Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Liar !!

LIAR. The word has been haunting me since I received that sms of yours. I am utterly shaken.. beyond words.
Must have read it zillion times. Every single word is etched in my heart. You called me; we were extremely happy speaking to each other after many days and suddenly within a few hours you labeled me a liar.

WHY ??

I am at a loss.
You owe me an explanation. Are you listening ? You just can’t get away like this. I don’t want to call you a coward because you are not. I know you are equally pained by this act. Why ?

I always try to give my 200% to any bond, any relation and still leave some space for forgiveness but not here. You were too close for any space between us.

My cell has some of your messages including the first one sent from VT station and it will have this one too.. ... to constantly remind me in case I tend to forget.

And I will not try to get over it. From my side nothing has changed, you’ll remain the same person; will have the same place as before.

But no, you don’t deserve me or my friendship.
My dear, you have lost me.. possibly forever…

And in times like this I always try to pep myself up by the lines once told to me

“Fortunate are the ones who are your friends”.

God Bless you. Be happy and be yourself, always. Enjoy your secured world of self-beliefs. I am with you, as always.