Thursday, April 19, 2007

Cricket - Game of Chance

For a change, some of my predictions in this game of chance is coming out correct. At the start of Super 8, I had predicted for Aus, SA, NZ and SL to be four semi-finalists. And I was right !!

Now, tell me which team is going to challenge Australia in the finals ? New Zealand or Sri Lanka ? What do you say ?
Don’t ask me silly questions like why am I not asking about South Africa.

Earlier, I had my finalists as Australia and South Africa but Proteas let me down. :(
So, now my money is on Sri Lanka.

I know Australia is the best team, my all time favourites and they are going to win the cup but we must appreciate the efforts of Sri Lankans and how they have come up to this stage.
Yesterday was Maharoof’s day and he came out with an impressive figure of 10-3-25-4 at an economy rate of 2.50 plus one run-out as well.

I am supporting Sri Lankans for being the only Asian team in the race.

Hail Tigers !

P.S.- Heyy if you are reading this post, you got to comment. Ok ?

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Aditi said...

i was rooting for SA too.. but now am thinking its going to be the aussies and NZ in finals
with aussies getting their hattrick!!

Maverick said...

im with u cuckoo, we'll share the money if u win :)

Abhijeet said...

aus vs nz for me...go kiwis!!!

Sharad Mathur said...

kangaroos will win the cup!


Fleiger said...

Now the blog doesn't hang, but the song starts blaring the second the page loads... Which is bad if you are trying to read blogs early in the morning or late in the day or in library... (Just some of the times and places I will not be reading your blog till you fix this)

Abhi said...

You are talking abt the Aus-SL finals?? The Kiwis not gonna let them through in the first place....

Look at WC history..The WC winning captains have all been great players as well as great captains. Lyyod,Kapil,Border,Imran Khan,Ranatunga,Steve Waugh and Ricky Ponting.

Mahela Jaywardena simply doesnt fit into this list of captains as yet.I think its time Stephen Fleming gets his due..

Cuckoo said...

Yes, SA was a contender for finals but not now. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the challenger to Aussies.

Awww .. you are so sweet. I knew you are with me… at least on sharing the money part. :P

Ok, so that makes it 2 for NZ. SL will try its best to beat kiwis in semis. Success or not, is different matter. Isn’t it ?

Welcome to my blog. Yes, there is no doubt that kangaroos will win the cup but who will challenge them in finals ?

Thanks for your visit. Keep coming.

Ohh itna gussa ?? :(
I’ll fix it but don’t you think keeping your speakers on mute would have been a better idea specially when you are not home ?

BTW, you are the only person who asked me to remove the music player. Most of other readers want it and find it convenient when I took their opinion recently.

Welcome. I completely agree with you. I am aware that it is extremely difficult for Sri Lankans to beat kiwis but just b’coz they are the only Asians left in the race, my support goes to them. Senti case for tigers ;)

Between Fleming & Mahela, I prefer Fleming as well. Let us see. Keeping my fingers crossed & I would love to be proved wrong. :)

Princess Banter said...

I'm not really into cricket but the same as you -- I'm also rooting for Sri Lanka cuz they're the only Asian team hahaah! I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way...

Alok said...

P.S.- Heyy if you are reading this post, you got to comment. Ok ?

lai, koi dadagiri hai ?? :)

Ranjeet said...

Hey Cuckoo, a post on cricket after a long time, eh?

I would love to see an Aus-NZ or Aus-SL finals, (and Aussies losing the same)but I won't write SA off. In fact, they might go and upset a few equations.

Rationally, I am rooting for any team that plays well. Emotionally, I am hoping that Aussies get knocked out in the semi finals!

tulipspeaks said...

:( i'm hopeless in this game. no idea whatsoever.


Keshi said...

yeyyy SL and AUS! I can supprt both u know :)


Mumbai Guy said...

All I can tell you is that Australia is not going to win the world cup. They will choke in final.

Cuckoo said...

Princess B,
Welcome to my blog.
That’s so nice of you. You commented here in spite of not being into cricket. :P
Lol.. yeah, moral boosting of sole Asian team against the giants you know.

Thanks for your visit. Keep coming.

lai, koi dadagiri hai ?? Haanji hai. :P
Fir bhi kuch log comment to karte hain, par pooche gaye question ka jawab nahi milta mujhe. :((

a post on cricket after a long time, eh?. Ha Ha.. I tried to control but off late my fingers had started itching, giving me jitters. ;)

Heyy where are you lost ? Ghar ki yaad aa rahi hai kya ? :P

Don’t you know the rules of this game ? SA can not be in the race unless they defeat Aussies in the semis. FYI, They are meeting in semis.
The other semi is between SL & NZ and hence my query.

