Thursday, October 26, 2006

Back with a Tag !

I am tagged again!! Tagged by a person who loves to tag me again & again since my days of naissance in this blogworld and once again I accepted the challenge. Here I am, taking time out of my busy schedule, trying to tell you a bit about myself. Well, I have both positive & negative traits in me as you’d know now but that’s the way I am. Here I go...

Rules of this tag:

1. Name the person who tagged
2. 8 things about you.
3. Tag 6 people.

Question 1: Are you really interested in knowing the name after so many hints? It is none other
than Fleiger, the Tagger of the century.

Question 2:
Now this is the most interesting
part !! Oh come on!! Not fair. Only 8 points? It is something like you have been asked to describe only 2 points in your exams when you are ready to bombard them with all you learnt by rote ! Just kidding!! Wondering where do I start from. Being a very private, quiet and introvert person in real life, it’s like a challenge for me to speak about myself. Ok, let me try.

1. I am a straight forward, sincere and a level headed girl. I just can’t have anything fake about me or things related to me. Not even my posts on this blog. They have to connect to me in one-way or the other. I like being true, true to myself and to the world. Life is not a pack of cards or a blue sky for me. I take it seriously. But that does not mean I don’t laugh and keep crying all the time. I make others laugh and cry as well ;)

Most of the time I am a serious quiet person but that little funny bone got stuck somewhere in me (kabab mein haddi??) and from time to time it starts showing its true colours especially when I am in mood or in the company of people who can really make me laugh. In short, I am a strange mix of contrasts.

2. I am neither a writer/poet nor I want to become one. Was inspired by a very dear friend, whom I adore endlessly (Hey you!! Are you reading this?). No, the friend never asked me to write, I just got inspired by the sheer presence of my friend whom I had started missing.. Complicated?? Leave it at that.

3. Being on constant move & uprooted, I have dearth of close friends. As I am very reserved person, it takes a lot of time & effort for me (and for the other person) to make genuine close friend but once friends, I go extra mile for the person I care for. The people who know me, will agree to all of it. I am fully aware of this negative side of me. But that’s the way I am.

4. I love music. Music soothes me and makes me forget the whole damn world.. Soft melodious songs, ghazals, fusion, instrumentals, nursery rhymes are some of the kind of music I can listen to anytime. 88% of my songs are Hindi. Rest includes English, Marathi, French, Bengali (only S D Burman folk songs) & some Punjabi songs.

Not a particular singer or album but anything which suits my mood. My all time favourites are Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhosale, Jagjit Singh, Ghulam Ali. Waittt, that doesn’t mean I like only soft music.. I am equally at comfort with blaring music when I am on a long drive (happens rarely though). Told you.. strange mix of contrasts.

5. I am a very organized person. Never you will find me, my place, my clothes, my mailboxes in clutters. I like my neighbourhood spick and span. That’s again a negative point.. sometimes I overdo it and wonder why others can’t be like me.

6. I have excellent memory chip fitted into me, have my own database and once registered there, people are sure to get wishes on their birthdays/ anniversaries and all the information when needed.

At home when people don’t find their belongings, they come running to me “Do you know where I kept that thing?” and Cuckoo knows exactly what do they mean by “that” and where it is kept.

7. I am not a regular movie goer mainly for three reasons.. lack of interest, lack of company and lack of good movies. I can add one more.. my erratic daily schedule (for last six months I have been extremely busy). I do watch them if I have time or the movie is recommended as good. Believe in quality not quantity. Can watch any good movie even if they are of an era when even my mom was not born ! Is that a negative point? If so, then be it.

8. Reading is another passion I enjoy. Mostly thrillers and some other interesting ones. But no Harry Potters for me. Thrillers started from my father’s collection and ended (my last book) with Robin Cook’s Coma. Not getting time to start another one. But I cannot read the same book for more than 3-4 times. Someone told me he has read Godfather 17 times! Phew!

I am also a fan of Tintin, Archie and Garfield. Tom & Jerry is my favourite cartoon show and I can watch it again & again & again for my whole life. Coyote & Road Runner, Charlie Chaplin, Laurel Hardy are some other in the list. BTW, just watched a DVD on Asterix yesterday.

9. Unlike general belief about girls, I am extremely good at keeping secrets between friends or otherwise and people who have confided anything in me know that their secrets are going to remain within me till my end.

