Wednesday, July 25, 2007


So, I am back. It feels good to be home... to be in familiar surroundings. :) Some stories, some pictures.. hmm it will take some time. At times it is difficult to balance between work, travel and (yes, you guessed it right !) blogging. Nothing more I want to say at this point except to enjoy these lines written by me sometime back.

My next post would hopefully be (Oh, you’ve guessed it again !) “Passing the Sentence”. Oh I am so much excited about that game. Keep watching. Don’t miss it this time.

तुमसे दूर जाने का ग़म ही तो है मुझे
जो पास आने की इजाज़त नहीं देता।

बिछड़ जाने का डर ही तो है मुझे
जो मिलने की इजाज़त नहीं देता।

पर ये कमबख्त दिल समझता नहीं,
भूल जाने की इजाज़त नहीं देता।


It is the sorrow of departing
that holds me back from reaching you.

It is the fear of separation
that restrains me from meeting you.

But oh! This wretched heart!
It does not permit me to forget you.

Current song- जुस्तजू जिसकी की थी, उसको तो न पाया हमने – आशा भोसले

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Shake Al Ansaari.... said...

Maasa alllah

Khuda ki kainaat ek taraf......
ur yeh kuch pantiyan ek taraf

पर ये कमबख्त दिल समझता नहीं,
भूल जाने की इजाज़त नहीं देता।

Ek ek shabd lakhoon fasaane bayaan karta hai ............

bEAST said...

Nice poem, wapis aate hee strtd rockin aye! Lolz

Cuckoo said...

Shukriya Shukriya Janab !

Aaho ji ! I always rock ;) And yeah, thanks.

Pijush said...

Back with such a touchy and lovely poem, great work. I will back by Monday. Take care.

Priyank said...

सुंदर कविता... rather a गझ़ल.. brought some old events and people to mind...

Sam said...

bohot khub!! waise agar aap thoda sa takaluff karengi to is najeez ke ek pehsgi pe zara gaur farmaiyega : Ijaazat
khuda hafiz..
shabba khair!!

ŋεεяѕ said...

U gave words to my thoughts!

SiD said...

That's what you call short and sweet...
apki akhri line se mujhe 2 line aur yaad aa rahi hai.. 1 shayar ne kaha hai..
"yaad to uski aati hai jisko hum kabhi bhool jaate hain"
(btw shayar = javed akhtar)

Welcome back!!

Peter said...

A short, but very nice, poetry awaiting the next "big event"!

Welcome back!

maverick said...

great one, i especially like the last two lines. I used to write poetry in hindi too, but as time passed it drifted to english. hindi, urdu poetries are my all time favs though.

Pyare Mohan said...

aiyyaiyyo balle balle!

aiyaiyyo for the emotional pain...
balle balle for the writing...

Dust Unsettled said...

Very good. Very creative. I wanted it a bit lengthier to leave an impact. May be a sequel's on the way...

Loner said...

reminds me of what I wrote some years ago:-

vo jaane se rishte anjaan hone lage hain
raaste ab hamaare alag ho gaye hain

vo kehte the mujhse raho meri hamesha
bana ke yun apna, khud paraye ho gaye hain

chand lamhon ki khushiyan, chand lamhon ka pyar
umr bhar ke aansoon vo mukhe de haye hain !

and then I concluded the episode with this understanding:-

Love is pleasure when you are IN it.
Love is pain when you are AWAY from it. And,
Love is a foolishness when you are OUT of it.


sAg_NiK said...

wow!like it!

and like 'इजाज़त' more over 'Permission'

Rauf said...

Kiski Ijaazat se' aapne' kisi ko dil mein bithaya. ??
Do chaar logon se' poochtaach toh karleteen ..?? Ab umr bhar ka dard. umr bhar ka fasaana. Pate mein ho ya sar mein ya dil mein, dard, dard hi hota hai. Daaktar ke' paise' alag. ECG CT scan. Ke' paise' lagte' hain. Ab kisiko dil mein bithayega to ek dil ke' daaktar ko pasand kijeye'
Meherbaani hogi.

