Saturday, August 26, 2006

Bald & Beautiful

Being unnaturally bald is in. Think of it. It keeps your head in shape (and in limelight as well !). No expense of comb, haircut, shampoo, various gels & dyes etc. No need to waste your precious time & hard earned money in hiding your beautiful container of intellectuals. No need for wet look, egg look is THE best look. ;)

And when you move hands over your recently shaved head, ahaaa what satisfaction it gives you!! You feel like a king, never wanting to remove your hands from your prized possession. And trust me, in your new look, you look very sexy and macho ;)

Why do you think some of the people like Mike Tyson, Michael Jordan, Ronaldo, Zinedine Zidane, Pritish Nandy and Aditya Panscholi always want to remain the baldy way? Shane Warne and David Beckham tried it as well. Recently Sreesanth, Irfan Pathan, Michael Ballack and now Vivek Raqsinha all followed the same path, just to experience the ultimate.

So, guys, it’s time for you to look & feel better (before you go naturally bald).

Current song- The only thing that looks good on me is you – Bryan Adams


Mayank said...

Ha Ha nice one again !!
Agreed, one should go bald atleast once in life. Will let you know when I do it & how I feel about it.

Keep going!!

Priyam said...

LOL@beautiful container of intellectuals
egg look is THE best look. This really cracked me up ;)

Fleiger said...

That look has an added advantage of giving you streamlined profile, when you want to show off on a motorbike... so, called "Jet Look" by the bikelovers.

SiD said...

I am waiting to see John Abraham bald.... ;)

Cuckoo said...

Sure! I am waiting.


Fleiger, SiD,
Baldy John Abraham on his favourite bike?? Wow! What a deadly combination! :P

Mridula said...

I will try selling this to my two teenaged nephews who have tried all the 'wet look' gels they could. In fact now that I think of it, the elder one acquired the 'egg look' for a short while!

jac said...

After reading it, now I am so bold too in addition to being bald.