Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Google, I am coming

Today I read in newspaper about Google topping the Fortune list as being the best employer. Since then I have been dreaming to join this company. I feel that me and Google are made for each other and it would be fun working with them. While coming home I even envisaged myself what all I am going to enjoy. Of course, I have some queries and suggestions that I am going to put forward to Sergey Brin and Larry Page (owners of Google, if you don't know them).

Some examples:-

In addition to its cafés, Google has snack rooms which contain various cereals, candy, nuts, yogurt, carrots, fresh fruit and other snacks and dozens of different drinks including soda and make-your-own cappuccino.
What about some fresh green vegetables ? My fridge is empty for last ten days. Since I am here most of the time, not been able to visit any market. And I don’t like frozen food. Home Delivery please. Errr.. take some nice non-veg items as well, my pet loves it.

The amenities offered to employees are such as laundry, dry cleaning and on-site massage.
Do you do full body massage as well ? Sitting here in front of computer makes my body ache like hell.

If you have a baby, the company gives $500 to buy baby stuff.
No, thanks. I won’t go for it. Not a good bargain.

Google ranks No.1 largely due to amenities offered to employees, such as a swimming spa, etc...
Do you have a race course ? It was my childhood dream to learn horse riding. I am sure you would consider this suggestion to fulfill my dream. After all, employee satisfaction is also important.

Before I forget, one more thing I would like to suggest. Gym and swimming spa are all good but I was wondering if you could start music classes for Piano. Being the top company is no joke and we must take care of employees’ cultural tastes also. I am confident that once again you would help me in achieving my childhood dream of playing a Piano.

No, I won't take much time to learn. Till now, I have been practicing it on my computer keyboard.

The company says you can get your pet dog to work provided it adheres to the company’s pet policy.
Are Tigers allowed ?? I assure you, my tiger will stick to me without disturbing others. Please don’t refuse. He becomes lonely without me.

P.S. - Right now, staring at my phone for a confirmation from them sending me the air tickets and appointment letter.

Current song- Aajkal Neend Kam Khwaab Zyada Hai, Lagta Hai Khuda ka Koi Nek Iraada Hai


Alok said...

:) google ????

lai, yeh company gayi ...

meri mba ho jaane do, fir join ker lena...

sharda said...

See you soon working in Google.Good luck and also hope all your dreams come true especially of playing Piano:)

A said...

ok, time to wake up.

Cuckoo said...

lai, yeh company gayi ...meri mba ho jaane do, fir join ker lena.... Ha Ha.. are you also eyeing on Google ? Good, let me join first. No, I can't wait. I feel me and Google are made for each other.

Don’t worry about the company. With a multitalented person like me in their roll, they are sure going to make it to top again. (Don’t ask me what kind of top) ;)

Oh, Thank you very much dear. I need all my blogger friends’ wishes to convince Google how strong support I have. They better employ me else ...

Welcome again to my blog. Strange it is for me to even try to find out anything about you. You come here quite often, leave your comment but I can’t even see your profile !!
Could you please care to leave your site link ? Or still want to continue to be a hidden silent admirer ?

Thanks for dropping by. Keep dropping. Ooops.

Prashanth M said...

And I've also heard that - its the only company with 0% attrition for the past 3 years!!

Pyare Mohan said...

now if i need to find Cuckoo, all i need to do is a Google Search!!! ;-p

s-h-e-n-a-n-i-g-a-n said...

hmm!! google!! cool!!

Alok said...

:) sure sure,

feel to thik hai, tiger bhi thik hai, dikkat is, aapke kuch khatarnak ideas ke karan galti se bhi google band ho gayi baki ki mba library se kerni padegi, werna computer se kaam chal he jaata hai..
so try n understand..

Cuckoo said...

Hmm So, do you agree if I go there it would be beneficial for them as well ? :P

now if i need to find Cuckoo, all i need to do is a Google Search!!! On the dot !!

OMG What a name !!! Do you realize how difficult it is to type your name ? You were giving me one more Piano practice. :D

BTW, Welcome to Cuckoo’s nest. I saw your blog… left a comment as well. Thanks for dropping by. Keep doing that more often.

LOLLLL.. Ha Ha..
aapke kuch khatarnak ideas ke karan galti se bhi google band ho gayi to.... I pity you for this. Mere khatarnak iradon pe mat jaiye janaab, mere bhavishya ka khayaal keejiye. ;) I must join them whatever this world thinks of me. Iraada pakka hai apna. :P

mridula said...