Sweet little thing you are ! Cuckoo jee !!

Keshi said...

intense emotions...very nice...


Leziblogger said...

Welcome back!

bendtherulz said...

That sure was short trip...& Beautiful always.
Tk care -

Cuckoo said...

Thank you and waiting for your so lovely posts.

Thank you. :) Sometimes somethings comes to your lips just like that.

Cuckoo said...

Shukriya Janaab !! Oh aapka likha bahot acha hai. Kaash main aisa kuch likh pati.

Thank you. Thank you. What do I say now?

Cuckoo said...

Wah Wah ! Kya khoob kaha hai Javed Sa’ab ne.
Thank you.

Thank you. The wait is over. I am so very excited about this game. Be ready.

Cuckoo said...

Thank you. The last two lines are my favourite as well.

Hmmm.. Never saw any sample of your poetry, one more favour please.

Thank you. Thank you.
Those are two thank you’s for aiyyaiyyo and the other is for balle balle. :)

Cuckoo said...

Dust Unsettled,
Welcome after a long time. Thank you very much.

These lines came just like that without any thought process.
A sequel ?? Now that is something I’ll have to think. :)

Thanks for stopping over. I thought you forgot about this blog.

Cuckoo said...

Welcome again. Thank you for sharing those beautiful lines with us and so very true is your conclusion !
Thanks once again.

Cheers ! Keep coming.

Welcome to my blog. Swaagat hai aapka.
Thank you for liking it. You can see all my poetic creations under the label poetry.

And agreed. The original is always better than the translation.

Thanks once again and keep coming.

Cuckoo said...

Oh oh aapko kyon jalan ho rahi hai ? Ye to sirf kuch lines thi, dard-e-dil ka izhaar tha.

You are also very sweet Rauf ji.

Thanks once again. Keep coming.

Cheers !

Thank you.

Cuckoo said...

Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you.
Yeah, it was a very short annoying trip.

maverick said...

Though they may not fit exactly, these r some of the posts tht i categorized under poetry. "Rush" of course being poetry (i hope :-))

Rauf said...

seene' mein jalan, aankhon mein toofaan sa kyon hai.

Thandaa paani pee raha hoon Cuckooji

Cuckoo said...

Ah those poetic verses.. most of them are written before my birth in this blogworld. So I had missed them.

Rush is quite a good attempt. Try to write one in Hindi.

Cuckoo said...

Oh Rauf ji, paani peeke ho gaya ? Now are you chilled ? :P

Take part in the game, make it a horribly horror story. :P

Dust Unsettled said...

"I thought you forgot about this blog."

- Dearest I am regular to your nest much before my first comments appeared on your lovely posts.

And once started, I have always commented on those posts which I felt are "seedhe dil se", like this one, because my comments are also "seedhe dile se" :)

Cuckoo said...

Dust Unsettled,
Ohh I never knew it !! I am elated.

Oh so as per you this was one of those "seedhe dil se". :)

Thank you. Keep coming.

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Welcome back Cuckoo, we've missed you! Beautiful words, as always. Smile.

bachodi said...

"It does not permit me to forget you. "
So cruel

Ankur Gupta said...

जबर्दस्त कवितायें हैं. तभी तो कमेंट्स भी जबर्दस्त हैं. अगर मुझे कभी १० कमेंट्स मिल जाती हैं तो मैं नाचने लगता हूं अगर आपके इतना मिल जायें तो पता नही क्या होगा. आपने हिंदी का अंग्रेजी में जो अनुवाद किया है वो भी बहुत बहुत बहुत बहुत बहुत बहुत बहुत बहुत बहुत अच्छा लगा.

आपको पढ़ने वाले काफ़ी हैं तो आप ब्लाग में एडसेंस का भी प्रयोग करें. इससे आपको आमदनी भी हो जायेगी. अधिक जानकारी मेरे ब्लाग मे उपलब्ध है.