10. I have a sweet tooth, love sweets in any form. Sweets, ice creams, chocolates. Ummm delicious .. But chocolates should only be in the form of chocolates, favourite being Swiss Lindt. Can’t have chocolate flavoured milk, chocolate ice-cream, chocolate burfi etc.

Ohh I shot up by two points but I think that is excusable. Or is negative marking applicable here too? No worries, Cuckoo is charmingly chilled, almost iced person and seldom gets angry. :)

Question 3:
And this is where I need to think now. I have very few regular visitors to my blog and either most of them have done this tag or the tagger has tagged them.

So, I am left with very little choice and after thinking for a while I am tagging the following persons and leaving free for others to pick up the tag.

1. Abhi (You are my first victim, my lovely shikaar. Can’t let you go, would like to see more of you)
2. Maverick (Now that your exams are over, you can attempt it)
3. Mridula (Don’t worry, take your time, maybe after December but we would like to know more about you)
4. Sigma (Sorry, I don’t have much choice here. But I want you to do it)
5. Sunil (I am sure you’d like to go for it)
6. Tarun (How can I leave you behind?)

Bendtherulz, Mayank & Priyam... you all are lucky this time. You don’t have blogs.

Ketan, Sameer, Deepak, Hazel Dream, Bharat, Alka and others. Pick this up if you want to.

Sameer - (would have liked to tag you but it won’t go with your blog, so leaving the option to you)

Leaving SiD’s all friends so that he can tag them !! But on second thoughts, I could have had Bharat at least!

NOTE – Make this tag as your next post (Mridula is excused, she can have more time).
After doing the tag please leave a comment here so that I can visit you. Please don’t make me wait till eternity. I have some more tags waiting for you !!. Kidding, ok?

NOTE – Now, No More Tags for me. Grrrrrrrr...

Update on the post..

Mridula, Maverick & Sigma have done their tags, Sunil has been excused since he has already done it before (my mistake to tag him).
Tarun has taken a sabbatical at present but has promised to do it as his next post.
Abhi ?? No news :(( Perhaps he is also going to take some more time.
Sameer has shown interest so probably.... :))

Current song- Abhi Na Jao Chodkar ki Dil Abhi Bhara Nahi – Md Rafi & Asha


Sunil Parmar said...

Hello Cuckoo!!!

You are a great person...simply.

Right from the first word to the last one...all i can say is that we think very much or rather everything same.

I'm honoured that you tagged me...but i did the same Tag recently..

So still if you want i'll do it again but then.... :).
I would surely do your tag next time. ok? :)

Wish you a Happy Busy schedule. :)

Sunil Parmar said...

I think there's error in the link.
It's:Click here

Sigma said...

OK. So I have been tagged :-)
My second tag, as I am relatively new to the blog world, and have very few regular visitors to my blog.
It is good to know more about you. And I am amazed, we have many common traits. :-) You'll know when I do this tag. ;-) Though I have already written a lot about myself in my profile, I'll try to find what more can I tell the world.

Sigma said...

Btw, very lovely song - your song of the day - Abhi na jao chodkar ...

Cuckoo said...

When I short-listed my "victims", first thing I did was to check their blog. It was my mistake I couldn't locate yours.
In fact after checking your link, I can say that I indeed missed this one! Ok, better luck next time.

If you are new to blogworld what would you say about me ? I am just three months old !! And this is second tag for me as well !! Waiting for your tag. ;)

The song ? One of my favourites. Have you ever counted how many “Abhi”’s are in this song ? :P :P

Mridula said...

I am not as articulate as you are but I did the tag! Must be a record for me, the same day I completed it!

Maverick said...

i love the chocleates exactly the same way as u do, love choclates but hate choclate ice-cream and semi-hate choclate milkshake.

i will make it my next post n am already thinking whom to tag :)

Fleiger said...

Hmm... 10 things we didn't know about the cuckoo. Ok, maybe 9, err, 8... (should I continue?) ;)
Tintina and Tom and Jerry? Great... and so is Garfield, of course. Which Asterix DVD did you watch? I got some french dvd once. :(
And you can keep secrets? Interesting...
Had some more comments written down, any idea where I kept the notes?

Anyways, I am happy to see that you settled on Tagger of the century after the non-flattering names, and am sure people are going to thank me for getting you to tell us all this about you ;)

Fleiger said...

Oh, forgot to mention a little known fact about me... I can't take hints. Broad, narrow, in my face, any kind of hint is incomprehensible to me.