Nice one Cuckoo but when are you going to update your travel blog???

Sigma said...

Hahaha!! Nice one.

How about ...
"They should hire me, or else, I will make so many posts on my blog that blogger would collapse"
"Or else, I will order my tiger to eat them up" (as in calvin and hobbes)

KT said...

hmm... tiger as pet... good so that when boss shouts on you ... show him/her your might.... and when u'r exhausted give your tiger a "tiger hug"... you will have to be careful else your tiger may gobble up others' pets

btw have u considered having a baby tiger as a pet? You may well bag that 500 $ too

Sunil Parmar said...

That was humorous.... :).

I read same story a year back in Time mag... nd i dream of visiting google someday..:).

But you know the coming internet era is of Google and Yahoo.!`this is my forecast...:)

Cuckoo said...

Welcome Mridula. Oh Travel blog ? I can’t match your speed in doing so. Here I write on my instant thoughts.
For travel posts, I really have to dig out photos, filter them, and sometimes get them scanned. That takes time. Will try to post something this weekend. I am sure you’ll enjoy it.

Thank you. Thank you. Oh yes, still waiting for their confirmation. If I don’t get it by tomorrow, definitely take your advice. ;)

good so that when boss shouts on you ... show him/her your might.... Why do you think I have one ? He’s sure going to take care of me.

when u'r exhausted give your tiger a "tiger hug"... Me giving him hug ? No, no. He’ll give me a hug... a ‘tiger hug’ ;)

you know the coming internet era is of Google and Yahoo.!`this is my forecast... Say this after I join them. ;) *Cuckoo grin*

Alok said...

testing some comment tracking service!!!!

Cuckoo said...

Heyyy let me also know about. And if it is very off topic, request you to use my Chit-Chat box. Sabko fayda hoga.

Rajhark said...

Hey,thnks for ur comment.
Well i did blame all the elements of society for the plight of Nithari.Right from the citizens to the administrative machinery.Not just Nithari now, u can add Nandigram,Singur and plight of farmers in Maharashtra as well who seem hapless as the government steals their land under the guise of SEZ's.
Came down heavily on media cos of the way they were glorifying their role.

@Google,i am coming..

Those guys do have a creative environment over there in Mountain View. If i am not wrong it was Eric Schmidt who came up with the idea of staff dedicating 20% of work time for some creative stuff.Hence all the amenities i guess.

Ur suggestions may make them bankrupt though!!!!

Nice take.

Pyare Mohan said...

not on the DOT, its on the DOT COM

SiD said...

Aaj kal neend kam khwab zada hain
seems appropriate in ur case ;)

but then may be its a khuda ka nek iraada who knows..

and what the hell is company's pet policy - that the pet will not bite anyone.. or will not shit in the office.. c'mon its an animal after all.. when u get the call from Larry Page, please ask abt this policy for me...

Cuckoo said...

Welcome to my blog. :) No, it is ok. If they would not have done it, someone else would have.

@Google.. Well, I am not denying at their achievements.

Ur suggestions may make them bankrupt though!!!! Shhhh. Don’t say it loudly. Let me get in first. :P

Ohhh Thanks for correcting me. I am so bad these days. ;)

seems appropriate in ur case ;).. Hmmm you got it right, friend. ;)

what the hell is company's pet policy - Yes, I am wondering how they manage it. And what exactly their pet policy is. All other benefits are ok including 95% staff enjoying flexible timing but this one is beyond my understanding.

u get the call from Larry Page, please ask abt this policy for me... Oh sure. Wish me Luck ;)

Sugarlips said...

Your post made me smile :)
I think I will also join
google with u...I seriously
need a pedicure ;)

Blog hopping through dear Deepti.
I love the current song goes perfect with your post :)

Stay Beautiful...!!

Cuckoo said...

Welcome to my blog. I am glad to see you here. :) We were always crossing our ways on those two blogs.

I think I will also join google with u... Thanks for giving me company. You are the first one to see my seriousness ;)

Know what ?? I always say Stay Beautiful (that's how I remember you) and when I saw you saying the same on Adi's blog, I had to keep mum and change my quote to something else. But this is my blog, I can say what I want.

Thanks for dropping by, keep doing that.