Sunday, July 08, 2007

Oh Buoy !

Oh Buoy !! I miss this lady very much. She is my fatso darling. Any guesses where I clicked her or where is she ?
I have enabled the comment moderation this time so you can not see other people's comments (Clever me). Answer Honestly .. ok ? And no cheating !!


Ok, Ladies & Gentlemen,

Time is up. No more guessing.

People went from Switzerland, Paris, Australia, Amsterdam, Antwerp, even Delhi, Bangalore, Goa Carnival to Circus !! Ha Ha.. I could see the anxiety levels going up.

Was it so difficult ? I guess so, but I appreciate your efforts. A BIG thank you to all of you. Though there is no clear winner this time, I would like to mention two names.

I think Beast is the first most intelligent person to try it out. Hmmm.. I need to be more careful next time. :)

And Pijush’s guess was the most closest to the lady... err I meant to the clue. Also, I must appreciate where his eyes went straight to look into. LOL.. Guys are guys after all. ;)

Here is his comment ..

I think this is a rail station on the Germany-Swiss border, because part of the dress(left part of lady) holds the German flag and right circle contains a cross (opposite to Swiss flag in colour). But definitely a wild guess this one as I got no more clue.

Ok, so without wasting time I announce the place. It is Zurich Railway Station, a city in Switzerland but near to German border. The local language is Swiss-German. And yes, it is a landmark of the place, not a part of any carnival.

Hope you enjoyed this quiz as much as I did. ;)
Say yes now. Ok ?

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Catmoves said...

How about your beloved Delhi?

bachodi said...

Switzerland ? Paris >

Peter said...

A museum would be too easy... A railway station?

Edmund Lee said...

Hi! Tumbled through this site from Ajeya's blog :) I remember also coming here before too but had been off bloggin until now...

Mmmm.. This lady must be Goddess of love suspended at the ceilings of a church-like structure?

Cuckoo said...

Pretty fast you were !!

Hmmm... Not telling you right now. Wait & watch.

jarvarm said...


Praveen G K said...

She should be a member of the hanging towers of Abracadabra:-) (wildest possible guess!!)

Hey cuckoo, what's wrong with the sidebar, it takes extra seconds to load the page?????

Cuckoo said...

Guess, guess !!

Hmmm.. You are very smart.. guessing for two in one shot ??
Let me have some more views.

Cuckoo said...

I formally welcome you here on my blog. *Drum rolls please*

Hmmm... nice guess, but you'll have to wait for some more.

Thanks for your visit. Would like to see more of you here & on my other blog.

Cuckoo said...

You are from B'lore.. right? Oh pls, tell me where in B'lore ?

Cuckoo said...

Oh la la.. so wild guess !!

Sidebar:-Yes, I am also annoyed at times. It is because of the music player just below my chatbox. I always embed the current song in it.
Once I had an opinion poll & except one, all my readers wanted it to be there. Apparently they listen to the music I play. Can you suggest some FREELY available light load music player if you know ?

Aditi said...

hmmm.... i am guessing delhi too

maverick said...

hw abt a church. stained glass reminds me of those

abhijit said...

no idea abt where u shot this, but the picture is nice! Lovely colors:-)

SiD said...

koi idea nahi... aas pas ki building aur jo kapde pehne hain - vo dekh ke bharat desh ki to nahi la rahi

bEAST said...

The picture is taken inside a train station or station of some sort. That becomes obvious once you look at the file name! :)

Now for which station exactly? Given the Victorian architecture and your recent inquisitiveness about my exact location, I would have to say that it is somewhere is Sydney or at least Australia for that matter. Lolz

But Europe Would not be a bad guess either, still I'd like to stick to Australia coz the weather outside the window seems unlikely for Europe!

bEAST said...

Oh buoy ! I am waiting here for my guesses to be right :) ..

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

I know it is a railway station..
It's been a long time since i saw one.
which one, i pray?

Pyare Mohan said...

Let me guess! You clicked from a floor and she was suspended from a ceiling!!!!

Praveen G K said...

nope...sorry!!! absolutely no idea ;-(

AJEYA RAO said...

To be frank...I have no can be anywhere.....What is it? What is she holding....if i knew that may be i could give a try to guess. :-)

Iceman said...

