Monday, January 21, 2008

Kindly bear

There is a heap of messages & mails
and I am moving at a pace of a snail.

Many thanks for all your concern & wishes,
me in the middle of migrating process.

To you all I am yet to respond
but that will not weaken our bond.

You, my beloved readers
Keep looking at your feeders.

There is lots & lots to share
will come back soon, please bear.

Thank you.

Current song- Everybody – Backstreet Boys
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Peter said...

Very happy to see you back ! What a wonderful piece of poetry ! … and I bear in mind that you soon will be back; sooner than recently, please!

“A migrating process”?

final_transit said...

Alright, waiting.... ;)

Vandita said...

yeah where are u migrating to and where from?...anyways take ur time sweetie ... will be here waiting :)

adi said...

r u back or r u going somewhere my albatross ???
cmng aft a looooong time to c u gone/going :(

Guruprasad said...

the day has been long and dreary and tiring
she wants to fly back home and rest
she sets off, determined not to look back
she is sure, for her this is best.

tears are weighing down her soul
there is an unknown ache in her heart
and time and distance is what she needs
and an opportunity for a new start!

fly away liltle bird,
fly free and high
fly till your soul breaks free
and becomes one with the sky!

and then come back to your nest in the woods
where many friends wait
for the color and song
and your happy gait!

ashes said...

So the Cuckoo is back with a poem.

Migrating? Switching jobs? Getting married?

backpakker said...

Good to hear from you ..again

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Sam said...

oi!! wer art thou??

Peter said...

Hope to see you soon leaving your nest again for a while, lazy bird! Come on!

Leziblogger said...

Nicely written that, Cuckoo! Hope the 'migration' is smooth!

btw, do hope you are getting the time to catch the Australia-India test match in adelaide! Some cricket we are playing!

Cuckoo said...

Hi All,

Thanks for being patient. I appreciate it.

What a lovely piece of poetry that is !! I will write many more if you promise to reply me like this always. :-)

:-) Answers to your queries:-
Yes. Will happen soon. Has happened. :-)

Cuckoo said...

Thanks for the info.

I am hiding ;)

Let me relax a little more please :P

Yes, fortunately I am able to follow the matches.

adi said...

what has happened oye!

Craver Vii said...

Just popping in to say hello, Cuckoo.

Cuckoo said...

All has happened oye ! ;)

Hello friend ! Glad to see you again. How're you doing ? :-)

Convey my regards to Mrs Craver.

workhard said...

Nice poetry...

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Cuckoo said...

This blog is closed. Kindly see the latest post on this.