Thursday, July 05, 2007

And This is How Cuckoo Croons..

“You are a writer of many moods - and that is a compliment. A blog is a mirror to the writer's soul and your site reflects many facets of your personality. I like the fact that you are willing to tackle a variety of issues and a variety of subjects.”
“There is a capricious nature to your blog and that, to me, is a very endearing quality. It's like reading a newspaper and flicking from the news pages to the opinion pages, to social commentary and then to the humour columns - all in one.

These are a few comments for my blog by none other than David Mcmahon who is a Melbourne based journalist, photographer and bestselling novelist.

Well, I am honoured & humbled. David, thank you very much. I know you, as a friend, are always there for me. Getting this from you is like an award for me.

Just felt like sharing with you all. You can read the full post here.

Current song- Another Brick in The Wall – Pink Floyd

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Aditi said...

ahh... congratulations!! and all so true

Keshi said...

check it out n commented too :)

congratts hun!

maverick said...

hey hey hey, i c u r goin international........:)

Fleiger said...

Thats great... Congrats!!!

Iceman said...


Peter said...

You certainly deserve all kinds of compliments for your blog, which offers so many and so different and capturing subjects! Always a great pleause to visit!

Abhijit said...

Congratulations! Very nice and inspiring comment you have received:-)

SiD said...

O mubaarkaan ji mubaaarkan!!!
sahi likha hai bande ne..

david mcmahon said...

Hi Cuckoo,

Always a pleasure to read your blog.

Keep at it - and you always know where to find me!



Anonymous said...

woow newspaper opinion..
so very true!!
your blog is full of fan.
congrats cuckoo-chan!!! :)

Cuckoo said...

To All,
Heyy Thank you very much. Merci beaucoup. Shukriya. Dhanyawaad.

*Cuckoo bows down. *

david mcmahon said...

Hi Cuckoo,

Fixing the links on that review now ....



rk said...

Felt really nice to read such wonderful review from the wordsmith, David Mcmahon.

And I love the 'Current song' that you mention after each so much relates to the mood of the reader after reading that particular post.

Continue the fantastic job

Best wishes

Cuckoo said...

Oh David Thank you once again. Many people had come & complained about it. Glad that it is fixed now.

Yes, it was like an award for me. :)

Current Song? Oh didn't you know I am a musical Cuckoo ? I love music very much & yes, most of the time mood of the post makes me pick up the song to listen to.

Thanks for the compliments. Keep coming. :)

Pijush said...

Yes Cuckoo, I truly appreciate the quality of your post, rather I should say you made me thinking many times and still I am thinking to post on Kharagpur :-)
Agree with David,
Its always a pleasure to go through your posts, well done.

Cuckoo said...

Oh thank you. Now you don't make me blush..

*Cuckoo bows down*

Pyare Mohan said...

clap clap clap... applause!!! congrats....

bachodi said...

Wonderful madamme... keep blogging.

By the way what have you decided on the proposal i gave you ? about "Cuckoo fan club".. ? I want to be precy.

Cuckoo said...

Thank you, thank you.

*Cuckoo bows down*

Thank you, thank you.

*Cuckoo bows down again*

Ouch ! My back.

*Cuckoo fan club* ?? Hmmm.. What about an AC club ?

Sigma said...

Congrats on such a wide-ranging fan-following :-D