Got the answer ?? :)

I'll do it but not now. And if you are cool then I am chilled. :)

Abhijeet said...

gosh...readin ur blog after a long time..just been a tad busy off late..btw cant read ur blog in google reader..the post title and a cpl of lines are fed in it...have u tweaked ur settings to disable feeds?
nice post...y just .? how do u come up with such stuff? simple n sweet...good stuff
btw abt that esnips player...i guess it has compatibility issues with internet explorer...that mp3 gets downloaded right?? i opened my blog in mozilla firefox...the song got streamed properly...nothing can b done i guess...if u know any Flash streaming player lemme kno.

Cuckoo said...

Welcome again. It was long hiatus. :-)

how do u come up with such stuff? simple n sweet...good stuff.. Well, the things come right from my heart and I guess I have a simple heart. ;)

Oh Gosh, I asked you & you asking me back. BTW, I always mozilla firefox & it wasn't coming up nicely.

उन्मुक्त said...

यह चिट्ठी और यह टिप्पणियां तो ठीक हैं पर यह तुम महाशय कौन हैं।
प्यार तो प्रकृति की सबसे प्यारी अभिव्यक्ति है।

gaurav said...

एक नशा एक जुनून हो तुम
एक ख्वाब एक सुकून हो तुम

pyaar ahai...
ise aur bada kijiye... :-)

with love ..Masto

Cuckoo said...

Yahan bhi swaagat hai aapka.

Aap hee ne to kaha ki kuch baateN adhuri hee zyada achhi lagti hain. :-)

Thanks for your visit. Aate rahiye.