Friday, July 06, 2007

Review - Passing the Sentence Game #1

So, the first “Passing the Sentence” game got over within 23 hours with people participating from places like Arizona, Dubai, Isle of Man, Paris, Singapore, Sydney, and of course different cities of India and the USA. Thank you very much for quick responses. As expected it was fun with story moving from a pub to blogs, from love to murder plot..

Requests are pouring down to have another round… yes; I’ll have the game 2 very soon. Watch out this place and don’t miss the chance this time.
Here is the critique produced verbatim, by once again David Mcmahon himself. He also stuck to the record of 23 hours and I am publishing it within 23 hours !

Bravo, Cuckoo. And bravo, all of Cuckoo's readers. Completing a Passing sentence game in 23 hours is a great example of a participatory blog. The secret to a good blog, I think, is one that engages readers in more senses than one. To invite readers, as it were, to create and weave a story in any fashion they choose, is only just being explored.

The first time I introduced the concept on my own blog, I was amazed that the first two sentences came from different ends of the world, in the space of a few minutes. That, in a nutshell, is the level of engagement that is so important as the best blogs forge their way ahead. There is no vanity, no preening. There is no swaggering, no chest-beating. Most of all, there is a sense of fun, with no place for ego. Great hosts invite their guests into their homes and likewise, there can be no harm in inviting readers into one's process of creativity.

The best part of this game is its simplicity. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to participate. I really enjoyed the way you gave your readers the first serve and then it was back and forth like a serve-and-volley Wimbledon match as the sentences took the story on an entertaining and easy-to-follow roller-coaster ride.

The beginning is pure James Dean or Marlon Brando, then it becomes imbued with black comedy and suspense, all rolled into one. Underworld dons. Mysterious fruit. Yes, it takes many unexpected turns, but that is the essence of the game. As for the ending - it just proves that every story needs a poker phase!

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Aditi said...

cant wait for the next game

Cuckoo said...

Even I can't wait !!

david mcmahon said...

Hi Cuckoo,

Great work. I'm delighted to see the huge amount of interest in the game.



Peter said...

Obviously it was a first good try!

It was good that you resumed now and then, because it was not easy to "count"...

Sam said...

Great show... I was left dumbfounded with the way the story unfolded!! :P

SiD said...

arrey bahut zada hi fast tha...
i came once.. there were 4 updates by you and around 5 - 6 new ones in the comments.... hum to confusiya gaye...

Cuckoo said...

Yeah, happy to see the result. Will play it quite often with some twists & turns. ;)

Thanks & cheers !

Cuckoo said...

Thank you. It was all because of you readers that the game became a success.

Yeah, that was my idea to be a part of the game. Hmm.. that counting reminds me to put a sentence no. .. it’ll become more clear & easy.

Watch out for the next game !!

Cuckoo said...

Thank you. *Cuckoo bows down*

Ha Ha… the first sentence itself (from ABHI) gave me goose bumps & thought the story is finished.

Watch out for the next game in a few days time !! First I’ll have to find a bakra … err.. I mean a critique to review my next game. :P

Cuckoo said...

Arre SiD bhaiya, aap kaahe confusiya gaye ? Hum abhi naya khel suru karti hun. Bas thoda din intijaar kariye.

SiD, you missed the chance this time. If you really want to participate in it, I’ll give you a call next time. But be ready. People here on my blog are too fast. ;)
In the meanwhile you read that post carefully & be familiar with the rules. Happy Gaming !!

Maverick said...

so when's the next game, can i bribe u to inform it before hand :)

Cuckoo said...

No, you can not. I don't take bribes. :)
If you want I can give you a call after it's started. :)

Anonymous said...

look like u have a fabulous weekend, cuckoo-chan!! :)
we are looking forward to it!!
thanks very much for stopping by!

Princess Banter said...

Awww I missed on that one! I wanna join the next game!

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Yeah, we all enjoyed this - more, please!