Train Station, CST Mumbai. Or is it BCT Mumbai? May be Church Gate.
One of the three for sure.

Keshi said...

I have no idea Cuckoo darling LOL!


Cuckoo said...

Now that makes two votes for Delhi. Anyone else for Delhi ?

Hmmm.. two votes for church as well. But where ?

Cuckoo said...

but the picture is nice! Lovely colors:-).. I sincerely hope you are not pulling my legs. :P

SiD jee, sahi kaha hai aapne.

Cuckoo said...

Oh buoy ! I must say, you are the most dangerous and intelligent of them all !! Hang on, the result will be declared today itself. Let me have some more views please.

BTW, you have guessed about Australia and Europe. May I ask why you left USA, Africa & other continents ? Kya pata the picture is from China ?

Cuckoo said...

Oh yeah, ! I also think so !!!

What an observation !! I must appreciate that. Ha Ha..

Cuckoo said...

Ok, Any other guess for the picture ?

Welcome again.
What is it? What is she holding.... Even I am wondering !!

He results will be declared today itself. Keep coming.

Cuckoo said...

I liked your confidence !!

Oh that’s bad. :( You could have tried something.. maybe she’s hanging near office.

Peter said...

I made som Google research. Would possibly have guessed for a Dehli railway station, but from what I could find, difficult to confirm. When will we know?

Bendtherulz said...

Amsterdam !!

desh said...

when th big fat lady sings, everyone is happy
mayb dilli as thts ur fav place :)

Sam said...

Hmmm......... lemme make a guess.... its a rail station somewhere in Europe.... I agree with beast about teh architecture.... not the weather though... one can make out bright sunshine outside the window....
And a lil bit more research allows me to fixate on Amsterdam or Switzerland primarily.. if am not mistaken..... and probably a publicity kinda thing about some carnival!!

Pijush said...

I thing this is a rail station on the Germany-Swiss border, because part of the dress(left part of lady) holds the German flag and right circle contains a cross (opposite to swiss flag in colour). But definitely a wild guess this one as I got no more clue.

Pyare Mohan said...

Its the Central Station at Antwerp!!

Ash said...

Goa carnival???

Fleiger said...

Dare I say... Amsterdam ;)

Praveen G K said...

A circus?

bEAST said...

Because the cuckoo has another website where she lists her travel log i think. rite? it mainly mentions europe and india. didnt seem to have much on china usa or nythin else. so thts why placed my bet on australia!

Cuckoo said...

Good that you didn’t get any info. I was worried what if someone finds out in Google.

Wrong !!! Hmm.. looks like you read my latest post ?

Cuckoo said...

Heyy, No one can say you are from Delhi. Are you ?

You are intelligent too. Read all the comments before playing it. Eh ? Nice try. You also seem to have read my latest post ?

Cuckoo said...

Hats Off !! You were quite close to the lady !! Err to the clue I mean. ;)

One more try ?

Cuckoo said...

Is it hit trial method ?

Hmmm… Read my latest post ?

Cuckoo said...

Circus ??? Ha Ha…

Hmmm.. you went to the other blog? Can’t see any comment. If you are really interested in that blog of mine then start from here and go sequentially. It is like my digital diary, not really a travel blog.
And yes, GO SLOW buddy. Don’t browse, READ and comment wherever you like to.

bEAST said...

Ohh buoy, ZERO ban geya HERO! Lolz, ya i know I'm intelligent, but if you could do me a favour, please tell it to my parents if you will! They seem to strongly disagree! Lolz

Great game. Had more fun with this one than the last one, however if next time you could put up a pic with clues,then it would be better! Cheers :)

indicaspecies said...

I'm not here to participate in the quiz. I realize it's too late for that. But want to let you know that you have a bubbling-with-energy kinda blog. It feels alive to be here. This is my second visit. I shall return:)

Cuckoo said...

Oh sure !! Give me the address !

Great game.. Naah, it was just a filler post, not intended to be... my hands were itching to post something and the result was this !

Anyway, I too enjoyed it a lot, am thinking of playing it quite often. Thanks for the suggestion, will keep in mind but then with the help of Google & Wiki it'll become too easy.

Cuckoo said...

Welcome here on my blog and thanks for so nice encouraging words. It is because of you guys, my blog is full of energy.

