Monday, January 08, 2007

Let's Hug ??

What a way to start the new year !! Well, I was away from my blog for almost three days just after posting my previous post. No, wasn’t holidaying and some of you got worried, wrote me mails. Some thought I was traveling. Oh la la ! So much concern ? I am flattered. I thank all of you once again for your concern and affection. That makes me more humble and proud & at the same time that makes our bond a lot more stronger.

Oh my my, so much of sweetness here on my blog. Hope no one is diabetic. Ahaa ! Lots of hugs also ;) While some gave me hugs, a few got from me; there were some hopefuls who were of the opinion that since this is New Year, everybody should get hugs from me. Hmmm nice reasoning I must say. :))) Well, I am a bit miser in this matter, can’t give a hug unless I “feel” like giving it.

Now, that brings up a long forgotten sleeping question again. Question ?? I am slowly getting into this bad habit of asking questions, thanks to one of you.

I know the importance of a real life hug. It is self-explanatory, "I include you in my circle of caring." Arms go out to another in a warm embrace. A hug is a spontaneous signal of acceptance. A hug holds a universe of silent meaning. In all of humanity, embracing is a symbol of togetherness and belonging.
Moreover, hugs are loaded with benefits. It is healthy, keeps us healthier. It cures depression, it reduces stress, it's stimulating, rejuvenating and it has no unpleasant side effects !! In short, hugging is nothing less than a miracle drug.

But what about the virtual hug ? It doesn’t matter where it pops up.. on your computer screen or on your cell. Does it have the same effect ? Does one feel that close to a person as in real or is it just a formal way of conveying something informal ? When people say hugzzz, what do they actually want to convey ?

Are you going to hug a person in real to whom till now, you are showing your affection through various virtual means ? And why ?

Ok, more simple - Who all of you are going to hug me if you happen to meet me in real ? Hmmm... I can see countless hands going up ;) Heyy you !! please don’t raise both your hands, ok ?


Don’t expect the same from me. As I said earlier, I don’t even give a virtual hug till I “feel” like hugging that person. And right now, I am not for any gorilla / bear hug. Instead, I have developed a fetish for tigers these days. So a tiger hug for me. ;)

Current song- She Loves You – Beatles


KT said...


sometimes i feel i put too much effort in posting comments on YOUR blog*...

just to show you what I want to say..abt a true inspiring story..

but anyways I shud thnk becoz becoz of this post i rem of this campaign and was searching regarding it when I came across this really beautiful video.

and I think I'll write someday abt the same...

* btw I take as much effort for every comment... above intended typo was for a hug... #evil_grin#

SiD said...

well.. i can only say that one of the hugs that is difficult to beat is when 2 mechies meet after some considerable time...specially if they are from in and around punjab... its huge.. loud.. carefree.... I remember the convocation time - when the whole class met after 1 year.. uff... it was greattt and rib breaking..:)

Alok said...

:) oh ho..
lai,itna sab kkuch..ek hug ke liye. ...
yup, understoood.

Aditi said...

a tiger hug there is some idea
but yea even virtually i dont write out hug unless i know i woulda impulsively hugged that person were they there in person

Hazel Dream said...

hmm dont tease us .. its a sin

Pyare Mohan said...

ha ha ha... i've got a Tiger!!! Tiger hugs you back... and here is a jaadu ki jhappi from me, whether you like it or not ;-p

Keshi said...

I give alot of virtual hugs cos I feel love and affection for those ppl. Or else I dont :)

**When people say hugzzz, what do they actually want to convey ?

Affection that they feel when they see the other person's net id. It's naturally felt inside when u truly like a person. So a virtual hug sends that feeling across in bits n bytes. I dun wanna wait till I meet those ppl in real to hug...cos that may never happen. So let me hug while I can. And we should all be generous with hugs and smiles and kisses. Thats what the world is short of these days!


niki yokota said...

awww great topic, cuckoo-chan!!
i dont like being huggged by male except my lovely bf.
but i wud like to hug u tight!
ur questions are sooo cute.
(thanks i came from office comp)
tiger hug looks sooo scary lol
wat a funny fetish.
have a happy day!

