Thursday, November 15, 2007


If you get the person you love, it is all over. Then love becomes just a habit. Otherwise, it is about being in a constant state of love, of wanting. One should never fall out of love; it’s the madness of love that is fascinating.

Yayyyyy !!!

Yeah, that’s how I had shouted on reading the above lines. I had decided to watch this movie and was in awe of a great company I would have had. I was also happy that no Lara Dutta or Katrina Kaif but a newcomer was welcoming us.
But alas !! :(

It seems the movie is a flop. I was patiently waiting for this one; for the past three weeks have been listening to some of its melodious songs. My favourite was and still is “Jabse tere naina mere naino se”. Ummm.. I heard that the song is picturised with hero in just a towel. No, that’s not the reason why I like the song or wanted to watch this movie.

I have not seen any trailers, not read anything about it and have not allowed anyone to talk about it in front of me. Wanted the whole thing to be a surprise and guess what ?? It indeed surprised me by nose diving in the theatres. Oh buoy, some news just peeped in. I heard the whole movie is in blue/green shades.

I was waiting to be with Saawariya. Never mind, some other time.

Note:- I was away from this blogging world. Many thanks for all your wishes & greetings. Also, have neither replied to your comments on my various posts nor have visited your blogs. Will do it soon. As always bear with my “busy-ness”. ;)

Current song- Jabse Tere Naina Mere Naino Se Laage Re – Shaan

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Aditi said...

i did hear that the movie was a flop

Peter said...

First: Really happy to see you back from your "busy-ness"! Missed you a lot!
I know hardly anything about Indian films, but it happened some two weeks ago that I visited "India Town" in Paris (and made a post about it), went into one of the DVD shops to look for a film that I had been recommended (but did not find). There was big publicity for Sawariya, people asked for the film and the shopkeeper announced that it would be available in Paris in about a month's time! Well, I had no intention to buy it...

Amey said...

Hmm... the initial quote on love, followed by,

I was waiting to be with Saawariya

Interesting... the choice of words...

Abhijit said...

I don't know abt the movie, but the lines you have written in the beginning of this post are just awesome! ;-)

Prax said...

yes... it is in blue green shades, and you come out of the film, you are blue with sickness and green with envy and anger that u spent two hundred bucks on a 3 minute story stretched for three hours.... please save your bucks for some other good film...

Leziblogger said...

On the thought contained in the opening lines of this post "If you get the person you love ..." , I am reminded of a song I heard a few months back.

The song goes like 'Abhi nahin aana sajna, mujhe thoda marne de, intezar karne de'.. It has similar thoughts. It is sung by Sona Mohapatra(I think the album is also titled 'Sona'). I am not sure if you have heard this singer. If not, recommended!

Raghu said...

I am a great fan of SLB and was eagerly waiting for the movie to be released. I didnot read any reviews and went to watch the movie the first day. But alas the movie is total bakwaas.......
I dont know what SLB was thinking.... the whole movie is shot in a shady set.
Well may be Saawariya was so bad that i eventually liked OSO :)

Iceman said...

Cyrus Brocha was supposed to be cast in the main lead against the new kid who almost does a full monty, until Sanjay Leela Bhansali found Sonam Kapoor! Hahahahaha...

Sources : Cyrus himself told this in MTV Lycra Style Awards! ROTFL...

Cuckoo said...

I too only heard, not seen it to confirm the facts. ;)

Thanks Peter, I knew it. :-) Yes, I have seen your that post on 'India Town' & have commented as well.
Well, Indian movies ? I’ll tell you which ones to see. :-)

Thank you. :-) You have this knack of looking (trying to find out meaning) beyond the written words. And how well I knew you are going to be the one to do it once again. :-)

Yes, the lines are just awesome… couldn’t resist myself from sharing these with you all. Thank you.

Cuckoo said...

Welcome to my nest. I wonder from where you’ve stumbled upon here.

Ha Ha.. that’s a nice way to define the colours. Yes, I have saved my money till now.

Thanks for dropping by, keep doing that.

No, I haven’t heard the song, will definitely look for it. If I don’t get it I’ll ask you for the same. Ok ?

Exactly !! You have snatched the words from my mouth. :P And I have the same opinion about OSO… Not seen it but I might end up liking it when I do that.

Ha Ha… that was funny.

Priyank said...

Your kind of person would love OSO any day !!

Amey said...

Of course. I am known for reading between (and above, and below, and in) the lines. After all, you should always look beyond the obvious. All the world is connected, if only you care to look for the connections.

Prashanth M said...

A suggestion: Please avoid watching this movie... and spare that saridon for some other time...

Cuckoo said...

I might like the movie but it can’t be one of my favourites. And how do you know what kind of person I am ? :P

Yup Mr. Reviewer ! (and another Mr Holmes). :D

Yeah, you are right but I don't want to take any saridons for any reason. :)

Iceman said...

any ways... the muvi is double paisa wasool... u know?

ek heroin dekhne ko paisa deke ticket khareeda! par apun ko picture mein 2 heroin dekhneko mila!

Besides I was surprised that Neetha Volvo Treated me with Om Shanthi Om o my way back 2 Pune from Bombay on Monday night! Loved it... Full time pass!

check my updates for some dhamakas & fire works!

ashes said...

Well, I too had expected an SLB movie to be like what you had. I liked all his earlier ventures. I too waited for it patiently, but did not keep myself in oblivion. Haven’t watched this one yet, as you, other bloggers on my Google Reader list are not actually very happy with what SLB did this time. I did a comparison of all those reviews including yours, an RoR, here.

Anonymous said...

I love sanjay lela bhansali movies , no matter they are hit or flop.

Cuckoo said...

You are a lucky guy, keep traveling I must say. :P To me, they showed Ta ra rum pum.. (someting like that) both ways. :(

Oh dear, I am so late in replying to the comments. Nearly 80 of them… I should not write any new posts till I reply to all the comments. :(
Yes, I have checked your RoR & commented as well long time back. *Sigh*


After a long time ? Don't be so abstain from blogging.
Even I love SLB movies and definitely watch this one as well. Now the million dollar question is “when” ?