Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My First Logic

I think I am quite a logical dame and to my memory this was the first time my pea-sized brains applied any logic to anything. I have always been a bright student, ever ready to learn new things, first one to raise my hand for any questions-answers session, always giving tough competition to fellow boys.

This recounting goes back to when I had just entered the fourth standard, very enthusiastic to venture into my new books and learn new things as fast as possible.
But summer time, scorching heat of north India, lack of interest in food, me delicate little angel, couldn’t bear it all. The result? I fell sick. Could not go to school for four days.

During my absence, my science teacher taught something of which I was completely unaware of as what was taught. For your understanding, it was something on types of trees with ample of examples – difference between a normal tree (mango, apple) and a creeper (pumpkin, bitter gourd).

On fifth day when I went to school, apparently there was a test on what was taught in last four days with teacher (read dictator) scaring us she’d deduct marks and make us redo the whole thing whoever gave a wrong answer. My heart plummeted. For a change, I knew this time I was fated to write answers 10 times in my notebook and how much I detested that.

The teacher (she was a nice lovely teacher) wrote the question on board asking us to write answer in one sentence. Fortunately or unfortunately (for me) she didn’t use the words like creeper or normal. Had she written that, I would have answered differently for I knew what they were.

The question was “What is the difference between a mango tree and a pumpkin tree? Write in only one sentence.”

Now, what type of a silly question it was? What was she trying to ask, I thought. Both are trees, both bear fruits. Maybe some hidden answer. I cursed myself, this time she finally got me.
Nevertheless, me an intelligent introvert thinker with a never say die attitude,
have a habit of solving things on my own. I always try to quench my thirst of queries on my own.

After thinking for a while & giving my first ever logic to someone outside my family, I wrote a one-line answer which teacher had to mark . She could not mark and thus I was saved from writing answer 10 times. Smart me. :))

That day after looking at my teacher’s face, I had decided one thing – I would NEVER become a teacher. It is indeed a tough job.

My answer was “Mangoes grow on mango tree and pumpkins grow on pumpkin tree.”.

Current song- Jungle Jungle Baat Chali Hai Pata Chala Hai, Chadhi Pehen ke Phool Khila Hai


Prashanth M said...

ROTFL... You must add this link to your resume, before you send it to google ;)

Aditi said...

hahah hilarious!! although i admit i never had the guts to answer that cheekily to anything..
but hats off to the logic..

Alok said...

:)..kya ladki hai !!!

Bendtherulz said...

How true - I would say your teacher was really nice to understand that logic and gave due respect to your lil brain !!

As people say - common sense is not that often common as we think...!
Very nice recounting - My sibling is like that !!

Cuckoo said...

Ha Ha.. Do you think it’ll impress them ? I'll do that then. ;)

Thank you. Well, I am quite a quiet, introvert and a shy person but that doesn’t mean I have to be a dumb idiot as well. ;)
At that time I just wanted to avoid writing something 10/15 times… (a typical Indian school scenario) and I succeeded in my mission. :)

Hee Hee.. Haanji !!

You are right !! Well, it wasn’t so easy. She grumbled, laughed and literally pulled her hair... all at the same time. And she did tell me later what I was supposed to write.
But she also knew how good a student I was & how much I hated writing same things 10/15/25 times.

Good to know that there are people like me in this world ;)

lalitha said...

That was hilarious.You are indeed a very logical person.I don't know if I wouold have thought of that.

Sugarlips said...

You are so adorable smarty
pants :) Your teacher must be thinking larki hai ya patakha? ;)

Stay Beautiful...!!

SM said...

Nice answer!

Cuckoo said...

Thank you. That was a very genuine effort to save myself from writing the answer 10 times.

Once again thanks for dropping by.

Patakha ?? I think I was a phuljhari. ;)

Ha Ha.. As I said she was laughing, grumbling and pulling her hair at the same time. And I was standing there with a cutest blank face.

Thank you.

Sunil Parmar said...

Hahahaha...that was awsome...:)

Prashant said...

