Thursday, January 31, 2008

I Have Moved !

I have moved .. .. moved to a new place.

New address, new surroundings, new responsibilities.. everything new. It is a new feeling altogether.
The new place has brought along some excitements, nervousness, surprises and some sad feelings as well. Many of the things I used to do earlier are being missed and I keep running to my old familiar nest.. .. just to be there for some more time but then I had to move. Time had come to go to my own place, a place which is mine in true sense. Needless to say it comes with a price one has to pay.

Ok, long story cut short.. those who have blogrolled or linked me, kindly change the address (URL) of my new place. Change the RSS feeds on your readers, change the favourites on your browsers and so on.

My new address is

Hope to see you all there. Bring in your family and friends along.
So, over to my new place.

Current song- Sawar Gayi Main To Saawariya – Shreya Ghoshal
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mur said...

I like your new place, best of luck there!

Vandita said...

wowie the new place looks fantastic...u did all that urself??

Anonymous said...

hey you got new domain ? purchased ? good space , i m back.......

Cuckoo said...

Mur, Vandita, Ashu,
Thank you and come over there. I don't even login here these days.

Yes, I did it myself. Yayyyy !!

Yes, the domain was purchased.

Sam said...

Good job!!!

desh said...

will miss the older pink surroundings whch took so much time to load :)

Craver Vii said...

I tried to visit there today, and it wouldn't let me through. I hope everything's alright.

Cuckoo said...

Thank you all. Oh so many are vouching for the same old pink colours. I need to think again !

I think yesterday there was some problem with the server, even I couldn't get thru. ;)

david santos said...

Hello, Cuckoo!
I loved this post.

ashes said...

Why has your new place stopped working?

Sugarlips said...

Cuckoo...your nee place's URL doesn't seem like working...I popped in so many times and tried but same thing happened again and again :(

Hopefully all is well with you :)

Stay Beautiful...!!

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

:) i did post u a comment there..i love the template n background of each of the sector b it photo,travel or ur musing one :)
n i too updated..check whn u get time..keep rocking lodsa love

david mcmahon said...

Hi Cuckoo,

Couldn't comment or follow links on the new domain ...

Thank you for that wonderful, appreciative comment on my K Is For Kite post. Yes, my childhood and adolescence in India were very valuable years, as well as the education I received there.

I guess I enjoy honouring those memories in my writing. That's why Vegemite Vindaloo was set in India - and you'll see the same Indian theme in my next novel to be released by Penguin - it's called Muskoka Maharani.

Once again, my humble thanks