Thursday, August 10, 2006

Ye Baarishon ka Mausam

Rim jhim gire Sawan, sulag sulag jaaye man
Bheege aaj is mausam mein, lagi kaisi ye agan

Pehle bhi yu to barse the badal
Pehle bhi yu to bheega tha aanchal
Abke baras kyu sajan sulag sulag jaaye man
Bheege aaj is mausam mein, lagi kaisi ye agan

Is baar Sawan dehka hua hai
Is baar Mausam behka hua hai
Jaane peeke kare kya pawan sulag sulag jaaye man
Bheege aaj is mausam mein, lagi kaisi ye agan

Rains, rains Don’t go away.. I love you. You fascinate me, make me joyous, happy, cheerful and of course you make me feel utterly romantic. Every season when your first showers touch the naked soil, it smiles like a new sleeping bride being kissed and its fragrance.. Ummm I just love it. I like to get drenched. And when you splash your drops on my face… Ahaa! What a feeling!

You bring smiles on a farmer’s face; kids welcome you with paper boats. They play football when you are pouring. There is nothing more we all want. My way of welcoming you is getting mesmerized watching you for hours from my window with kanda bajjiya’s & hot tea at my side, some soft music, & light reading or jigsaw puzzles and when you sprinkle your little droplets on my face, I feel out of the world. :))

Current song- Rim Jhim Gire sawan, sulag sulag jaye man – Kishore


Anonymous said...

Love this song...

In fact I feel the female version is much better than the male one.

Something that I long to do one fine day : Walk down Marine Drive in the rains with a female by my side.

Cuckoo said...

Hi Anonymous,

Yeah, the female version is the better one & that's the one posted in my blog and I too love this song very much, the best among the rain songs I like. It's another thing, that at the time of posting I was listening to the male version. Well, walking down Marine Drive in rains will come in my next list of somethings to do. The ones posted here are some of the weird ones. I have plenty of all types. ;)
Anon, I think I know who you are. Anyways thanks for dropping by. Keep doing that. :)

Mridula said...

One of my favortie sings. But the sad part is that rains are giving a miss to Gurgaon largely :(

Anonymous said...

Sweet Cuckoo,
Well I am expressive more in real than in words.. feel u a gem of a person and not alone u are blessed with the talent but i feel i am blessed too having known this gem whom i always cherish.. i know, U not only smart or just an intellectual person but a true human by heart...kind and supple...just that i am not poet or shayar to use the right words to impress u with, still i have something to say in true sense for U... i really feel GOOD simply GOOD... and blessed when u give me those precious time of urs...
I really find your creations in here so touchy and from a down to earth person in U.. Praying for u to have those dreams come true.... S_ _ _Y

Cuckoo said...

Yes true, you can't enjoy the rains in Delhi/Gurgaon. Come over to Mumbai. ;) Liked your post on cycling.

Heyy Sunny, don’t be funny. No personal views pls. Thanks if you liked the posts. Keep doing that. ;)

Bendtherulz said...

Surprised !!!!!!

Well I have been meaning to write something about your choices of songs.....!

I always take a glance at the current song...which you mention....infact I thought I will comment " on your diwali greeting" post that song is !!

This song is pretty intense.
Ciao !!

Cuckoo said...

Welcome again. :)) Oh ho, write write puleeeeeeease ! I'll be more than happy ;) Don't forget to mention my name with link of course ;). Yipeeee I am getting famous.

Hmmm So you too?? There are a few more people who always look at my songs. :)) And, its always the song that is being played at the time of posting. Oh, so now you know my choice :P lolll see my profile for type of songs I can listen to. I have also mentioned about them here.

your diwali greeting post.. that song is missing.. Oh no ! how could I do that? I must have been a lil hurricane that day ;) Pls do mention abt such mistakes immediately.

About the song - You can see my reply to anonymous here on this post. I just love this song, very intense, rains or no rains, can listen to it whole day. It makes me feel ummmm :))

Bendtherulz said...

Yeah - I know you like quite a lot of variety and it reflects even in your post and the fluidity and ease with which you write( quite flowing). I think that's one common thing between you and " Peacewithguns" as well. Check that one out if you can !!

Nah it was not mistake...missing song on " diwali greeting " post.....I think when you are connecting on this medium...these are the things which you use as connection if you meet a friend you comment on their dressing/ hairstyle ...( well I don't will refrain from doing even on blog as well)

finally checking all other post as beware!!