So dear cuckoo , solve this :
if 1 = 5
2 = 25
3 = 125
4 = 625
5 = ?

but you are really smart......
this is just for TP ;-)

Sigma said...

what an unbeatable logic !!

Eclipsed Thoughts said...

Indeed a very bright student.... me impressed!

Cuckoo said...

Thank you.

Ha Ha.. Do you really want to know the answer to that silly question ? ;)

Thank you. :)

Hee Hee... Thank you. Me blushing now.

Eclipsed Thoughts,
Thank you, thank you. :))

Pyare Mohan said...

hmmm.. Cuckoo logic!! I am sure the school must have started a new syllabus with 'Cuckoology' class. Must required for every student who aspires to be a programmer!!

mathew said...

Guess your teacher might have quit job after that..Edge of desperation it would have been!!


Jeseem said...

super ms.birdie.
so did the teacher also stop teaching and ran away from you :)

Abhijeet said...

good one!

Cuckoo said...

Hmmmm :)

She was a brave teacher and had accepted the challenge. ;)

Welcome again. No, she was a brave (like me) teacher and both of us loved challenges. ;)

Thank you. :)

Prashant said...

hey, yes i do, then what...
my question is still unanswered, dont underestimate the power of that question ;-)

Mridula said...

Lovely answer :)

So You Wanna Be An MBA said...


Cuckoo said...

Think again !! I don't want you to get embarressed in front of other readers by asking such silly question. :P
The answer is hidden in the question itself. Is that enough ?

Thank you. :)

Thanks for the attempt but you are absolutely WRONG ! :)))

Bendtherulz said...

Lol @ PM - Cuckoology...!!

He he he ....if 1 = 5 , 5= 1...my feeble attempt...

ps - I am logicless...

Cuckoo said...

Hmmmm.. Cheating !!! You got the hint from my reply to Prashant and MBA. Not fair.

SiD said...

hahahhaa... that was quite some logic for the poor teacher to handle!!!
btw is it the songs you are listening to which evokes the post or the post evokes the song ;)

niki yokota said...

if i were ur classmate, i wud have loved u as a hero :D
(not heroine)
u are sooo cool, cuckoo-chan!!

niki yokota said...

oh i love this pic of girl. so cute!!

Arz000n said...

Which school??

Prashant said...

I agree with your logic but to get noticed you have to answer. Not all people are smart like you and we s/w professionals believe in documented things ;-).

Speakup to score dear!!!!!! How silly may be the logic......

tarun said...

....and cuckoo writes at Cuckoo's nest.

What a clever answer you gave to your teacher...hahahhah

Gangadhar said...

haha..loved your answer!!
And we all have such cute childhood memories..isn't it,cuckoo?

mur said...

Good one, Logic always wins.

SaM-GiRL said...

hahahahaha! good answer! great logic.

Bendtherulz said...

Lady has no trust....lol...

adi said...

had always trbld my teachers
and later bosses
thanks for making me smile
needed it
not feeling well
so, dee posted on delhidreams
and btw, she's a teacher ;)

Fleiger said...

Hello busy madam... lagta hai aap logic mein dabi hai.

Keshi said...

ur ans rocks Cuckoo LOL!


Mayank said...

Happy Valentines Day ! May you get all the love you deserve from all the people around you.

You know this is not a day only for couples in love.. couples could be anything..parents, sis/bro and most importantly friends. Valentine wishes are for all from all. And it teaches us to forget our old differences and makeup like we do on Holi & Id.

shruti said...

Mindblowing logic...

Bendtherulz said...

Knock Knock??

Maverick said...

n u could never be wrong.........:), will ask ur advise the next time i have to give my test

s-h-e-n-a-n-i-g-a-n said...

yes, I have deleted some posts, reason is there on my last post. :)

Prashanth M said...

Where have you gone hiding?!

Alok said...

oye !!
jaldi jaldi wapis aao :(

adi said...

mogli madam!!!
kitthe ho tussi!!!

Sugarlips said...


Sigma said...

You have been Tagged!!


Ajith said...

This is what I call a politically correct answer ..Keep it up :D .

Cuckoo said...

Thank you thank you.

*Cuckoo bows down*

Ouch ! My back.