I guess you know where this is leading to ;)

Tarun said...

Cuckoo Will do but later now-a-days very busy and Mridula also tagged me. I still have to check if that's the same or different.

Cuckoo said...

Thanks dear. How wrong was I ! I thought you are going to take time but you are the first one to do it! That too in record time.
Get well soon.

am already thinking whom to tag :) Make sure they have not been tagged before! We both have some common visitors. Spare Mridula, she has done it :)

Oh yeah, the French DVD was stolen one, err.. was that your place?? Ohhh , you can check for other things as well then ;)
am sure people are going to thank me for getting you to tell us all this about you ;) Don’t be so confident, maybe they are looking for you for making me write another boring post :P
I can't take hints. I guess you know where this is leading to ;) No, I don’t know and I don’t WANT to know.

Sure, you take your time. Yes, it’s the same tag!! I tagged you & her.. she did the tag and in turn tagged you without realizing that you’ve been already tagged!!

Fleiger said...

What other things? I haven't got any more Asterix DVDs now :(
I am confident... always... Ask people what they thought about the tag, and you will know.
And I guess you got my meaning *EL*

Mayank said...

You are a great person. who says you have -ve traits? they are there in all of us but accepting that fact is no joke & you have done it so beautifully.

Are you multilingual? that itself an achievement. I find your choice of songs are always good.
Hats off to you. wud like to know more of you ;)

Cuckoo said...

Check for some other things as well. Leave don't have them now. :P

Ask people what they thought about the tag, and you will know Let people say that. I am also waiting.

*EL* ? No, I DIDN'T get it. :)

Thanks. You are always so positive about me.
Are you multilingual? Well I can manage in a few languages (not to speak of computer languages), can't call myself an expert though.. not even in my mother tongue.

niki yokota said...

im sure u will be a good wife!
sooo envy with that memory chip and database of yours.. :D
i cant really do this tag. too difficult!

Sameer said...

thanks for wanting to tag me, but as you said, mine is a sketchblog and this wont go too well with the blog's theme.

Sigma said...

Cuckoo, I have finally completed your tag. Done. Finished. A big sigh of relief ;-)
It is difficult to write things about yourself, even if you best know yourself. It is hard to put things down in words, coherently.
I have been around for much longer, almost 10 months, but I do not post so frequently, and do not browse around too much either :-( I admire your prolific writing, and your writing skills. And as I said in my tag, no wonder you have a large fan club :-)

Cuckoo said...

Even I want to be a good wife!!
Yeah, you are right, I find it is very difficult to write about oneself but if you make up your mind, you can do it. :)
Waiting for your tag now!! Let me know when you do it.

Yeah, I knew it. Maybe you can toss with the idea of making 8 (or less) small sketches about you!! That would be different, within the theme & fun to see. Treat this as long term project. What do you say?
BTW, your blog is crying for a new post. :)

Thanks for doing it. Even I was finding it difficult to put brakes once I started writing about myself! I could have written at least 30-40 points more.

Well, if you know my daily schedule, you sure going to faint. I would love to post daily if I get time. There are so many things in my head.

And please don’t be under the impression that I browse the blogs. I don’t do it, and these days not even the ones mentioned in my blog. Sorry folks but don’t run away after knowing this truth ;) . Sometimes I am not even able to put my timely comments to their blogs the way I want to.
I don’t even know if the topics I write, are already been talked about in some of the blogs. You’d come to know of it when I do my another pending tag (Fleiger, I remember it very much, pls give me some more time).

Thanks Sigma for your so encouraging nice words. I don’t think I have any writing skills, they are all right from my heart.. all raw without any polish. Lekin mujhe jhaad par itna mat chadhaao, let me remain grounded. :))

Mayank said...

I am positive about you? LoLLLL,,,,its you who emanate the positive vibes in us. after reading comments from others I am sure they will also agree with me.

Sameer said...

interesting suggestion.. I'll think abt it. Thanks for linking btw!

niki yokota said...

awww thank u very much for ur nice advice!! :D
i havent been able to post for 2 days due to connection prob.. *tear*

Hazel Dream said...

hmm .. Intersting ... yes you are write when u wrote that we have lot of things common .. except that chocolate part .

Maverick said...

hey cuckoo, i have done ur tag.btw u r linked at my site

Cuckoo said...