Cuckoo said...

Well, I am aware of that person. Every Sunday he stands on a busy crossing giving free hugs to all. Just imagine, what’d happen if I start doing that ;) So got to be careful na ?

above intended typo was for a hug... #evil_grin# … Ha Ha.. you too ? Told you, many hands going up. No one wants to miss the opportunity. :P

sometimes i feel i put too much effort in posting comments on YOUR blog*... Oh, please do that again. My posts on Laloo Yadav are waiting for your views. You are absent there. Do I have to say Thanks ?

one of the hugs that is difficult to beat is when 2 mechies meet after some considerable time... Make it 2 male friends, not only 2 mechies. But you haven’t said anything about virtual hugs. What do you think about them ?

Oh ho, yes, itna sab kuch ek hug ke liye. Guys are crazy na ? ;)

yup, understoood… What ??? *scratching my head* Let me also understand please.

Cuckoo said...

even virtually i dont write out hug unless i know i woulda impulsively hugged that person.. Yes, till I don’t feel like hugging a person, he/she doesn’t get one from me.

Hazel Dream,
dont tease us .. its a sin… Ha Ha.. You got it right. :) Hmmm Now I know who raised both the hands. Ha Ha ..

Lolll PM, Your Tiger is different from mine. Merawala is real hairy one, my pet, my favourite. Waise, I don't mind giving a nice hug to your tiger as well. ;)

here is a jaadu ki jhappi from me, whether you like it or not.. Thank you, thank you.

Cuckoo said...

Yes, I know you give a lot of virtual hugs & kisses. I think you misunderstood the question. As I said, even I give virtual hugs (I’ve given some in my last post) BUT only when I ‘feel’ that if the person suddenly appears in front of me in real, I would still like to do the same. :))
I do what I feel. Smiling and laughing are instant. They come naturally to me. So, lots of smiles and Ha Ha’s .. from me.

HUGGGGGGGGGGGZ! Oh Oh, Not so tight dear. ;)

Thankyou Nikichan. You are so cute & sweet too !!

tiger hug looks sooo scary. wat a funny fetish…. Is it ? Not to me. ;) For the time being, I don’t mind having this fetish. ;)

but i wud like to hug u tight!... Ah Ah, Told Keshi also. Not so tight hug please. ;)

Prashanth M said...

Reminded me of jaadu ki jappi of Munnabhai...

Moreover, hugs are loaded with benefits. It is healthy, keeps us healthier. It cures... -- adding to this it spreads cold?? :p


SiD said...

hmm.. virtual hugs - never took it... never gave it!!
so no experience..

and you are replacing mechies with males - well.. i wud again stick to mechies... because after being together in engg for 4 years, the raucousness is difficult to beat for any normals... :)

Cuckoo said...

adding to this it spreads cold??---- Ha Ha.. I got your pt ;) Ooops how could I miss it? :P

hugs... Hmmm Do you have cold ? :P

no experience.. Hmmm strange for a guy. :) But then yes, you get so much in real, you don't have to be virtual. :))

Second point... I don't have any such experiences. Ha ha..

Prashanth M said...

Hmmm Do you have cold ? -- reminds me of an old joke, I get cold only twice an year. And when it comes it stays for 6 months :p

Alok said...

ab, back from chuttti,
anyways..yes adi, u had mentioned him somewhere in my commmments,
so give me his link,
aur undertooood, ki kyo new yr mai be hug nahi mila :)

Fleiger said...

I have intimated the authorities at Kanha that you are giving tigers jaadu ki jhappi

Munnabhai would have been proud ;)

Cuckoo said...


