Thursday, April 12, 2007

Just Like That

Some Points:- Let me cry first. *Sob Sob* The people who come to my blog don’t read my blog properly & they don’t know anything about me. :(((

So, I felt the need to tell you something about myself & my blogworld. Even though it is mentioned very clearly, people don’t know when my birthday is. *Sob Sob* They don’t know from where to listen to my current song and they don’t know whether I am a Maharashtrian or not. Some people think I am a Marathi mulgi. I’ll appreciate if you go through this.

But yes, some people do have elephant’s memory (Oh la la.. I am surrounded by elephants & tigers) .. they even remember my favourite chocolate & very minutest details !! Hmm.. worth appreciation, I must say. No, I am not in touch with them through mails or otherwise, they are just my blogger friends & keep their eyes wide open while reading my blog.

Anyhow, I enjoyed the comments in my last post. :) All were so curious to know whose birthday it was. Some regular commenters very cleverly kept mum and some even more cleverly took advantage of this mystery and accepted all the wishes !!Ha Ha.. Probably it was their birthday. Heyy Kiddo MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY. You could have at least left your names. This is one of the disadvantages if one enables the anonymous comments.

However, I accept all the good wishes and convey them to all of you.
Happy Birthday to all of you.. advanced or belated. After all, your birthday has to come some day or the other in the whole year. It just happened that my post came on April 8th.

For your information, it was NOT my birthday and only one commenter said that very confidently. I would be the last person to do a self-advertisement by publishing a post on my birthday. Let others do it for me, why should I ? ;)

Some More Points:-

1.. Anonymous comments- I always had this option open on my blog for all the people but recently four posts back I had to disable it for reasons I don’t want to explain now. Though I have enabled it again to facilitate non-Blogger commenters, I would appreciate if you leave your name. I really don’t like anonymous strangers.
And I repeat, any offensive comment will be deleted. For off topic comments please use the Chit-chat box provided.

2.. How many of you know that I have one more blog ? My other child, that caters to my experiences of different places I have been to ? It is like my digital diary and has some interesting recounting. But it is NOT a travel blog, I am not guiding people to go to these places.
Only three months old, it has a long way to go to cover all the places I have visited. And I am proud to have some loyal visitors on that blog.

3.. Now something about my surrogate baby [Family planning going for a toss ;)]. I intend to contribute as Kuhu in a Hindi group blog Bloggers Park. The very first post on this blog is posted today and it is my first poem in Hindi काश.

4.. I have uploaded some photos in my Web Picasa Album & plan to update it frequently as & when my other blog gets updated. You’ll find the Album on right sidebar of either of my blogs.

Opinion Poll:- As you all know I always have one current song which I upload for the readers to listen to. If you don’t already know, it is on right sidebar. Now one blogger friend has complained that the music player ‘hangs’ my blog. Have you also felt so ?

I want to know how many of you want the music player here on this blog or else I’ll happily remove it & save time on uploading the song. Or, can you suggest me any other light weight music player as a replacement ?
In the meanwhile, you can listen to this song.

Current song- Nazraana Bheja Kisi Ne Pyar Ka – Kishore Kumar


ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

look at what sad state I was in - I didnt know it was my birthday until someone called in the morning, and then I thought it needed some publicity, and hence went on to declare it loud and clear on the blog.
Till date, that is the only post with 0 comments!
what a disgrace!

Sigma said...

"people who come to my blog dont know me" - how can you say that ? :-)
Nice start with Bloggers Park.
Re Poll: Well, the player doesn't exactly hang the blog, but your main page sure takes a lot of time to load.

Sugarlips said...

Cuckooo...pls do not remove the music player from your blog...I love almost all the songs you play...Kishore rocks...I never had any problem when I open your page but I heard it happens though like it take a while to upload your page if u have music uploaded on your page...The other option is you can upload and put the link here I do this sometimes :) it might be there cure of hanging problem :)

Stay Beautiful...!

Mumbai Guy said...

Hmm, i try to wish you in advance and instead of some cake or thank you, I get eyebrows. When you blog for one big post all about birthday, I thought you deserve some wishes from us. sigh.

And I still dont see the jukebox. Left or right, am still looking for song.

And what? Your not marathi mulgi? well, then I am not going to talk to you again. What you dont care? I knew it. But I come here for the song, hoping it may appear someday in front of my eyes.

bachodi said...

You chose to be anonymous in blogosphear. So all the complaints in the first two paragraphs shouldn't matter.

Anonymous blogging itself is for opinion ( very strong views ). So if someone keeps track of what you said about you in your previous posts , he must be your fan. ( i guess you have one more reason to be anonymous )

and about opinion poll : it asks me for some plug in , which i did not install yet.

Cuckoo said...

Toothless Wonder,
Welcome to my blog. What a name you’ve got !! I hope you were toothless before tumbling over here. ;)
Tch Tch..

Thanks for your visit. Keep coming.

how can you say that ?. Arrey baba, I was speaking in general. I know you aren’t among them, you had cleverly kept mum. ;)

but your main page sure takes a lot of time to load.. Hmmm.. Let me see what I can do. I’ve put the player on right sidebar so that even if it takes time, it doesn’t interfere with reading the post. Also, I’ll try to put lesser no. of pictures.

Thanks for telling me. I too don’t want to remove it actually. Let us see what other readers say.