Awwww. Even then you came & commented. So nice of you to specially come here from Malaysia & comment. ;)

Ha Ha.. difficult task for you. :P

Cuckoo said...

All I can tell you is that Australia is not going to win the world cup.. OK. But where is the answer to my question ? Who'll challenge them in finals ?

Mumbai Guy said...

Where did I say I was answering your question? I just made a statement.


Vibhanshu said...

I am not a cricket fan thought I consider Australia to be the best team in the world right now. And SL has done a commendable job. An Australia v/s SriLanka would be a swell match to watch.

Anonymous said...

Not that much interested in cricket...

Sigma said...

I usually do not say anything unless I really have something to say. Just writing this note, as you made it mandatory for people to comment if they read the post ;-)
I am really no follower of cricket (or of any other game for that matter), and my feeble interest was killed by the shamefaced exit of our team before the super 8.

Ranjeet said...

Cuckoo: Ghar ki yaad to bahot aati hai! I wanted to say that let's not write off SA, they might upset the Aussies in semis (although the way Aus batsmen are crushing NZ bowlers, I agree that it doesn't seem very likely :-( )

Cuckoo said...

Hmmm.. no comments.

Aaah ! You are with me ! I would also like to see a Aus/ SL final.

Lol.. Did I sound that strict ?

Loll.. Did I sound that strict ? ;) Ha Ha.. one person has asked me if this is some dadagiri ? ;)

Ghar ki yaad to bahot aati hai!.. Tch Tch.. How many days more ?

Ohhh.. SA beating Aussies ?? Forget it. Not possible. And hence was my query. :)

Ranjeet said...

I shud be back home by May end!

Your fav Aussies are amazing! And that's not good for world cricket!

One of the comments made on cricinfo was:
"where does all this aggression comes from for the aussie batsmen? were they not hugged enough as kids? damn it aussie ur kids some love..the other teams need their chances too." ! LOL

Cuckoo said...

May end ? One more month to go. :)

Aussies ?? Ha Ha.. they are THE champions, my favourites since ages (Jab main chhoti bachhi thi, bilkul seedhi saadi thi).

Know what? When they play at home, the entire stadium cheers them up for every ball by saying "Aussie Aussie Aussie"... 3 times & you can't keep mum at that time except for joining them. ;) It looked so amazing to me.

LOL @the comment. I have full sympathies for other teams. I know, not good for health of any cricket. :((

Ranjeet said...

:-) I miss being the stadium experience so much! Its amazing, aint it?

Cuckoo said...

Oh yeah. Very much. :))

Cuckoo said...

Yipeeeee !!

One more gone !

Ranjeet said...

Ya 83/4!! :-(

Anyways, smis me dekhenge, waha bhi haare to finals me dekhenge - aur waha bhi haare to...there is always the next time, right?

Cuckoo said...

Well, no one can deny that Aussie is the best team. Phir bhi pata nahi log kyon ...

Are you vouching for NZ or SA or for anyone who can beat Aussies ? loll.. Just we do against Pak ?

Yes, there is always the next time but this time is far far away. :P

Ranjeet said...

Actually I agree with you that Aussies are the best in World today and deserve to win the cup hands down. But I don't like the arrogance they bring to the game. And so my heart wants them to lose while my mind tells my heart that it's darn difficult!
Damn, it is 104/5 already! Sigh...

Ranjeet said...

Its all over! Kiwis have been thrashed royally! And what a pleasure it must bring to the Aussies for whom Aus-NZ rivalry is no less that Indo-Pak one!

Cuckoo said...

Ha Ha.. At present they are too good a team to be defeated. Their professionalism & aggression beats me any day.

Let's watch semis now. Fingers crossed. Some people are still hoping against hope... To see NZ as WC winner.

bachodi said...

cricket ?? what is it ?

Jeseem said...

bolo Australia ke jai.
no more supporting asian team.

or ofcourse my sure fire bets for the finals . the umpires

Jimmy said...

I was all for Ireland, but now that they are out - so am I :(

Anonymous said...

wheeew.. i couldnt open this comment page for 3-4 times today.
cool post cockoo-chan!!
since im working for Lankan company, i bet for SL :)
of course im indian supporter thoo.

Cuckoo said...

Hmmm.. you have landed at wrong place.

Very nice. :)

Welcome to my blog. Ha Ha.. I must appreciate your choice. I am with you on this sad day of yours. ;)

Thanks for your visit. Keep coming.

Awww.. Why ? What happened ?

Thank you.

Rauf said...

I was passing by and at gun point you threatened me to comment.

I love the guts and the fighting spirit of SriLankans.

