Sunday, August 27, 2006

To My Sarkar

Dear Government,

We, citizens of democratic India, request you to kindly let us choose what we want to watch on TV. Please don’t decide for us. We are matured, educated & sensible enough to make a decision in case we have children.

Think of young working couples who would want to rejuvenate themselves by watching some good nice programs in their cozy home after a tiring day.


A citizen of India

Note- An early decision to this highly unjust judgment is highly appreciated.

Current song- It’s my Life – Bon Jovi


Fleiger said...


What I found surprising was the fact that the movie channels have stopped showing PG-18s a long time ago. And the movies they show now-a-days are pretty bland, compared to the TV shows we have on TV.

Heard some 9-10 channels have started airing again in Mumbai?

Mridula said...

So how are things now? Are they back to normal.

Tarun said...

Cuckoo thanks for stopping by :)

Instead of banning, programs with adult content should be telecast late night not in the prime time when all family sit and watch together.

90% of Indian population still have one common TV and approx. 60-70% families are still not that open or so called modern to see some content together.

I am not in favour of ban but I also don't want media should be free to show anything.

It's just my view.

Fleiger said...

Was going through your back-(b)log when came across the entry

Asava Sundar Chockletcha Bungla – Cute little angels

I love that song... I have tolerated my colleagues calling me anything from bachcha, while I listen to these kind of songs.
Come to think of it, I like most of the songs you have there, except the english ones. Good choice...

Cuckoo said...

Fleiger, Mridula,
Now they have started showing all except for movie channels (AXN, HBO, Star movies, Star Gold to name a few).

I agree with you but for "I also don't want media should be free to show anything". I believe media should be free from these constraints. It's we who should have better self-control not to watch it. The onus is on us. Think of the people who would want to watch & are ready to pay for it. Why should they be deprived of anything?
Anyways it's a topic of long discussions, better not to start here. :)
And, BTW, everyone has his/her own views. No one borrows them. Do you? ;)

Yeah, that’s a beautiful song sung by little kids. I appreciate the efforts they’ve put in. Keep tolerating the world, just be yourself.
Hmmm.. you don’t like English songs or you have a different taste? My choice of songs other than Hindi is very strange. Not now, not here.

Kiti kiti Sundar Chockletcha Bungla :)

Fleiger said...

Ok, so as I read somewhere, plotting saas's and adulterous bahus are ok, but movies are not. Interesting...

As for songs, I listen to and like very few english songs. It's mostly Hindi and Marathi for me. And does this mean a post on your kind of music is coming up?

Cuckoo said...

LOL, No, nothing of that kind is coming up. :P
You don't let any opportunity go by ;) Do you?