Yeah, Adi. given him the link already.

so give me his link, ,, Arrey, jahan tak mujhe maloom hai, you came to my blog from his - Delhidreams. Anyways, this is his link. What you gonna say? Cuckoo ne diya link :P

Welcome after a long hiatus. Where have you been?
Ha ha .. Munnabhai made a difference in my life ;)

Fleiger said...

Come to think of it, somebody like Gracy Singh giving (even) virtual hugs is not a bad idea...

Cuckoo said...

Gracy Singh ?? Then it is ok. :) I would rather give them real jhappis. :P Tigers !! Are you listening ?

Jeseem said...

kitten giving tiger hugzz..
that is new.

super post miss

Prashant said...

So overloaded with lots of hugs....
no more hugs...only best wishes for sweet friend....

take care......

Cuckoo said...

Welcome to my blog. Thanks for liking the post.

kitten giving tiger hugzz..that is new.... Well, I am different. :)

Thanks for dropping by. Keep coming.

Welcome after a longgggg hiatus. Thanks for the wishes and wish you the same !!

Sunil Parmar said...

Hello Cuckoo!!!
How are you?? Sorry for being late here...actually life is 2 hectic at my place...

Oh....if i'm sending u hugz..that means if you would have been sitting next 2 me.. i would have hugged you... :)

Eclipsed Thoughts said...

hmmm... for me, hug has to be real... virtual hugs are nice, but i cant get the same feeling as the "live hugs".. and i guess i too dont give hugs till i really feel like..

Cuckoo said...

Sorry for being late here... Doesn't matter as long as you come here !

Eclipsed Thoughts,
Welcome again. Hmmm you are like me. :)

Sigma said...

Ah Cuckoo, I can't seem to keep up with the pace at which you write. Two days and everyone has already been here :-))
Nice post. I too would not give anyone a virtual hug unless I really feel like it. But if I want to hug someone, but cannot do so due to the distance between us, I would definitely give a virtual one.
What I liked most were the photos, specially the "tiger hug" one ;-)

Cuckoo said...

Ohh so sorry for that.
Two days and everyone has already been here.. Yes, looks like everyone was waiting to pounce upon my post like a tiger !!

What I liked most were the photos, specially the "tiger hug" one... That's called a tiger hug, a big one. :P

Bendtherulz said...

Late and late....but didn't wanted to skip this one...again very nice 'Real' post.

Quite choosy....infact I do get very taken aback when people hug me....if I am not used to that person doing my world kissing on cheeks and hugz are yes...I am like a sore thumb.
I think I am ok with hugz if I know that person has heart full of warmth , when these emotions are spent for 'Norms' or its 'Usual'- or may be coming from a person ( whom i don't have nice feeling...OMG - I just don't like it - I feel such fraud accepting that emotion...)
Crazy - Right.....!

I am glad yr pet gets all the hugz ( which breed? some pics of him....)What about Humans - anybody who is yr object of affection who gets real Hug.....?

Cuckoo said...

Welcome again. :) How was your trip ?

Thanks for so nice words. They really encourage me to write more & more right from my heart without any polish whether anybody likes it or not.

Quite choosy....infact I do get very taken aback when people hug me.... You are like me. :)

Bendtherulz said...

hmmmm which one? the right now which I am going through....I am on Road till 19th...its ok - work is work...

I am glad u appreciated my comments, but then its easy since you do write on topics which are not topics...but very closer to what we do in our daily its like looking at reflections of your life....

Cuckoo said...

Hmmmm Nice observation. I didn't realize abt it. :)

I am on Road till 19th... Yes, you had told me that but since you commented, I thought its a break between work. I can see the odd times of your comments, blog-hopping while traveling ? ;) Which part of the world you are in now?

bendtherulz said...

see yr we are now chitchatting....tkcare and have a great weekend....

Sugarlips said...

A big..fat...enormous..gigantic
...humongous...big bearing
real hug for u :)

o o @ tiger ;)

Stay Beautiful..!!

Cuckoo said...


Oh Oh Thank you !! Don't crush me, Lolll