I went looking for bananas, the fruit seller was indeed looking like Yuvraj Singh, had long hair, a bit dark though. Had a closer look, he was bare foot.

please don't bother about the world cup, Have an ice cream, enjoy your life.

oh dear ! you have this bhard bheripicasan on and it is so long, there are so many W's don't know if they are V's J or i ?
i have to type zgywww orv jj or ii
w or mm or 2 Ns or rn together ?
hope i get through in the first attempt.


2nd attempt
stfrkog, looks easy, let me try
i'll go home after this. you'll never know that a poor guy tried to leave a comment.
wish me luck


Whow you are issuing commands...whatever you say Lady...where I am right now...haven't seen papers for a while...and yeah this is not my fav if thats what maketh you be it -


- Bendtherulz

Anonymous said...

oh my computer froze :)
it is okay today. thank u cuckoo-chan!!

david mcmahon said...

G'day, Cuckoo,

We were both tagged by Mur38 in Queensland - which is how I found out about your blog.

As a former cricket writer, I honestly thought India would be in the finals, against Australia but, hey, how wrong was I!!

Nirula's used to be a hangout of mine until I moved to Australia almost 20 years ago.

I was born in Calcutta - which part of India do you hail from?

By the way, remind me to tell you the story of how I had a Test cricketer dropped in my very first over in first-class cricket!

Gotta run. Have a look at my blog and leave some answers to my questions.

Take care


raghav said...

dont count the SA yet .. Gibbs might just hold on to the catch (and not 'drop the world cup') this time round .. :)

lankans have been great this time .. more so coz the other two sub continent teams have been eliminated pretty early !
cheers and may the best team win !

Cuckoo said...

Welcome to my blog. Can I ask where from have you stumbled here ?

I was passing by and at gun point you threatened me to comment.. Ha ha.. at times I have to do it. ;) But the threat was for my regular loyal readers, not for newcomers like you.

please don't bother about the world cup,, Ohh who’s bothering ? I call it enjoying. And lo, you succeeded in commenting as well.
Thanks for your visit. Keep coming.

Whow you are issuing commands... Sometimes I have to do it. ;)

Not to be seen ? Where have you been ? Ohh that one rhymed ;)

You are welcome. :)

I welcome you here on my blog. Oh yeah. Mur tagged both of us. Glad to know you too have interest in cricket & are quite aware of India.

I come from the capital city, Delhi but belong to whole India. Thanks for the link. I’ll soon visit your blog.

Thanks for your visit and now that we have been introduced, I hope to see you more often.

I welcome you here on my blog.

No, I don’t think SA has a chance. Australia is surely going to win the WC and I hate this WC for the same reason. It’s become very boring with the same known outcome. Australia is too good a team to be beaten at present.
But but but .. I would love to be proved wrong.

Thanks for your visit. Keep coming.

Leziblogger said...

I am day-dreaming but what if SA beat Australia in the semis??? :-)

Kabhi yun bhi to ho....!

Cuckoo said...

SA beating Australia ?? The way Aussies are playing, woh zara mushkil hai.

Abhi said...

My moneys still on NZ beating the Aussies in the finals!!

Pyare Mohan said...

BTW, who is the goalkeeper???? :-p

Ash said...

Not a cricket fan at all!! Sorry :)

Cuckoo said...

Hmmm.. You are not alone, there are some more crazy people like you. Hoping against the hope of NZ taking WC. But Aussie would be the winner. Lagi shart ?
Nevertheless, tomorrow’s match is going to be an interesting one.

BTW, Where have you been ? Itna busy ?

So, you are back. Don’t you know Leander Paes is the goalkeeper. :P

Ohh you are missing the fun then ;)

Pyare Mohan said...

Oh!! I was rooting for Geet Sethi!!

Abhi said...

Go Proteas Go!!!

What a waste of time yesterday in the SL-NZ match.

Cuckoo said...


Hmmm.. some people just don't want to accept the facts. Right now, Aussies are 100/2 in 21 overs. Do you still think ....

HA HA HA HA... Can't stop laughing.

What a waste of time yesterday in the SL-NZ match.. What ???? It was so interesting to see NZ succumbing to Tigers' hunger.

BTW, I had asked you something more. Pata nahi kab log saare questions ka jawab dena seekhenge.

Abhi said...

I am now looking forward to WC 2011. This WC simply doesnt interest me any more, as I do not want any of the two finalists to win it.

Cuckoo said...

I do not want any of the two finalists to win it... Well, things won’t change if you close your eyes. WC will happen & one of those teams will take the cup home.

Personally now I would want Sri-Lankans to win but I know that is not going to happen (how boring, we already know the result) unless Aussies are committed to lose. I am extremely busy these days, once again will miss the first half of the match. :((