Ohh thank you, thank you once again for all the wishes. I accepted them all I said.

Hmmm.. Put on your specs please. Don’t worry. Sometimes it happens. ;) Just turn your neck a bit on right side when you are reading that Opinion poll thing. It is above Chit-chat box. Now, don’t ask me what is right side ? GRRRRRRRRRRR

Yes, I do listen to Marathi songs very often. What if I am not Marathi.. whole India is mine. :)

Cuckoo said...

Ohh then by this logic I have many fans. As I said, they kept mum for that post as they knew it wasn't my birthday.
And no, I have not mentioned it in any of my posts. It is right here.. very visible. :) [This is a hint for you ;)]

Oh plug in, hmmm ... but does my blog takes time to load ?

Maverick said...

hey cuckoo, each of ur posts gimme an image of urs, and eventually all those images converge to make u. so now tht i have u formed out of ur 59 images, i can see u quite strongly, strongly than the people who knw ur b'day.

n abt opinion poll : frankly i keep my comp always mute, so it wouldn't matter to me either ways :)

tulipspeaks said...

u sound v disappointed... :|


Cuckoo said...

Ohh How beautifully you said it ! Thank you. I am flattered.

Oh, so music player doesn't make any difference to you. :|

Arrey NO, I am not disappointed at all. I was not even upset. :) General observation it was. ;)

Mumbai Guy said...

Oi...What whole india is mine? Dont you forget 51% belongs to me. No more compromise on this issue. Take it or leave it. :-)

Space above Chit Chat Box shows some rectangle with heading as Current Song and one more small rectangle within it with geometric figures. I was expecting some music and noise but what I see is just colorful geometry.

Strange are the people these days.

Ranjeet said...

Hey Cuckoo,

Thanks for opening the window to your personality so that we can know more about you. You are a multi-faceted personality!The poem is nice, liked it. Lage Raho!

Sigma said...

Actually all the dynamic content contributes to the time it takes for a page to load.
Another suggestion(apart from reducing the number of pics as you said) - reduce the number of posts on the front page - have the "recent posts" link on the side bar .... that should help too.

Anonymous said...

hiiii cuckoo-chan!!
i have no prob with this music player.
love it! thanks sooo much!!
ur other blog is a bit heavy and takes time to load the photos and open comment page tho. i can do it quicker from office computer. so its fun to visit during work.
wish u a happy weekend!!

Cuckoo said...

Oh yes, you said it ! Strange are the people these days. Trying to become so naïve always. :)

Dont you forget 51% belongs to me… Is this a share company that you are trying to gain a majority ?

First I would like to thank you from bottom of my heart. You specially went to that blog and wrote your comments that too in Hindi. I am touched. Thanks again.
Thanks for liking the poem. You can read my other creations here. Have written some more, will post them one by one.

Yeah, it is a romantic mushy-mushy poem but a sad one. The reason is simple… When I am sad, only thing comes out of me is poetry and since I am romantic, the poem has to be the same. ;)

the dynamic content contributes to the time it takes for a page to load.. Yeah, I am very well aware of that. But what to do, I want those things on my blog.

Recent post links ??? How ? Will have to explore it first. :(

Heyy.. Thank you very much for your opinion. I’ll keep it. ;)

Yes agreed, my other blog takes time because of the dynamic map I am displaying there. But can’t shift it to any other place. Nobody will see it then. Loll

Thanks and wish you the same !!

Bendtherulz said...

Well one can always pretend that their B'days are few months earlier...!! I was taken aback when I first read your post...on B'day.....!

Anyways Ms Balance...pls accept care and lastly wanted to ask one can track your "Contribution" on Bloggers Park...will you give update on your Main blog...!!
Tk care ~

Cuckoo said...

Ahaa !! Thank you thank you.

And I must thank you for your hausla afzaai mere Hindi blog par.

Hmmm.. Actually I am in no mood to publicize here about my work there just like I don't advertize about my Le Monde here.
Initially I would be writing say once in a month or so. Hindi typing is a bit difficult for me. ;) I have given a link here below the Le Monde link in Left sidebar. You can check that occasionally.

What else? Suggest me something. And you have not said anything about the music player. GRRRRRRRR

Fleiger said...

Aah... the mystery is solved...

It was misleading...

Vibhanshu said...

Hey cool travel blog you have got. I likes the write up on the vinyards. Wish I could go there...

Cuckoo said...

Nothing was misleading. Samjhanewale samajh gaye, jo na samjhe.. ;)

Welcome to my blog. Aaah ! You liked my other blog ? Then why are you commenting here ?.. I don't think I've disabled the comments on that blog. :))

And what about this blog ?
Anyways, thanks for dropping by and liking the post.

Keep visiting, you'll get to see more. :))

Fleiger said...

Well... Hmm... No comments...

Bendtherulz said...

Music....keda...kuch sunai "vartalaap box" aajkal dikhne laga thx...

Yeah will do that saw the care-

Cuckoo said...

Ok. :)))

Agar 'vartalaap box' dikha, to uske neeche hi hai mera tape But yes, first you remove your ear-plugs & you'll have to press the button "PLAY".

Bendtherulz said...

Very cheeky....may be thats why I left you at station....ouch...don't hit...!!
Stay smiling & suits you !!

Pijush said...

You make some trivial matters so interesting that one cant stop reading in middle, keep posting, I have added this blog in my Random Thoughts.