Thanks for dropping by. Keep dropping.. err.. I mean keep coming. :P

Peter said...

... at least I thought of a railway station. Is there any consolation prize?

Good that Richard from Zürich did not participate! He would have been a certain winner!

Mumbai Guy said...

I am late but I wanted to say this is - Zurich Railway Station


Kulpreet said...

Well, first things first - cukoo is a lovely name to have. Yes, the picture: it is great indeed. Enjoyed your little quiz.

Sugarlips said...

Cuckoo sudhar ja larki :)
There is always something brewing on your blog when I stop over :)

Stay Beautiful...!!

Sam said...

I dare say.. piyush... did an amazing catch!! as for the try.. i knew for the one.. the answer lay close to lay in your ttravel blog... so did scan it!! i was more inclined towards swiss land.. but that pic from amsterdam.. made me think!! and i stopped to think.. shouldn't have and gone ahead with mt earlier surmise!!

Anonymous said...

First time on your blog.. :-)
Very interesting read...spent quite a time here... bookmarking you..

Dark Elf
\m/ \m/

desh said...

no me aint frm delhi
did u feel like tht???

Ajith said...

Oh..Pijush's comment was awesome.. Smart observation .. :) ..I guess he's a quizzer .

Cuckoo said...

Oh my. You are so upset like a kid. LOL.. But sorry to say, no consolation prizes.

Aaah ! I was aware that you knew it ! ;)

Cuckoo said...

I welcome you here on my blog. Thanks for liking it.

Thanks for dropping by. Hope to see more of you here.

LOL… You are always late dear. And thank you.

Cuckoo said...

Yeah, I could guess so. Anyways, it was good to give some exercise to your brains. ;)

Dark Elf,
I heartily welcome you. Thanks for liking my scribbling and spending time here. I have many readers from Bangalore.

Do you have a blog ?

Thanks for dropping by. Now that you’ve liked my blog, I hope to see more of you and your views here. :)

Cuckoo said...

Hmmm.. yeah, you look like so. ;)

Yes, his was smart observation. You also participate & show your smartness next time. Trust me, it is going to be fun.

Pijush said...

Yooo.. I made it :-)
Thanks Cuckoo, I am delighted. Looking for some more like this one.

Sam,Ajith, Thanks for the complements.

Catmoves said...

At last I know. I thought it was fun, enjoyed reading all the guesses, too. What's next from your fertile imagination?

Cuckoo said...

Well done !!

Thanks for the appreciation. People have become very clever. I'll have to be extra careful now. Let me think when can I have the next one.
First, I'll have a 'passing the sentence' game.

Keshi said...

o no I thought u wanted me to guess where in India this was...cos I hv neva been to India b4, I cudnt guess at all :)


Sam said...

oye!! i do exercise my brains regularly!! warna itne programs kaun likhta???

Cuckoo said...

Hard luck ! You should read carefully.

Lolz. Writing programs ?? Have you heard of Copy/Paste ? :P

Dark Elf said...

Hi there, Nope i don't have a blog...but i am planning to start one on 'hand rearing squirrels' :-). Nothing wierd...its just that i am trying to raise two little ones with Syringes,hot water bottles n all that...
Nice read there on the Blog roll bit..., I guess the only drawback of not linking people is the effect it might have on Google's Page
Cheers! N have great weekend...I am off to the sea :-)
Dark Elf
\m/ \m/

Cuckoo said...

Dark Elf,
Ohh Nice to know that !! I have influenced quite a few people to have their own blogs. Waiting to see yours. I know it is going to be a fun filled one. :)

Well, I know of that Google ranking... at the moment not interested in commercialization of this blog.

Off to the sea ?? Wow ! Which side ?

Merisi said...

I tried to scan the comments, to see if anybody had mentioned that this sculpture is an angel created by the French arist Niki de Saint Phalle (Catherine Marie-Agnes Fal de Saint Phalle at Neuilly-sur-Seine). The link leads to a website with a full biography of her and lots of other information. The first picture you see when you open the site shows a scene from the famous Tarot Garden, created by her, in the Grossetto Province in Italy, a site worth visiting (you can read the story of how the garden came into being on the linked site, under "The Garden's History").

Cuckoo said...

Oh Merisi, that was a wonderful information.

Checked the site. Never knew about it !!

Thanks a million.