Thanks. I don't want to say anything now. :)

Think, think !! ;)

Now that your connection is ok, you better post it fast. :P
Take care

Hazel Dream,
Thanks for dropping by. What chocolate part? Do you like them in any form? Hmmm

Thanks for doing the tag and linking me.
You wanted some more? Ok, I'll remember that. Be ready :))

Fleiger said...

I thought you were cuckoo, not ostrich ;)
Anyways, I think by now you must have known what people are saying... so, verdict is? Am I right?

Hazel Dream said...

Hmm being an Ex- chef i like experimenting , so I tried Chocolate brinjal Kheer .. and it was yummy .. ( Rice Milk, Brinjal cooked together ) :)

Cuckoo said...

Ohh you thought?? Then I must say it's a poor imagination :P
Hmmm.. Your verdict I know, but the people are not saying anything. I am trying my best to make them speak :P

Hazel Dream,
Chocolate with brinjal???????
Can't even think of it. Well, on the other hand, can imagine how you guys are crazy for anything chocolatey. Anyways, I would like to have the recipe now. Let me also try how bad it is :P

Fleiger said...

Poor imagination? Why? What else will you call a bird who don't want to "get it"?

And what other things were you talking about I should look for?

Cuckoo said...

Ohh sometimes not only ppl, birds also try to "act" :))

Have you ever heard of a thief telling what all he has stolen?

SiD said...

at Last I have also done it.. and thanks for sparing my friends to let me have them ;)

and seeing ur tag, I guess some things are common across many for example...

infact many youngsters also read a lot these days.. pretty intersting!!!

one of the toughest tag i did... ;)

sparkle said...

hey this tag seems very interesting, it's like read a blog and know all about the person. okay not all but things that u might find out maybe after spending some time with that person. interesting pointers.

Fleiger said...

Oh, didn't know about birds acting (I am getting images of birds performing Romeo and Juliet now)
And I thought cuckoos were famous for leaving things in other birds' nests, not steal... Anyways, any hints are welcome.

Cuckoo said...

At last !!
Yes, many things are common :) Good to know more about you. Don't say it was tough for you. You haven't told as much as I did, plus as you said, you copy/pasted the code from Fleiger..same functionality :P

Welcome to my blog. Keep visiting. How did you tumble upon here?
Want to take the tag?? Go ahead, pick up the tag and let the whole world know !!

(I am getting images of birds performing Romeo and Juliet now) ROFL... Why Romeo/Juliet ? Why not Chor/Sipahi ?
Yes, Cuckoos were famous for leaving things, but now you are blaming them for stealing as well. :P

niki yokota said...

wooow so many comments here lol
thanks very much cockoo-chan!!!

sparkle said...

well i accepted the challenege too. so let me know what you think

sparkle said...

i am a libran too

Fleiger said...

Because I haven't heard of the drama called "Chor/Sipahi" and you wouldn't know of any marathi dramas I would mention...
And I am not blaming anybody, you said it...

Gangadhar said...

The very first point of this tag tells more and more about you..And with this my very first visit here..i've known a lot about you..I'm so glad to meet a person like ya..And if u don't mind may i know ur sunsign? Thanks for ur visit on my blog..
I like your memory chip thing..hehe..Me always mess up with things whenver i leave for work..Often forget my things where they're..
Enjoyed being here,Cuckoo..thanks..

Gangadhar said...

the link u asked..


Cuckoo said...

welcome again. Are you done with your tag?

Good. I saw your tag. It tells a lot about you.

But you are the one who started it all.

Welcome to my blog. Glad to know that you liked it. Hope you come again & again.
Hmmm Sunsign?? Are you into astrology as well?

Not telling ya... :D Find yourself.. Everything is on my need to ask anything. :))

Gangadhar said...

just trying my hand at sunsigns..btw are u a scorpian? say yes or no,at least..lolzz

Cuckoo said...

no :)) Should I give you a hint??
Ok, since it is off topic from the post.. I request you to go to my other blog & we'll find out in the chat-box provided thr :))

Bendtherulz said...

This was sort of knowing more about you.....and you come across as very endearing person. If you are Contrast mix with some strange elements...we like it...I am sure this I can say on behalf of all the people those who visit your blog....!

You just gave me a complex...if you remember dates like fitted into memory chip...I am BAD in that deptt - actually call me!

Kk as promised...find the link...and have a rocking weekend...!

Deepak said...

I finally took up the tag :)
Am beaming now at my handiwork.